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Made of skin and bones

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Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, obeying the alpha? 

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

1. Wolves

Your feet barely touch the grass while you run through the wet fields breaking the silence with your heavy breath. Your lungs hurt because of the effort and the moon shines upon you enlightning your path even if you don’t need it to guide your steps, you know those woods better than the palm of your hand so you don’t have any trouble in to sorting the rocks and the fallen trees.

Your legs threathen to give up in any moment and you slow down your race, taking deep breaths when you spot a light at the end of the path. You stop completely, watching carefully where do you step, not wanting to make a sound or break a futile twig that gives you away. Reaching the rustic houses you make your way through the large orchads until a small house that you know too well. 

Knocking two times on the wooden door you start to get nervous when you don’t hear a sound inside the house. Nervous you look around searching for wondering eyes that could reveal your position. You shouldn’t be here… if someone catches you…

- Y/N?? - a red head woman, Natasha, opens the window on a burst

- SHHH! - you hush her - Let me in - jumping over the ledge you enter in her home

Behind you, Nat closes the small door on a hurry knowing very well that you are making something really dangerous coming to his clan. Your clan and hers are faced since the two leading alphas get in to a bloody fight a lot of years ago. It has been so long since that fight that no one remembers anymore why you are still vexed, the king alphas had changed many times since then but the hate remains. 

- What are you doing here? - you best friend wrap you with her arms tighly, it has been nearly a month since the last time you saw her

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Don’t Say Anything (part 7)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pietro being a little shit, Bucky being annoying

A/N: You guys wanted Bucky’s pov so I’m giving you Bucky’s pov. I hope you like it :) Have any of you watched Rupaul’s Drag Race? What do you think about season 9? Who’s your fav so far? I like Shea Coulee, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Aja, Peppermint but my number 1 is definitely Farrah Moan. I don’t really like Trinity Taylor so far though.

“Movie night!” Tony’s voice rang throughout the building. “I have taken the liberty of choosing a movie already.”

Everyone filed into the living room, sitting down where open spots were. Nat and Bucky sat next to each other on the couch opposite of you while Pietro plopped down beside you, wrapping his arm behind you on the sofa.

“What movie is it?” Steve questioned.

“A little something I like to call ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days’.” Tony smiled as he clicked play on the movie. Everyone groaned.

“We watched this last week.” Wanda spoke.

“And we’re watching it this week as well.”

“Someone else needs to pick a movie for movie night. It can’t always be you, Tony.” Nat laughed, curling up next to Bucky.

Tony rolls his eyes and takes a seat next to Steve, opting not to respond to the red head. 20 minutes into the movie, Natasha scoots towards Bucky. He lifts his arm, allowing Nat to cuddle up to him even more. He wraps his arm around her, pulling her ever so close to him. Bucky kisses Nat’s temple all while looking directly at you.

The super soldier felt his heart break when he saw a flash of hurt in your eyes.

Is she okay? Why does she look so sad? Was it Pietro? If he did anything to Y/N..

He was pulled from his thoughts when Pietro placed a pillow on Y/N’s lap and laid down. Her hands instantly go to his hair, fingers threading the blonde locks. Bucky felt his body tense up at the sight. He remembers when you would run your fingers through his hair after he had a nightmare or even when you two were just hanging out.

“I love when you run your fingers through my hair, my love.” Pietro sighed happily, loud enough for Bucky to hear. He gripped the couch when he heard you giggle.

Bucky doesn’t know why he was feeling this way. He had Nat. There’s no way he liked you.. Right? No. Absolutely not. You were just his friend. Natasha was the whole package. He looked down at Nat who was under his arm and smiled. But his smiled faded all too fast when he looked back at you and Pietro, seeing him making you giggle even more.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Some of us are trying to watch a movie.” he glared directly at Pietro.

The two of you look over at him and Pietro smirked. “Then watch it.”

“I can’t when you keep making Y/N laugh.” the brunette snapped.

“Hearing Y/N laugh is a problem? I think her laugh is music to my ears.” he smiled, knowing how angry he was making Bucky.

“Do that some other time.” Bucky was trying to keep his cool and trying not to cause a scene but judging by how everyone was looking at him, it was clear that he had made a scene.

“When you love someone-”

“Oh shut up!” Bucky cut Pietro off. The blonde opened his mouth to say something back until you slapped your hand over his mouth to shut him up.

“Stop it.” you mutter. “C’mon, Piet. Let’s go to sleep.”

You nudge him with your knee and he stands up, offering his hand to you which you gladly take. Bucky watches as you leave the room and his mouth opens and closes. He wanted to tell you to stay, to come sit next to him, but he didn’t.

When he heard your door shut, he leaned back into the couch, closed his eyes and let out a long, frustrated sigh.

He spent the next day lying in bed with Nat. It was a lazy day for the team. It was good to get some down time.

“Bucky.” Nat said softly as her fingers traced his arm.

“Hmm?” he hummed in response. All he’s been thinking about was you. He had no idea why. And now that Pietro was here, being all clingy and shit, it wasn’t helping.

“Is something wrong?”

He gives her a confused look. “Why would there be something wrong?”

Nat shrugged. “You’ve just been acting a bit weird ever since Y/N found out about us.”

“I was just scared that she’d tell everyone.” he murmured.

“We told everyone we were dating a couple of days ago, Bucky and you’re still being weird. Like, what was that last night?” the red head moved to sit up. Bucky copied her actions.

“What was what?” he knew what she was talking about but played dumb.

“You going off on Pietro. He didn’t even do anything.” she replied.

“He was making Y/N laugh.”

“So? Steve’s laughed during a movie and you’ve never gave him shit for it.”

“It was disrupting the movie, Nat. The movie that I was trying to watch.” he tried his best not to roll his eyes because if he did, she’d murder him.

“Wanda and Tony have disrupted plenty of movies - I have too and not once have you said anything. Something’s wrong. I know you don’t really like Pietro but you usually ignore him.” she says and she’s right. Bucky would usually ignore Pietro whenever he was over. So why was last night any different?

Bucky sighed. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Natasha. I just got irritated, alright?”

“Is this because him and Y/N are a thing now? Are you mad that she might be replacing you with him?” Nat questioned and Bucky gave her a look.

“What do you mean by ‘thing’? They’re not together. There’s no way in hell that they’re together.” his voice raised as he spoke. Y/N would never date Pietro. He knew she wouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” she shrugged. “They make a cute couple.”

Bucky’s jaw tenses. “No they don’t.”

Natasha knits her eyebrows together. “What’s wrong with you, seriously? You can’t be happy for Y/N? She’s getting over that asshole she used to like.”

“Pietro is an asshole.”

Natasha rolled her eyes at the super soldier but before she could reply, the door opened, revealing Y/N and wow did she look beautiful.

She looks beautiful everyday, what am I thinking?

“Hey guys.” you say softly, eyes wandering between Bucky and Nat.

“Hey snooka.” Nat greeted. Y/N gives her a little smile before turning to Bucky.

“Sorry if I interrupted something but I was wondering if you still had those coupons for free milkshakes?” you tilt your head in the most adorable way and Bucky smiled.

“Yeah, I do. Why? You wanna go get some milkshakes?” he couldn’t hide the excitement in him. Just the thought of hanging out with Y/N for the day made him so happy. The last time you two had hung out together was the day at the zoo and that didn’t go so well. He still doesn’t know why you broke down crying.

“Umm.. I was gonna take Pietro with me. We don’t want to stay in the building all day.” you say, biting the inside of your cheek.

His eyes went dark and he clenched his hands. Getting milkshakes was a Y/N and Bucky thing, not a Y/N and Pietro thing.

“Uh, well here.” he digs around in his drawer before pulling out the coupons. Bucky stood up and walked around his bed to hand over the papers. “I can come if you want. We haven’t hung out together in a while.”

You bit your bottom lip. “No, it’s fine. You stay here with Nat, maybe some other time.” you take the coupons from his hand. “Thanks Bucky.”

He watches as you walk out of his room and over to the elevator where Pietro was waiting for you. The blonde makes eye contact with Bucky and smirked as he draped his arm around your shoulders before entering the elevator.

A/N: Here you gooooooo, tell me what ya think! :)



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A Million Reasons, part 1

Characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock

Warnings: angst.

A/N: If you want a happy ending sort of story, please refrain from reading any further. If you want a more realistic take on a relationship and the how easily things can fall apart  - then here you go.  Enjoy.

Also this part will be longer than the rest since it’s a introduction. 

Summary:  It’s simple really. Girl joins S.H.I.E.L.D. Boy gets unfrozen after 70 years. Girl meets boy. They fall in love. They get engage. They have a baby. Then shit hits the fan. Add some drama, flashbacks, a cute kid, meddling Natasha/Bucky duo and maybe another love interest in the mix - one in the form of a hot lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen.

Songs: IFHY - Tyler the Creator, The Scientist - Coldplay

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Torn apart (Steve x Reader & Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

A/N: There are going to be two more parts I’ll try to post them both during this week. I started writing another series and I can’t decide for whom to write it, for Steve or Bucky….

Summary: AU

Reader was dating Steve when she started falling for Bucky. After her heart was broken, she decided to leave from both man and now after two years she is coming back.

Warning: swearing

The cold air was the only thing that kept you sane. You were crying, walking through the city. Your mind was occupied with the thoughts of Bucky. You told yourself that at least you tried, but you knew that if you wanted, you would be talkingto him now. You gave up easily, not wanting to bring him in the mess that your life became. You thought that leaving was the best choice that it will be better. There were a few bright things in your life, but there was a lot of darkness. You felt light headed and you couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t even stand straight because of the pain in your chest. You put your hand on the wall nearby.

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(A/N): Is there a fear of open, blank spaces? If so I have that

Request: Hi! Could you possibly do one where Nat and the reader are dating and the reader has claustrophobia. So when Nat and them go in an elevator and get stuck, Nat doesn’t know until they start having a panic attack and she has to calm them down

Warnings: swearing, claustrophobia 

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @sxph-t, @l8nitl0vr 

Originally posted by basicmarvelnerd

   "So Starbucks?“ Nat asks as she presses the close button on the elevator doors, closing you into the small space. You had always hated elevators, they were much to tiny for your liking plus they were so dangerous. What if one of the cables snapped? What if the gears stopped working? What if you but stuck? Or what if-

    ”(Y/N),“ Nat places a gentle hand on your shoulder, bringing you back to reality. You gulp, steadying your breathing as you turn to give her a small smile. 

   "Yeah Starbucks sounds great,” She gives you a smile, albeit hesitant, as she squeezes your shoulder. 

   "Starbucks it is,“ she allows her hand to slip from your shoulder down to your hand, grasping your clammy fingers gently. The touch was reassuring just slightly but enough that you could feel your heart rate slow down. Her thumbs run soothing circles over your knuckles, slowly but surely starting to calm your breathing when suddenly a loud crack fills the air and the elevator stalls, the lights flickering on and off before shutting down completely. “What the hell?” Nat lets go of your hand to walk to the buttons and repeatedly press on each one, trying to make the elevator work again. Not even the call button was working right now it looked like, it appeared you and Nat were stuck in the elevator together, in the dark, with no means of escape. “Shit,” Nat muttered as she pinched the bridge of her nose in aggravation at most, whereas you were lingering behind her gearing up for a full blown out panic attack. “I think the power went out,” She hits a few buttons, trying to make the elevator work but alas her attempts were futile, the machine spluttered and lurched down just a bit before stopping again. “Guess we’re gonna be stuck in here for a bit- (Y/N)?” Nat asks as she whips around to face you, your apparent heavy breathing grabbing her attention. “(Y/N), hey, are you alright?” You shake your head as the walls begin to close in, the four confining blockades getting closer and closer by the second, god, even the ceiling was dropping lower and lower, slowly starting to suffocate you. 

   “I can’t-” You whisper, your hands beginning to shake a bit. “I can’t breathe,” You mutter as you close your eyes, willing the horrible walls to go away. “Nat, I can’t breathe!” You grasp at your head, trying to block out the pounding that was beginning to surface there. 

   “Shit (Y/N),” Nat’s tone is concerned as she places her hands on your shoulders, grounding you to the moment just a bit. “What’s wrong? Why can’t you breathe?”

   “The walls-” You gasp as your eyes shoot open, staring at the slowly closing walls once again. “They’re getting closer, they’re taking up all the oxygen- Nat I can’t breathe,” You feel a few tears slide down your cheeks as you fixate on the walls, each one slowly but surely inching towards you. 

   “Oh god,” Nat mutters, running a hand over your hair as she looks over you, more than concerned. “What can I do to make them stop (Y/N)? Tell me what to do,” 

   “I- I don’t know!” You sob, collapsing into her arms rather dramatically. If you hadn’t been panicking out of your mind right now you’d probably chide yourself for acting so foolishly but right now you were scared out of your mind and your only comfort was Nat. 

   “It’s okay (Y/N),” she attempts to soothe as she runs her hands over your hair, one hand tangled in your strands and the other clutched to your waist. “It’s okay, just focus on me okay? Don’t even look at the walls, got it?” You nod shakily, burrowing your tear stained face into her neck to avoid looking at the walls. “Oh baby,” She coos, coddling you like some child. “It’ll be okay, Tony’s gonna come get us real soon, I promise,” You nod, her words slowly but surely calming your rapid breathing and heart down. “Here, let’s sit on the floor, that way you don’t fall, yeah?” You nod as Nat maneuvers the two of you down, with you sitting upon her lap like a child, your head tucked in her neck as you squeeze your eyes shut. “It’ll be okay (Y/N),” She whispers, soothing you with gentle touches and soft kisses. “I promise,” 

Would You Be My Wife (Part 14)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 896

Warnings: None

“Would You Be My Wife” Masterlist

A/N: Hope you all like this part!

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

Following Buck’s whines, Bucky gave his Pitbull a sad smile when he saw the dog lying on the couch, his head pillowed by the cushion you liked to use back when you lived with them. The dog’s eyes flew up to Bucky and he whined again, pawing at the pillow, as if his actions would miraculously bring you back to live there again.

“I know, Buck,” said Bucky, taking a seat next to him, stroking the Pitbull’s head, scratching behind his ears. “I miss her, too.”

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Heartlines - Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Reader moves into Avengers Tower to finish her PhD in safety, the last thing she expects is to have something in common with the shy insomniac Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: psychological and physical abuse, torture, panic attacks, mental illness

A/N: !!! i love this part so much, and hopefully you guys do too! stuff is finally happening!! woooo!! let me know what you think, and if you wanna be tagged in future parts 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Part 4, Part 5, Part 5APart 7, and Part 8

Part 6

You’re not surprised you can’t sleep that night. Despite your exhaustion, all the events of the last few days have turned your nightmares into memories and even the safety of the Tower into a danger zone. You find yourself flinching around every corner, like just by being in the same city as him he might as well be right on top of you.

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What Happens In Vegas: Part 9

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List

A/N: Here is part 9 guys! I sure hope you like it. Thank you to everyone who has sent me such kind words, reblogs, etc etc regarding this series. You guys are awesome. Thank you to @bovaria for looking over this for me. Please let me know what you think! I live for your reactions! ♥

Word Count: 1,412

- none, maybe language.
- oh, mentions of depression.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

You stood outside the obnoxiously tall hotel waiting for Nat to pick you up; half expecting either Steve or Bucky to come chasing after you, but neither one appeared. With every passing moment, small pieces of your heart continued to break off and plummet into your stomach, Bucky’s face as you left the hotel room imprinted in your brain.

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What each of the avengers gets you as an anniversary present

Clint Barton

“Happy anniversary honey” Clint said as he pulled out the heart and arrow neckless.

“Clint, what’s this?” Y/N said there eyes shot open

“Its a neckless” Clint said as he put the neckless on you with grace. “Its to show you that you are a key part of my heart”

Natasha Romanoff

Originally posted by officinak

“Keep you eyes closed Y/N, I mean it” Natasha said as she had her hands over your eyes so she guided you to a room.

“Natasha come on just tell me what’s going on" Y/N said as they were clumsily guided by Natasha.

“Shut your moaning Y/N” Nat said as they both ented the room “and open them” Then Natasha removed her hands to show you the device that she had made for you

“Nat its beautiful, but why?” You asked with confusion and anticipation.

“Because I want you to remember the most precious and amazing moment in my entire life” Nat said as she played the flipbook “And that your the only ne for me”

Steve Rogers

“Now I know you have had a pretty rough time lately” Steve said as the both of you were in a car on the way to your surprise “So I thought that it was time for a little brake”

“So were are we going?” Y/N asked.

“Well is there a better place to relax and unwind than in a Health and Relaxation Spa” Steve said as the car stopped so you both got out and came to a Spa.

“Oh my god Steve, you didn’t need to do any of this” Y/N said as they went to hug Steve

“Anything for the love of my life” Steve said as he hugged you tightly.

Bucky Barnes

“Now Y/N you know I’m not one for over romantic gestures” Bucky said as you both walked up your garden path “So for our anniversary I have decided that if its ok with you, that we can just have a romantic night with just the two of us” So Bucky opened the door to your house to reveal, the fire lit, a perfect dinner fro two on the dinning table, with two candles.

“Oh Bucky its perfect” Y/N said as Bucky opened his arms to welcome you.

“Anything for my little princess” Bucky said as they walked over for your romantic evening together.


Thor wanted to get you something very special, so he got you a Asgardian tiara. “Now this is a very special piece of jewellery for a very special lady” Thor said as he placed the tiara on your head
“Oh thank you Thor its beautiful” Y/N said
“Only the best for my Queen” Thor said  as he bowed to you and kissed you hand

Tony Stark

Tony only bought the best and made the best so when it came to your anniversary so he tried to find the best and rarest crystal in the world and he found it.

“Oh my god” Y/N said as tony slid the ring on your finger “What is it?”

“Its called the mermaids eye” Tony said as he was lifted up your hand to show you “and it is put down as the rarest and most beautiful gem of all time, but I disagree”

“Well what is?” You asked, looking into Tony`s eyes

“I believe that title goes to you honey” Tony said as you both kissed each other.  


A/N: @an-abundance-of-marvel I did it finally! I hope you like Andy

Pairing: Natasha x Reader

The Request: 😂😂 I answered your wishes!! Can you write a Natasha X reader; Pietro flirts with the reader a lot and Natasha’s pissed (he doesn’t know they’re dating) and Clint’s gotta hold Nat back. Then Pietro walks into the gym and sees them kissing. Idk why I want this but I’m in love with Natasha

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,287

Originally posted by blackinjustice

Your hips swayed as you walked to the closed doors, you could hear the muffled music thumping through the room as a smile made its way on your lips. One of Stark’s annual parties was happening and everyone was invited.

The doors opened and your eyes surveyed the scene before you. There was a disco ball twirling in the air, the bar was busy with all types of people with Tony entertaining all of them. You could see Steve, Sam, and Bucky hanging around the pool table in the back of the room. Thor was slowly making his rounds around some of the veterans at the party his hands moving a lot as he talked, he probably was talking about one of his many war stories. You also saw Wanda in the corner with Vision quietly talking to one another a glass in their hands.

You walked down the steps noticing a few people from the team weren’t there yet as you made your way to the bar where Tony was. “Hey Sugar, whatcha drinking?” Tony smiled leaning on his elbows on the counter giving you his full attention. You rolled your eyes playfully at Stark dipping your head under the counter top to slip to the other side of the bar.

“No, I don’t trust you making me my drink. I’ll do it myself,” you winked as Tony smacked his hand to his chest in mock hurt.

“That hurts, that hurt me right here.” He pointed  down south which caused you to snort in laughter as he beamed at you. He patted your shoulder affectionately giving your cheek a quick smooch before returning his attention to the other guests. You turned looking over all the alcohol.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having Dragoste,” Pietro’s voice drifted to your ears which resulted in you focusing on the speedster. Pietro was on the other side of the bar leaning his weight on it as he flashed you a charming smile. “Hello Prinţesă,” he practically purred before biting his lip in a seductive manner. You simply mimicked the smirk shaking your head.

“Hello Pietro,” you greeted setting two shot glasses between the two of you before grabbing Smirnoff vodka and sat it next to the shots raising an eyebrow at the speedster. He looked between the drink and you a look of shock over his face. He probably didn’t think you were the type to drink such hard drinks.

“Do you think you can handle that?” He questioned looking back at you raising his own eyebrows at you still in a little disbelief. Your smirk widen as you spinned the cap off the bottle and tipped it, filling the shot glasses to the brim.

“Darling you don’t know how much I can handle,” you set the bottle down enjoying the playful banter between you and him. “Bottoms up,” you winked before tipping the shot glass with your head as you took it in one go. When you opened your eyes again you could see Pietro’s demeanor had changed as he now stared at you with half lidded eyes. “Do you want me to take your drink as well?” You questioned motioning to the drink that was still full of Vodka. He smirked grabbing the drink and kept eye contact with you as he downed the shot only wincing for a split second. You nodded your head, “good job you deserve a gold star.” You teased lightly not noticing he was leaning closer.

“I would rather get another award.” You turned your head to him in confusion and opened your mouth to speak when you heard a crash and a grunt. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look where they heard the noise. Before you, you saw Natasha in angry mode with Clint blocking her. Her eyes flashed to yours and you took a step forward.

“Nothing to see here!” Clint yelled as he gripped Natasha’s arm. She was in a little black dress that hugged her body perfectly, her hair was curled and her makeup looked effortless. Clint looked over his shoulder at you giving you a small nod. You knew he would take her to the training room to let off some steam.

“I - I gotta go,” you looked back at Pietro just as Clint disappeared down the hall with Natasha. The party resumed.

“W - What we were just about to -” Pietro stopped when you gave him a confused look.

“We weren’t about to do anything.”


You passed Clint down the hall, he gave you a small smile. “She’s in there,” he pointed back at the gym doors. You both looked at them where you could hear muffled grunts and things being smashed. “Good luck kid.”

You knocked on the doors before you opened them. The room went quiet as you peaked your head inside. The lights were all off with only the moon to light up the room, your eyes scanned around but you couldn’t see the fiery redhead anywhere. “Hello?” You mentally hit yourself for sounding like you were in a horror film. You stepped further into the gym still looking around. “Na -”

Suddenly, you were cut off as a force pinned you to the wall. You let out a gasp that was soon covered when lips pressed against yours in a heated kiss.

Instantly, you relaxed in the kiss even though your arms were still pinned over your head. “Natasha,” you said breathlessly as the redhead’s intoxicating lips traveled south down your neck. You let out a moan as she targeted your sweet spot.

“Mine,” she all but growled letting go of your hands only to grip your waist protectively.

“Natasha!” Half of you wanted to bring her closer and let her continue but the other half needed to know what the hell she was talking about. Natasha unwillingly stepped back, her hands still holding you as you stared at one another. “What are you going on about?” You ask one hand lacing in her hair as the other rested on her bicep.

“Pietro, he’s always flirting with you!” She said tugging your body closer to hers.

“It’s harmless! He knows I’m with you!” You exclaimed as Natasha rolled her eyes. She pressed her lips against yours once more tugging at your bottom lip. When she pulled apart again her eyes were filled with jealousy and love.

“You two are together?” both of your guy’s attention snapped to the doorway where Pietro stood with all the Avengers behind him. You stared in shock as Natasha pulled you closer glaring over your shoulder at the Speedster. He raised his hands in defense. “I swear I didn’t know!”

“What do you mean you didn’t!” You interrupted his eye contact with Natasha. “I thought everyone knew.”

“I knew,” Clint, Steve, Bucky, and Tony raised their hands up from behind Pietro.

“We knew,” Wanda spoke up next to Vision.

“Was I really the last to know!” Pietro turned to all of them who all nodded their heads. Natasha’s hand loosened from their protective grip.

“You really didn’t know?” She questioned and Pietro turned back around shaking his head in disbelief. “It’s not like we hid it, Maximoff.” That was true there was countless times that the Avengers caught you cuddling on the couch or  saw you sitting on Natasha’s lap.

“If I knew I wouldn’t have tried anything, you scare me!” Pietro’s confession made everyone laugh and nod their head in agreement. Natasha was scary when she was angry. Natasha hummed in approval and turning your head and pressing your lips together again. “But damn, that’s hot!” Pietro’s comment broke you up from your kiss and everyone laughed again.

“Not going to happen Speedy.”

Are You Fucking Kidding Me? - Bucky x Reader x OlderBrother!Steve (4/?)

Request from @bxckytrxsh : Hey :) I have a request for you! I think a fic where the reader is Steve’s sister so she is at the tower and develops a crush on Bucky could be cool, especially if you wrote it! Could be protective Steve and flirty Bucky idk? PS I love all of your stories

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

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Warnings - swearing? crying!reader, depressed!reader, sad!Bucky, angsty? sharing a shower with Bucky, concerned!Steve. - That’s all I can think of, if I’m wrong please notify me!

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Congratulations (Romanoff/Rogers x Reader)

 A/N: I wrote this really quickly, but I needed to write it down before I forgot it. The dialogue is mostly from the song Congratulations that was cut from Hamilton. I love this song. I want to put out other parts with The Reynolds Pamphlet and Burn so if ya’ll like it, I’ll do it :) Enjoy!

Warnings: Cheating, language, badass Sister!Nat :)

“I have had have sexual relations with Agent Sharon Carter; and it is something I will deeply regret until the day I die.”

Originally posted by legendarystarlords

  Your feet pounded against the pavement at record speed as you ran down park avenue. Adrenaline ran rampant through you as you dove behind a building. The team was looking for you and honestly, you couldn’t handle it. Your husband had slept with another woman and openly admitted it at a press conference, which you had only just seen. Your chest began to heave as you let your cries become uncontrollable sobs. If anyone was coming or had found you, you didn’t know. All you wanted to do was stay there and die. You wanted to watch the world burn; the mix of emotions was too much. You were in crisis mode, and you didn’t know how to fix it this time.

 Natasha sent the door to yours and Steve’s room flying open with formidable force. An unflinching Captain sat on the bed, tired and worn down.

 “Congratulations.” Natasha spat, slamming the door closed behind her. “ You have invented a new kind of stupid–a damage you can never undo kind of stupid.”

 “Nat I thought you were in DC–”

“An open all the cages in the zoo kind of stupid!” 


Truly, you didn’t think this through kind of stupid.”

“Natasha!” Steve stood, staring at his sister-in-law angrily. “Where is she?” Natasha scoffed.

“You honestly expect me to answer that?” the redhead spat, taking a step towards Steve.

“I’m ordering you to tell me.” Steve hissed back and was immediately met with and unforgiving punch to the jaw. Having been taken by surprise, Steve found himself on the ground.

Cracking her knuckles, Natasha keeled on the captains chest. “And you better hope we don’t find Sharon first,” the Russian woman stood, glaring down at the man she once called a friend, and possibly something more. “That’s a fucking promise, Rogers.” Turning to leave, she felt Steve’s hand on her shoulder.

“Nat… It was a mistake.” The blond man mumbled, defeat evident in his wavering voice. Natasha wasn’t feeling so merciful, so she spun on her heel, jabbing her finger into Steve’s broad chest.

 “Let’s review.” She seethed, her eyes never once leaving the Captain’s. “ You took a rumor a few–maybe two–people knew and refuted it by sharing an affair of which no one has accused you!”

“I…” Steve faltered, his mouth opening and closing, as he was at a complete loss on what to say.

Natasha pressed on, the fire in her words never once ceasing, “You’re so scared of what your enemies will do to you, yet you’re the only enemy you ever seem to lose to…” Nat straightened her posture, continuing on her rant. “You know why Stark can do what he wants?” the readheaded woman didn’t notice that the volume of her voice had now raised to a shrill scream.

“Why, Nat?” Steve countered, taking a defensive position. 

“He doesn’t dignify school-yard taunts with a response!” Natasha shouted in his face. “So yeah, congratulations!”


“You’ve redefined your legacy, Rogers.”

“It was an act of political sacrifice!” Steve yelled back, running his hands anxiously through his short, blond hair. Natasha’s face fell from fury and contorted into a dejected and pained look. 

 “Sacrifice?” she raised an eyebrow, giving Steve a chance to change his answer. “I languished in a loveless marriage in DC; I lived only to hear from you.” Natasha shook her head, embarrassed. “ I look at you and think God, what have we done with our lives and what did it get us?” She laughed bitterly.
“That doesn’t wipe the tears or the years away, but I’m back in the city and I’m here to stay… And you know what I’m here to do?”

“Natasha..” Steve sighed and stood to face her properly.

Natasha scoffed, thoroughly enraged. “I’m not here for you.” Steve felt nauseous, the realization of what was about to happen dawning on him. “I know my sister like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind!” 

 “Does that mean…” Steve found himself unable to finish the sentence.

“You know what’s funny? A million years ago she said to me ‘this one’s mine’
So I stood by.” The woman before Steve looked back up at him, a renewed fire in her eyes. “Do you know why?” Nat took a deep breath and steadied herself before she found herself throttling Steve. “I love my sister more than anything in this life…. I will choose her happiness over mine every fucking time, Steve.

“Oh god, Y/N….” Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. Natasha turned to leave, only to feel Steve’s hand on her arm.

 “ –Is the best thing in our lives, Steve.” Natasha hissed at him, looking back at the defeated super soldier over her shoulder disdainfully. “So never lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with the best wife. Congratulations;
for the rest of your life every sacrifice you make is for my sister.” Natasha ripped her arm our of Steve’s grip and walked over to the door. She stood there for a minute or so, head down.  “Give her the best life, Rogers.”

“I’m sorry, I am. I had no idea–”

“That you would kill her? Congratulations.” Natasha said before slamming the door behind her.

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To be continued…….

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Getting His Attention (Part 2)

“So you’re in love with Tony?” Natasha asks, brow raised, “Is this a joke? Because if this is a game to you, I’ll blast you with one of Tony’s repulsors.”

“Can you even get one?” Steve asks, swinging around to face Natasha. She nods, a smirk on her face as she says, “Tony’s offered to make me my own suit.”


“He said, and I quote, ‘If you can kill a man with your thighs, imagine what you could do with one of my suits.’” She shrugs, “I’m just that impressive.”

“That’s badass,” Clint breathes, face slowly darkening in its rosy tone.

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“Unexpected Gifts” Part 1

A/N: This is the first part of my Christmas AU, starring Steve. It takes place before Civil War and after Winter Solider, but we’re gonna pretend Bucky didn’t run off to Romania and stayed and everyone gets along because dammit, this is Christmas, people. *deep breathe* enjoy love bugs! 

Tag List: @kissofvenom922, @shamvictoria11, @pleasecallmecaptain, @shut-it-tinman, @imagine-assembling-the-avengers, @widowvinter, @readingtoescape, @grass-is-not-green, @abbie-madeley, @canumoveyourseatup-no, @canikeepit-imkeepingit, @marvel-lucy, @feelmyroarrrr

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Natasha muttered in disbelief, arms crossed as she stood in your office doorway, shaking her head.

“You’d rather spend Christmas sad and alone than come with us to the mountains?” She questioned and you pushed your chair back slightly to gesture at your computer.

“I won’t be sad. I’ll be busy. I’ve got a lot of work to do, there’s no harm in doing it over the break, especially since the department downstairs refuses to look at my request,” you muttered, and Natasha tilted her head.

“Are you still trying to move headquarters?” She asked quietly. You glanced up and nodded silently, a sigh escaping Nat.

“No one thinks you’re a HYDRA agent, Y/N. Shield is gone and Tony isn’t gonna fire you because of a few disgruntled employees who’re just jealous of your rank, ” she murmured and you laughed humorlessly. “Yeah tell that to everyone on this floor. Brock was my brother, Nat. His actions reflected back on me, I need a new start.” You explained.

Natasha perched on the edge of your desk. “I understand, I guess. You could always tell Tony how you feel,” she offered. “No one would bother you then,” she pointed out and for a moment you were tempted to consider but quickly pushed the idea away.

You were an adult, you didn’t need Natasha, or anyone else, protecting you. “Thanks, Nat, but I need a scenery change anyway.” you shrugged and she grew silent for a moment, the sound of you typing away on your keyboard the only sound in the large office.

“Have you told Steve yet?” she asked suddenly and your fingers froze on the keyboard before you responded.

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Drunk Confessions

Steve Rogers x reader

 Summary: after a long and fun night in one of Tony’s parties, you come to know that the hangover is not the worst aftermath of having drunk so much. 

 A/N: hope you enjoy it and try not to drink so much haha.

@myhighanddry-blog (it is always so nice to have your feedback, thanks!)

Originally posted by ncoleys

 (Credits to the owner of the gif)

The sun light that cuts through the curtains of the window awakes you from your sleep. You barely open your eyes and close them immediately. It takes you a few seconds to realize that you are in your bedroom and to remember last night events, or parts of it. Of course the aftermath of Tony’s party last night is your hangover.

‘Why the hell did I drink that much?’ You ask yourself as you get up and go to your bathroom, since you are not the kind of person who needs alcohol to have fun.

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Undercover Love

Bucky x Agent!Reader
Request: @camila1818 Hi can I have an imagine where you and Bucky are on an undercover mission as a married couple? A man tries to hit on you and Bucky gets angry and expresses his feelings toward you (the others thought it was already obvious) thank you!
Genre: Fluff, angst.


You flop down on your bed. Every muscle aching as you moved. You start soothing your sore muscles. As much as you loved Nat, you hated when she kicked your ass. You start soothing your muscles then a knock at the door emits a groan from you. You heaved yourself up and walked to the doorway “Yes Steve, Nat and I just finished training” you roll your eyes as you open the door. “First of all good, second that’s not why I’m here” he said “I need you on a mission next week. Undercover, quick in and out.”
“Next week? I thought Nat and Bucky were on that one”.
“Well Nat was but she said you’d be willing to do it”
“I’m gonna kill her. So what’s the plan?”
“You and Buck are gonna be undercover as a married couple. You’ve gotta get close to a couple that’s working for HYDRA. Get close to them, get them away from the house, and then strip them of any data they have.”
“Ok sure” you were too tired to be annoyed right now.
“Great. Meet in the conference room on Monday next week for a briefing.” You said your goodbyes and you were left to your devices. You knew why Nat gave you this mission. It was no secret that you had a bit of a crush on the metal armed assassin. Ok, maybe a lot of a crush. And that was Nats favourite thing to play with. She knew how much you liked him. Bucky of course is oblivious. But you’d rather have it that way, seeing as you didn’t want to be embarrassed when you knew he didn’t feel the same way. But Nat knew that Bucky isn’t the only oblivious one.

You met for the briefing on Monday, and like Steve said it was basic, simple, shouldn’t have to go full agent mode. After it was done you go to your room to pack. You pack the most basic suburban house wife clothes you have, along with some fancy lingerie just in case. There’s another knock at your door. “It’s open” you answer. The door creaks open slowly and Bucky’s head pops out from behind it. “Can I come in?” He asks
“Make yourself at home. What’s up?”
“Are you nervous? About the mission I mean”
“Not necessarily. Why are you?”
“No. It’s just that I’m not used to domestic life. Not anymore at least.” Bucky looked at his feet.
“You’ll do great. And if you need help I’ll be there”
“Thanks. And I was thinking , what’s your ring size?”
“What do you mean?” You start to get flustered.
“Well. We’re supposed to be married. So shouldn’t we be wearing rings?” You suddenly become embarrassed, how could you have forgotten? “Oh yeah. I guess” and with that you said your good nights. Preparing for the departure tomorrow morning. Preparing to be Bucky’s wife.

The next morning you were up early. You and Bucky met in the main area. You both had bags packed for the plane ride to your location. “Ready for this?” You asked smirking at him.
“Almost” He pulled a little black velvet box out of his pocket. Your eyes slightly widened. He opened it up an inside sat a beautiful white gold and diamond wedding set. “Oh my god Bucky” He picked up the rings and carefully slid each ring on your left ring finger. A perfect fit. “Bucky how did you find time to do this?”
“I have my ways” he said and eyebrow quirking up. A car arrived for you both which took you to the airport where you got on a private jet. Once you arrived at the airport at your destination Bucky went to rent a car. You drove to your new “home” for the next two weeks. Just as you took the place in the doorbell rang. You both put on your game faces and walked to answer the door. When you did you were greeted with two widely smiling faces. “Hey there! We saw new faces. I’m June and this is my husband Shane.” They both waved.
“Hi. I’m Ruby and this is my husband Mark.” We smiled back.
“Nice to meet ya. We’re having a dinner party tomorrow night and since you’re new we figured you’d like to come over!”
“Yeah we’d love to” I glanced at Bucky.
“Great see you then!” And with that they walked down the steps and back next door. Once you closed the door Bucky said “They don’t seem like the nazi type” I giggled at that. “So what what’re we gonna do about the rooming situation? I can sleep on the couch.”
“Bucky I’m not gonna let you sleep on the couch”
“Well there’s no guest room. Trust me Y/N it’s fine.”
“No. Bucky we’re two grown adults I’m pretty sure we can handle sleeping in the same bed for a while” you could see Bucky beginning to blush as he looked at his feet, only to feel your own cheeks start burning. He nodded his head and said “Ok”. You started to make dinner for the two of you. You loved cooking, always have. You entered your own world when you cooked. You were quietly singing La Vien Rose when you felt a pair of eyes on you. You looked behind your shoulder and saw Bucky, only to see him look away. You shrugged it off and continued what you were doing. Little did you know that Bucky was staring in complete adoration, watching you with a smile on his face, and he knew that he was in deep. Dinner was quiet. Neither of you actually said anything except to hand each other the salt or something. Bucky offered to do the dishes and you let him so that you could go to unpack your suitcases. You were ready for bed and Bucky had just come upstairs. You gave each other awkward smiles and you got into bed. You were wearing shorts and a Yellow Submarine t-shirt. Bucky came out of the bathroom in just a pair of pyjama pants. You looked at him and your eyes widened trying not to stare.
“I’m sorry. Is this… Does this make it awkward?”
“No… No it’s fine” you say as you averted your eyes. You concentrate on your book as you feel the bed sink down beside you. Taking the hint that he wanted to sleep you turn the light off. You lay down and can instantly feel Bucky’s body heat. It’s comforting though and you fall into a deep slumber as you hear him say “Goodnight Y/N”.

You wake up to a kick in the leg. You look over through groggy eyes and see Bucky tossing and turning, slightly whimpering. ‘He must be having a nightmare’ you thought. “Bucky! Bucky! Bucky wake up!” You start shaking him. He suddenly darts up, out of breath and sweaty. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah. Just a nightmare. I’m sorry I woke you”
“It’s alright. Do you want to talk about it?” He saw the genuine concern in your eyes, even in the dark. But he shook his head “No that’s alright. Thanks though”
“Anytime. Whenever you want it talk. I’m here okay?”
“Okay. Thanks” and you fell back asleep.

The next morning you wake up and decide you should make breakfast. You go downstairs and gather ingredients for French toast and bacon. You put on a cup of coffee and start cooking. When Bucky comes downstairs he is instantly hit with the scent of cinnamon and coffee. As you eat you discuss the plan for the dinner party and how you’re going to work your way into the trust of “June and Shane”. After breakfast you try to kill time. You start with looking more into the couple and what exactly they do for HYDRA, then you go for a run. You have no idea what Bucky’s been doing all day. As far as you know he went to town a couple of hours ago. By the time he came back it was 2 pm and you had just gotten out of the shower. You were about to start getting ready when he asked you a question. “What’s our story?”
“I don’t know. Why does it matter?”
“They’re gonna ask eventually. We’ve gotta make one up”
“That’s true. How about we met as teenagers?”
“No that’s boring. How about as co workers?”
“We were always assigned to projects together and it just evolved”
“Yeah that sounds good. Let’s go with that” you start getting ready. You decide to go with a nice dark blue knee length dress that fit around your waist with lace details here and there. Nothing too fancy but nice enough. You curl your hair and pin to one side with a sparkly pin. Your makeup is done to a point and everything looks perfect. You walk out of the bathroom and see Bucky standing there. He’s wearing an all black combo of dress pants, shirt, and blazer. Damn he looks good. His hair is styled so that it is pushed back slightly with just a little bit of gel to keep it in place. You look each other up and down. “Ready?” I ask.
“Y/N you look fantastic”
“Thanks” you blush. “Should we go?”
“Right yeah we should”

You walk over and knock on the door. June answers and invites you both inside. She introduces us to a couple groups and it’s the usual small talk and about how you both met. You finally found free time to talk to the hosts. You make your way over and are greeted with a kiss on the hand. “Ruby. I’m glad you came. You look ravishing”
“Thank you Shane” you throw a flirtatious smile at him and feel Bucky’s arm slip protectively around your waist. That doesn’t stop Shane though. He keeps flirting relentlessly with you while his wife mingles. Shane grabs your hand and offers you a drink and finally Bucky’s and enough. “Hey man why don’t you keep your hands off her?” He says putting his arm in front of Shane.
“Hey I’m just being neighbourly”
“A little too neighbourly if you ask me. Excuse us we really should be going” Bucky ushers you away from them and leads you out the door and back to your house.
“Bucky what was that!”
“What do you mean?”
“That could have just ruined the whole mission for us”
“I know I’m sorry it’s just that he shouldn’t have been flirting with you like that”
“Bucky are you jealous?” You ask smirking
“What?, no… Why would I be jealous? Ha”
You could see him blushing.
“Bucky do you like me?” He looks up from his feet through his hair
“Yes ok. I like you. A lot. You happy?”
“Very” you pull him to you by the shirt collar and your lips collide. It’s a passionate kiss, full of emotion. Bucky savours every second of it, and so do you. “This doesn’t solve the fact the missions gone to shit now though” you say when you finally pull away.
“I don’t care” he smirks and pulls you back into him.
Let’s just say you took advantage if having a house to yourselves for the next two weeks.

All I wanted was you (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: I know this one’s really similar to my first imagine, I guess I just really like people confessing their feelings for each other
Warnings: Sadness, Fluff

You were laying on the floor, trying to keep yourself from crying.
Paramore’s All I wanted was you was bursting from the speakers in the living room of Stark tower and it fit your mood too well.
All of your team members were out for the evening.
Except you.
You laid on the damn floor with a broken heart.
“Started from the botton and I am currently still on the bottom.”
You murmured to yourself the only time you got up.
The reason for your mental breakdown?
Someone called Bucky Barnes.
Since he returned to his old self you’d been one of his best friends, sharing the title with the famous star spangled man with a plan.
But of course you started developing feelings for the former Winter Soldier.
And suddenly you had to realise that you weren’t just crushing on Barnes.
You loved him.
Still did.
You tried to hate him and his stupidly perfect hair and his eyes and his laugh, but all these attempts in changing your feelings just made them stronger than ever.
And there was the bloody problem.
Because for some reason you did not know Bucky had stopped talking to you.
Of course, on missions you would do the essential talking, like ‘duck’ or ‘I need backup here’, but that was it.
No more deep talks in the middle of the night.
No more laughing in situations where the both of really should act serious.
No more flirty jokes that filled the air with sexual tension.
You started sobbing.
This whole thing called love sucked so much.
In the distance you heard the faint ding of the elevator doors opening but you ignored it.
Whoever it was could go fuck himself.
For the moment this living room was yours alone.
So as you felt the presence of someone standing in the doorframe, you just muttered a quiet ‘go away’.
But the person didn’t move an inch.
“Are you okay?”
Oh gods, you knew this voice.
Your worst case scenario was happening right now.
“Just fuck off, Barnes.”
Instead of leaving you alone, you heard his footsteps coming closer.
In the next moment he was laying next to you on the floor.
“Not really comfortable, isn’t it?”
You could hear from his voice that he was smirking.
Why the hell was he talking to you again all of a sudden?
You didn’t answer him, just continued to stare at the ceiling.
“What happened that we aren’t talking to each other anymore?”
Your jaw dropped open.
“I can’t believe it!”
You exclaimed while sitting up.
“You’re asking ME?”
Far too shocked to keep up your ignoring-Barnes-facade you looked directly into his eyes.
He frowned confusedly.
“I am…?”
“You’re the one that stopped talking to me, stopped answering my calls!”
Tears were stinging in your eyes again.
“(Y/N)- I- I didn’t know-”
“You didn’t know what James? That this would hurt me? Oh
how well you know me.”
He interrupted your rant.
“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore.”
Now you were the confused one.
“I didn’t want to, I swear, but I- I overheard a conversation you had with Nat- about me.”
You felt the sudden urge to smash your head against the next wall.
This conversation.
You remembered it too well, the day you told Natasha, your best friend, about your feelings for Bucky.
“I heard you saying that you didn’t want to be friends with me anymore and that you couldn’t take it any longer… So I thought I’d do you a favour and leave you alone.”
He continued and lowered his head.
Suddenly you realised that he was hurt, too.
Bucky Barnes was just a whole lot better in hiding his feelings than you.
You buried your face in you hands and tried not to laugh frustratedly.
“James Buchanan Barnes you stupid Idiot.”
He looked up.
“I’m sure you’re right, but why exactly am I an Idiot now?”
“I told Nat that I didn’t want to be just friends with you anymore. And that I couldn’t take it anymore to be so close to you without getting to… Ah just forget it.”
“Getting to what?”
“Getting to kiss you.”
You mumbled, avoiding his eyes.
“So after this huge fricking misunderstanding…”
You looked up to see Bucky sitting directly in front of you.
“Maybe I can finally do this.”
The next thing you felt was his lips against yours.
At first you had your eyes wide open in disbelief, but then you totally gave in to his touch.
You cupped his face with your hands and deepened the kiss.
The both of you only stopped kissing for a brief moment when you sighed something against his lips that made him smile widely.

“About goddamn time, Barnes.”

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Captain *sshole

Anon requested:  Hope you are not tried of Steve but if you don’t mind, can you please write a oneshot in which you recently join the avengers as an assassin and get along with everyone except Steve. Post civil war and assuming everyone is friends!

I can never get tired of Steve… Or Bucky, or anyone for that matter. I have a big heart with lots of love to give! <3 Anyways, on to the story!

Summary: You have just joined the Avengers after the Accords fiasco. Everyone is settling in, getting along. Well, everyone except you and a certain Captain America, that is. 

Warnings: Language.

(Y/N) Your name

(Y/L/N) Your last name

(h/c) Hair color

(e/c) Eye color


I do not own anything Marvel related, this is for entertainment purposes only.


Originally posted by steviepinkiepierogers

“Thanks a lot, Captain Asshole! I could have handled the situation on my own!” You yelled over your shoulder, stomping out of the Quinjet and into the Avengers’ base upstate New York. 

“You could be a little more grateful, you know? You wouldn’t be standing here if I hadn’t interfered. You say you could have handled it but you weren’t even close to getting the job done.” Steve Rogers retorted, rolling his eyes as he walked beside you.

“Grateful? Please! I was doing fine until you showed up!” You scoffed, stopping to whirl around and face him. 

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You asked my dad?

Characters: Clint x Reader

Author’s Notes: We all need a little fluff :)

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

“Clint, I don’t have time for this nonsense. You get your ass out of the nest and give me my keys back,” you said, crossing your arms and tapping your foot. You loved your boyfriend but you hated how he tried to keep you from leaving every time you had business outside of the tower. “Why don’t you come up here and make me?” he said from somewhere above you. “Honey, you don’t want that,” you said, rolling your neck. You really didn’t want to fall for one of his traps today.

“Y/N, what’s the hold up?” Tony asked, popping his head in. You sighed, pointing to the vent above you. He frowned, “Birdbrains?” “Birdbrains.” “I’ll let you handle that,” he said, walking away. “Clint?” you called out, “If I come up there, are you gonna give me my keys?” “I’ll give you something, alright,” he said. “Is that a threat or a promise?”

“Get up here and find out,” he said in a low voice before you heard him walk away. You couldn’t believe he was making you go up to one of his hideouts. Thank goodness you were running an hour earlier than planned.

You groaned as you pulled yourself up into the vent. Definitely should’ve taken Cap up on the gym time. It’d been a hot minute since you were in the field so you had let your training go. “Okay, I’m up here,” you called, crawling towards the nest. “Where are you?” “You’re getting warmer,” he sang. You rolled your eyes, thankful to reach the tiny room so you could stand back up. “So why did you want me up here?”

“Close your eyes for just a second. I really didn’t think you’d come up here.” “Clint, if you do something to me, I’ll tell Nat.” He made a face at you exasperated. “Fine,” you crossed your arms, closing your eyes. You heard a quiet shuffling and then him clear his throat.

“Can I open my eyes yet?” “Y-yes,” he said quietly. You hesitated, he sounded nervous. If he had gotten into Tony’s chemicals again….

Opening your eyes, you saw him down on one knee. “Clint…” “Y/F/N Y/L/N, I was wondering if you’d make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?” You stared at him, clamping a hand to your mouth. Not even bothering to look at the shiny ring sitting in the velvet box in his hand, you leaned down to his level, wrapping your arms around him. “Yes!” You squeezed him, feeling him let out a relieved sigh. You two stayed in each other’s arms for a moment longer before you giggled.

“Did you really think there was a chance I was going to say no?” “I don’t know, maybe, yeah?” he said nervously, placing the beautiful ring on your finger. You held your hand out, admiring how the diamond caught the light. “Natasha helped me pick it out, I hope you like it.” “Love it,” you said, kissing him again. “I, uh, even asked your dad for his blessing. I mean, you said you liked old-fashioned stuff so I thought, uh, -” “You asked my dad? Clint, that’s so cute!”