nat marsh

Cute, little platonic!marshscott things
  • 1: Kate introducing Nathan to tea; he likes chai teas mostly, while she likes florals. One day she gets him to try a floral tea on one of their tea dates, and now that's all he drinks.
  • 2: Kate introduces Nat to yoga/meditation to help him deal with his anger and lashing out. It works surprisingly well, and they meet on the campus green every morning to do sun salutations and chill.
  • 3: Kate learning to stand up for herself because of Nathan. He's a good bad influence on her.
  • 4: Nathan beating the shit out of any dudebro that dares to bring up Kate's video, especially since it's been taken down
  • 5: Kate sharing her love of reading with Nathan; she gets him hooked on Bradbury and Lovecraft.
  • 6: literally anything??? this is the best??
  • 7: Nathan's self-esteem improving because someone as good as Kate can stomach being around him, even when he's low and angry and bad. Kate's self-esteem improving because no one dares to even look at her judgmentally with Nathan on her side
  • 8: Nat somehow getting Kate funding for her children's book
  • 9: cute shit???
  • 10: Nat secretly pushing Kate and Victoria together. He is the biggest marshchase shipper.