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Something that annoys me: when people use different ship names for gay ships depending on who’s “"giving”“ and who’s ”“receiving”“ (for example, gr//atsu or nat//ray, or gray//on or lyo//ray).

Not only is it demeaning and creates a power trip that doesn’t exist, it adheres to the yaoi trope of the seme/uke bullshit that is disturbing in its own right, but I won’t get into that here.

It’s very unrealistic that one person will always take the same position during sex and, although it does happen, it is often the case that they switch it up. This kind of "gay as a fetish” culture is harmful and needs to stop tbh.

It’s fall so I had an uncontrollable urge to draw the Barbershop Quartet in ugly sweaters!

I also threw in the flags for my personal headcanons for everyone’s sexualities because why not!

Bucky: pansexual
Nat: gray asexual
Sam: bisexual
Steve: demisexual

I had to bs the demisexual flag a lot because I Am Bad at Planning Ahead and the grid I worked out for the sweater pattern didn’t work with the triangle oops

FAVORITE MOVIES: (500) Days Of Summer

Can We Keep It? (Part 8/8-Final) (Avengers x reader)

Part 7

“Sir, we can’t allow both of you to be in here, it’s against hospital policy.”  Steve and Bucky looked at each other and then to the stuffy hospital administrator that was blocking their path to get to you.

“Okay,” Steve said calmly, reaching out to smooth the lapel of the man’s suit coat.  “let’s try this one more time.  We are going in there to be next to our daughter, like we promised her, and you aren’t going to have a damn thing to say about it.  If you insist on arguing, I have a full team of superheroes just dying to explain to you why you’re wrong.”


“He also has a billionaire friend who has donated a fairly substantial amount of cash to your facility over the years, and is more than willing to pull funding in a second.” Tony stepped up behind the two and slapped his hand down supportively on each of their shoulders.  “Make your move, stuffy.”

The man cleared his throat and reached up to nervously straighten his tie, speaking with a clear tremble in his voice, “um, nurse?  Could you please assist these two gentlemen with surgical covers and take them to their daughter in room 3?”

“Nice move,” Tony said with a condescending smile.  “Okay guys, we’ll be out here, waiting anxiously for any word from you.  Don’t leave us hanging, alright?  Good luck in there, tell her we love her.”

“Gentlemen,” the nurse began, holding out two sets of scrubs and masks, looking at them with uncertainty. “I sure hope these fit, they’re the biggest ones that we have.”

Steve and Bucky took turns in the changing room, hurrying to get done so they could be taken to you. They arrived at the door to the operating room and waited for their escort, nervously pacing back and forth until they began to annoy even each other.

“Mr. Rogers, Mr. Barnes, follow me please.”

Steve took a deep breath as the doors opened, preparing himself for the antiseptic scent that he hated so much, letting it out quickly and forgetting all about his own issue as he saw you, lying on the table with an oxygen mask over your face.

“Hey, baby, we’re here,” he said, taking his place at the side of your head, with Bucky taking his place on the other.  The nurse handed each of them a pair of surgical gloves, each man putting them on quickly so that they could have contact with you.  

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late getting home,” you joked, “something kinda came up.”

“It’s okay, doll,” Bucky said with a forced smile, trying to stay calm, “we didn’t have any plans anyway. Are you okay?”

You nodded quietly, beginning to feel relaxed from both the medications that were now being injected into your IV, and from the presence of your dads finally being with you.  “I’m better now, yeah.  Things have kinda been happening really fast.”

Steve ran his hand over your hair and kissed your forehead through the mask covering his lips. “I’ll be right back, honey.”  He moved towards the nurse that was gathering a massive amount of instruments together for the doctor, being sure to keep his distance as to not accidentally touch anything.  “Ma’am, could I please ask a question?”

“Absolutely, what can I help you with, Mr. Rogers?”

“No one has told us what’s going on with our daughter.  All I know is that she was seeing her doctor for a routine visit, then she was rushed here for emergency surgery.  Everything has been moving so fast, we haven’t even been able to ask.”  He looked back over his shoulder at Bucky, who was also doing his best to pretend to be calm for you.

“From what I’ve been told, sir, is that there were some complications found during her exam, and we need to move quickly to deliver.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have the specifics.”  She startled and turned as the doctor entered, pushing Steve gently to take his place.

Bucky leaned down close to you and rested his head against yours, “are you ready?”

“Nope,” you chuckled, “but when has that ever stopped me before?”


“Steve said he would update us, right?  He knows we’re out here losing our minds, doesn’t he?”  Natasha grabbed her fourth cup of coffee and drank it much too fast, ignoring the pain of her stinging tongue.  “I’ve never been so nervous about anything.  I don’t like it, Stark.”

“You need to find a way to calm down, red.”

Clint moved to stand behind her, reaching out to gently rub her shoulders, “they haven’t been in there that long, Nat.  Delivering babies takes a little while.  It’s not something you want to rush.”

“I can try to help calm you, if you’d like,” Wanda offered, standing next to her and holding out her hands.

“No, guys, come on,” Nat huffed, shaking Clint’s hands away, “just let me work it out.  It’s just new territory for me, that’s all.  I love that kid like she’s my own, and I don’t like not knowing what’s happening to her.”

“Hey, we’re all in the same boat here, Nat.  I’ve got gray hairs in places I didn’t even know I could get ‘em.”

“Ew, Tony, gross.” Nat shook her head and laughed at the chorus of sounds of disgust coming from the team.  “No one needs to know that.”

Tony laughed, pulling his legs up and dropping his feet on the table in front of him, “I’m just helping out my fellow men here, letting them know what their futures hold.”

“Thanks, I’m good,” Clint laughed, waving his hand dismissively towards Tony.

Just then the doors to the waiting area opened, producing Bucky, still in his surgical covers. Natasha was the first to his side, wanting to grab his arm but unsure if she could touch him or not.  “What’s the word?” she asked.

He took a deep breath and gave her a smile that only grew the more he thought about his answer.  He was almost laughing by the time he spoke. “We have another girl on our hands! They’re both doing well, Steve’s with them, getting ready to take them to recovery and then to their room.  You guys can go up in a little while.”


After three days, it was time for you both to head home, and it was nothing short of a circus trying to get you there.  Rather than taking part in any of the orchestration of getting you from hospital bed to your own bed at the tower, you sat back and let the scene play out.

“Steve, stop yelling at me, it’s been twenty years since we’ve used a car seat.”

“I think we should pack a few more diapers for the trip.  Clint, grab some when they bring the cart by.”

“Nat, we have like fifty, and it’s a three mile drive.”

“Where the hell is her hat?”

“Wait, that’s not the outfit we agreed on her going home in.”

“Okay,” you interjected, standing up slowly as the few remaining pangs of pain from your surgery grabbed you, “I’m just going to take her and meet you all downstairs.”  You lifted the car seat that held your baby and made your way to the door, but never crossed its threshold before Steve grabbed the seat out of your hands and Bucky picked you up and set you into a wheelchair.

“You’ll do no such thing. We get it, okay?  We’ll calm down,” Steve paused to look pointedly at everyone in the room, “won’t we?”

The team nodded and looked around at each other, suddenly silenced by the realization of how they were behaving.  “We can just meet you guys at the tower,” Nat whispered, leaning down to kiss your cheek.

Steve pushed you to the elevator and hit the button, quietly waiting for the lift to arrive.  Your daughter was asleep in the carrier, now that the excitement and activity from a few minutes before was gone.  “I have a granddaughter,” he mumbled.  “This doesn’t feel real.”  He reached down and brushed against her cheek with his finger, stopping to look at you with a familiar gloss in his eyes.

“Dad, come on.  How can you possibly have any tears left?”

“I’m a sap, alright? This is all your fault anyway, so deal with it.”

“My fault?  How is this my fault?  You’re the one who brought home some strange kid you found in an alley all those years ago.  Your fault.”

The tone quickly changed from jovial to serious again, Steve’s voice unsteady now, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” he mumbled with a quiet sniffle.

“Dad, stop. Seriously.”


The ride to the tower was uneventful, just as you knew it would be, though it still took nearly an hour to drive three miles.  Bucky wouldn’t drive anywhere near the speed limit or near any other cars, which made a drive through the city impossible.  Tony met the three of you at the door and quickly took the car seat out to bring the baby inside while Steve helped you out and led you to the living room.

“Stark, you’re hogging the baby.”

“Yeah, you got to hold her at the hospital, I haven’t held her once.”

“I haven’t held her either.”

“She’s so tiny.”

“She looks just like you, (Y/N).”

“I want to hold the baby!”

“Um, (Y/N)?  I think I bring out the worst in babies,” Bruce said, holding her out at arm’s length with a grimace on his face.  

“Not it!”

“Not-dammit.”  Steve slammed his hand down on the back of your chair.  “I can’t win,” he mumbled.  “Hey, hold on, this feels really familiar.”  He paused and looked into his own memory, remembering the day that he and Bucky brought you home.  “Oh, no! No, I’m not changing her!  You had me covered in baby powder after your first diaper change.  I’m not doing that again.”

“Steve, really?  Don’t be such a baby,” Bucky said mockingly, “what are the odds of that exact thing happening again?  You had no idea what you were doing back then.”

He looked down at you, then over to his granddaughter and took her from Bruce’s hands.  “Okay, you’re right.  We can do this, can’t we, baby?  Yes we can,” Steve cooed and grabbed the diaper bag to make his way to the nursery.

“Twenty bucks says he screws it up,” you said once he was out of earshot, pulling a crisp bill out of your purse and slamming it down on the table.

“Oh, I’m in, “Bucky said enthusiastically, adding money to yours.

One after the other, bills were added into two separate piles, ready to be snatched up by the victor. “Shhh, here he comes,” you whispered, hearing the ding of the elevator stopping.  You glanced back over your shoulder and couldn’t help but laugh, “oh, shit,” you mumbled under your breath and squeezed your eyes shut in amusement.

Steve emerged in front of the group, covered in baby powder just as he predicted, but this time the entire front of his shirt was soaked as well.  “That’s right, laugh it up.  Captain America was bested by a three-day-old infant.”  He handed your daughter to you and kissed the top of your head.  “Watch out for that one, she knows my weakness.”

“Where do you think she gets her intel from, dad?” you smiled, leaning forward to collect your winnings.  “Us girls gotta stick together.”

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sometimes when Bucky and Steve are together making love, Natasha likes to sit in and call the shots, telling who what to do and when. When it's Bucky and Sam, Natasha likes to watch because Sam knows just what to do and when.




eSPECIALLY because i’ve always headcanoned nat as gray ace



MAYBE joining in occasionally when/if the mood strikes her 


The Feeling Of Hope

I finally started the Angst prompts! yay! I’ll try to complete most of them, and I’ll start with this touching one. This one I wrote while answering a questionnaire from @lucy-heartflawless . It is angst, but it has loads of fluff and open ending. (the title kinda says it; it’s about hope, not death.) Also, MODERN AU. 

Prompt: “Are you alright? You don’t look it.”

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff and humor first, then angst. (NO CHARACTER DEATH. OPEN ENDING. FOR BOTH FLUFF AND ANGST LOVERS.)

Pairing: NaLu, Graylu Saltiness, Grayza Brotp.

Word Count: 3316

“Are you alright? You don’t look it.”

Lucy squeaked in surprise when she felt Natsu’s hand resting on her shoulder, and she turned around, forcing a smile on her lips. “I’m alright,” She shook her head. “Just a little tired.”

“Are you sure?” Natsu insisted. “Maybe you should get some rest, then…”

“No, no,” Lucy waved her hands. “I’m gonna be fine.”

Sighing, Natsu relented. “Alright, then. If you say so…”

He knew there was something deeper Lucy was keeping from him, but he guessed she would confess it some other time - when she was ready. He and Lucy were especially known for not keeping any secrets from one another, always sharing their pain and sorrows.

Natsu nodded to himself, taking in consideration that they were with the rest of the group, too, and this might render her uncomfortable. He could wait - he would wait.

With that thought in mind, Natsu then grinned. “Well, then I hope you’re excited about the aquarium!”

“I am,” Lucy nodded, twirling a finger in her hair. “I don’t think I ever went to one, now that I think about it…”

“Never?” The voice of gray asked from beside Erza in the front seats. “You never went to an aquarium.”

Lucy’s cheeks flushed slightly. “My dad never really took me anywhere, y’know…”


Before an uncomfortable silence could settle, Natsu placed an arm around Lucy’s shoulder. He knew speaking of anyone’s past in their group was painful; avoiding it would be the best option at this moment if they didn’t wish to ruin their trip.

“Then be glad you’re coming with your awesome friends!”

“Yes, Lucy,” Erza agreed with a tender curl of her lips. “We’ll make sure this will the best Aquarium experience you’ve ever had.”

Gray nodded, glancing back at her. “Yup! What erza said.”

“I’m sure you guys will,” Lucy rested her head against the window of the car, a soft pulsing in the back of her head serving as a content impertinence. She still smiled, though.

“You’re gonna sleep already?” Natsu pouted, crossing his arms. He wanted her to stay awake and admire the landscape with him, as they normally did in travels like this. It would take approximately two or three hours to arrive, and Natsu would be far too bored without his best friend.

“Yeah,“ Lucy rolled her eyes in amusement. “I don’t feel like watching you and Gray fight the whole way.”

The mention of fighting had Erza diverting her eyes from the road for the fraction of a second, sending shivers down the two boy’s spines.

“We don’t even fight that much anymore,” Natsu grumbled under his breath, stealing a subconscious peak at his rival, who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah. What Natsu said.”

“I’m very proud of you, children,” Lucy retorted sarcastically. “You finally learned not to be children.”

“Hey!” Natsu flicked her forehead. “You’re being mean again. Happy was right.”

“Happy’s a cat,” Lucy stated bluntly, and Natsu shot her an incredulous look.

“Yeah, duh. You’re such a weirdo.”

“I’m the weirdo?!” Lucy flailed, and everyone laughed.

“Yup!” Natsu grinned. “And now you’re gonna watch the landscape with m– hey!”

“Too tired.” Lucy murmured sleepily, closing her eyes against the window.

“Wake up,” Natsu groaned, shaking her softly.

“Let her sleep, Natsu,” Erza told him. “She’s tired. I can see it. Besides, the more she rests, the more she’ll have fun with you at the aquarium.”

“I guess…” Natsu let go of her, settling back in his place. He watched the blurry land pass by his sight, but found no satisfaction as he would if Lucy was by his side. From the corner of his eye, he watched the sleeping girl. His hand almost instinctively shot out to brush a strand of hair from her features, and he blushed when Gray caught him in the act with arched eyebrows.

“Not a word.” He hissed under his breath. Gray only shrugged and turned back to the road ahead, silently planning his next blackmail.

With a sigh, Natsu returned to Lucy with his gaze, removing his hand. He wondered what truly went on in her head, and why she was hiding anything from him. He knew she was concealing something, but not what. Likely, it was connected to her exhausted behavior she had been displaying over the course of these last few weeks.

He didn’t quite comprehend what would cause it, but he had already identified most of her smile to be forced and not genuine. Whatever it may be, he concluded, she would tell him soon enough…


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“I think well of the President. He has a face like a hoosier Michael Angelo, so awful ugly it becomes beautiful, with its strange mouth, its deep cut, criss-cross lines, and its doughnut complexion. My notion is, too, that underneath his outside smutched mannerism, and stories from third-class county bar-rooms, (it is his humor,) Mr. Lincoln keeps a fountain of first-class practical telling wisdom. I do not dwell on the supposed failures of his government; he has shown, I sometimes think, an almost supernatural tact in keeping the ship afloat at all, with head steady, not only not going down, and now certain not to, but with proud and resolute spirit, and flag flying in sight of the world, menacing and high as ever. I say never yet captain, never ruler, had such a perplexing, dangerous task as his, the past two years. I more and more rely upon his idiomatic western genius, careless of court dress or court decorums.” – Walt Whitman, March 19, 1863, letter to Nat and Fred Gray

Whitman wrote several poems about Lincoln after the President was assassinated, including “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” and “O Captain! My Captain!” Whitman also delivered public lectures commemorating Lincoln’s death beginning in April 1879.

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) is proud to support both the Walt Whitman Archive ( and The Papers of Abraham Lincoln (