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Summary: Bucky’s nightmares are getting worse, but Y/N is bound and determined to find a way to help him cope with the pain of his past. Word count: 1.9k

Bucky x reader. HURT/COMFORT, FLUFF (mostly fluff). TW: none.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the tower that day. Most of the team was either out on a mission or spending the day in the city, enjoying the fresh spring air. For Bucky, the quiet days were often the hardest. When he’s busy, he can sometimes put the horrors of his Hydra days on the backburner and focus on something else, but when it’s quiet with nothing to do, there’s nothing to fill his mind other than the memories of what he did.

Luckily, even though most of the team was away for the day, Y/N stayed in. Bucky was so glad to have her around—she always had a way of making the bad things seem not so bad, and even bringing the good things to the surface. He watched as she gracefully sauntered into the kitchen, her steps as quiet as a mouse. “Hey Bucky.” she said with a smile as she pulled the orange juice out of the fridge. “Got any plans for the day?” she asked. Bucky shrugged and replied, “Nope, but you might not wanna drink that. I think Sam has been sneaking sips straight from the bottle again.” Y/N stuck the bottle back in the fridge with a grimace on her face. “Not worth the risk. That’s so icky! Like, how hard is it to grab a glass out of the cupboard?! UGH! What’s so funny? Bucky, why are you smiling?!” Bucky stood there, arms crossed with a smirk on his face. “You’re cute when you’re mad.” he said. Y/N rolled her eyes and looked him square in the face.

“You okay, Buck? No offense, but you look like you haven’t been sleeping very well again… Nightmares back?” Y/N asked with genuine concern in her voice. Bucky still felt deep down like he wasn’t deserving of anyone’s time, much less concern, which is part of the reason why he has a hard time opening up to people, but never Y/N. He can tell her anything. “Yeah. It’s like every time I close my eyes it all comes back, and it’s so vivid it feels like it’s happening all over again. I just—I just don’t know what to do anymore.” Bucky stared at the ground in front of him with a look of utter defeat. Y/N put her hand under his chin and guided his face up until he was looking her in the eyes. With determination in her voice, Y/N grabbed his hand and said “Look Bucky, you might not know what to do, but that’s okay because I think I might know how to help. Come with me.”

Bucky was a little confused about what was going on but he trusted Y/N, so he followed along as she pulled him over to the big couch in the lounge. They sat down on the couch, still holding hands, when Y/N smiled at him and said “So here’s the thing. We all have bad stuff in our past, some of us just have more than others. The trick is to find a way to deal with it. Just think of what our friends do—Steve takes out his frustration on a punching bag down in the gym, Tony builds stuff, Nat draws, Bruce spends time in the lab—I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different way of coping, and we’ve gotta find one for you. I have some ideas, so how about we get started and try out a few of them?” Bucky was skeptical, but figured it was worth a shot. At this point, he was willing to try anything if it meant the nightmares would stop. He squeezed her hand a little tighter and asked “Okay, so where do we start?” “Go put on some clothes you can move in and meet me in the gym.”

When Bucky got to the gym, Y/N was standing in the corner wearing yoga pants and a tank top, trying to connect her iPod into the sound system. She put on some quiet instrumental music and pulled out two yoga mats. “Okay Bucky, just relax, clear your mind, and do what I do. No talking—only inner peace.” Y/N smiled and started going into various yoga poses, first some simple ones that Bucky could follow pretty easily. As the poses began getting more difficult though, Bucky started getting frustrated. His metal arm was less flexible than his other arm was, which made some of the stretches not particularly feasible. Bucky broke out of some weird pose and laid on his back on the yoga mat and said “This is definitely not working. Let’s move on to the next thing.” Y/N turned to him and smiled, then walked over to the duffel bag she had set down next to the sound system. She pulled out some books and a pencil pouch, walked back over, and plopped down on the floor next to him. She unzipped the pencil pouch to reveal dozens of colored pencils. Bucky looked at the books and groaned. “Coloring books? Seriously?” He said with audible skepticism. “Yes. Coloring is a mindless activity that gives you something to focus on. I color all the time. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” The two of them sat on the floor and worked on the coloring books chatting here and there about their favorite books and debating about which pizza place in New York is the best. After about an hour, Y/N looked up from her coloring book and asked “So Bucky, how are you liking the coloring book thing?” Bucky smiled at her and replied, “Eh, I could take it or leave it. I don’t think I find it any more relaxing than anything else, but I’ve enjoyed spending the time in here with you, so there’s that.” He felt bad that Y/N was trying so hard to help him, but so far no dice. Not only did he want something to work just so he could get some sleep again, but he also wanted to be able to tell Y/N that it was her idea that got him through. She’s already gotten him through so much, and he wants her to see that what she does is really helping.

 Y/N grabbed the duffel bag and tucked all of their coloring supplies back in while Bucky rolled up the yoga mats and put them back in their little cubbies. “You ready for idea number three?” said Y/N with a devious smile on her face. “Umm, I guess so, but that look on your face… I know that look. You’ve got something up your sleeve, don’t you?” Y/N giggled at his response. “Well Bucky, you might not like this one at first, but just give it a chance. Wait there.” She ran over to the sound system and changed the music from peaceful, relaxing tones to more upbeat songs. They were 1940s-era swing tunes. “Hold on a minute,” Bucky said inquisitively. “I know this song! Are we just gonna sit around and listen to old music? Why don’t we head back over to the lounge for that and—. ““Nope!” Y/N interjected before Bucky could finish his sentence. “We’re dancing!” she said with excitement. “Uh-oh. I don’t know how this is gonna go, Y/N. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any dancing. Like, the last time I danced was when this music was still playing on the radio.” Y/N took a step forward and grabbed his hand. “No worries, Buck. I’ll teach you.”

The two of them moved to the middle of the gym floor, and after a little practice counting out the beats from the music and a refresher on some of the basic steps, they decided to try stringing some of them together. First they danced a slower number, but once Bucky started to pick it up he wanted to try something faster. Y/N and Bucky spent the next two and a half hours doing the Lindy Hop in their workout clothes and socks, laughing and smiling the entire time. Eventually, they both started getting hungry and decided to stop for the night and grab some dinner. Bucky ordered a pizza while Y/N took a quick shower.

The pizza showed up just as Y/N came out of her room with damp hair, wearing pajama pants and an old oversized t-shirt. They sat down next to each other on the couch and started eating their pizza (Tony hates it when people eat on the nice furniture, but he wasn’t there to complain about it so they did it anyway). “So Bucky, how was the dancing? If it’s not for you that’s okay, I still have some ideas we can try tomorrow if you aren’t busy.” Bucky took Y/N’s plate out of her hand and set both of theirs down on the ottoman. He then took both of her hands in his and stared straight into Y/N’s eyes. “The dancing was wonderful,” he said with excitement in his voice, “and I’d like to maybe try it again sometime, ya know, if you want to of course.” A giant smile came across Y/N’s face. She was clearly glad that she had been able to do something good for Bucky. “Yay! I was really hoping you would enjoy it. I love dancing, but I never have anyone to dance with. I guess I’ve finally found myself a partner! And look, Bucky—I understand that sometimes the bad stuff resurfaces in the middle of the night, so I’m just putting it out there now that if you ever feel like you could use a Lindy Hop at three in the morning, I don’t mind waking up for a dance.”

Bucky, still holding Y/N’s hands, pulled her toward him and he kissed her. They had been close friends for quite a while, and had always been really flirtatious with one another. Bucky had known for some time now that he was in love with her, but was afraid that he would screw up their friendship if he told her how he felt. However, after the amazing day he had just spent with Y/N, he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Bucky laid his heart out on the table and said “I love you, you know. Actually, I’ve been in love with you for a pretty long time now. If you don’t feel the same way that’s fine, we can just be friends, but after all you did for me today I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how I feel about you.” Y/N dropped one of his hands and placed hers gently on his cheek. “I love you too, Bucky.” They kissed again and then settled back down and went back to their pizza.

“I don’t think anyone else is gonna be using this room tonight since it’s getting pretty late. Wanna watch a movie?” said Y/N. “Only if you pick. I still don’t know very many movies.” replied Bucky. The two of them spent the rest of their evening snuggling on the couch watching “Footloose,” until both of them fell asleep. They woke up the next morning still in each other’s arms. “Good mornin’ you two little lovebirds!” someone yelled from the kitchen. They sat up and saw Sam drinking OJ out of the bottle. Y/N and Bucky looked at each other and smiled, because that was the first time in ages that Bucky had slept through the night.


“I uh, I don’t think you pronounce the title correctly–”

“Shut up, Cap.”

everybody was expecting so much worse okay so im not over stoick’s death and neither does bucky. deal with it.

So I hear we are doing agents with flower crowns…?

I’ve had a thing for asphodels for uh… a decade or so. I just forgot how much is actually going on with them. Ahem. “My regrets follow you to the grave”, connected to the Greek underworld, etc, but most importantly they are pretty.

If there is anything that is going to bring tears of pride to Sha’s eyes, it’s her students taking what she’s taught them and fucking with their other teachers. Especially if they get away with it.

Mommy’s so, so proud <3 Ten extra points on the exam for all of you.

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Sha’s daughter, and the reason for her would-be temporary break from Intelligence. That ended up being a permanent one. Thanks Davin.