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A/N: Happy Halloween! Here is a small oneshot for essentially what is my favorite holiday. Honestly, I was hoping to have more up by now, I have written multiple one shots, but they feel way too crappy to be put up. So words of encouragement would be wonderful! 

It’s Tony’s Halloween party and Pietro is searching for you. Hopefully, this will be even better than last year! 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: slight angst, slight sexual/smut hints

Words: 1,085

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Imagine all of the Avengers take a "Which Avenger Are You?" quiz and none of them get themselves. They use this as an excuse to switch costumes. Your choice who Steve gets.

Steve wanted to wear comfortable pants and a button-down. Maybe some fake glasses or even a lab coat. 

Steve was instead standing in tight purple booty shorts and nothing else.

Bucky walked in, clad in purple and black with a Nerf crossbow strapped across his back.  “That’s a great color on you.”

“I hate you.”

“Not my fault.  You agreed that we’d go to the Halloween party as whatever result we got.  Not my fault you’re an angerball all of the time.”

Clint swaggered in, brandishing the plastic shield.  “The suit really does something for your posture.” He smiled at Steve.  “Nice shorts.” 

Steve didn’t have time to respond before he was busy wondering where Thor got a catsuit in his size.  

“Friends!  Is this not a most amusing costume?”

Steve was pretty sure the suit would rip if Thor took a deep breath.

“Its…it’s something, alright.”  Natasha’s voice was amused, though she was busy adjusting her wings. “Sam won’t give me his real kit.”

“We’d never get you to come down.” Clint smirked.  

“I want a do-over.”  Tony walked into the room in his Iron Man suit.  “How come Thor gets to be Natasha?  I can be mysterious.  I’m sultry. I look great in a onesie.”

“Thor has better hair.”  Clint didn’t look up from adjusting his utility belt, but still managed to block the pen Tony whipped at his head with his plastic shield.  

Tony’s sigh turned into a wide smile.  He’d finally caught sight of Steve.  “Ok, Daisy Dukes, let’s go get this over with.  The Charity Costume Gala was your idea.”

With a resigned sigh, Steve led the way to the elevators.  With any luck, the ballroom on the thirty-seventh floor would be warmer.  


A teeny tiny Bucky X Reader Drabble written on my phone because why not. Sorry if there is any errors I will check it all on my laptop tomorrow. And idk who I’m meant to be tagging so I’ll make an actual list tomorrow too and then I’ll tag this. 

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“Bucky, I swear to Odin if you do not stop taking photos of me i’ll-”

“You’ll what? Spank me? Because I haven’t figured out how to use that tripod thingy yet and if were getting kinky I’m damn well recording it.” You knew he was only teasing but it still made heat rise in your cheeks. He laughs from behind the phone he was waving around you. Teaching him the wonders of 21st century technology had seemed like a good idea until he had found out about Snapchat.

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My first go at MCU power rangers. Basically everyone has a primary color, an accent, and a secondary accent. And yeah they all look pretty different, its just. It’s not nearly as fun trying to shove them all under one entirely unifying umbrella. Letting Tony be gaudy and pointy while Nat is more straight-edge and intimidating just makes more sense. The logic I’m going with here is that the morphers (which have yet to be designed) bring out their chosen wearer’s soul. That’s why Tony differs from Nat and Steve, and why Steve is a big buff dorito when morphed but still skinny and asthmatic unmorphed. 

I kinda consider these three the primary team–Tony and Steve being the two boys Nat pulls into the world of being a Ranger first and foremost. Yeah, Clint is technically a Ranger but he’s sorta kinda not really retired. He’s second wave. Shit starts here, with these three, and then slowly but surely balloons ridiculously out of proportion until the hero-side of things is like, what, fifteen strong? As for who leads–they all take turns. I mean they all have red in their costume, right? Nat starts off as leader just because she has actual experience being a Ranger, and then when Tony and Steve get their footing, the situation starts to dictate who’s on point. And yeah that leads to its own mess of conflicts 8′>

Now someone pointed out that they do look less like rangers and more like robots and while that’s fair, this is just a color and shape study–there’s no attempt at defining what is cloth and what is metal. It’s also the first pass, so shit is libel to change <3

halloween costum
  • Nat: in the 7th grade I was a single french fries for halloween Idk why, girls in that age start to be like 'oh im gonna be looking sexy and funny for halloween, and I was like 'Im a french fries!'
  • S&A: *laughs* did it have ketchup on it?
  • Nat: it didnt have ketchup on it because a lot of people thought i was a tampon and then I was like 'umm if I have ketchup on it its gonna be bad'
  • listen to full interview :

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You seem like a good person to share Clintasha headcanons with so here goes: Clint tries for years to convince Nat to do couples costumes with him for Halloween as light switches because BartON and RomanOFF. Nat refuses on the pretense she thinks it's ridiculous, but in reality she thinks it's awesome and is holding out on agreeing until she can use it as a bargaining chip for either something during a deadly mission, or who does the dishes that night, who knows.

“if you do the laundry, maybe……..”

[clint rushes to do laundry]

“……………….changed my mind.”


remustheravenclaw replied to your post:Sci, you are nice and explain things. What are they talking about with Clint’s hearing aids?

That entire answer was a roller coaster of awesome from start to finish. I had never heard about Ricki Barnes, but now I want to know EVERYTHING.


Rikki Barnes functions as Nomad in the current 616 verse.  She is awesome.  

Consider reading the mini series: Nomad: Girl Without a World

Because Rikki.  Also yeah pretty sure that Nat made her costume because Nat is awesome that way and also if I’m remembering correctly, it’s because Nat was banging Captain America (Bucky version!) at the time.