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The Game

A/N: Happy Halloween! Here is a small oneshot for essentially what is my favorite holiday. Honestly, I was hoping to have more up by now, I have written multiple one shots, but they feel way too crappy to be put up. So words of encouragement would be wonderful! 

It’s Tony’s Halloween party and Pietro is searching for you. Hopefully, this will be even better than last year! 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: slight angst, slight sexual/smut hints

Words: 1,085

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Everyone Has A Weakness - Part 2

Request from @sborrink: (possible part 2 to ‘everyone has a weakness’ or a stand alone story. Your choice.). Dom!Bucky x reader where the reader finds out that Bucky has a thing for skimpy Halloween outfits/lingerie courtesty of Nat letting it slip out during a drunken girls night out (Bucky reluctantly helping Nat pick a costume). Reader sees it as a perfect oportunity to get back at Bucky at Tony’s Halloween party for all the teasing he’s done, but Bucky has some ideas of his own.

Note: So I have changed this just a little bit in regards to how Nat informs the reader. Rather than having her letting it slip due to alcohol she just comes right out with it - I can definitely imagine her doing that! I also would like to apologise right now for the ending! haha!

Dom!Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,504

Warnings: There is smut in this piece so please if you are under 18 DO NOT READ. It is not suitable for you so I’d rather you stayed reading my SFW stuff. Major teasing (sorry!), language, dominance and slightly controlling behaviour.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

Another piece of fabric was thrown over the changing room door to where you were stood, forcing you to catch it before adding it to the pile that was steadily beginning to form. You couldn’t believe that this stuff was actually classed as clothing – looked more like brightly coloured dental floss to you – but Nat had insisted on coming shopping for Tony’s Halloween party and dragging you along with her.

Your mind wasn’t in it though, not after what had transpired in the gym the other day, good god you hoped no one had seen the two of you, scrap that….heard you. It became apparent rather quickly that Bucky brought noises out of you that you didn’t even think were possible and given the shock of how quickly it had all unfolded you were unable to even attempt to keep them held back.

“[y/n] are you even listening to me out there?”

Nat’s voice snapped you out of the rather racy thoughts your mind had started to play out and it was a good job too because you were beginning to feel an all too familiar heat building between your legs and had she not spoken your ability to stand would have soon disappeared.

“Sorry Nat, was too busy wondering just how this all passes as clothing.”

“о мой Бог! (‘oh my god!’) You sound ancient! This is all the rage among us adults at Halloween…” You were about to disagree with her entirely but almost as though she knew you were she spoke again before you could even open your mouth. “….and Bucky LOVES this stuff.”

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Could you please do 4 and 10 with Bucky from your Drabble list?

4. “I’m trying really hard to hate you right now”

10. “You look so sexy when you’re ignoring me”

Requested by @penguings-and-sherlock​, thank you again to @bucky-plums-barnes​ for helping me brainstorm!! 

Even though Halloween came around every year Tony always insisted on having a pre-halloween party so people could ‘warm up’ to the idea of a costume party. Granted that he did it in the middle of summer, it was more an excuse to hold a glorified costume pool party if anything else. But all that meant for you was the stress of trying to find not one, but two costumes that were suitable to your standards. Flopping down on the couch phone in hand you started the tedious task of eliminating costume ideas and texting Nat about what costume she had decided on. The frustrated grunt falling from your lips was loud enough to alert your boyfriend of your mood. 

“Tony’s party?” Bucky questioned falling down next to you, wrapping his flesh arm around your shoulder. You nodded in reply, your fingers flicking across your screen as you mentally voted no to the many skimpy outfits. The next costume made you pause briefly, it was a two piece sailor costume with high waisted navy blue shorts. A crop top with white and red stripes across the bra with a blue bolt of fabric below tied with a red bow between the cleavage. looked more like swim bathers, paired with the iconic white sailor hat and red heels it certainly tied in with the pool aspect of the party. Still in two minds about the costume, metal fingers suddenly shot out to hold you from flicking it away. Looking up at your boyfriends face you were surprised to see the dark look in his eyes. 

“Have a thing for Sailors, Sarge?” you teased as Bucky blinked furiously grumbling something about Steve wanting to train together as he made his hasty retreat…

You knew you were in trouble, from the moment you locked eyes with Bucky wearing *that* outfit you could see his hand grip the bottle of beer ever so tightly as his chest paused on it’s intake of breathe before exhaling deeply. Innocently you skipped towards him, you were very aware of the others watching you planted a kiss to his cheek. Leaving a perfect lipstick mark on his cheek you grinned. 

“I’m trying really hard to hate you right now” You giggled as Bucky grumbled in your ear. 

“Aw come on baby, you know you love it” winking you didn’t have time to hear his reply as Nat whisked you away to the bar. 

For the rest of the night Bucky kept is distance, every time you looked over, he would look away. But that didn’t stop Nat from telling you when his eyes wandered over your ass when your back was turned to him. The final straw for your brooding boyfriend came when you and Steve were dancing, no matter how innocent it was between you and the Captain. The sight of Steve’s hands all over his girl made the ex assassin see red, in a matter of seconds you could feel Bucky pressed up against you. Pressing his hips flush against your as you swallowed as moan as you felt exactly how riled up Bucky really was. 

“You know, you look so sexy when you’re ignoring me” your voice shuddered as you backed up into him, eyes fluttering closed. But you had no time to relish in the feel of your boyfriend before he was pulling you to the elevator not caring that you stumbled behind him in your heels. 

“Oh no, I’m done ignoring you. Now, I’m going to punish you baby girl” 

Hold That Thought 9

Pairing: Lawyer!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing. Strong addiction to coffee. Name calling. In office affairs. Fluff. Secrets.

A/N: Just a fun little AU series cause I felt like it. While I try to get my footing for Frank Castle. Btw Other Marvel cameo’s in this story.
Matt Mudrock
Foggy Nelson
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Frank Castle
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner

The Italics are flash backs // The bold’s are Text Messages.

A one night stand at the New York Law Firms Conference, couldn’t have been more fun, and mysterious. When your new boss Bucky Barnes introduces you to his boss; the man who runs Avengers Of Law, law firm and your new place of work. Steve Rogers and your mysterious one night stand is your bosses boss. What you want to pretend never happened, he doesn’t want to let go of. When you find yourself struggling to stay away from Steve, who won’t let up on getting you to go out with him. Can you resist, Steve who is looking for more than a one night stand, while you’re struggling to get through the long days and never ending nights of being a paralegal or will you let lust and emotions distract you from your goals in life?

Tag List Is Open. Let Me Know!!

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Imagine all of the Avengers take a "Which Avenger Are You?" quiz and none of them get themselves. They use this as an excuse to switch costumes. Your choice who Steve gets.

Steve wanted to wear comfortable pants and a button-down. Maybe some fake glasses or even a lab coat. 

Steve was instead standing in tight purple booty shorts and nothing else.

Bucky walked in, clad in purple and black with a Nerf crossbow strapped across his back.  “That’s a great color on you.”

“I hate you.”

“Not my fault.  You agreed that we’d go to the Halloween party as whatever result we got.  Not my fault you’re an angerball all of the time.”

Clint swaggered in, brandishing the plastic shield.  “The suit really does something for your posture.” He smiled at Steve.  “Nice shorts.” 

Steve didn’t have time to respond before he was busy wondering where Thor got a catsuit in his size.  

“Friends!  Is this not a most amusing costume?”

Steve was pretty sure the suit would rip if Thor took a deep breath.

“Its…it’s something, alright.”  Natasha’s voice was amused, though she was busy adjusting her wings. “Sam won’t give me his real kit.”

“We’d never get you to come down.” Clint smirked.  

“I want a do-over.”  Tony walked into the room in his Iron Man suit.  “How come Thor gets to be Natasha?  I can be mysterious.  I’m sultry. I look great in a onesie.”

“Thor has better hair.”  Clint didn’t look up from adjusting his utility belt, but still managed to block the pen Tony whipped at his head with his plastic shield.  

Tony’s sigh turned into a wide smile.  He’d finally caught sight of Steve.  “Ok, Daisy Dukes, let’s go get this over with.  The Charity Costume Gala was your idea.”

With a resigned sigh, Steve led the way to the elevators.  With any luck, the ballroom on the thirty-seventh floor would be warmer.  

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Tony was known for his parties, so when Halloween rolled around of course he had to throw the biggest and best party anyone had ever seen. The whole tower was decked out from head to toe with all manor of decor and scares. It was amazing to see.

There was a catch though; you had to come in costume. It took you weeks of looking and help from Nat and Wanda to fund the perfect thing. Of course you were trying to impress a certain pair of old friends into noticing you, so it had to be perfect.

You, Wanda, and Nat decided to get dressed at your place before heading over. Putting on your entire getup, you checked yourself once more in the mirror. Sexy Snow White stared back at you.

“Are you sure this looks okay?” You asked.

“You look amazing!” Bat beamed back at you as she came out of the other room. Her Sexy black cat costume fit snuggly to her curves perfectly.

“Seriously, you look great,” followed close behind. Her red hair worked perfectly with her outfit: the costume was called the alchemist and it looked so mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

“I wish I looked as good as you two,” you admitted as you straightened your short yellow skirt for the hundredth time.

“You know those two super soldiers aren’t going to be able to keep their eyes off you,” Nat laughed as she grabbed your and Wanda’s arms and began to move you all to the door.
“Let’s go turn some heads ladies.”


The sounds of the Ghostbusters​ theme could be heard as soon as you all entered the elevator. A smile was shared between the three of you as the doors opened and you were assaulted with all the Halloween.

“Well hello ladies,” Tony greeted you all. “Come in enjoy the festivities.”

You gave Tony’s costume a questioning look. “Who are you supposed to be?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” he questioned back as he gave a twirl. “I’m the Dos Equis guy.”

You nodded your head ad you saw the resemblance. Of course that’s what he’d chose to go as.

“You all look amazing,” Tony complimented. “Definitely bringing some beauty to this place.”

“Where’s everyone else?” Nat questioned as she gave you a wink. You gave back the “don’t you dare start something” glare. Tony pointed at a group of people over by the bar and you three headed over. 

Your breath caught in your chest as you clocked Bucky and Steve. Steve looked like a incredibly hot version of an 80′s drill sergeant. Those short shots were hugging him in all the right places. 

Good Lord yes, you thought.

It was Buckys costume that had you confused, but incredibly turned on. He was wearing barely any clothes at all.

“Hey Bucky, what’s your costume?” Nat spoke up, knowing you were too stunned to speak.

Bucky didn’t shy away from his answer. “Oh, I’m supposed to be a stripper.”

You could feel your soul ascend to heaven. Thank God for Halloween!

My first go at MCU power rangers. Basically everyone has a primary color, an accent, and a secondary accent. And yeah they all look pretty different, its just. It’s not nearly as fun trying to shove them all under one entirely unifying umbrella. Letting Tony be gaudy and pointy while Nat is more straight-edge and intimidating just makes more sense. The logic I’m going with here is that the morphers (which have yet to be designed) bring out their chosen wearer’s soul. That’s why Tony differs from Nat and Steve, and why Steve is a big buff dorito when morphed but still skinny and asthmatic unmorphed. 

I kinda consider these three the primary team–Tony and Steve being the two boys Nat pulls into the world of being a Ranger first and foremost. Yeah, Clint is technically a Ranger but he’s sorta kinda not really retired. He’s second wave. Shit starts here, with these three, and then slowly but surely balloons ridiculously out of proportion until the hero-side of things is like, what, fifteen strong? As for who leads–they all take turns. I mean they all have red in their costume, right? Nat starts off as leader just because she has actual experience being a Ranger, and then when Tony and Steve get their footing, the situation starts to dictate who’s on point. And yeah that leads to its own mess of conflicts 8′>

Now someone pointed out that they do look less like rangers and more like robots and while that’s fair, this is just a color and shape study–there’s no attempt at defining what is cloth and what is metal. It’s also the first pass, so shit is libel to change <3

halloween costum
  • Nat: in the 7th grade I was a single french fries for halloween Idk why, girls in that age start to be like 'oh im gonna be looking sexy and funny for halloween, and I was like 'Im a french fries!'
  • S&A: *laughs* did it have ketchup on it?
  • Nat: it didnt have ketchup on it because a lot of people thought i was a tampon and then I was like 'umm if I have ketchup on it its gonna be bad'
  • listen to full interview :

cipollakate  asked:

You seem like a good person to share Clintasha headcanons with so here goes: Clint tries for years to convince Nat to do couples costumes with him for Halloween as light switches because BartON and RomanOFF. Nat refuses on the pretense she thinks it's ridiculous, but in reality she thinks it's awesome and is holding out on agreeing until she can use it as a bargaining chip for either something during a deadly mission, or who does the dishes that night, who knows.

“if you do the laundry, maybe……..”

[clint rushes to do laundry]

“……………….changed my mind.”


remustheravenclaw replied to your post:Sci, you are nice and explain things. What are they talking about with Clint’s hearing aids?

That entire answer was a roller coaster of awesome from start to finish. I had never heard about Ricki Barnes, but now I want to know EVERYTHING.


Rikki Barnes functions as Nomad in the current 616 verse.  She is awesome.  

Consider reading the mini series: Nomad: Girl Without a World

Because Rikki.  Also yeah pretty sure that Nat made her costume because Nat is awesome that way and also if I’m remembering correctly, it’s because Nat was banging Captain America (Bucky version!) at the time.