nat cosplay

I DID IT!!! ò3ò)9  
The last post of the year and my last experiment: Nat cosplaying me (?)

Well this is the @lealilies idea about our crosses wearing our clothes. 
Even i put her my glasses on, now she’s the nerd she always was =u=. 

I wanted to put more, but the party has arrived (✌゚∀゚)☞ so
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! have a great day everyday and make the next year gorgeous.


Another one down on Wanda’s Civil War outfits and another nearly done. I love these ones since they’re so comfy! And I wanted to get them out of the way before I start the major work on my Avengers uniform. I think I might have squished two into one with the black dress but since they’re aren’t any good pictures of the outfit she wears in the kitchen scene I can’t be sure, so I’ll wait until the DVD comes out. More Nat cosplay stuff to show you guys tomorrow, super excited I got my Winter Soldier wig, FINALLY!


I made some tshirt designs for cosplay/the SaM fandom.

Our first is an Eyebrow Cult shirt, featuring your favorite eyebrows. Then the other two can be seen in the Satan and Me comic.

I’d love to be able to make these soon. I’m waiting on a screen printing kit to arrive, as well as permission from Orange to potentially sell them. I wouldn’t be using any third party site, so they’d actually be made in my apartment; therefore all profits would go to me and Orange (cause damn she deserves to get paid).