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Sometimes I wonder how the cast of Hamilton can get through the entire show because I’m wiped out by Right Hand Man but then I remember I’m doing all the parts in all the songs while making dinner and running around to find a substitute crown for King George III and most of the parts are at least partially outside of my comfortable range of singing and then I wish I were getting paid for putting on the one-woman Broadway show in my kitchen but oh well

deaineira  asked:


Paris: Describe your favorite kiss.


Oslo: What keeps you warm?

Literally: cozy sweaters and blankets, hot chocolate/tea/coffee, the Grand Californian Hotel (yes everything about it literally just warms me whenever I’m there), hugs.

Figuratively (though just as effective): Tangled, memories, my best friends and family, great television, playing Relient K records, thoughts of the future.

Las Vegas: Have you ever broken a heart?

Nah. There have been a few guys at college these past couple semesters I had to shut down but honestly their hearts were never in it in to begin with. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chicago: What do you ache for?

Intimate relationships with those who will never leave me (and for the two out of those three people who aren’t Jesus to actually LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS ME). Another Disneyland trip. A happy future.

Sorrento: What is your weakness?

COUGH. Um. This guy, anything that has to do with Disneyland, cookies from this one specific bakery in my hometown, Modcloth, macaroni and cheese, cheetos and Perry plushies apparently, considering I have like, seven of them.

Budapest: What tattoo do you want?

I’VE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS SO OFTEN BUT I CAN NEVER COME UP WITH A GOOD ENOUGH IDEA. The best one I had was to get matching ones on the arches of my feet - one would be that walk in the light verse from the Bible (I know it’s from Ephesians but I forget the passage) (or maybe I’m thinking of Psalms 119:105??) and the other foot would have a related Relient K lyric and a tiny Corona sun from Tangled. I was totally about to go through with it too until I realized the feet are the most painful place to get a tattoo and mine are already like weird enough soooooo…

Stockholm: What scares you?

People leaving me. The fact that some people are too far gone mentally/spiritually and their hearts are too hardened to see any light. Also daddy long leg spiders cause like WHAT THE H ECK