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anyway they’re watching kingsman, as per oikawa’s only non-scifi-related request and lbr kuroo’s enjoying it but nobody lets go of a chance to tease oikawa

anyway yeah just some quick doodle stuff while i reconcile the thought that i ship pretty much every combination of captains out there

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Hey, I didn't know Russos wanted different storyline. Can you say more about it?

It was just gonna actually follow on from catws, with the focus being on Sam and Steve finding Bucky, crossbones as the main villain, not just a sidenote mention at the beginning, with the team being Steve, Bucky, Sam and Nat.

AKA AN ACTUAL CAP 3. Can u imagine.

so i went to this estate sale earlier right and i found this set of pans i needed really cheap but when i got home and looked them up apparently they’re like french and fancy? $89 per pot or smth crazy like that. i was gonna use them anyways cause theyre nice but my mom rly wanted them so she traded me for 45 issues of national geographic and my dad’s old telescope….. i know she thinks she won that deal but lets be real about who hit the mcfuckin jackpot tonight

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Berena and tequila

They don’t make it to bed.

It begins at Albie’s and ends (quite thankfully) in the confines of Serena’s living room. Bernie is convinced that she can drink anyone under the table. It’s an oversight, really, of which she doesn’t quite realise until they’ve stumbled through the door and starts demanding they do shots.

“Give me a moment,” Serena says as she fumbles through the cupboard, “I need to find the shot glasses first.”

“Or… we could do them off each other.” Bernie’s voice is low in her ear, breath hot on her neck. Serena suppresses a whimper and thinks it over just for a moment– allowing herself the vivid image of licking her way across the lithe body underneath her, letting the bitterness of alcohol mingle with the salt of Bernie’s skin. That’s before she thinks about the logistics. Doesn’t trust them not to end up spilling it everywhere and probably causing at least one of them an injury. Turns out she is just sober enough to be sensible.

“Bernie, I am not drinking tequila from your bellybutton.”

“Suit yourself,” Bernie mumbles, somewhat disappointed by the sounds of it, before she slinks off to the sofa with a bottle in hand.

They lose count pretty early on. End up falling into a fit of giggles and leaning into each other until Bernie takes Serena’s face in her hands, kisses her long and slow and messy. Lets tongue slide against tongue, teeth pull against lips. Hands pull at clothes until they’re half-naked and panting, grinning against each other’s mouths whilst their hands explore familiar skin, tracing the same lines they’ve made countless times before. 

Somewhere between gasps and moans they drift off into soft snores. Fall asleep mid-kiss with limbs entwined– Bernie’s head on Serena’s chest, arms wrapped around each other, legs dangling off the edge of the cushions.

The hangover will be hell, but for now, everything is still.

wings // peter parker

request from anon: hi! i was wondering if u can do an imagine where Nat & Tony knows that Peter likes the reader who is also Nat’s goddaughter and they make them bond by buying them both chicken wings 🤣 also the reader is like a mini version of Nat 🤗

word count: about 2k

a/n: whoa things got so busy!!! haven’t been active in like a week but i’ll see if i can write more this weekend!! school is kinda killing me but i’m doin my best <3 also this is an au where nat and tony would be on better terms. hope you guys like this adorable request (and i hope i wrote it well for whoever requested) uneditedddd <3333



“He’s not even trying to hide it. What a kid.” Tony mutters as he watches. It’s a sad sight, really. You and Peter are in the weight room, but there isn’t very much lifting going on. He’s leaned against the wall, hitting on you in a way only a fifteen year old boy can: incredibly unsubtle and awkward in manner. And although you’re flattered, you simply cannot take a hint and have no idea what he’s getting at.

“What’s worse is that she’s completely clueless,” Natasha says back. “I thought I taught her better than this. Is this really my legacy?” She takes a disappointed sip of coffee. You and Peter are so lost in your own world that you hardly notice Tony and Natasha ogling. They’re sitting outside of the room by the breakfast bar, but the walls are both thin and made of glass.

You get into position to deadlift a weight, your focus unswayed. You just hope Peter just won’t start talking and distract you. You’d rather not deal with another injury right now. As you slowly lift it from the ground, Peter is silent, watching you. Thank God.

As soon as you finish, he gushes, “Wow, Y/N, that was so cool! You’re really, really good at that. You’re so good at everything.”

You turn to look at him, serious as ever. “Thanks, Peter. But my form really needs work. If I keep stiff legging, it won’t go well with my back. And I need to be lifting heavier, two-fifty pounds sucks.” At one point, you start talking to yourself more than you’re talking to him, but he nods along anyway.

“You look pretty tired, you should refuel,” he says, eagerly offering you some of his protein shake.

You politely shake your head. “Let me guess, that’s one of Stark’s protein shakes.”

“Uh…yeah. Why does it matter?” He asks, confused.

“It’s full of crap. For a genius that is excellent with technology, he cannot, for the life of him, figure out the culinary art. Nat’s are way better.”

“What? No, hers taste like soggy cardboard! How can you even take a sip without gagging?” Peter exclaims.

“That ‘cardboard’ is made of vitamins. And important nutrients. Why drink a protein shake when there isn’t even any protein in it?”

Both Natasha and Tony look extremely offended at this. Later on, you take a few sips of water and use a towel to wipe the sweat from your forehead. “Are you hungry? I’m hungry. Want to get, like, pancakes?” Peter asks, nervously playing with the hem of his muscle tee.

“Sorry. I already ate. Deadlifting on an empty stomach kills me. And I can’t have pancakes if I’m not on a cheat day.” Yes, you’re craving pancakes terribly right now. But if there’s one thing Nat taught you well, it was self-control.

“Oh.” His faces falls slightly.

“I have practice with Cap in an hour, so I’d better get going. See you later?” You give him a rare smile. Upon seeing you smile, he’s immediately back to grinning. It’s admittedly pretty cute.

Tony sets his head in his hands. “You realize we have to do something, right?” His voice is muffled by his hands.

Natasha glances over, eyebrows raised quizzically. “Like what? We can’t just rule this one a lost cause?”

“No. You want two heartbroken, sad teens on the team? I sure don’t.”

She sips the last of her coffee, tossing the cup into the trash. “I think you secretly care about Parker too much to let him go through his life unsheltered, but okay,” she mumbled.

“And you don’t overprotect Y/N?” Tony rolled his eyes.

“Tony, she’s my goddaughter.”

“And Peter’s my…intern…kind of.”

“See?” Natasha gave him a look. He gave her a look back.

“So? You’re not related to her, and I’m not related to him. There’s hardly a difference. Anyway, we need a plan.” Tony changed the subject quickly.

“A plan, right.”

A few hours later, Natasha and Tony carefully set up a sort of ‘trap’. As you walked past Peter in the living room to go meet with Clint to do some archery, he’d say hi. And that’s where they’d ambush you.

At around five, you enter the living room as expected, walking past Peter. He glances up immediately. “Hi, Y/N!” As soon as he says it, the doors instantly slam shut and lock themselves. Peter instantly flips out of his seat and you both stand back to back in fighting stances.

But instead of facing a threat of any kind, you hear a voice above you. “Hi kids,” Tony greets.

You both relax and side eye each other. “Did he just call us ‘kids’? He never does that, why is he doing that?” Peter asks, a little freaked out. You can only shrug.

“We’re going out today,” Tony begins, ignoring Peter’s comments.

“We are?” You ask without restraint. There’s a short period of silence, and you can just imagine Tony fuming.

“Yes,” he says, clearly through gritted teeth. “It’ll be a family dinner. Me, Natasha, and you kids.”

“He’s doing it again!” Peter whisper shouts to you.

You cross your arms. “What kind of family dinner is it without the whole team? And it’s kind of weird, because it implies a brother-sister bond between me and Peter.” Peter does not look enthused at this idea.

“Okay, you know what? If it matters so much to you, punk, then it’s not a family dinner. It’s just a dinner.” Tony can’t stand you sometimes, but you’re okay with that. You know that he does care, deep down. Very, very deep down.

“Why are we getting dinner -” You start to question, but Peter cuts you off.

“Sweet, where are we going?” Peter asks, sitting back down on the couch.

“Y/N, it wouldn’t kill you to be more like him sometimes,” Tony mumbles, but then there’s an audible slapping sound. “Fine. Fine! Y/N’s fantastic just the way she is.” The sarcasm drips from his tone.

“Thanks, Stark.” You can’t help but grin, taking a seat beside Peter.

“Yeah…don’t call me that.”

“Okay, Stark.”

He sighs. “Anyway. We’re going to get buffalo wings.” You instantly open your mouth, but he gets there before you do. “Yes, Y/N, I’m getting there. Natasha wanted to try this place that serves fake meat. Their wings are supposed to be good.”

“Hm. Okay. Can you open the doors now? I’m late, and I know Clint won’t care, but I have a schedule,” you stand up again.

The doors slide open. “See you for dinner, Y/N,” Peter waves as you start leaving.

“Yeah, you too.”

Hours later, everyone is dressed and ready. Neither Natasha nor Tony was able to get you to wear anything other than a sweater and jeans. But it turns out to be okay, because Peter comes out in a similar outfit. Jeans and his school sweatshirt, simple.

“They’re both dressed like they’re going to a family dinner,” Natasha leans over, lowly talking to Tony.

“Uh…that’s kind of what I told them to get ready for.”

“Great going, Stark.”

By the time you get to the restaurant, you and Peter are hungry. Before either of you can even take your seats, Tony and Natasha fill up one side of the booth. You give Peter a polite smile and step aside to let him in first. He grins back and slides in. You take your seat next to him.

You don’t know how to feel about eating fake meat. The last time you did, you got food poisoning and couldn’t train for almost a week. You’d rather not have that happen again, but this place seems okay to you so far. The only reason you’re really here is because it’s clear that Nat wanted you to come. But there’s something strange about it all, especially with Tony and Nat. Taking you and Peter out, getting dinner…it all feels a little off to you. As though you’re missing something. You can’t shake it off.

After what feels like an eternity, the wings finally arrive. You quickly grab a plate and load it up with food. When you look at Peter, you see him doing the same thing and can’t help but grin a little. He laughs in response, pushing up his sleeves to start eating. You stare for a few seconds. Have his forearms always been so…muscled? When he glances at you, you quickly look away.

You think you might be blushing. Come on, Y/N, have a little control, you chastise yourself in your head. You pick up a wing and take a bite, not knowing what to expect. Oh god, this is the best thing you’ve ever had in awhile. You suddenly understand where Peter is coming from when he says Nat’s shakes taste terrible. It’s a beautiful combination of tender tofu, tangy barbeque sauce, and mouth-burning hot sauce. You thought you hated barbeque sauce!

You eye Tony as he gingerly picks up the single wing on his plate, skeptical. He glances up at you, and you nod enthusiastically to encourage him. Slowly, he leans into the tofu wing, like he’s going to kiss it. It’s a strange sight, really. He eventually takes a bite. As soon as he does, he looks a little dead inside. He slowly closes his eyes, drawing his eyebrows together. “Why, God? Why?”

Upon seeing this, you burst into laughter, your face slowly reddening from laughing so hard. You don’t outwardly express much emotion around anyone but Nat, but Tony’s done it for you. Gasping for air, you try to explain what happened to Peter only to end up giggling again.

Then you see everyone staring at you, and you quickly dial it down. Were you being too much? You purse your lips, taking another bite of your wing as you try to hide your face with your hair.

Peter’s lips are parted as he watches you. Breathily, he says, “Could you do that again?” His hands shake a little as he takes another bite. You turn to look at him, eyes widened slightly.

“Natasha and I are going to go get real dinner. Have fun, kids,” Tony quickly stands, turning to give Natasha a look. She nods slightly, getting up. You look at her, not knowing where to stay or join them.

Nat’s lips curve into a small smile and she winks before turning away with Tony. You stare after her and then turn to look at Peter. Why are you so nervous? Are your hands supposed to be sweating? You can’t focus on anything else, and you don’t know why. On the exterior, you appear normal, except for the fact that you’re shamelessly staring at him. He catches you and his cheeks turn the unnatural red color of the sauce covering the wings.

It’s almost as though the rest of the world doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just you and Peter, in this booth, a few feet away from each other. Everything is muffled in comparison. Were just too busy all the time to notice how much he genuinely adored you? You catch his shy gaze and find yourself leaning in against your own will. Your heart pounds faster than it does when you do your high-intensity cardio.

He tilts his head to the side to meet your lips, but it never happens. As your lips brush his, your phone starts ringing. You open your eyes and look at him. He shakes his head and smiles. “Take it. It’s okay.” You smile apologetically back at him and pick up.

“Cap, I was kind of…in the middle of something. Yeah. Later. Bye.” You finally turn back to Peter, cheeks rosy. Slowly, you reach out to take his hand. He accepts yours gratefully and interlaces his fingers with you, barbeque sauce and all.


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hazyphil → balldahlia

so long n farewell i guess !!!!!! this hasn’t rlly been a long time coming or anything and i still love dnp from the very bottom of my gd heart .. i rlly do :-( but i jus haven’t felt that connected to the community lately so i’m gnna head off but i May make a sideblog for dnp soon, i jus haven’t decided yet

feel free to unfollow me if u wish !! this blog will jus be aes n memes from now on :^) i prob won’t unfollow any dnp blogs bc i enjoy seeing them on my dash n stuff so don’t fret

not to get sappy n shit but ive made some of the closest and most genuine relationships that i have through this community and it has rlly been a big source of happiness for me over the past year and a half !!! as wild and weird and kinda dead now as the phandom is, it’s changed my life dramatically and it’ll always be a part of me

thanks babes it’s been a blast ♡♡♡

pls reblog if u can to spread the word

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nat can u please translate ayato and kou's tweets? *pouts*



-The Mukami guys went to an amusement park, so ore-sama came too!
-I’m damn sleepy
-But I’ve gotta keep watch so they don’t do anything weird!


-Jyaaan! Where am I right now?
-The correct answer is…with Ruki-kun and the others in Princess Land! .+゚.+゚(o(。・д・。)o).+゚.+゚
-And we’re staying at a hotel nearby today!
-But I have just one question…
-When did Ayato-kun slip in with us! Isn’t it shocking?
-Hmmm, why did something like this happen
-Well, as long as we have fun it’s fine ♪

Second Chances, New Beginnings (Part 1)

Title: Second Chances, New Beginnings

Type: Parent AU

Warnings: Light swearing

Summary: Phil is a primary school teacher, Dan is a radio presenter and they’ve adopted a child together. Now they’re split up though and Dan faces the struggles of being a single dad while also having to deal with seeing Phil every time he takes his daughter to school.

Authors: @skinnyjeanshowell & phancywork

Beta: @miememegan

Word Count: 2800+ (this part) I 6300+ (total)

A/N: @skinnyjeanshowell and me have been talking about this fic for ages. But with me being extremely busy it just never got taken from an idea to an actual story. Now that I’m finally getting my shit together, we finally got around to writing it. 

Co-writing with Tori is always a great experience and I hope you all enjoy this little parent!phan story.

(Link to the second part can be found at the end of this post.)

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n e wayz uhhhhhh me joining the bandwagon? likely.

@quinn  —  my MOTHER, my SISTER, my BEST FRIEND, my RIDE OR DIE, i love you to the world and back, i honestly cannot ever ask for anyone else, and i’m so so so grateful and blessed to have you in my life. i can’t believe we’ve known each other for like ??? 2-3 years now ?? and we’ve been best friends for like a year ? icb. i’m so grateful. thank you God and also Jesus. also @mrjs is aight ig, i gotta say it since imma be a bridesmaid at this wedding!

@ensavaged  —  bicth …..  BICTH ….. where would i BE without your MEMES and your CONSTANT RUDENESS to me !! just kidding, i love you so, so so much you don’t even know. you’re such a loving and selfless person who at the same time is so willing to see things practically, and i admire you so much for it. you’re no-nonsense yet caring, and have a wisdom beyond your years. also uhhhhh can u believe nat & adelyn are my #1 best favorite most well developed dynamic on this blog? likely.

@multimind  —  my WIFE. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, TO THE MOON AND BACK. honestly, i can’t even begin to describe my admiration and affection for you ; everytime we speak you always manage to put a smile on my face, and you never fail to inspire me with your sheer TALENT and creativity and writing and i’m ….. McShook. icb we’re actually married, icb i can call u my wife 5 ever. can’t wait 2 take u to a str*p cl*b mami!

@wiccks  —  d*ddy ? only cos u told me to call u that, i’m publicly ki.nkshaming u rn u italian MESS ! n e wayz, i’m upset we didn’t start talking SOONER because wtf ?? you are most definitely, without a doubt, the sweetest, most caring, most gentle, /hilarious/ soul i’ve ever had the privilege to talk to. you always manage to surprise me with your optimism and love for the world, and you be uhhh packin that TALENT and CREATIVITY? honestly talking to you has quickly become the Highlight of all my days, and i’m so grateful to have u in my life.

@tsarsmerti  —  honest to goodness, cal, how the FUCK have we known / followed each other THIS LONG and have only just recently started talking and full on writing like ?? this has to be some kind of Crime. you literally got me into hoc because of your claire, and you got me to finish deathless because of viy, and deadass ……. you are one of my favorite writing partners of all time. the ease in which we develop plots and writing, the fact that we’ve crafted a whole WORLD for Tsar And Tsaritsa Nastie over here and are STILL crafting it, and your eagerness to talk both ic and ooc is just … i love you so much. i’m so grateful to have you, and just know that you are Valued, Loved, Enough, and one of my Favorite people on this planet. <333

@vredolent  —  CACTUS MOM. listen , i just need to say that your dedication to alexei (AND your other muses who am i kidding), your writing that always blows me away (it’s literally …. so beautiful it always opens up a whole new world for me, i always find myself reading everything you write because you have SUCH a way of weaving words together that i  could only Dream of getting on that level), and your air of earnest kindness and honesty easily makes you one of my favorite people on here. not to mention you are ??? beautiful ?? inside and out, and i’m so glad to have you as a writing partner ….. fu ck

and a bunch of other people i love love love dearly who i value so much & / or are staples on my dash:   @nexusbeing / @manwithout / @archrs@gothamcartel / @astralord / @sleuthis / @volchista / @koschie / @vasilyevna / @mouthrun / @viewtokill / @6thcourier / @dokkstjarna / @hacion / @qvake / @highnis / @bowstruck / @citysavior (jsyk u r officially the first person on my following list. literally, we’ve been following each other for like . 4-5 years) / @tahitiwoke / @deauvergne / @gutrage / @avengingson / @burnsthrough / @manofiron / @burgledthem / @tordenvaer / @hrimhvat / @bcstgirl / @purrsuasion / @blackpanthcr / @brainspew

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in a nutshell can u explain Bucky & Nat's backstory (like when he was still under Hydra) with each other in the comics bc i've only watched the movies and the wikis are kinda vague

There is an excellent and clear explanation of the BuckyNat backstory provided in @fuckyeahbuckynatasha‘s FAQ. She gives a great and quick summation of their relationship with links for further detail, so I highly recommend you check it out. 

But since you asked (v short summary, but with lots of pictures under the cut):

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hey uhm, since u get to see nat & elise, can u make sure they know that what theyre doing means the world to some people? i’m 17 and im from louisiana in the states and my parents just disowned me for being gay so now im tryna find a place to live. i dont have much but im trying and hopefully ill be able to afford an education. things are rough right now. i just wanted to let u know so u can tell em that theyre really helpin us little guys out here. yall are amazing, thank u for just bein there

Oh no, I hope you’re safe and that you’re able to go to school!  I’m sure Natasha and Elise are aware of the impact they made in our community and in people’s lives, especially for young queer girls.  I have no words to say that will make your situation better but I can tell you that you are strong and should be proud of how far you’ve come.