nat and mary told me to do it so i did :


• On the night of September 1, 2009 (night of Ali’s ”death”), Melissa enters furiously in Alison’s room and screams “Where is she?” But we have not found out who she was looking for, and she never revealed it. We see that scene in # 2x21.

• In # 3x04, Melissa reveals that MonA threatened her by telling her that if she didn’t go to masquerade ball to distract Jenna with some excuses, she would tell everyone that she pretend to be pregnant, so Melissa went to the masquerade ball under blackmail. When Melissa comes to the ball, however, she comes quietly and glances at Jenna, who looks at her. Jenna was pretending to be blind at that time, but Melissa glances at her.

• In # 4x04, Melissa reveals to Spencer that she climbed to the Halloween train because Wilden threatened her, and she didn’t’ know that he wanted to hurt Spencer and Aria, and she did not agree. But, in # 4x01, Mona show up with a video of Wilden and Melissa on the train, and Wilden begs Melissa to let Aria go, as if Melissa was in charge that night.

• In # 4x01 we understand that Wilden killed Garrett as he was about to reveal to Spencer ALL of his corrupt actions. The Marion’s murder to protect Charles, and the aggression against Ali to protect Charlotte, all under Jessica DiLaurentis’s money. Wilden says to Melissa “The plan has changed! Garrett is about to tell them everything! We can not let this happen!”, This means that Melissa also knew ALL about Wilden, and the existence of Charles = Charlotte.

• In # 3x16 we see a flashback of the night when Ali disappeared, and Melissa coming out of DiLaurentis home (while Ian, Garrett and Jenna were looking for NAT Club videos inside the house), and she told to the phone: “I have to call 911 To have your attention?” And the 911 was also the police, who was looking for Bethany and CHARLOTTE that night because they’re both escape from Radley.

• In # 3x19 we see a flashback of the night when Ali disappeared, and we see Jason saw Melissa and a blonde girl talking in DiLaurentis’s blackyard. Jason confuse the blonde for Ali, but when she look at him, we see Charlotte. From Charlotte’s # 6x10 stories, we know that she did not meet Melissa that night, and no one knew she was in Rosewood. But, when Emily in # 3x20 tells her “Jason says she saw you in is blackyard that night.” she does NOT mention Melissa, and despise this, Charlotte tells she met Melissa that night, but they talked about NAT Club movies.

• Charlotte in # 3x20 reveals that the photo of her, Wilden and Alison in Cape May was taking by Melissa Hastings. This means that Melissa and Charlotte knew each other (since Charlotte had already confirmed the meeting on September 1, 2009).

• In #3x23, Wren reveals that Cece was expelled from the university because of Alison’s lies, and decided to go find Mona at Radley for help her to recover from the bullying caused by Alison. It was all a lie. However, Wren reveals that was Melissa to tell Charlotte about Mona’s check in Radley.

• In # 3x24, Charlotte plans the meeting to the Lodge of Thornhill, to see if Ali could get out of, because she suspected that she was still alive. In # 4x04, Melissa too reveals that she had the suspect that Ali was stills alive, and sent Jenna and Shana to control the situation at Thornhill When Spencer asks Melissa “Why do you think Ali can be still alive?” Melissa doesn’t say a word. Also, Melissa tell to Jenna and Shana “Those bitches will be at the lodge at 9!”. This means that Melissa knew Charlotte’s plan, designed with Mona.

• In # 4x01 we find that Jenna and Shana were both afraid of Melissa Hastings and because of that they decided to work for her. In # 4x09, Shana reveals that Jenna was also afraid of another person: Cece Drake.

• In # 4x24, Charlotte reveals to the police station to know who killed Bethany.Melissa however confessed that she had killed Bethany ONLY in # 5x11 when she decided to making a video confession for Spencer. Also, when Melissa buried Bethany alive, Charlotte had already been brought back to Radley by detective Wilden. Charlotte knew that Melissa had killed Bethany, probably because Melissa tell her all.

• In # 4x24, Melissa comes home, to the Hastings, saying she has just come back from London right in that moment and in the police station shew says that she’s back because Toby came to her door telling her that Spencer needed her family. In # 5x02, Toby reveals that he never found Melissa, but Wren, who revealed that Melissa had already been away for several days. Also she pretend to be back from London in # 4x24, and it was the night when Jessica DiLaurentis was killed.

• In # 5x01 we find that there was an army created to destroy Alison. We see Melissa Hastings at the meeting and seems to be in charge of this ‘army’ because she says: “We do not have much time.”

• In # 5x08, Spencer and Emily find the Melissa’s hat for riding horse in the same horse riding where Jessica brought Bethany Young in the past. At the end of the episode, we see Charlotte break into Spencer’s room, and caresses Melissa’s hat.

• In # 5x10, Spencer finds out that 'A’, Charlotte, had stolen the recorder where Ali told the story of his fake  kidnapping in case the police asked questions. Spencer had hidden him in a safe place in his house, who did not want to reveal evewn to the liars. But Charlotte knew the hiding place. And at that time, Melissa lived at Hastings’s house. Also, in the same episode, Charlotte calls Spencer and takes her off to listen Ali’s recording of the fake kidnapping to make it known that she has stolen the recording. It was Melissa to switch ON the phone at Spencer to answer.

• In # 5x10, Spencer and Aria discover in a Hastings’backyard a  security footage where Melissa meets a man VERY much a like to Cyrus Petrillo, the fake Ali kidnapping, and tells him, “Do it, trust me, do it!” All a few nights before the Mona’s fake murder. And on that occasion, Cyrus allied with the 'A’ team to wrap Ali and take her out of town so she does not have an alibi for the moment when Mona would have been “killed.” And we find this in # 5x20.

• In # 5x21, Spencer arrives in London as she  has a university interview, but does not find his sister in the house, but only her roommate who tells her that she and Wren were invited in the countryside, but Melissa did not warn Spencer. Then, Spencer finds Mona’s blood in a test tube, in her bag, and the university interview is ruined, and after that, she gets a message from Charlotte: “Calm down, but beware of what you do. There’s still so much blood. ”… Charlotte was in Rosewood, so there was someone in London to chasing e spying on  Spencer.

• After Charlotte’s capture in the next five years, we see A Melissa and Hanna’s flashback in London, in #6x17, and Melissa reveals to Hanna that Charlotte will reveal to Wren that she killed Bethany Young. This confirms that Charlotte knew that thanks to Melissa because she already knew in # 4x24, Melissa recorded the confession in # 5x11, and that night Charlotte had already been brought back to Radley at the time of the fateful act.

• Melissa pretend to returns from London, in the episodes of 5 years later, TWO EPISODES AFTER Charlotte’s death, precisely in # 6x13 to help her mother with Senate elections. But Melissa returned to Rosewood a few weeks BEFORE Charlotte’s death, and remained in the shadows. Claeb find out that in #6x17. And don’t forget, in #7x01 , we find out that ALSO Mary Drake returned to Rosewood a few weeks BEFORE Charlotte’s death, and she stills in the shadows too, like Melissa.

• In # 6x13, Melissa breaks into the Hastings’burn and whe sees Caleb in there, she stops in a blink and says, “Oh, I forgot you were here” and she goes looking for clothes and exclaims: “I thought I had more clothes here. At the end of that episode, A.D. throw away the old black 'A'’s sweatshirts and search online "NEW UNIFORMS.”



Summary: You and your boyfriend break up and you use Bucky to release your pent up frustrations. 

Warnings: Smut (including masturbation and penetration)

Word Count: Almost 3000

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged in any Bucky smuts in the future

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Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 1

Originally posted by philipshea

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1300+

Intro |

What I’ve realised when living in America is to not eat a hot dog from a cart, not until you are used to the food, otherwise, you get food poisoning and you miss the start of the year high school party. Now I’m not usually a party person, far from that in fact, I’d rather stay at home binge watching 13 Reasons Why or Dear White People, however, I knew that this party would’ve been different. You see, at this party, I’d be classified as a ‘new girl’, because surprise surprise, I’m new. I needed to get a reputation, one that screamed ‘STAY THE FUCK AWAY’. Now as I said before, I would’ve gone to said party if I wasn’t currently throwing up a bad hot dog, whilst Natasha was holding my hair back.

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anonymous asked:

Steve leaves tony and Tony learns he's pregnant

Seeee, now I had this wonderful angsty idea swimming in my head for a while about pregnant Tony being left behind for reasons I haven’t decided yet and now I have the perfect opportunity to show this part that I’ve really wanted to show peeps. So here’s some past-stony with endgame ironpanther and some small blink-and-you-miss ironhusbands, if you want to see that. 

a/b/o au where it’s frowned upon for a child not to have at least one alpha parent claim them as their own. Doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have an alpha be their parent by blood, just that an alpha (family friend, uncle, cousin, brother/sister-in law, anyone close really) takes them under their wing. All nothing but titles. 

There were many painful things Tony had gone through in his life, physically and emotionally that would’ve left many throw in the towel and give up on everything, but none of those painful experiences had been as rewarding as the moment he first held his baby son and daughter. Labor be damned.

The lungs on the pair were strong and their cries powerful. Too young for their orientation to be known yet but Tony knew for sure they would grow up to be well respected and stand tall with nothing to hold them back. 

At least they would until their unfortunate circumstance Tony had placed them under was revealed and their status would greatly plummet. Not even an alpha would be able to recover from the taint of being unclaimed, to be raised without the influence of an alpha prime. Even with the progress done in modern society the belief that a child raised without an alpha prime in their name would grow up to be a nuisance with no possible future or benefit. That was all bullshit and the mentality of old traditionalist, but the opinions of many did cause a stir and lowered their chances to even have equal footing to the rest fortunate enough to have an alpha prime take them under their wing. 

Tony had doomed his own children even before they were born. 

As he held them with such happiness and pride, the wrongs of the world unable to touch them at the moment, he couldn’t ignore the shadow that loomed over them. The soft eyes of pity from the nurses and the doctor as they watched the single omega hold his children alone without an alpha prime present to claim them was a reminder that his most precious and joyous moment wouldn’t last long. The reality of society would soon bring it’s ugly head in and not even the children of Tony Stark could escape it’s harshness. 

“I’m sorry, little ones. I can’t do more.” 

His beautiful children didn’t respond, naturally. They were oblivious of the disgraceful life they were brought into and had no idea what was waiting for them. For now all Tony could do was hold them and pray his love was enough for now. And the resentment wouldn’t nearly kill him. 

“Mister Stark?” the doctor came forth, looking uncomfortable with a birth certificate in hand. “Is there anyone to claim them?” 

Shame prevented Tony from looking at the doctor straight in her eyes. “No. No one. Just me.” 

Thankfully she didn’t say anything. There was no need to. Everyone was well aware of what the future would bring for the newborns and there was nothing to be done about it. 

(break, for mobile users) 

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While you were sleeping - thepurplewombat - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Six months after the last time they stood together in 221B, John brings Sherlock home. It’s not at all as he had imagined it. He had thought that he’d help Sherlock up the stairs, Sherlock bitching all the way. He thought Sherlock would lie on the couch and whinge for John to bring him tea and his phone and his laptop, and he would have to stop Sherlock from trying to do too much too soon, and he thought that maybe, finally, someday, they’d have the opportunity to say all the things they’ve never had the guts to say before.

Basically, he thought Sherlock would wake up.

But Sherlock hasn’t woken up, and every day he doesn’t wake up the odds of him ever doing so go down. Sherlock would have been able to tell John by exactly how much those odds fall every day, but Sherlock’s not here so John will just…carry on.

221B looks a bit different now. Mycroft’s people have been through, converting Sherlock’s bedroom into something suitable for the long-term care of coma patients. The bed is new; high enough that John won’t kill his back doing all the million and one things Sherlock will need done, and adjustable. With the alterations comes Miss Natasha, a stunning redhead with the faintest trace of a Russian accent, who will be acting as Sherlock’s carer when – if - John eventually goes back to the clinic. She moves into 221C and immediately charms Mrs Hudson, tells her to call her Nat, and chatters to her in Russian when they think John can’t hear them. Mycroft said she was ‘on loan’ but didn’t say where from, and John doesn’t ask. She moves like Mary did when she thought he wasn’t looking, so he thinks assassin, but she came from Mycroft, so…bodyguard?

Nat teaches John how to do Sherlock’s exercises. He has to be turned every few hours, and his muscles and joints have to be worked. Nat won’t let John do the more personal tasks for Sherlock, and when he argues she asks him if he really thinks Sherlock would want him to see him like this? John gives up, and lets her deal with the intimate details.

Mycroft comes by once a week and John leaves the two of them alone. John doesn’t know what Mycroft talks about to Sherlock, and doesn’t ask, but once as he leaves John can swear he sees the remains of tears on Mycroft’s face. Mummy and Father visit less often, Molly almost every day. Lestrade mainly comes around to bitch at Sherlock to wake up, because the Met’s solve rate is going down the cacky without him. Some nights John comes down and Mrs Hudson is asleep in the chair by Sherlock’s bed, her knitting limp in her hands.

John shaves Sherlock’s face every morning and his head once a week. He doesn’t like the way Sherlock looks naked without his curls, but John can’t keep the curls as clean as Sherlock did, and Sherlock absolutely despised having his hair dirty. He sets a reminder on his phone to have someone come by to do Sherlock’s nails, and phones Sherlock’s favourite place himself. The owner comes herself – owed him a favour, naturally. She doesn’t mention money and neither does John, and she cries as she files and clips and scours and massages and anoints Sherlock’s hands and feet. She leaves behind a bottle of hand lotion that smells like Sherlock, and John uses it when he massages Sherlock’s limbs to keep the blood flowing. She comes back two weeks later without John having phoned, and just like that it’s a routine.

John spends his days by Sherlock’s bedside, reading to him from technical manuals and women’s mags and – occasionally, and maybe in the hope that it will make him wake up if only to tell John to shut up – novels. He reads Austen to Sherlock with a sense of malicious glee, and secretly thinks that Darcy reminds him a bit of someone he knows. He tells Sherlock that, just to be annoying.


Three months later, Mycroft shows up at the door with a baby. John’s baby.

“My people tracked Mary down in Mexico,” he says as John stares in awe at the tiny person in his arms. “She’s yours. Had you thought about baby names?”

John blinks at him for a long time before the question really sinks in.

“Is Sherlock really a girl’s name?” he blurts, and Mycroft snorts in laughter. John’s never really seen Mycroft laugh like that before, and it piles another layer of surreality on top of…well, everything. The neatness of the flat, the faint beeping of the heart monitor from the open door to Sherlock’s room. Mycroft, undone enough to laugh.

“No, but Sherlock did once say that if he were a girl, he would want to be called Violet.”

And that’s how Violet Wilhelmina Watson gets her name.

Mycroft’s people arrive with nappies and bottles and clothes and a cot and all the million and one other things that John never thought to need, after Mary disappeared between Baker Street and Bart’s six months ago. Violet is six months old when she comes to Baker Street, with her mother’s big eyes and the Watson nose. Poor tyke.

John sits in his armchair next to Sherlock’s bed to feed her her first bottle, and tells Sherlock what she looks like.

“She’s so beautiful, Sherlock, you can’t even imagine how beautiful she is,” and John’s heart is so full that it spills over from his eyes, tears dripping on Violet’s sleeping face.

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My Bucky !

Bucky Barnes x reader

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

I had the shock of my life that morning.

A girl stood in our kitchen wearing one of Bucky’s shirts.

The shirt I had giving him on his birthday last year. I stood, staring at the girl, the grip on my coffee mug tightening.

“Goodmorning, (Y/N)” Steve said, as he stopped to give a quick peck on my temple before opening the fridge. I just stood, emotionless. And here I was,thinking that maybe Bucky felt the same way about me.

Ha. This changed everything.

Steve had spotted the small pout that I had, and came towards me slowly. Then he noticed the girl. AND the shirt.

“Oh” That was all he could say.

“Hi?” The girl looked at us in confusion, as we stared at her. “Im Marie.We met at the party last night ?” She offered.

Right. Thats where I saw her.Bucky brought her back into the tower ?!

“Are you ok, (Y/N)?” she asked, looking a bit frightened.

All of us looked back hearing a pair a footsteps. Bucky walked into the room with a smile on his face. Only to be met with three non-smiling faces.

“Everything ok ?” He asked, looking at me. I glowered at him, and he took a step back. Steve was trying to catch Bucky’s attention without me noticing. But obviously, I noticed.

Bucky turned to look at Marie, and his eyes widened. His eyes snapped back to me, and he shook his head violently.

“No no no !” He said, holding his hands up. “(Y/N), the shirt-”

Marie caught on all of a sudden.

“Bucky kinda ripped my dress, so I had to borrow one of his shirts ! ” She said, and then both she and Bucky looked me wide eyed.

“Thats just great !” I said, dropping my coffee filled cup into the sink, and storming off to my room, locking it.

Bucky was at my door, banging on it  for a long time. I was on my bed, sobbing. Bucky and I werent dating. But we were bestfriends, always fooling around, and flirting, that people always mistake us for a couple. And it had started to grow on me.

I was in love with Bucky Barnes.

But seeing the girl in that shirt, it just broke my heart. It hurt so much. I missed Bucky suddenly. I made my way to wardrobe, and took out one of Bucky’s pullovers (which I had stolen from him). Removing the shirt I had on, I pulled this on with my shorts and was relieve to find that it still smelled like him.

It has been quiet for a while, and I wondered if Bucky had joined that girl. I tip toed to the door, and opened it slowly, only to find Bucky sitting by my door, leaning against the wall. He looked up, and gave me his tearful puppy eyes. I returned his look, and slowly stood up.

“Can I come in ?” He asked in a small voice.

I nodded, stepping aside to let him in. He sat on my bed, and patted the spot next to him. I closed the door behind me, and joined him.

“(Y/N), please let me explain” Bucky said, pleadingly.

“But why Bucky ? You have no reason to do so ! Its not like we’re dating or anything” I said, my voice cracking towards the end.

I blinked raipdly to prevent the tears for falling.

“Oh God” Bucky groaned. “No baby ! Just let me talk alright ? Please ?” I looked at him, and his gorgeous eyes gave me such a look, I could have died.

I nodded.

“I was talking to this girl, Sam introduced her to me. I was about to come up to bed right after you left. She kinda spilled her wine on my shirt, and you know how expensive it was ! I came up to clean it, and she followed me to help” Bucky said, all in one breath.

I raised my eyebrows, waiting for the next part. Or better say, dreading it.

“I was washing my shirt, and she said she’ll grab a shirt for me, and then she closed the drawer too hard, her dress was stuck in it. I tried to open it, but it just wont open ! And I tried to pull her dress out, but the bloody thing ripped, and it ripped bad !”

I tried hard to control my urge to laugh. Not at the story, but his face. He was truly terrified.

“I told her she could borrow one of my shirts, ‘coz it was already late and everyone had gone to bed, and I stepped in to wash my shirt, and when I came back, she was gone. She slept in the spare room. I swear nothing else happened, and I didnt know it was THAT shirt !”

Bucky took in deep breaths once he stopped talking, and I couldnt help but laugh.

“Aww, Buck” I said, putting my arms around his neck, and pulling him into a hug. His arms wound around my waist, and i felt his breath on my neck.

“Dont ever scare me like that” I whispered, holding him tighter.

“Im sorry” he said, lips brushing my ear.

He slowly pulled me onto his lap, making me straddle him.

“You’re the one I want” Bucky said, with a smile. “And you look way better in my clothes ”

We laughed.

“When did you steal this ?” He asked, rubbing my back.

“None of your business” I said, nuzzling his jaw.

“Is that so ?” “Yes it is”

He smiled again, and I kissed his cheek gently, my lips staying there for a while. “I love you, (Y/N)” He said, his blue eyes locked with my brown ones.

I grinned widely, blushing.

“I love you too”

“Of course you do” Bucky said, pressing his lips on mine.

We had to pull back, since neither of us could stop laughing. I kissed him again, this time more seriously, and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. The kiss deepened, Bucky flipping me over, and his weight shifted on to me slightly. I adjusted my legs, placing one over his, and his hand immediately went to stroke my thigh, and grabbing it, pulling me closer.

“Hey, (Y/N), where is Buck-” Steve barged into my room, and almost screamed out.

“Oh, you’re here” He managed to say.

“KNOCK you dimwit !” Bucky yelled, rolling off me, and straightening his clothes. I sat up beside him, blushing madly.

“What happened Stevie ?” I asked.

“Oh, Marie left. I had Nat lend her some clothes” Steve said, and he had this smile.

“And she asked if I wanted to go out for coffee sometime” He said, blushing. “Oh wow !” I said, sighing in relief. Bucky laughed.

“She said she’ll bring the shirt over later” Steve said, smirking.

“Oh, you can ask her to keep it” I said shaking my head. “I wont have it here anymore”

“But its my favorite !” Bucky whined.

“I’ll get you a new one !” I said, and Bucky calmed down.

“Ok, you guys carry on” Steve said, waving his hand, and turned to leave.

Just as Steve left, Bucky got up, to lock the door. He turned with a smirk and said, “Where were we ?”

Trying to make sense of this mess!

Ok! Before we start this is my FIRST OFFICIAL THEORY. So be kind lol.

Most of this is based on facts but a fair amount is just theories I have too :)
The timeline is a little confusing but it’s explained further down.

Based on facts & theories combined.

• Wren/Charles is born 1987 to Scott Montgomery & Wife.
• Veronica gives birth to Melissa 1987
• Scott Montgomery is admitted to Radley briefly
• Jessica + Ken take Wren in ~ remember Wren is Charles
• Mary + Scott had an affair in Radley
• Jessica + Peter had an affair
• Mary gave birth to CeCe May 1988
• CeCe went to live with her father
• Jess gave birth to Jason July 1988
• Wren’s parents have another baby, Bethany, 1992
• Mary + Peter had an affair
• Mary gave birth to Spencer April 1994
• Peter + Veronica took Spencer in
• Jessica gave birth to Alison June 1994


Jessica’s Maternal Children are:
Jason & Alison, whom are half siblings.

Peter’s Paternal Children are:
Melissa, Jason and Spencer, whom are all half siblings.

Mary’s Maternal Children are:
CeCe & Spencer, whom are half siblings.

CeCe, Wren/Charles & Bethany share the same father who Mary met in Radley. Wren & Bethany are full siblings and CeCe is their half sister.
CeCe was never in Radley as a patient, it was Wren & Bethany.

Bethany hated CeCe for this.
CeCe was oblivious to this.

Because Jessica is on the board at Radley, they took Wren in as their own when he was a baby.
Bethany hated Jessica for this.

CeCe lived on campus at UPenn, and perhaps as a child she lived with Wren & Bethany’s father, Scott, and his wife.

CeCe thought Jessica was her mother, therefore Jessica probably visited her throughout her childhood which enabled Jessica to get cosy with CeCe/Wren/Bethany’s father, later resulting in an affair.

Wren. Is. Charles.

He was the one Kenneth hated for putting his daughters life at risk - even if he meant well. He was sent to Radley immediately.

After Bethany pushed Marion off the roof and Wren got the blame, he was shipped off to England for a better life by Jessica, telling Kenneth that he had died.

He was adopted by the Dunhills.

It all started with THAT NIGHT -

Bethany found out “Aunt Jessie” was sleeping with her father (Mary was born first, Jessica was born jealous), so she came after Jessica.

CeCe tried stopping her but accidentally hurt Alison.
Alison, in her bitchy prime, was going to get hit one way or another that night because Mona was after her.
Mona mistakes Alison for Bethany and hits her over the head.

But what if high Spencer thought she was responsible for hurting “Alison”, so she buried her & Mona seen it all?

NOW; stay with me!
This next part has been taken from my other theory, which you can read here in full

What if Mona blackmailed Melissa for “burying Bethany” all those years ago for knowing too much about Mona’s game?
Melissa found the evidence of this on Ian’s computer from his weird NAT filming. If Ali could access Ian’s computer that easily then I’m sure as shit Melissa could too!


• Melissa thought Bethany’s body was Alison’s but Mona knew that it wasn’t.
• Mona hated Alison.
• Mona accidentally hit Bethany, thinking it was Alison.
• Both Melissa AND Spencer (who has forgotten) thought Spencer buried “Alison”.
• Melissa wanted those NAT videos more than anyone.


Melissa wanted the videos the NAT club had taken because with the footage, she could PROVE Mona was A from the very first episode.
This is why Melissa was at the DiLaurentis house that night, and that’s what she was talking to CeCe about.. The footage.
I still believe she told her about Mona’s game then too.

Mona then told Melissa if she told one more person about her little game, she will expose that SPENCER really did kill Bethany Young.
(Alison still to the audience & Melissa).

Melissa really has always been trying to protect Spencer…

ANYWAY! Moving on..

All the way back in England, Charles is notified that his full sister, Bethany has gone missing from Radley, so he decides to change his name to Wren Kingston and do some undercover sleuthing back in Rosewood.
Wren gets with Melissa because he knew she was friends with his half sister, CeCe, to get some answers. Finding out Melissa was hiding something, he starts blackmailing her into getting info out of the liars & basically that’s how Charles & CeCe’s games started.

I believe they’ve all had a part in it from the very beginning and have just revealed themselves one at a time….

(Excluding random helpers along the way)

Original A: Mona Vanderwaal
Motive: Alison was awful to “Loser Mona”, Mona started this much before Ali’s disappearance, anonymously taunting her. Until she was caught by Melissa Hastings from the footage on Ian’s computer.

Big A: CeCe Drake
Motive: She hated Alison for having a perfect life with the perfect family & her half sister Bethany went missing, ending up dead. That Night, Melissa told CeCe everything she knew about Mona’s game. CeCe told her half big brother Charles everything.
Uber A: Wren Kingston/Charles Drake
Motive: His only full sibling was killed unfairly, he later finds out his fiancés sister did it, while his fiancé covered for her, his other sister, CeCe was killed, and then so was his adoptive brother, Archer.

Red Coat: CeCe Drake, occasionally Sara Harvey

Black Widow: Melissa Hastings
Motive: Saving her own ass, basically.

Minions: Mona Vanderwaal, Jenna Marshall, Noel Kahn.

Melissa’s “Confession Tape”.
If this theory is correct then it’s safe to assume ~again~ that Melissa was blackmailed into doing this.
Thought 1: CeCe and Wren found out that Bethany was their sister, and they were coming for Spencer.
The only thing that would stop them was if Melissa confessed to the murder of Bethany Young and gave them a copy of it.
Which brings us right back to how Melissa got herself into this mess at the beginning of 6B.


• Wren authorised CeCe’s Radley passes to get more information out of Mona, who was more than happy to give her information.
• Wren never had real feelings for Melissa, she was his gateway to finding out what happened to his family. This is why he didn’t care about kissing Spencer.
• Mona has always been involved, but let Wren and CeCe take over from season 3.
• CeCe met Archer Dunhill many years prior when she visited her brother in England, that’s how their relationship started.
• Mona wanted the games to end, she spoke to Wren in confidence about this and he assured her they were over. She stopped trusting him fully from this day on.
• Bethany’s drawings were about Jessica and CeCe, at that point she was unaware that CeCe was her half sister.
• Over the 5 year jump, CeCe found Melissa’s confession tape and IMMEDIATELY told Wren, and he ended it with her, thinking the tape was a real confession.
• Wren started blackmailing Melissa again with Bethany’s murder when CeCe was murdered to find out who did it.
Wren was the man in the Doll House. If my theory is correct, he spent a good chunk of his childhood living next door to Spencer, who felt his presence to be familiar.
• Wren is blackmailing Noel, making him frantically try to find out who Mary’s other child is, he needs to stay one step ahead of the liars.

• There will be no incest relationship between Aria and Jason.
• There will be no incest relationship between Spencer and Wren.

I will keep adding more to this when I come across different things, I’m already certain I’ve missed things I’ve thought about too!
Happy reading x

Ms. Powers Part 7

Ms. Powers Part 1

Ms. Powers Part 2

Ms. Powers Part 3

Ms. Powers Part 4

Ms. Powers Part 5

Ms. Powers Part 6

“Ok newbies, today we’ll be working on the art of camouflage,” you said pacing the front line of your recruits. “I understand that while I was gone you all did well with Agent Major Newport and for that I say ‘thank you.’ Now, for your lesson today. I have several scenarios set up for you over the next couple of days. Today we will be starting with basic camo; the camo people think of when they think of agents and soldiers.” You took the blanket off the table that covered the supplies that your recruits had to work with. “You will have these supplies at your disposal: paint, clothing, tarps, and the rest of this stuff on the table. When I say go you will each have 45 minutes to camouflage yourself and find a place to hide in the forest. You have an extra 5 minutes to hide within the 5 mile perimeter; after that I’m sending in one of the men I worked closely with, Agent Wilson, to track you down. Once you’ve been found you will report back here, return your stuff, and can go,” the recruits looked eagerly at you ready for their challenge. “Your time begins now,” they acted like scavengers and ran to the table.

You had sent Wilson into the forest only 10 minutes ago and already he had sent back 3 recruits. “Better luck next time,” you told them as they walked back in defeat. “Camo training,” Natasha took the seat next to you.

“Yup. The good ol’ times, right? What are you up to?”

“Just got done doing some training with Barton, saw you sitting over here and thought it’d be fun to annoy you.”

“Ahhh. How kind,” you smiled at her. You stopped as another recruit walked up and checked in with you.

“So-,” she began. “There it is,” you laughed; you knew there was something on her mind. “So, as I was saying, how was your night out with Cap the other day?”

Your eyes narrowed at her, “It was fine.”


“Yes,” you exclaimed, “fine! It was nice having someone to talk to.”

“You have me to talk to and Clint and Mary.”

“I haven’t seen Mary since before Mission Storm. I need to go visit her this weekend. And yeah I have you guys but, I don’t know, Steve is different. It’s easy to talk to him and he get’s more of what I’m going through then what you might be able to really understand. I mean, I can’t exactly talk to you about how life in the 30’s was like.”

“Fair point. Are you going to ask him out on another date or what?”

“Wow, wow, wow. Hold your horses. The other night was not a date. It was two coworkers and friends going out for food and drinks after one of them woke up from a super-coma.”

“Super-coma, I like that, why haven’t we called it that before,” she said as she made a mental note to tell Clint about it. “But forreal, Y/N. You two have something, we all see it, you can’t deny it. Just think about it, the first night you talked to him you slept for 6 hours ; something you hadn’t been able to in nearly a decade. Now you get a full night’s sleep every night…,” she trailed off and you could tell what she was implying.

“Nat, he doesn’t like me like that, ok. We went and got food and some beers and that’s it, it wasn’t a date.” You went to continue but she cut you off.

“You’re telling me that if Steve asked you out on a date, you’d say no?” You stared at her unsure of how to answer this question. That delay was all she needed. She stood up quickly and turned to you as she walked away, “That’s what I thought.” You shook your head at her and turned your attention back to the newest recruits who walked towards you.


“There you are Cap,” Steve turned as he heard Natasha’s voice enter the common room of the building he was sitting in. “What are you up to?”

“Catching up on some reading,” he flashed her the cover page of the novel in his hand. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing much,” she plopped down in the chair across from him. “What are you doing later tonight?”

“Nothing,” he said shaking his head gently, “why?”

“Oh,” she started as she picked at her nails, “no real reason. I just know that Y/N was trying to make plans but I’m busy doing some easy mission tonight so I had to let her down,” she lied quickly. “Hey,” she exclaimed faking her epiphany, “what if you ask Y/N to do something!?” He smiled slightly and she knew he was hooked.

“I don’t know Natasha…”

“Steve, cut the crap,” he sat up straight and looked at her. “We all know you like her even if you don’t know it yourself. Ask her to do something, I know she’d say yes.” After much convincing Steve finally agreed. “She’s in the east workout room,” Nat smiled and got up.

“What did she talk me into,” he thought to himself. He marked the page in his book and got up to walk to the weight room on the east side of the base.

The east workout room was where he had first met you, on the far end of the base where no one really went. When he walked in the first thing he heard was the music; the loud beat of, what people nowadays called, hip hop was blaring through the gym. He turned the main halls corner and saw you sitting on the bench bench-pressing. He had to do a double take at first; the amount you were lifting making him look again. He took a step towards you and your head popped up quickly. “Hey Steve,” as you spoke the music stopped.

“Hey,” he glanced at the speaker systems. “Did you do that?”

“Yeah,” you shyly said reaching on the ground to grab the towel next to you. “Sorry if it freaked you out.”

“No, no, I’m good. Just another thing I wasn’t expecting from you,” he looked at you and smiled.

“Well I hope you were expecting me to look like a sweaty mess,” you gestured to your wet face and figure.

“You deserve to look sweaty after what I saw you lifting! What were you benching?”

“3,000,” he smiled largely and walked over to check out the weights. “Had to get a special bar made to handle all the weight.” You took the weights off and handed him the bar. As you passed the bar to him you saw his hand fall slightly since he wasn’t expecting the bar to be that heavy. “Wow,” he breathed as he examined it.

“Wanna’ give it a try?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. How much do you want on?”

“I’m not in my work out gear so start me off easy,” he chuckled. You grabbed four 250 lbs weights and set them on the bar.

“Alright,” you said having them secured. “Give that a try.” He effortlessly began lifting the bar up and down. “Walk in the park, huh?” He set it down after a couple reps and smirked, “I might have to get one of those for me.”

“Consider it your Christmas present. What brings you down this way, Cap’in?”

“I wanted to ask if you wanted to hang out tonight, actually. I have a whole list of movies people keep telling me to watch and wanted to know if you wanted to sit in on them with me.”

“I’d like that a lot,” you said drying off your face. “I was going to make some chicken paella for dinner too. Want to come over in, like, 3 hours and we can do dinner and movies?”

“That sounds perfect,” his bright smile took over his face. “I’ll see you then.” He was almost out of the main gym area when you stopped him, “Oh, and Steve.”


“You don’t have to dress nice,” you motioned to his ‘loungewear,’ which for him consisted of a button down and nice khakis.

He s laughed at you, “Duely noted.”


You were listening to music and the sizzling of the chorizo and chicken when you heard a knock on the door as it cracked open. “Evening Y/N,” Steve’s voice called from the front.

“Come on in Steve,” you called. “I hope you’re hungry” you told him as he entered the kitchen. You couldn’t help but notice he had listened to you when you told him not to wear any nice clothing; his grey sweatpants and light blue shirt clung fairly tightly to him.

“I am and I hope you are thirsty,” he said lifting up a bottle. You shook the thought from your head.

“Oh I am,” you walked over and examined the bottle. “A 91 Rosé, delicious. Thank you,” you hugged him quickly. “Let’s open this sucked up!” You grabbed two glasses and poured the nice pink rosé. “Dinner is ready when you are; help yourself first,” you handed him a plate and walked over to the stack of movies he had set on the counter. “The Titanic, all the Matrix movies, The Notebook, interesting, The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, When Harry Met Sally,” the movies continued on and on. “Impressive list here,” you stated.

“I didn’t know what you’d want to watch so I brought over a lot of the one’s I was given.”

“How about we start with The Matrix. You like Syfy,” he just shrugged his shoulders at you. “Right. Well, let’s find out,” you grabbed your plate, drink, and the movies and sat up on the couch. Steve took his seat next to you as you popped in the movie.

“This is delicious,” he said as soon as the giant bite of paella had been swallowed.

“Thanks! I love cooking and it’s one of my favorites. Alright,” you said joining him on the couch, “we are ready to go.”

“Did you like it,” you questioned as The Matrix finished. His eyes were still wide, “It was good. Just a lot for an old man like me to understand at once,” he laughed.

“What do you want to watch next?”

“How about the Harry and Suzie one?”

“Harry and Sally,” you laughed at him. You put in the disc and stopped on your way back. “It’s a little chilly, want a blanket?”

“That’d be great thanks.” You two covered up and had your eyes glued to the screen. As you watched the movie you thought back at what Natasha had said. Did Steve really like you? Would you date him if you could? You ignored those ideas in your mind and went back to watching the screen. By the time that movie finished it was a little after one in the morning. “I’d better get going,” Steve said as you two stretched out after the long time sitting, “it’s late and I know you’re teaching tomorrow. Thank’s for watching those movies with me and for the dinner, it was amazing.”

“No problem at all. We’ll have to finish the rest on your list sometime, yeah?”

“I’d like that,” he smiled as you walked him to the door.

“We’re going over blending in in class again tomorrow. Feel free to come; it might help motivate the newbies.”

“I’ll be there.” You two stood staring and smiling at each other from opposite sides of the door.

“Okay,” you smiled.

“Okay,” and he smiled right back.


“Goodnight.” He walked backwards, still smiling at you. Once he finally turned around you shut the door, just before he turned back to get one last look. You walked to your room and threw yourself on your bed. You couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of Steve. You really were starting to like this guy.

Revelations - Steve Rogers x reader

Author:                supernaturallymarvellous

Characters:         Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count:      3488

Warnings:          None

Summary:           After working with the Avengers for a while, a meeting with Nick Fury leads to secrets being shared.


A gentle buzzing of the communication unit on your wrist woke you up. Glancing at the clock on your bedside table, you saw that it was 8am.  With a sigh of resignation, you hauled yourself out of bed – you were so not a morning person, especially when you hadn’t gone to bed until almost 2am.

“What’s the buzzing for, Friday?

“Mr Stark has asked me to alert all team members to the fact that we have visitors.”

“This early?  Who is it?”

“Director Fury and Agent Hill.”

“Ok.  Is there any urgency to this meeting or do I have time to get dressed and grab some food?”

“Director Fury would like to see everyone in the main room at 9am.  I took the liberty of waking you up now in order that you could get breakfast prior to the meeting.”

“Thank you Friday, I don’t know what I would do without you.  Oh, one last thing, is Steve awake yet?”

“I believe that he’s out with Mr Wilson and that they’re engaged in some form of competition.  When I patched into their comms, I could hear Mr Barnes shouting “on your left”.  I understand that they’re on their way back to the Tower now.”

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Hail Mary

Request:  Hi there! I have a oneshot request, if that’s okay. Can I request a Steve Rogers x Reader? Where the reader gets kidnapped by HYDRA and the avengers somehow find her diary? And in it are personal memories and things she doesn’t wish to share with anyone? But most are things about Steve? I know it’s oddly specific but I want to read something profound and beautiful and I think you’re one of the only blogs that can deliver that successfully. No pressure at all, love. Thank you! :)

Word Count: 2238

Notes: Oh my, this one was so much fun to write! I really hope you enjoy it and I did the request justice! Feedback is wildly appreciated with this one, as I’m very proud! Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing, angst, and some minor violence. 

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Jamie Benn - Terre de Nos Aïeux (2/?) (requested)

a/n: sorry for the wait! and, again, sorry if you’re on mobile - it’s pretty long. enjoy! 
part one 

Your day ended up pretty good, all things considered – you went for a walk around the village with Miks and even let yourself give into the temptation of McDonalds to try and ease your hangover, although you had to split your burger with her. Eventually, you retire to your room and lay on the couch in front of the curling.

After a few minutes, you see a promotional banner on the screen for the Canada vs. Norway game tonight. It makes you think of Jamie, and you feel a sharp twist of embarrassment in your chest. You take out your phone and send him a couple of texts.

i am so so sorry
i’m never drinking highrollers again
also good luck for tonight!!! i’ll be there

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Mayday Part 12: Mach 127

Bucky battles Six in a fight, possibly to the death. You have the craziest plan to stop the bomb, but it just might work…

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Intense fighting, brutal beatings, manipulation, brainwashing, bombs, all kinds of fucked up subject matter. Rated VERY R.

We all stood on the bridge, looking dejectedly at Tony’s Geiger counter. The radiation levels where we currently stood were elevated but not dangerous, but where the wreckage was, Tony informed us that they would be deadly.

“How long is this timer?” Cap asked him.

“It said an hour. That was 15 minutes ago.” Tony looked at his watch. “Approximately.”

“Shit.” Sam said under his breath. “I’m assuming we’re in the blast radius?”

Tony nodded.

“We can just leave.” Wanda suggested. “There’s nothing around here, right?”

“On the contrary, there’s a town a few miles away. This can’t be another Chernobyl.” Nick Fury’s voice emanated from the comm.

“Shit. Again.” Sam shook his head.

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Unanswered PLL Questions/Theories

 1.. Wtf was the meaning behind Mona and Wren’s conversation in Radley about loyalties and who’s side each other is on?

2. Why was Wren drawing in a red coat in a picture? If he did draw it is he the boy in the photo?

3. What’s the meaning behind this?

the first one is a picture in Wren’s apartment, the second is in the doll.

4. Still waiting for an explanation why Marlene implied heavily about shady Aria.

5. WTF is the meaning behind this? Still haven’t seen a fence from Aria

6. Why did Clark tail Aria out of all the other liars?

7. Where did Aria go in the pilot between dropping off Mike and meeting Ezra for the first time?

8. In the pilot episode Aria says she heard Hanna got arrested, how did she know that?

9. Who was Ali talking to Spencer about in the Halloween episode when she said you never know who you can trust, and why did the camera pan to Aria and Hanna?

10. Is there a bigger meaning behind Pigtunia? credit: @pllariatheory

11. The fashion show A plot is a little confusing. We didn’t know Mona was A then so the message   My Dresses. My Game. My Rules. is a little confusing, some Aria is A theorists notice Aria was the last one on the runway with the camera panning toward her.

12. The cd itself that had the different music planned at the show, could be a hint. In the dollhouse Charles gave each of the the girls a committee, Hanna got food and beverages as a dig to her being formely overweight, so could this be a sign to why Aria got music commitee?

13. Also, at the dollhouse people have noticed Aria walks already to the table like she already knows.

14. Malcom, the young boy who Ezra thought was his son made the comment Aria is the conductor. One of the biggest Aria is A theories is that Aria is conducting all of this for a book, unwritten as in a book. Remember, Aria picked the songs.

15. What did Aria say to Mona at the movies that made her so emotional?

16. Where is Eddie Lamb?

17. Who was the blonde hair girl Spencer saw in Maya’s room?

18. What did Maya knew?

19. What did Mona mean when she said Miss Aria Your A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife?

20.Why is Aria either always the first person to wake up or the last person to see in a group setting?

21. Was Aria really in Iceland?


22. Meaning behind this??

23. Who gave Ali the pregnancy scare? My money is on Wilden

24. What did Charlotte mean when she said “Lord helps the mister that comes between me and my sister”?

25. What is the significance of barns? Campbell Farm, Horse Farm, Amish B&B barn.

26. Is there a bigger meaning behind “ No fair Aria it was Emily’s turn?

27.  What does Ali have on Noel?

28. What was Lucas’s involvement with A?

29. What was Toby going to Emily at the homecoming dance?

30. Who was Wren talking to when he said “I’ll take care of my end you take care of yours?”

31. What really happened THAT NIGHT?

32. Does Ali’s Aunt Carol have a bigger part in this?

33. Has Spencer been in Radley before?

34.. Who was the person in Jason’s house that Spencer and Toby saw?

35. Does Mr. Hastings have a bigger part in this?

36. Who was the fourth person to meet Mona, Sydney and Jenna?

37. Who was the Halloween story about the twin girls about?

38. Is there a bigger meaning behind this ? In the episode where Ali is giving her retelling about THAT NIGHT she was investigating everyone who she thought was A. When she told Ian she had his NAT videos she said he took off like a plucked peacock.

39. Why did Maya really go to Noel’s cabin?

40. What was up with Melissa’s facial expression during her death?

41. If Melissa said she was trying to protect Spencer since before it started, why did she say to Shana and Jenna “those bitches are coming” or did she mean Cece and Sara Harvey.

42. What ever happened to Varjak?

43.. Why did Aria look like Holly Varjack?

credit: bybluerose

44. Who’s in the grave in the opening sequence now?

45.Why was it only Aria that used to the shhh sequence?

46. Why was this in Aria’s room?

47. Why did Charlotte change the appearance of the liars to the summer that Ali went missing? Charlotte didn’t even know them then.

48. What did Ali mean in the hospital room when she said to Hanna the four of you know all together know what happened that night?

49. Is Charlotte’s story the truth?

50. Is Bethany Young really a murderer or did Charlotte lie?

51. One of messages is I Missed My Dolls. IMMD. Mary Drake??? Mona Dilaurentis??

52.  The meaning behind Bethany’s drawings?

this looks like a boy, which again brings up the question is Wren Bethany’s brother

ROSES. And the blocked number.

53. This is a really good catch from @pllmastertheory

The house is Aria’s many people have speculated that Aria has a split personality and inherited Byron’s brother illness.

54. Why didn’t Eddie trust Wren?

55. Why hasn’t Monas said anything about this?

56.What is the significance with the church? Ian’s “death”, “Charlotte” going there the night she died, Hanna’s fake body being up there.

57.What’s up with the masks? Is that symbolic to the fact one of the liar’s or the liars itself is lying to them?

58. Where the fuck did Ali do with herself while she disappeared?

59. Who was helping Ezra with all of his book research?

60. What was going on when Emily thought she was meeting Toby and instead found a construction crew? How did that guy know her name?

61.  Why was Holbrook talking to Aria about “the lies, the coverups?”

62. Who was the santa Ali was kissing? Seriously they don’t ask Ali shit.

63. What did Ali mean when she told Aria you know why I chose you?

64. Who’s teeth were those that Hanna found in her mouth?

65. Were those real bones that were put in Spencer’s dress?

66. Why were Melissa, Lucas and Jenna an alliance?

67. How come Jason is the only living member of N.A.T? ( I’m not mad about it we all love Drew’s sexy self just curious.

68. How does Mary know the Hastings? 

69. What did Spencer’s mom mean when she said “your father and I promise to never involve you and Melissa in this?

70. Why was Charlotte  in contact with Wren? Why would she feel the need to tell Wren about Bethany’s death? ( my theory is she’s covering for Wren the man at the dollhouse we saw was Wren)

71. Why would Spencer say she felt a familiarity to Charles in the dollhouse? She had maybe three minor interactions with Cece.

72. Who was the masked person who got Ali in the haunted house in Halloween?

73. Was Ali really telling the truth about her retelling of incidents helping the girls. The bell tower scene is confusing she says she pushes Ian off. He says “What are you doing here?” Not screaming saying I obviously didn’t kill you. Theory: remember she told Garrett to let Jenna think he killed her, maybe she told Ian to do the same, but when she found out he was going to kill Spencer she pushed him off. 

74. What’s up with Ms. Grunwald? 

75. How come they say every girl looks like Ali when literally none of those girls did? Is this foreshadowing that Ali does have a twin?

76. Who was with Mona when Hanna was getting her hair done?

77. What was the meaning at the dollhouse having all the girls laying on  a cornoner’s examine room. Another nod to A being a doctor.. cough cough Wren

78. A is the most anal person, nothing out of place, so why did Charlotte’s room in Radley look like a bomb went off.

You know who has a quirk for OCD?

79. Tea time is a British thing, forget Rollins ^^^^^^

80. Why was Mona Charles’s favorite?

81. Significance behind “Mockingbird” song?


The mask is a red plague DOCTOR mask. 

83. Why did Harold Crane have Ali’s diary?

84. What happen’s to Ali’s legs?

85. Why is the shovel near Aria both times? When as far as we know the only who was awake out of the liars was Spencer.

86. Why did Ali have a meeting in a BARN in s5? Who was there? What was about?

87. Why did Jenna, Sydney become close to Ali? Jenna is afraid of no one I don’t believe she did it out of fear.

88. Why did Ali befriend the twins?

89 . Why do people keep forgetting that Jenna forced herself on Toby?

90. Aria was the last person to be in Toby’s house before it exploded. I can’t find the pic anywhere but someone caught a screenshot of her phone and it was a way longer message than the A message the other girls got.

I’m sure there’s many more, and the fact this is the last season means half of these will go unanswered.

Feel free to add more.

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Gifts, Large and Small

A/N: A Christmas bit of canon divergence for you. Set in Season 3 at the end of the Neverland arc, assuming that Pan never came back with them to Storybrooke and no new curse was set. ~3200 words.

Also on AO3.

Edit: now with a part 2!

They’d missed Thanksgiving, stuck as they were in Neverland.

In hindsight, now that everyone is home and alive and safe, Emma finds she’s almost relieved to have skipped the holiday. As much as she’s spent her life longing for a family and a place to belong and birthdays and holidays that didn’t have to be spent alone, the reality of it is a little overbearing. Her parents are bound and determined to have a grand Christmas celebration, their first real holiday together as a family, and it’s… a lot.

Emma did enjoy shopping for presents for the first time in her life, scouring YouTube for wrapping tutorials (how did Mary Margaret make her perfect packages and gorgeous bows so easily?), and even set up a little tree in her new apartment (she walked in on her parents once and signed a lease two days later), but there were other things to worry about.

Henry, for one. Buying presents for a pre-teen boy was easy enough, but working out logistics when there were two other parents to share him with – one of whom had only recently stopped trying to kill her and the other who was about as subtle as a sledgehammer in his futile efforts to win her back – was an ordeal she’d rather not go through again. They eventually worked it out; Henry would spend Christmas Eve with Neal, the next morning with Regina, and then join Emma and her parents at the loft for lunch.

Between that, her mother’s cookie-baking parties, a month of non-stop Christmas music, and trying to get settled into her new place, Emma finally understands why people call the holiday season stressful.

She hadn’t known, before. She doesn’t know whether to feel sorry for herself or get angry about it.

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the breadsticks meme (a remix)


Once upon a time, Bucky Barnes knew how to date. 

No, really.  This was not rocket science.  All a fella needed to do was to walk up to the lady in question (after making sure that she was currently unattached, because stealing another fella’s gal was a good way to get punched in the face), be polite and charming and ask her out for a milkshake or a coffee or maybe go see that new movie.

And if she said no, take the hit like a man and respect the lady’s choice.

Mama Barnes raised her son to be a proper gentleman.  If there was one thing that Bucky would not argue with Steve about sticking his nose into, it’s respecting ladies. 

So this, as his therapist put it, was basically an exercise in reclaiming a part of himself that had been ripped away by those HYDRA sons of bitches.  It wasn’t that he expected to be Tyrone Power (Fine, yes, Darcy, I will update my references, Jesus) from the get-go, but just have a nice time with a nice gal, have a good conversation, get some great food, maybe see a show or a movie, be human again.  

“Breadsticks?” Steve, because he’s the best pal a fella could have, made this generous offer as soon as Bucky flopped down on the couch beside him.

“Are these from Mama Corleone’s?”  Oh yes, the sweet softness of the bread, the garlic and the hint of cheese.  Mama Corleone had the best breadsticks in New York.  Her grandson Mikey had inherited the recipe and her knack for it.

Steve put a hand on his chest in mock-affront.  “Y’think I’d get breadsticks from anywhere else?”

“Mmmm.  Mmmmmmmmmm.” 

“Do I need to leave ya alone with the breadsticks, Buck?  Because I gotta tell you - I can share ‘em but I won’t give you all of them.”

“Shaddup, ya punk.  And you’re looking mighty flushed there - you’re not supposed to get sick anymore, are you?”

“Shaddup and eat your breadsticks, you jerk.”

See, Steve knew that there was no need to ask what happened on Bucky’s date.  (Yes, it was a bit of a bust.  Don’t ask, don’t tell.) That’s why he was Bucky’s best pal. 

It wasn’t like Bucky could hope for anything more, right?

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clown-crowned-deactivated201612  asked:

Brontide - gajevy

Brontide - The low rumbling of distant thunder.

(Marvell-s and I were talking about Gajevy kids and so I wanted to write about them, and I figured I should get back to these prompts. This is set firmly in Nest-verse)

There was a storm on the day his second daughter was born, and he could hear dragons in the roar of the thunder. 

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A.D wanted Ali to check herself in this whole time.. & A.D is also a Latin phrase.

Figured I would share:

Oh my god. Doesn’t it seem like A.D has wanted Ali to check herself in this whole time to a mental institution? When I say this whole time I mean THIS. WHOLE. TIME / during the whole show. When Cece was A the girls let Ali get arrested and taken to jail and it was in large part because Cece made Ali look so bad to the girls.. Like a murderer.

REMEMBER the flashback with Ali, Cece and that Radley incident that was told to us by Jessica DiLaurentis? For all we know at this point it could have been Mary telling this story.. But either way, we were told Cece went to Radley as a prank and pretended she was Ali. I have ALWAYS, even now despite Cece’s claims, believed that Cece really did attend UPenn and Ali really did get her kicked out. When I first heard the story I figured Cece was sent BACK to Radley after that happened; it drove her crazy. She was blamed because Jessica was protecting Ali, and this made Cece and now I believe Mary, furious. But now I’m focusing on the fact that in the flashback story, Cece was PRETENDING TO BE ALI, CHECKING INTO AN INSTITUTION… In the flashback Ali reacted strangely… with a smirk, as though she KNEW about the plan, she said “I can’t believe the bitch actually did it.”

And now… It looks to me like the bitch ACTUALLY DID IT. Ali checked herself in… Rollins said to Mary that he would do anything for Charlotte. And now Ali is institutionalized and Rollins wants her to rot for a lifetime in the hospital… Which sounds like what Charlotte likely wanted when she was kicked out of school and institutionalized because of Alison… And Mary probably because of Jessica. “I was born first and she was born jealous.” Mary said that about Jessica but maybe when Ali found out Charlotte’s story, she was jealous of the bond and secrets Jessica and Charlotte had…. “I can’t believe mom was ok with this,” she said when Charlotte told the story. Maybe Charlotte was born first and Ali was born jealous too..

All this focus on languages… Mostly Romance languages. There’s a lot on the show. And NAT was Latin.. A.D also is a Latin phrase, anno domini / year of the lord… And it was used to create our dating and calendar systems.. Hmm

EDIT… ^^ upon some discussion *in pretty little puppet masters on FB* I remembered that AD commonly is mistaken to mean after death; many people believe this despite its actual meaning.. That could be a clue that a “dead” person is not really dead, which I’ve suspected about Charlotte.
Noel / Mary / Charlotte and Jessica's possible killer (someone else)

Noel / Mary / Charlotte and Jessica’s possible killer (someone else)

When Noel was helping Ali (and seemingly helping Charlotte too on occasion), the girls asked why he risked so much to help. Ali said that Noel had secrets too. But we never found out what those were and now NOEL IS COMING BACK.

Book spoilers coming:

In the books, Noel and “real Ali” had a connection and shared secrets because Ali lied to him/ confided in him sorta about her sister and Noel had a brother (not Eric, different brother) who killed himself. He and Ali went to the same therapy sessions.. We have not met Noel’s parents. And I have theorized before that Mary lost track of the family for the period of time when Jessica and Charlotte held the “funeral” for Charles. Before you doubt me, Kenneth believed that Charles had died.. So Mary may have believed the same; it’s likely that she did. And therefore so did Noel under this theory. What if Mary Drake is Noel’s mother, making Charlotte his biological sister? Only the way he heard the story/ remembers it, his brother Charles died. Maybe Charlotte found Noel and when he found out the truth, they both blamed Radley for lots of what had happened. This could explain feeding Toby information about his mother which led to Peter wanting Radley shut down, Jessica freaking out etc. Charlotte felt so betrayed when she realized Jessica let Kenneth believe she had died… Imagine if Noel started helping her because the same thing happened to them and to Mary.

I’m going to go crazy here but let’s say that Noel knew about Charlotte’s plan to kill Bethany the night of the yellow shirt murders, burials etc. I have already suspected on multiple occasions that Charlotte and Noel knew about Alis PLAN to flea town and fake her death, and yes I believe that this was a PLAN. Maybe Noel planned to manipulate the situation to his advantage and get revenge on Ali because he thought she deliberately lied to him about Charles. Maybe Charlotte allowed him to think that. It didn’t make sense why Noel randomly dated Mona (A). And why he was so creepy and stalkerish around that time, I thought he was A. Maybe he was spying on A to take advantage and get his own revenge on Ali. So maybe Noel somehow figured out that Mona was A WAY in advance and knew he wanted to kill Ali. And he wanted her gone but needed her to “STAY GONE” so he needed to get away with it/ not physically do it himself.. So he got Ali right where he wanted her, perfect timing for Charlotte to think Ali was Bethany. Ali was wearing that yellow shirt, Noel probably somehow was involved in Bethany wearing the same clothes. So that Charlotte could make that mistake.

But Ali escaped and suddenly Charlotte gets “rescued” by Jessica and wilden. Or was it MARY who made sure Charlotte wasn’t caught or in any trouble? No one knew about Mary, so she could bury someone in the backyard and even if someone saw her, JESSICA would be blamed. And if someone wanted to kill Mary, well… Jessica would be killed.

Also, Noel knew if Charlotte was caught she would end up in an institution, not arrested JUST LIKE MONA (“don’t they know that’s what we want?”) So I think once Ali got out, they realized they needed another body… And Noel was given that on a silver platter because he probably did a similar setup so that Mona would accidentally get Bethany, mistaking her for Ali.. After all, Mona was A, and Ali found that yellow top right by a giant A message. Mona knew Ali was wearing yellow just like Charlotte knew Bethany was.. And I think Noel could have arranged that.

I’ve always believed Charlotte saw Ali get buried (which was true). I’ve also always believed she saw Melissa bury Bethany and that Melissa told Charlotte about this. And charlotte let Melissa believe that so she could use it as blackmail.

Next part : when Peter killed Jessica…

After this night, Jessica and Peter had some arrangement… And oh Jessica needed that, especially if she even thought Melissa MIGHT have seen her. Or seen anything. Or so Melissa didn’t admit anyone was buried NEAR there. Plus, if I’m right and it wasn’t her, but her SECRET TWIN, she probably wanted that kept between them. But Peter doesn’t seem like the type to appreciate blackmail. And the deal seemed to come to a halt when Ali was found alive. Maybe that’s because Mary had less reasons to keep hiding and she could expose all the secrets they’d been keeping.

And maybe that PI he hired found some interesting things. Jason said that at first there were love notes between Jessica and Peter and then eventually they sounded more like legal documents.. Then we saw how weird things were between them in rosewood. All the yelling and secrets… I think their change in rapport has to do with Mary. I think Mary manipulated Peter, maybe even tricked him into sleeping with her.. Peter probably figured Mary and Jessica would have the same medical condition and knew how his pills would affect them. (The same medication Peter takes was found in Jessica’s system). Maybe he tried to kill Mary but he got Jessica. It would fit into this mistaken identity theme we have going on with Ali and Bethany.

So it’s crazy but what do you guys think?

Stay tuned for the next parts: what was on the NAT videos and how this could involve Noel too!

ETA: it all leads back to Radley and as I mentioned above, I’m theorizing that Noel and Charlotte wanted to get rid of the place.. And they did do that, and as I remember it, there was some connection with that and the carisimi group .. Which apparently is what Mary and Rollins are in this for… Maybe Noel and Charlotte knew about this plan. Noel’s brother Eric knew Cece even though it was apparently NOT THE CASE that she went to rosewood high… I still haven’t forgotten that … Adding: (re: JENNA) I mentioned this explaining Noel and Mona’s relationship.. Trying to get close to Alison’s enemies to get the information he needed. This also explains his relationship with Jenna, an obvious enemy of Alison’s. He was there “that night” which was when charlotte was in charge. Jenna was there too. The only enemy Noel isn’t close with of Alis is Lucas and I’m not convinced that this is even true… It just publicly is. And Jenna and Lucas have been to dances together and in shady situations.. I believe Noel could have orchestrated this.