nasuada and murtagh

The complex and deeply motivated characters of the Inheritance Cycle
  • Eragon: I want to figure out my religious beliefs, do the right thing, reconcile my duty of saving the world with my family and my personal ethics, and live up to the Riders' legacy
  • Nasuada: I want to make my father proud, overthrow Galbatorix with every possible mean, rise to power and unite the races of Alagaësia in my name
  • Arya: I want to do my duty, to be a Rider and to make my people understand they must stand up for other races and fight
  • Roran: I want to save my village, to avenge my father and to retain my compassion through this
  • Murtagh: Idk living past nineteen would be nice i guess

I wonder what Murtagh and Thorn will be like once they’re done with all their adventuring and return to civilization. Do you think they’d be quieter and more reserved or more confident? Or would they be all wise and sagely since they’ve probably seen so many things few others have seen at that point? Or would they be more angry and depressed? Would they want to settle down into a quieter life away from people or would they return to maybe work for Nasuada or go help Eragon train the next gen of dragon riders? I was just thinking about it this morning. Reblog and let me know. Also, requests are always open, if anyone is interested. I can do a drabble/one shot or a reader insert/imagine.

The IC characters as cliche movie lines.

Murtagh: Is that all you got?!

Eragon: I’m just getting started!

Arya: No. I’m not going. *goes anyway*

Galbatorix: You’ll never get away with this!

Nasuada: Watch me.

Roran: It’s just a scratch. *collapses*

Angela: You say that like it’s a bad thing…

Eragon:Why? Why Nasuada?
Nasuada:Why am I dating Murtagh?
Eragon:Is it a pity thing? Is he sick?
Eragon:Are you working for the government? Dammit, he’s holding you against your will, isn’t he? If he IS holding you against your will, blink twice. *blows air into her face* Blink twice.
Nasuada:*doesn’t blink*
Eragon:Are you tired of being turned on? Hm? You have a depressed dragon rider fetish?
Nasuada:*walks away*
Eragon:*yells* Is he huge?
Eragon:I’m sorry, let me rephrase that.
Eragon:Is he huge??!