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Please don't forget of league of legends I love so much your draws of shurima brothers >///< They are so cute.

Dear I don’t  forget them!d(`・∀・)b  they are my first like champions.
But  my schedule is tight  recently. So must time I just draw what I think.
_(:3 」∠ )_ 

Beast: GUUUUUUU…….
Matthew: A beast-human hybrid monster!?
Roman: Eh- B- But I’m not picking up anything here! Ah, the reaction to magical energy is faint…… But it’s there…….
Cu: This is not your part of the forest, it says. At any rate, I don’t think we’re gonna get a warm reception.

is he just interpreting things or can he actually tell what that beast is saying??? can caster cu chulainn talk with incomprehensible monsters???? answer me nasu


The Teddy Bear Museum 那須 テディベア · ミュージアム Nasu

“Located in the town of Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, this small museum offers one of the largest and most exotic collections of the world. At the entrance a huge talker Teddy welcomes visitors and enables step for this curious collection. In the quarter we find old teddy bears and more current versions who dress like Indiana Jones or Batman. One of the most prized possessions of the museum is the Teddy Edward collection, based on the books of Patrick and Mollie Mathews and featuring teddy trips to locations around the world.

The second floor of the exhibition features the huge Nekobasu (ネコバス), who welcomes us willing to take that dream world. The exhibition includes material on "Tonari no Totoro” (となりのトトロ), but the real star is only a few steps away. A huge stuffed Totoro (almost 3 meters high) that expects us to be embraced and perpetuate the moment with a photograph (umbrella borne by the museum). It is then that one would like to be small again and recover from a kick all the magic.

The details are everywhere. The Makurokurosuke, soot sprites that appear at the beginning of the film, hanging from the ceiling of the second floor and another version of Nekobasu invites large and small to get on him to embark on a magical journey. The essence lies in the forest where Totoro is concentrated in this small museum, located just a few kilometers north of Tokyo. Isn’t it beautiful?“

(I google translated and edited this article because i thought it was pretty great :D )