EXO reaction : Snorting in their ears

hi! I just found your blog and you’re so freaking amazing!!! I love your blog so much you’re hilarious!! okok can I request a reaction for 17 & exo (if it’s too much you can do only exo) when their crush/ best friend suddenly hugs them from behind and snorts in their ear? thanks in advance little cupcake, love you~~

Hope you’ll like it ~

Xiumin : He would slowly turn his gaze to you, before laughing cutely at you

“Was that really you Y/N ?”

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Luhan : I think he would laugh cutely but won’t make a big deal about it, it’s normal for him

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Kris : He’d take a disguted face 

“You snorting isn’t my style anymore”

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Suho : He’d laugh cutely before handing you a tissue

“Ask me if you need one Y/N”

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Lay : He wouldn’t even understand that you did this sound

“Is it a plane ?”

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Baekhyun : He’d burst out of laughter and tease the shit out of you for the rest of your sad life.

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Chanyeol : He’d try not to laugh because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. But he can’t and laugh like crazy


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D.O : *satan stare*

“Was that you ?”

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Tao : “…. Gross”

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Kai : He’d smile at you

“It’s okay, don’t worry”

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Sehun : He’d turn into this sassy bitch he is deep inside his evil soul

“Yah go away you’re nasty.. NASTYYYYYYYY”

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