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Shy- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so that was NOT how I wanted game one to go, but it’s the Pens. Why guard Sid? Not necessary Caps… Oh wait… Anyway enough of me! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of alcohol

Anon Request: Love ur writing! Can you write a Andre burakovsky one where you meet his team and you’re kinda shy? Thanks! Lots of love<3


              You sat in the corner, smiling silently.

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Jealous- Tom Wilson ft Tyler Seguin

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Requested: Yes 

Request:  “May I request a jealous Tom Wilson imagine?”

Authors Note: Before yall come after me, I know Tyler and Tom are friends. I really could not think of any other player that would do this, I still don't think Tyler would do this. Tell me if I need to fix anything.

Warning: Fighting and Relationship issues 

Ps: Request are open - I love you 

Supporting one another was a key factor when dating Tom. You always tried your best to go to all of his games when you had the chance. Your hours at work had been so crazy this month that you barely had any time to see him. The Capitals finally had a home game against Dallas, giving you the chance to finally see your man in action.

“Happy Saturday beautiful,”  he said while joining you on the couch.

“Tell me why it’s so happy?” you asked laughing at your goofy boyfriend.

“It’s happy because I get to have my good luck charm at my game tonight,” he said with a smile.

“And who would that be?” you asked confused.

“It’s you Miss Y/n !” he yelled happily.

“Also, am I going to see you tonight, or are you coming to the stadium with me today?” he continued.

“I’m coming with you today so we better get a move on it,” you said getting up from the couch.

“Whooh!” Tom yelled with excitement.

“ Your such a kid,” you said laughing.

You and Tom hopped in the car and headed towards the arena. The whole ride, Tom had the biggest smile plastered across his face. Nothing could ruin this day. When you arrived at the arena you walked Tom to the locker room, then went to watch the rest of the boy’s practice.

“ Hey guys,”  you said taking your seat next to Nastya and Lauran

“We have not seen you in forever, how have you been?” Nastya said while bringing you into a hug.

“I have been good, life just kinda took over” you responded

“Well, I’m happy you are here now,” Lauran said with a smile.

Through most of the practice, you guys caught up on everything from kids to what happened this morning. You watched the boys do some more drills until they had a break. You saw Tom skate over to the bench looking for his water bottle.

“ I’ll be right back, I’m going to see if Tom needs anything.” you said excusing yourself.

You walked down the locker room hall looking for the entrance to the players’ bench. When you turned the corner you ran into what seemed to be another human.

“I am so sorry,” you said  apologizing

“It’s totally fine, I’m Tyler, “he said with a smile

“I’m Y/n,” you said shaking his hand.

“ I have to ask, what is a pretty girl like you doing around all these sweaty Big foots? ” he asked you kindly.

“Being my girlfriend,” you heard someone say behind you.

“ Sorry Wilson, maybe you want to keep her close next time. Someone might sweep her off her feet,” he said winking at you then walking away.

“ Don’t worry, I already did,” Tom said giving Tyler the side eye.

“What are you doing  talking to him?” He asked angrily

“I was looking for you and we ran into each other, don’t worry about it. Let’s get you ready for your game hot shot” you said reassuring him.

“I love you, but I don’t want you talking to him,” he said to you sternly.

“Your not the boss of me Tom,” you snapped back at him.

“ I’m just looking out for you,” he said frustrated.

“ We are not doing this now. Go get ready for your game,” you said walking away.

The whole half, Tyler and Tom went going back and forth nonstop. You were up in the family box talking with the rest of the WAGs when you saw two players drop the gloves. All you could see was punches being thrown and a lot of blood. You frantically looked for Tom’s number and when you did your heart stopped. You sprinted as fast as you could to the locker room.

“Tom are you ok, baby what happened?” you asked frantically while sitting down next to him.

“It’s nothing, I handled it,” he said turning his attention back to the Sports Med.

“What happened?” you yelled at him.

“That Seguin kid was talking about you the whole half, that’s what happened,” Tom said flustered.

“What did he say?” You asked confused.

“ He was talking about how pretty you were, and that I didn’t deserve you. Then he said that he was going to take you home tonight instead of me, that’s when I lost it.
You mean the world to me and I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier,” he said a little broken.

“Tom you never have to be jealous of anyone. You are and always will be the guy for me.” You said taking his bruised hand in yours.

“I love you Y/n,” he said pulling you in for a hug.

“I love you too, now go kick some Star ass,” you said giving him a kiss.

“I will, now that I have you here,”  he said walking out of the locker room.

The Invitation.

A little imagine which my dear friends helped to write.

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Warnings: Cursing, let me know if you spot others..

Summary: Why Don’t We spot a special group of friends hanging together and genuinely enjoying each other company. They decide to pay them a little visit.

You headed for the airport, excited to finally meet you best friends. You had spent many, many late nights talking to them in your own special group chat, longing to meet each other. You referred to each other as best friends. Always supporting each other, sending virtual hugs and even offering to fly across the world to help fight for each other. Why Don’t We where holding a convention here in you home town, LA. You best friends, desperate to meet each other all decided to visit and meet you in LA. It was your excuse to finally meet each other.

You headed towards the gates where you had promised to meet them. As everyone began to flood in through the gates, you held up your personalised sign reading the name of your group chat. ‘Jeepers Nutsack’ could be read in large swirly letters. Too excited to meet your friends, you hadn’t noticed the funny looks of people passing by. You suddenly felt anxiety building up as your mind came to one thought. 'What if they don’t show?’ You mind was suddenly taken away from the dreaded thought when a short girl, you recognised as no other than Maia. She looked stunning as usual. Her long dark hair, flowing behind her as she raced towards you, excitement plastered over her beautiful smile. She wore an off the shoulder top with skinny jeans with make up (the one thing she took pride in), her signature look. You where so happy to finally meet her as she collided with you, drooping her luggage as she brought you into a tight embrace.

“Maia” you beamed, both of you laughing in a pile on the floor.

“Y/N!” She replied as you both began to regain your posture. “I’m so fucking happy to finally meet you!” She added.

You two didn’t get long to chat before another one of your friends had arrived. Maia lived the closest to you, followed by Samie. She was older than you however, she was much shorter. It wasn’t hard to spot the red haired girl with beautiful hazel eyes, her glasses bring out their beauty, and freckles to match. She wore black overalls with a purple crop top beneath them. Her hair was curled and she appeared to be carrying a harry potter suitcase. It was typical of her since she was a huge fan. You could ask her anything to do with Harry Potter and guaranteed you would get a sassy paragraph explaining everything. It was one of the many things you loved about her. Being her clumsy self, she had managed to trip leaving you and Maia to catch her.

“Oh my fucking god! Thank you Y/N! Shit! You’re even prettier in real life” She gasped smiling brightly as she glanced from you to Maia, pulling you both into a tight hug. This was something you would never get fed up of.

“Aw thank you!” You smiled. You had decided to wear a simple t-shirt, jacket and leggings. You where too excited to put loads of effort into your look, you had practically made your mother leave early just so you could be there on time. You all went back to holding up the sign. Samie practically jumping with excitement causing you and Maia to laugh.

Another crowd of people flooded the airport, you and your two besties began searching in hopes of finding the other weirdos that belonged to you chat. It was then that Maia noticed Stephanie, probably the most supportive member of you group. She always made sure that everyone felt loved, she wouldn’t stop until they did. You loved that about her. She practically skipped steps when she read the sign, her brown hair and shone a tinted red in the light, perfectly framed her face, her brown eyes filled with love as always as she brought you all into a tight hug, almost not letting go.

“Noodles!” You nearly screamed in excitement. “Oh my god! That outfit is amazing!” You added. She wore a black band tee, with skinny jeans ripped at the knee, a flannel tied around her waist as she rocked her black ankle boots.

“Could you wear more black?” Maia teased, earning a playful punch from Stephanie. You where so busy laughing at the two teasing each other you hadn’t notice Rhea arrive, until you heard-

“jEePeRs NuTsAcKs” You knew instantly who that was as you turned to meet the gaze of your taller friend, Rhea. A ball of sunshine. Her hair was balc and about medium length. Like Samie, she too had hazel eyes. She wore her glasses to day, her hair perfectly straighten as usual and tucked behind her ears to reveals her beautiful studs. Upon reaching the group she began to grow awkward noticing that people had began to stare at the nearly complete group of friends. She wore something simple. Sweatpants and a graphic tee of some kind, you didn’t care, she still looked as pretty as the others. You were only waiting for three others before you could finally say that the group was complete. 

About 10 minutes had passed before two other girls had joined you. These two being the wonderful Haley, who wore I a lovely, loose jumper with skinny jeans and Hero, the beautiful blonde with adoring brown eyes and nerdy glasses, holding some chips she must have picked up on her way to meet you.

Haley had lovely long, brown hair and brown eyes. She looked flawless as usual. Upon noticing us, she rushed over, Hero trailing closely behind in what appeared to be skinny jeans and a comfy blue tee with the Hogwarts logo on showing her love for Harry Potter. Hero and Samie instantly started hitting it off, talking about everything to do with harry potter, from the houses to the movies to the books. EVERYTHING!

“OMG! I’m so freaking pumped to finally meet you!” she gasped, hugging each and everyone of the girls in turn. “Is that all?” She asked after she finally let you out of her grip.

“Nearly, we’re just missing Nicki” You explained.

“SUP PEEPS!” You heard Nicki call as she ran across the room. Her small structure colliding with the group. She wore an over sized grey hoodie with a pink moustache on it, with black high waist skinny jeans that where ripped at the knee. She wore her hair up in a messy bun, strands falling everywhere, revealing the purple dye beneath the blonde. Behind her was another girl, one you didn’t recognise.

“Guys, this is my good friend Nastya, she’s here for the why don’t we convention, I offered her to tag a long with us cuz she’s cool” She explained. Nastya waved. She had adorable brown eyes and a slightly lighter shade of brown hair that hung neatly around her face. Like Nicki, she wore a hoodie, a darker grey than Nicki’s.

“Heya Nastya” Everyone greeted. It didn’t take the gang long to take pictures and begin fangirling over the boys for the millionth time that week. Hero sharing meme’s of the boys while Maia imitated Jack’s sassiness. Samie couldn’t help but start feels amongst the group by sharing a very touching story about Jonah. They had gone nuts yet again, it was if they had always known each other. Nobody would have thought that this was their first time meeting.

The group left the airport heading straight for starbucks after Nicki had complained the entire time that she wanted to go. You gave in asking if your mum didn’t mind you and the girls heading off out after they had settled into their hotel rooms.

“I can’t fucking believe that my mam let me come here on my own” Nicki gasped, Her welsh accent thick amongst the group. Hero attempted to agree as she munched on her freshly backed muffin. It didn’t take the group long to kick off on a mission again. Rhea bring up the subject of dogs and Nastya chatting to Stephanie about football.

“Y/N! Do you have any pets?” Maia asked

“No, but I play the guitar” You answer looking over at Samie and Nicki who where on the subject of instruments “I’d love to own a dog” You added bouncing back to Maia’s conversation with Rhea. The coffee shop had began to die down. Only the sound of your group of friend laughing, joking and teasing each other about Why Don’t We and the idea of meeting them. You had no idea that the boys wher watching you or even there until Hero jokingly said.

“Could you imagine Jonah being stood behind me right now” Nicki’s and Haley’s face dropping to the floor as they noticed the tall boy behind her. “What?” Hero questioned “Is there something on my face?” Stephanie and yourself stopped mid-conversation as the other boys joined him. “Shit” Hero muttered “Tell me what I said didn’t just happen” She muttered too scared to turn around. No one could answer, in fact you where the only one who could manage to nod.

“Hey” Jonah smiled, Hero’s face dropping as her heart began to pound loudly in her head. “I couldn’t help but drop in after reading your group chat and after hearing you guys talk, you sound like the right people”

“Wait you actually read the messages?” Maia gasped in disbelieve.

“Oh Sweet lord this is embarrassing” Haley muttered still not functioning proper.

“I SWEAR I’M A GOOD CHILD OF THE LORDE!” Stephanie blurted out

“Shit” Nicki muttered unable to think of anything else to say. There was a lot of embarrassing thing written in that chat and he had read it all.

“JEEPERS NUTSACK!” Rhea blurted, falling into a fit of laugher, everyone else joining her, include the boys. Everyone finely regained their sanity, well what little they had of it. As Jack perked up.

“We actually came over to speak to you guys, we missed you at the airport” He began once again leaving you and your friends in shock.

“Us” You said “As in the bunch of weirdos who as suffering from extreme embarrassment right now” You hated yourself for saying that.

“Pinch me i’m dreaming” Bre muttered as Nastya giggled at her.

“We want to invite you guys to hang with us, you seem like really nice people who are extremely supportive of one another” Daniel explained

“Holy child of God” Stephanie gasped.

“About that” Daniel began, frowning slightly. “You guys gave up some strange nicknames”

“I don’t know what you on about 'cause Aesthetic Meme Corbyn is pretty lit” Corbyn smiled.

“That actually fucking read the chat” Hero looked terrified as she spoke, her eyes wide with disbelief “Boy am I fucked”

“Really Fuck Boi Zach?” Zach dramatically gasped faking being insulted “But seriously, you guys are freaking awesome, we’d love it if you’d hang with us someti-”

The poor boy didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before they where suddenly coated in hug from the girls who had suddenly realised that this was literally Why Don’t We and they wanted to hang with them. US!

*Little Black Dress- Andre Burakovsky

words: 1,769

A/N: Ok so I got a request for like Andre teasing y/n sexually in front of the team and somehow it ended up as a prequel to Mistakes so if you haven’t read that yet, read it after this!

Guess we aren’t going to dinner anymore.“ Andre says as he looks you up and down. You were getting ready to go have dinner with some of his teammates. You were told it was a fancy restaurant so you decided on a little black dress. It was skin tight and short, ending only a couple inches below your ass. Your hair was curled and your make up was done, not too much, but enough that it took you around 15 minutes to get it perfect. You wanted to look good, hoping to get a rise out of Andre’s teammates. But only because you loved how hot Andre was when he got jealous.

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The Tragic Story Of Anastasiya Shpagina’s New Nose

Remember when I first wrote about Anastasiya’s long-awaited rhynoplasty she’s always been dreaming of? I actually was happy for her, knowing how she always hated her nose. If you want my opinion on plastic surgery, I’m not “all for it”, but at the same time, I’m not against it. To me, it doesn’t matter how you look and what you do to your body as long as you’re a good person. If you love yourself the way you are - good for you, if you dislike the way you look and want surgeries - go for it. Just… be a good person. And this basically was the idea of this whole blog. Being beautiful is not about how you look outside, it’s about not being an asshole (like… you know who).

But let’s get back to Anastasiya. Back when I wrote that short post about her rhino, neither I nor other Baginya users knew much about it. All Baginya users started watching and discussing her post-op healing progress and wanted to see the final result.

Everyone thought her new nose looks way too short for her face and just very unnatural.

Those users who also had rhino were reassuring others that it will change to the better and look more natural when completely heal. Unfortunately, this never happened. Moreover, it actually has gotten even worse: one of Nastya’s nostrils eventually got deformed, and this change was so obvious you just couldn’t fail to notice it.

When it happened, everyone noticed that she started to film her face only in ¾ angle, but back then nobody could tell why exactly.

The answer to this question is in her Sherlock transformation video, where you can see for a short time what happened to her nostril (also note weird lines on the sides of the nose tip):

There’s no question that her nose is ruined. And sadly the deformed nostril is just one, and not even the biggest problem with her new nose. But I will tell more about it later. 

To that moment, Baginya users already found some information on Dr. Timur Nugayev, who performed Nastya’s surgery, and let me tell you, this BUTCHER deserves a whole long, detailed post on this blog! And when I finish it, you’ll see I’m not even over-reacting calling him a butcher.

By now, let me give you a very short summary on Dr. Nugayev and his “work”:

1. He does absolutely awful job — differently sized or just weird-looking breasts, unnatural and all alike noses that often don’t fit a face and make it look disproportioned, HUGE post-op scars that never disappear, weird dents in the body after lipo, wrongly done anesthesia, threads forgotten in the body! Should I even continue the list?

2. He gets rude to his patients when they try to question the job he done. If you question it, he acts like you insulted him, and if you continue asking questions, he BLOCKS you! Remind you of someone? He also denies his fails saying nonsense like “It will change when fully heal” when it is OBVIOUSLY not true   and reminding that “he is the doctor so he knows better”. This happened to Nastya. He just denies everything and lies that it will get better.

3. He carefully monitors the internet to remove all the negative reviews on his work. If you google his name, you’ll find only all alike and obviously fake reviews that make him look like a surgeon of your dreams.

4. At least once was caught STEALING a picture of a random girl on Instagram claiming he did her breast surgery!

5. He goes live on Instagram during the surgeries!!! Answers questions and clowns around instead of being fully concentrated on his patient!

6. He lets his wife, who is a pediatrician, assist him during surgeries!

7. There is a whole truth community on him on instagram — doctor_nugaev_pravda_ created by one of his “victims” and it attracts more and more of them every day! It often gets hacked or blocked because Dr. Nugayev desperately tries to stop it. Many post-op pics get removed through reports, many girls DM their post-op pics to the comminity’s founder but ask not to post it because they hope to get it fixed by him or at least get answers from him and they are afraid he will know them from the pictures.

This all is beyond belief. But what is even more unbelieveable, is how Nastya could go to that butcher without a research. This is your nose, your face, you can’t cover it if something goes wrong, a rhinoplasty should be a serious, mature decision, you can’t just pick a random doctor, you sould do a careful research!

Nastya secretly DM’ed her pictures to doctor_nugaev_pravda_’s founder, too, and one of them was posted there, but shortly has gotten removed because Nastya asked her to. That picture was posted on Baginya before it got deleted:

And here’s what even more awful. In her conversation with the community’s founder, Nastya shared that she has breath problems! The nose Dr. Nugayev gave her not only is deformed, it can’t normally function! She has to breathe with her mouth or she starts to suffocate!

This made Baginya users mad because she’s been hiding it for all this time, and for all this time her posts on Instagram have been PROMOTING that excuse of a doctor attracting new victims instead of WARNING people about that butcher!

And only after that public response on Baginya, she finally made a video telling the truth about her surgery and Dr. Nugayev. She also removed all promotional texts from her instagram posts about him and his clinic and replaced them with the truth.

Good that she finally did it. Too bad it toke her 4 months. For all this time, almost 2 millions of her subscribers thought she had a successful surgery by a dream surgeon. And god save those of her fans who went to him after they read it on her Instagram…

gallagher girls meme: [4/7] characters » elizabeth “liz” sutton

I mean, we’re all technically geniuses and everything, but at age nine, Liz had the highest score on the third-grade achievement tests ever. The government keeps track of that kind of thing, so the summer before seventh grade, her parents got a visit from some big guys in dark suits and three months later, Liz was a Gallagher Girl— just not the kill-a-man-with-her-bare-hands variety. If I’m ever on a mission, I want Bex beside me and Liz far, far away, with about a dozen computers and a chessboard—a fact I couldn’t help but remember when Liz tried to fling her suitcase onto the bed, but missed and ended up knocking over a bookcase, demolishing my stereo and flattening a perfectly-scaled replica of DNA that I’d made out of papier-mâché in eighth grade.
“Oopsy daisy,” Liz said, throwing her hand to her mouth. 
Sure, she knows cuss words in fourteen different languages, but when faced with a minor catastrophe, Liz says oopsy daisy