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Hello, I love your blog and writing and I was wondering if I could request some headcannons? I've been sick for the past few days, so I was wondering how would the guys act/react around a s/o with a nasty cold (sore throat and coarse voice, headache, runny nose, sore muscles and over-sensitive skin (not in the pleasant way)..)? Could use some chocobro fluff right now! :( Thanks a lot and sorry for my shity English!


He will not know how to handle the situation, but bless his heart, he’d damn well try. It’d scare him to see his S/O in such a state, as people are rarely ever sick near him. But once his was reassured that it was just a bad cold, he’d want to help.

At first he’d be on his phone looking up advice and tips on how to care for a person, but then he wouldn’t be sure what will work and what won’t. In the end he’d end up calling Ignis for advice and tips. (Ends up being a How to care for a sick person 101 over the phone.)

Once that’s over, he’d ask what kind of teas they like, what kind of soups, and if they had any allergies to any meds. (Low-key, he’d be quoting Ignis directly.) Upon hearing their answer, he’d probably ask Ignis to bring some by their place, as he wouldn’t want to leave them alone.

Following that, he’d set up camp on their bed next to them, minding their space so he wouldn’t make things harder for them. He’d try to make sure they were comfortable and had enough blankets. 

He’d probably turn on something for background noise and honestly be there just as company until Ignis comes with the meds. And once Ignis does, Noctis probably shoos him away because he’d want to take care of them on his own. 

He’d get most things right. The soups is easy enough, so is the tea. But he’d worry about getting the meds right and reading through the side effects would stress him out BIG TIME. The S/O would probably have sit up and before he could protest just take the damn medicine. Because he’d be worrying about making them worse. 

After that little hiccup, he’d just stick around, and watch movies with them, hoping they would be comfortable enough to drift asleep. (Because, he’d at least know that only time would truly cure them.)


He is very good at taking care of people, and mildly enjoys doing so. He never had someone look after him when sick, so he’s not going to let his S/O suffer through it alone. 

The moment he’s aware they’re sick he’d go get supplies. Throat sprays, throat teas, pain relievers, fever reducers, soft foods, comfort foods, movies, games, music, if it’s got some value to make someone feel better he’s bringing it with him.

If his s/o tried chasing him off at the door, he’s going to stick to them like a bur. But gently. He’s going to take advantage of how sensitive they are to guide them back to bed so he can take care of them. Also bundle them up to keep them warm if they have the chills, or make sure they have a cold compress if they’re overly warm.

He’d make sure they drink lots of fluids, and kind of be a little pushy about it, but only because he’d have their best interest at heart. If they were hungry he’d ask what they wanted. Soups were probably the easiest, but he’d also have brought pudding and jello and stew. 

After that’s all taken care of, he’d lay with them, making sure not to move and letting them get comfortable. After that, he’d softly run his hand through their hair until they fall asleep. More than anything else, he’d just want them to feel better.


Like Prompto, he’s good at taking care of sick people…in theory. Noctis was never sick very often, and if he was it was only a small cold. Nothing as bad as his s/o at the moment. He’d be worried, but keep a calm head and try and remember everything he knew. 

He’d probably end up looking up some remedies online as well, but mostly trust his own knowledge. He’d swing by their place and make sure they had everything they needed to get better.

He’d stay with them, but mind the distance between them. He wouldn’t want to cause them any unnecessary discomfort. 

If they needed their temperature adjusted, he’d do the best he could. He’d fetch cold wash clothes, or more blankets, or maybe even run them a hot bath if they were cold, and have a blanket heated in the dryer waiting for them when they got out. 

He’s probably going to stay the night, to watch over them and make sure they didn’t get worse. However, he’d probably not sleep in the same bed. He wouldn’t want them to become too warm during the night because someone was sleeping next to them.


He’d half-way know what to do, but have no real experience with someone being sick.

He’s the kind of person who would just power through the cold, no matter what. Iris wasn’t sick very often, if ever, and if she was their father would be the one taking care of her. One of the very few things the shield indulged in was taking a day off if his kids were sick. 

So he has little to no experience in taking care of someone sick. But, heck, he’d be willing to try. He’d text them and ask how they’re feeling and just what their symptoms were in a round about away, to match them to whatever medicine would work best for them. 

It’d be a surprise when he shows up with the medicine and kind of shoe horns his way into their home. He has soup, snacks, books and a bag of clothes. He’s basically decided to settle in until they’re better. (Which they’d worry about him catching it, but he’d tell them not to worry.)

He’d heat the soup on the stove, because he at least knows how to do that, and they’d both end up camping in the living room and watching the TV for a bit. But then his S/O would probably want to sleep. So he’d switch the TV to a music station, and surprise them by reading out loud to them. 

He’d eventually trail off when he’d find them asleep, and keep them close. The heat coming off them would worry him, but he’d still persist. Though if it got too uncomfortable, he’d be willing to move away. (However, he’d still hold their hand. He just wants them to know that he’s there.) 

A Cool Cure

By: sierralaufeyson13

When the first rays of the morning sun seep in the room, barely filtered by the sheer curtains that hung in front of the large window, you groan and roll over, burying your face into Loki’s shoulder to block out the light. And that’s when you feel it, the painful sensation that goes along with the onset of a nasty cold, the sore throat, the painful scratchiness that even makes swallowing your own saliva a difficult chore.

“Loki, my throat hurts.” You whine, hoping to wake him so he could heal you like he did when you had the flu last year. 

“What the fuck do you want me to do about it?” He groans, rolling over on his back and draping his arm across his eyes in a dramatic manner that never ceased to amuse you. Then the idea hits you like a ton a bricks and you bit your bottom lip to stifle the swell of laughter and proud smirk that threatens to stretch across your face.

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