nasty truth

his team doesnt do promo? its shady. his team does hella promo? its shady bc he isnt saying anything with his MOUTH. yall just wanna be annoyed about this no matter what bc you’re scared that he’s obv gonna be successful

Pluto in Fire signs
The generations of Pluto in Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) want change and they want it now. They are rebellious and they own it. What we see with these generations is that they tend to be reckless and act on impulse. They are fighters and they fight for change and also aren’t afraid to express themselves. These generations transform in the blink of an eye and they are in-your-face about it. Self-expression is everything to them.

Pluto in Earth signs
The generations of Pluto in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) have shown that change takes time and getting results takes dedication and hard-work. They are much more patient fighters and they usually fight for a better way of life. Finances could be important to these generations and they prefer to live in a world that’s secure. These generations transform in a slow but steady way, but you see lasting results.

Pluto in Air signs
The generations of Pluto in Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) have shown that it is ok to express yourself in many different ways imaginable. These generations aren’t necessarily concerned much with themselves, but with others instead. You really don’t know what to expect with them, but it’s obvious that they just want the best for others. These generations can find that they transform in unique ways that are definitely unheard of. They tend to have a shocking factor through their accomplishments. One thing is certain about them and that’s the fact that they change society as a whole.

Pluto in Water signs
The generations of Pluto in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) have shown that transformation isn’t something strictly superficial, it is deeper than that. They have had one of the most powerful impacts on the world as a whole. They not necessarily focus on their society, but focus on transformation and change universally. They dig deep and uncover any nasty truths that have an impact on everyones lives. Transformation, to them, is something emotional and life-changing.


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Truth serums were the tools of science fiction and weirder subgenres of fantasy, not reality. Although, if we're being honest, you should have been prepared for any and all fantasy to enter into reality as long as you were traveling with the Doctor.

In case you haven’t guessed it, yes, you got hopped up on some nasty truth serum.

In your defense, this was totally not your fault. A human being could hardly be expected to be wary of random truth serum-injecting plants that no one bothered to warn you about. It wasn’t really the Doctor’s fault, either, except maybe through a lack of care, but you couldn’t expect him to remember every danger lurking on every planet you visited, so you could hardly blame him. So, there was nobody to be mad at about your predicament, which meant that the only thing you could legitimately take your anger out on was a plant that you never wanted to go anywhere near again.

There was a nasty-looking swirl of discolored skin on your calf from where a thorn on some sort of creeping vine had snagged your skin open. It didn’t actually feel that bad, and with the Doctor’s application of numbing agents, it didn’t feel like much of anything, but it still looked horrifically painful, which was probably what kept the Doctor hovering anxiously over you and applying totally unnecessary first aid measures.

“Never going that planet again,” the Doctor muttered, fussing without actually accomplishing anything. “Not ever. Should’ve remembered that vine, blasted thing, it’s always trouble, each and every time I come here, I swear to-”

“I want you to stop talking,” you blurted out, and immediately winced at your own rudeness. You usually got the Doctor to shut up via much politer and more tactful methods. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“I know you can’t help it,” the Doctor assured you, not looking at all offended by your gracelessly truthful speech. “It’ll go away in an hour, don’t you worry. Do you want me to leave you here while it wears off, or…?”

“Yes!” you immediately answered, followed by, “Or, no. I don’t know. I want you to go because I don’t want to say anything embarrassing in front of you but I want you to stay because you make me feel nice.”

The Doctor paused, his whole body stilling except for a quiver of movement that shook the gravity-defying strands of his hair. “I make you feel… nice?”

“Obviously,” you said, and your stomach lurched with fear. You couldn’t make yourself stop talking. “Not always, though. Sometimes you make me feel very sad and I wish that I didn’t like you so much.”

The Doctor’s lips twisted into a slight grimace. “Oh.”

“But I do like you so much. You’re worth it. More than worth it.” Stop talking, stop talking. “Because everything’s got happy pieces and sad pieces and you’re just like everything, but I love your sad pieces as much as I love your happy pieces.”

The Doctor’s mouth fell slack, displeased grimace completely taken over by a baffled expression. “You… do?”

“I love all the pieces of you,” you sighed happily even though your insides were twisting themselves into painful knots. You had just- the truth serum made you admit- you might as well have said- “I love you.”

Blast it.

The Doctor shuddered, the motion shaking his whole body, as he stared at you, taking you in. You were a mess from trekking through an alien jungle and getting attacked by an angry vine full of truth serum, but that’s not what he saw. He only saw dilated pupils, clammy skin, the fully purple color surrounding your wound. Symptoms of the plant’s full effect: you were telling the truth, whether you wanted to or not, whether you were aware of it or not.

You were telling the truth, and you loved him.

“Oh, thank Rassilon,” he sighed, and gathered you into his arms for the fiercest kiss that a Gallifreyan could give.

I’ll be the first man to admit. That a fat ass caught my attention, but never made me faithful. A pretty face got me to commit, but never change me. It was that funny girl with that beautiful personality, million dollar smile and a heart of gold that left me in tears begging for a second chance. I never viewed women the same after her. She left my heart convinced that love is more about chemistry than biology.
—  Nas
5/21-truth or truth

Truth or dare
It’s obvious
You pick the easy one
Dare me
Dare me
Is always lots of fun
I dare you kiss me
And you compile
And we both die of laughter
But why can’t you tell me
What’s the matter
Because the truth is real
Below the surface
Where all our demons play
And maybe nows just not the day
To admit what I’ve been feeling
But then again when is
So here’s to that someday
It is


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Hate (Hoseok Smut)

Anony requested:  Can I request a Jhope smut, where the two are always fighting with each other, but are secretly hooking up, because they love each other, however they are too stubborn to admit it.

Words: 1096

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Warning: Smut

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Jung Hoseok. This name did mean so many things for you. You had to admit that he was beautiful, happy. Had to admit that he was a fucking tease when he danced. But on the other hand, he was so fucking bothering. You both were occasionally fighting. Teasing each other. Cursing at each other. You had mutual friends, and they were always saying that you would end up together, that people who loved each other were always hooking up. Fucking hell no. You could have some relationship with him if he wasn’t so brat. 
You could lie to everyone but not to yourself. You know that you had a crush on him but you were too stubborn to admit it. You didn’t know abou him, but you did have some kind of feelings for him.
One night, you all had gone to a friend meeting at your best friend’s house - who were Hoseok’s friend too - and when you saw him there, the readings started immediately. He made stupid jokes at you.
“Who invited the four eyes?” he teased. Come on you weren’t even wearing glasses!
You decided to ignore that.
Things got boring, so someone had the great idea o play truth or dare. You agreed and the game started. 
Occasionally, the game became hot. The truths turned into awkward questions and the dares turned into nasty things. 
“Truth” you had picked, thinking that maybe it would be less bad. You were wrong.
“Do you think Hoseok is beautiful?” One of your friends asked and you glanced at her, killing her with your gaze. She knew you, she knew what you thought about him and you knew if you lied she would expose you, playfully. 
“Yes” you said, blushing and ignoring the stare Hoseok gave you. You did spin the bottle, it stopped on your friend. You have her a simple dare and the game kept going. 
A few rounds later the bottle stopped at Hoseok and he picked dare.
“I dare you and Y/N to go to my bedroom and just get out when we tell you to” 
Hoseok and you gasped. Was she serious? Ordering you to stay alone with your crush? With your enemy? He probable had the same thought because he complained. 
Hesitantly, you both got upstairs and closed the room.

 Once there, you closed the door and stepped in. Shit. You were starting to sweat, you were nervous as fuck. Your feelings for him were so… ambivalent.

 “I don’t believe they made me stay stuck here with you” you said and leaned against the door. He was sat on the edge of the bed. He raised his eyebrows at you.

 “You think I’m enjoying staying here with you? You think that I even like you?” he said. You had to admit that had hurt a little.

 “So we are at the same boat because I don’t like you either” you said back. He stood up and started walking towards you, your heartbeat fastening.

 “Are you sure? Because I think you do like me” he said, his body closer to yours but not touching you. “And more than you actually should”.

 You lost your breath, your cheeks getting red as he was getting closer. He placed his hands on both sides of your head, you could feel his warm breath touching your face. You looked up at him, his eyes stuck on yours.

 You pushed him away. “Don’t. If you don’t like me I suggest you do not talk to me, do not touch me” you complained. He chuckled at your reaction.

 “I don’t like you, but you are really hot when you are angry” he said. You tried not to laugh, not to fall by his words. He stepped closer again and did the same thing, his hands on your sides.

 “If you don’t like me you can say here and now that you wouldn’t want me to kiss you” he said, looking into your eyes. He leaned in, his lips brushing ghostly against yours.

 “D-don’t touch me” you tried to say, not really wanting him to stop.

 “If you don’t like me, you can say that you don’t want me to fuck you here and now” he whispered on your ear. You could not contain yourself anymore. You crashed your lips onto his.

His hands gripped your waist as your tongue danced together. You pulled him closer by his hair and he chuckled.  He locked the door behind you and picked you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you towards the bed. Your back hit the fluffy matters and he kissed you again. He did spread your legs apart, placing himself between your legs as his lips found your neck. He sucked your skin, earning a moan from you.

 “That’s it, moan for me” he groaned against your skin. He took off your shirt and bra and his own shirt. You gasped at him shirtless. Fuck.

 He placed himself between you again and started moving his hips against yours. You moaned when you felt his erection against your clothed pussy. He traveled down to suck your nipples, licking and biting. He reached your shorts and removed them. You watched as his head disappeared between your legs. He placed wet kisses along your inner thighs, not touching where you wanted him the most.

  “Tell me what you want” he groaned.

 “I want you” you said.

 You could not believe that was happening.

“Good girl” he whispered at pulled your panties off, you shivered when the cold air hit your pussy. He gave you a deep lick, soon pushing a finger easily inside you.

 “You’re so wet already and I didn’t even start” he said and started pumping his fingers In and out of you. You were a moan mess. He felt your walls clenching around his fingers and pulled away. You whined. He took off his pants and underwear, revealing his hardened cock. You licked your lips, wishing him to be inside you.

 “Now I’m gonna hate fucking you” he said, smirking. You smiled back and he pushed in. He let you adjust and started moving. He leaned to suck your breasts and his hand played with your clit, adding pleasure.

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. He started hitting you g-spot with every thrust. The room became filled with your moans and his groans.

 “Fuck, I’m gonna-“ you started saying but were cut off when your climax reached you, he followed soon.

 He laid beside you, breathing heavily.

 “I thought you hate me” he joked.

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Blue Hair: A Kirk/Reader adventure

Originally posted by nabees2

You were tending your prized garden one day, humming to your plants and bidding them grow large when a horrible yell and then a roar broke the stillness of the clearing in the vivid green forest around your home. You sighed and went to fetch a spear and some meat to placate your pet saber cat that was clearly getting up to mischief again. What had he trees this time? Following the growling noises and yelps of the terrified prey, you trailed the antagonists to the edge of your property. An alien man was backed up against a tree, holding some kind of weapon and trying to talk into a device. The saber cat growled again and the man backed up further, trying to talk to the creature.

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can you imagine

getting possessed by an evil spirit, it walks your body around for like an hour and leaves you wounded in various ways before vanishing never to be seen again, and suddenly everyone decides that your physical body pretty much belongs to that evil spirit

and the spirit is this fucking thing

That’s You Now

anonymous asked:

And just as aggravating as the "shouting into the void" feeling is watching antis trying to gaslight new(er) Larries (like me) into believing that the details we see, for example in the pictures of Freddie, or the fact that that is a fucking bee and not a fly, aren't real, that we don't see what we see. I always try to look at both sides of an argument, but got so sick of their constant "THEY'RE MANIPULATING YOU!" bs that I was like bye Felicia. Lol - Mal 💚💙

Yeah same. To be fair, I think sometimes we have to be careful not to make ourselves an echo chamber, but I try to pay antis as little mind as possible, since most of the time they’re not arguing with valid points, but instead just being nasty to be nasty.

Truth is, some of us reach, some of us don’t always look at the whole picture, sometimes we ignore things because they are unpleasant. But for the most part, most of us tend to be willing to accept that we don’t know everything, that some of what we go off of is strictly belief.

I’m not here to manipulate anyone, lol. If you don’t believe in Larry it’s no skin off my nose. Just don’t be a dick, you know? 😂

meri47  asked:

If you get the time, what would Garak think of the regency romance fiction tropes?


Honestly, I think he’d find a lot of them unsettlingly familiar. Slanted though a human perspective, yes, but the early Cardassian Union had similarly strict social classes - still does, in fact - much political and social backbiting and jockeying for position and a lot of arranged marriages/marriages for money or advantage. The milieu of the Regency is one Garak would find almost Cardassian in its evasive politeness covering nasty truths, the shadow of imperialism always present but not in full bloom yet, the emphasis on conversation over the physical elements of love and passion. In many ways, I think reading a Regency novel would be quite an interesting experience, because a lot of the elements are familiar, if slightly askew, from early Union writing on Cardassia. We know Garak enjoys a good cerebral comedy of manners - the form dominates his interactions with Julian and his behaviour in general seems shaped by it. So, yeah, for the most part, I think he’d rather enjoy the genre. That being said…

The prevalence of ingénues as heroines might start to get a bit wearing after a while. As might the fact that, even when you have more strong-willed, decided heroines such as Elizabeth Bennet, Emma Woodhouse and so on and so forth, scheming is still regarded with some distaste. Your average Cardassian female lead in an early-Union novel is much more like Mary Crawford or Caroline Bingley than Fanny Price or pretty much any of the Bennet sisters. As romances, too, he might find them rather…unfinished. I tend to write Cardassia as having gone through a period of government-assigned pairing in order to get the birth-rate up during the first century of the Cardassian Union (say, 1846-1913). This officially ended in 1913 due to a combination of cronyism in the committee responsible for pairing, various political manoeuvrings I will not go into here, the fact that the birth-rate was starting to reassert itself and eugenics was still strongly associated with the old Hebitian society, which tended to enforce its class-stratification through a form of selective breeding, leading to even greater destruction during the period of climate change that brought an end to the Hebitian era. (The Hebitians might not be quite the military expansionists modern Cardassians are, but they weren’t quite as rosy as their remaining devotees choose to picture them, either, and given Cardassia’s fairly isolationist position during this period, I figured the roots of their later xenophobia were probably already there.) After the abolition of state-enforced pairings, however, most families at all levels of society preferred to arrange matches to secure advantage for the family and state. As such, until about 1970 on Cardassia the prevailing - indeed, one of the only state-approved - form of romance was the ‘Virtuous Romance’. These were…somewhere between Regency romances and Victorian-era Improving Literature, and tended to follow lovers from the moment they met until their deaths, with most of the actual romance taking place after they were already married because…well, many couples before state-pairing was abolished had never met before they found themselves suddenly engaged, and this heavily affected romantic tropes and conventions for a long time afterwards. That human romances tend to end with the wedding might take some getting used to.

There’s also the gender thing. Cardassian society has many, many flaws, but it’s never really had the issues with women that human society does because…well, honestly, I think they started as a matriarchy. Again, going back to the Hebitians, but that was a society dominated by women who were expected to be scientists, engineers, scholars et cetera. Men, on the other hand…well, there was the army, there was labour, you found some men in the arts. You found a few male scientists, just as you found a few women in the army, but it was always a rare thing, and it was much harder for a man to rise in the sciences than for a woman to rise in the military. Much of this has been maintained on Cardassia to the modern day, albeit unofficially. The sciences are still seen as a feminine preserve, men still dominate the army. The difference being, now the military is in charge, but that matriarchal past still has influence in terms of the fact that you will see far more female Guls and Legates than you will prominent male scientists and doctors. As such, the whole notion that it would be degrading for a gentlewoman to work is not something Garak will immediately pick up on, because while he has been exposed to several cultures, his experiences with humans have mostly been under the Federation, which seems very egalitarian in this regard. Human history is not his specialty, especially human social history, because cultured and well-educated as Garak is - quite a feat, considering this seems to have been an area in which he is entirely self-educated - he does not have time to discover the full social history of every species in the quadrant. He may research more as he starts talking to Bashir, but the viewpoint of a society where everyone is expected to serve the state before all else will make the idle gentry of the Regency quite difficult for him.

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would u mind sharing ur thoughts on sexism in sjm books? particularly tog series, cause i got that vibe throughout but i can't articulate it smh

*this took me two days to properly respond to and everything is a mess but below the cut are my very scattered thoughts on the messiness that is the sexism/white feminism of throne of glass

At the surface of the series, Throne of Glass is a feminist story featuring a young girl who is as comfortable with her appearance as she is with her sword, makes friendships with other female characters, and later moves on the become a queen. But that’s all the surface, and the feminism this series prides itself on is more of a disguise than anything.

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