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Taemin in Milano, summer 2016. Please share your opinion on white fairy prince amidst fashionable designers with loud names and dirty intentions😘

I have many, many thoughts on that cursed day but most of them can be summarized into “I want to die but at least I look gr8″ anyway

it’s like they somehow managed to get a god to visit earth and are all fussing around him while he just

he just wants out and away from those lousy humans please help him

please save him

If I see this trash in japan…. 殺したい
Adults shouldn’t look like monsters from children’s books. Japan should be against this 100%. How disrespectful and improper for a Coming Of Age ceremony.

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I'd love your advice. I consider myself a pretty girl, I take good care of myself and pride in my appearance. But these girls I see on your blog are absolute bombshells, 10/10! How does one go from pretty to bombshell? How do I take myself to the next level?

 Interesting question. I’ve never really been aware that I’ve been reblogging said women, mostly out of love for their hair and makeup if anything. You have to be aware that a lot of the women you see are highly edited and made over. Nobody is a bombshell as they arise. You are probably gorgeous. Anyway, I’ll answer your question.

I feel like the bombshell look is all about balance more than it is about beauty. For instance, Amy below is a gorgeous girl. But her ratty tangled hair, poor highlighting technique  and nasty tan really take away any bombshell vibes.

Above is another picture of Amy looking much better. The hair is professionally colored, vibrant, her outfit is nice and suits her figure, her manicured nails are nice, skin looks fresh and healthy. There is balance.

Work with what you have. For instance, Erica Mena has always had plenty of hair,  full lips and soft sultry eyes. . But below the makeup is off and doesn’t bring too much attention to her. The orange brassy colors and the shine in her hair is very distracting.

Below are more pictures of Erica. She looks flawless. Her hair is layered and colored beautifully, eyebrows did, nails did. Makeup is natural and light, no heavy eyeshadows. She seems to have opted for eyelash extensions which is good as she has gorgeous slanted eyes. Bringing attention to them do wonders for her.  Pay attention to details.

Someone who I think is always on bombshell mode is Miss Usa contestant Nana Meriwhether. I love observing beauty queens, they’re kinda trained to be on their best 24/7 as a form of marketing somewhat. Her face is lovely. Makeup, natural looking. Pitchblack hair which brings attention to her dark eyes. She also has a classy way of dressing and posing which makes her stand out.

A bombshell look is about naturally standing out. It’s all about making the most out of small details. Don’t feel you must rush to the surgeon’s office first thing. Optimize what you have and make it stand out more. Keep up with the ‘little’ things(fabulous hair,skin care, makeup technique, nails, scent, clothing maintenance, fashion, hygiene) and the rest will take care of itself.

Take it slow, maybe play with your hair one month,the other focus on your skin. Above  all , adore yourself and that’ll radiate strongly.

Scars Don’t Define You.

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Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Insecurities/Self-consciousness, mentions of surgery.

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  could you write a one-shot where the reader is insecure about showing a scar from surgery to anyone and bucky reassures her about it? i know it’s silly but i had emergency surgery last year and i really don’t like the idea of showing the scar to anyone

Note: It’s not silly if that’s how you feel, nothing is silly if it’s something that troubles you and that you struggle with xx

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