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the only correct way to play the vineyard scene in the musical is for hanschen to be so flustered by how goddamn cute ernst is that he loses control of his mouth and starts saying the weirdest shit and then proceeds to completely freak out while ernst isn’t looking


I want to draw them again in alternate setting T_T I want to draw them playing DoTA together where Zheng Xi is the one with the highest level and He Tian being the noob. I want to draw Jian Yi being hardcore naruto fan and force Guanshan to accompany him cosplaying in an otaku con T,T 

But mid semester exam is on going right now, gotta get myself a good grade or no graduation *sobs in the corner


These two are so likeable that I can’t just color one in. (ノ_ _)ノ

Have poor awkward son and blushie food junkie.

(;-◞౪◟-)  Ch.7′s a doozie. We’ll post it in like a day, but have these for now

Cuddles and Teddy Bears

Word Count: 1679

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Unbeta’d. Mistakes are mine. Written for @impalaimagining ‘s cheesy pickup line challenge. Prompt was: “I lost my teddy bear, can I cuddle you instead?” 

“Jensen you don’t have to stay with me. Really. I’m OK.” Another wave of dizziness hit you right at that moment and you gripped the handle inside the SUV. Your 5-year-old daughter, Lily, sat between Jensen and you, swinging her legs and humming while Clif drove you home from the hospital.

You’d taken a nasty fall filming a scene. Jensen was supposed to grab you and stop you from falling. Instead, he grabbed you and tickled you, forcing you to launch yourself away. You were attached to bungee cords in the event that he missed, but the cords malfunctioned and you fell several feet flat on your back, neck, and head.

“You’re not OK.” Jensen argued. “And I’m the reason you got hurt on set so the least I can do is stay the night. Plus someone needs to help with Lily. You can’t handle her alone right now. Not with all the pain medication they gave you plus all the pain you’re gonna be in when they wear off.” Damn him. He was right, you hadn’t thought about that. That was the crappy side of being a single parent, you didn’t have anyone to watch her if things went bad.

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Pacey–I mean, is a lot of things– impulsive, thoughtless, stubborn– but after everything that’s happened this year, can you honestly doubt for a second… That he doesn’t truly care about you?

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No More Secrets (M)

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Warning: Oral, smut.

Requested by: Anonymous

I’ll be a bitch here and want to request something.. this is no good but maybe a nasty-smutty scene with suga while his gf’s present and she’s actually one of my good friends? :)))))))))))))))))

Bodies pressed close enough together that a piece of paper wouldn’t have slipped from between them, drinks sloshing over the edges of plastic cups, music blaring loudly enough that you felt the bass vibrating your bones. You huffed a sigh, taking a small sip of the now-warm rum and coke you’d been nursing for a good hour and a half. The only reason you were here was because of your best friend, Eunji, who decided to host a spur of the moment, “small get together”. There were more people cramped into her small house than you’d met in your entire life.

The worst part of it was that Eunji was one of the only people you knew, and you hadn’t seen her since she greeted you with a hug at the door almost two hours ago, leaving you to stand awkwardly next to the table of liquor and pop bottles, glancing around to try and find her.  The task was difficult enough, but it was made near impossible with the way the multi-coloured lights flashed and danced across the room, occasionally pointing directly into your eyes and momentarily blinding you.

A finger tapped on your shoulder and you swung your head in one direction, then the other, before settling on Yoongi, Eunji’s boyfriend’s, smiling face. It felt like a rock the size of your fist had dropped from your throat and landed in the pit of your stomach, staring at him for a few seconds too long before you were finally able to force your mouth to form a returning smile.

He leaned in closer to you, the tip of his nose bumping against the shell of your ear as he raised his voice enough to be heard over the music. “You don’t look like you’re having much fun.”

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Beautiful....curves and all.

Request from @gayvvarden:Hi hey I’m back (-; This time with a request! I was wondering if you could write a Killian x reader (or Killian x pan x reader! I don’t mind) where the reader is plus sized? (Preferably not just “chubby” but I’ll take what I can get lol) the plot is up to you, but I’m in desperate need of this as there’s hardly any around (: Thank youxx

Note: Hope this is okay! <3

Killian Jones x PlusSize!Reader

Words: 1,522

Warnings: Hurtful comments thrown at the reader in regards to her weight and look.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Words could hurt….badly. You had learned that throughout your life in the Enchanted Forest and when you went into adulthood it was no better. With the Princesses that so often visited this realm the majority of its residents seemed to have it in their head that woman should be ‘skinny and pretty’ – a rather chauvinistic view but then when males outnumbered the females here it became something that was pretty much set in concrete.

If you didn’t fit that mould then, well, you weren’t deemed worthy enough to even be spoken to with an ounce of respect and as for people taking you seriously? Not a chance! You couldn’t even try and make an honest living working from a market stall without taunts being thrown at you left, right, and centre.

“Don’t know why you’re expecting anyone to buy anything from you….you think they want to risk looking like you?”

You’d had negative comments thrown at you your whole life and although they still hurt like a dagger to the chest you had quickly learned to let them slide over you as best you could so when the latest one came your way you simply quirked an eyebrow at the male.

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