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EXO Boyfriend Aesthetic ~ City/Millionaire Boy | Kim Jongdae

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  • Everyone knows his name but they hardly know what he looks like, he doesn’t like going out in public for the criticism the public throws at him for having so much money at such a young age and his family has such a bad influential background involving money.
  • Jongdae actually spends all his money on charities for children, people who’s sick and endangered animals; also the local parks where he likes to spend his time when the rest of the city is busy.
  • Always helps out with nature projects in the local area and keeps finding himself staring at the same girl who’s always rambling to her other friends how this new project will really benefit the park.
  • Starts to get too nervous to talk to you over time because he thinks that you might be one of the judgmental people and he doesn’t want to make himself to feel a fool.
  • Little does he know you think he’s cute despite your friends and family telling you the nasty and untrue rumors about him.
  • Jongdae finally gathers the nerve to talk to you and you’re actually surprised he talked to you. 
  • He asks you out for a coffee later in the week and you obviously say yes (I would tbf) and he gets really nervous about it closer to the day.
  • About 10 months later you’ve moved in together and your apartment is just exactly how your dream one would look like way before you both started dating. 
  • You gave Jongdae a scolding because you had agreed when you first started dating that he wasn’t allowed to spoil you every time he tried to.
  • I wanted to treat the person I love in the most perfect and memorable way.”

There have been some nasty rumors circulating around the internet that the Long Lines Building – the tall, completely windowless concrete building located at 33 Thomas St. in Manhattan – contains a secret NSA spying facility. Well I, reliable writing person Aaron Kheifets, am here to tell you 1) that is most certainly not the case, and 2) this is definitely me writing this.

Many of you have probably never even noticed the giant nuclear-warhead-proof concrete obelisk that looms over downtown Manhattan – it’s easy to miss.

It’s even easier to miss at night, because there are no lights on it, so it is like a giant black shadow in the sky.

In fact, The New York Times once said that it “blends into its surroundings more gracefully than does any other skyscraper in this area.” Does that sound like a top-secret spying facility to you? Certainly not! Where would James Bond park his Aston Martin? That’s what spies are like, and that isn’t what this place is.

There has been some speculation about what goes on inside the building, which I think is silly, because it’s just a normal building where normal things happen. But you can’t stop people from wondering! (Both in the legal and logistical senses.) There are a lot of perfectly reasonable uses for this enormous tower that have nothing to do with spying. For example …

No, Spies Aren’t Using That Windowless Tower In New York

Do you remember those nasty rumors about Louis’ health the last few months, everyone comparing those photos of him from before and how he had looked gaunt and tired?

And Jay immediately tweeted ‭that her boy was fine but God she knew her boy was suffering right alongside her but she still took the time to comfort others.

She was such a light, my condolences to the entire Tomlinson/Deakin family.

What happens in D&D when your character dies

There’s a post circling around where someone asks what happens if your character in D&D dies. The most popular responses on that post are “you die in real life” and “the DM shoots you like a horse.” Many comments on that post are variations on this idea of dying in real life or violent stuff happening. 

While I know you’re all joking, there’s a significant part of the population that DOES NOT KNOW YOU ARE ALL JOKING. At the very least, a lot of people are confused and think that if your character dies you have to leave the game and can’t rejoin. Some are nervous that weird or violent things might happen in real life if that happens. There’s a significant portion of people who don’t know D&D, or only heard the nasty rumors growing up (thanks to the Satanic Panic, Mazes and Monsters, etc.), and genuinely wanna know what happens if your character dies in D&D. There is a long and nasty history of “you gotta leave the game now and never speak to us again” or “you can come back if you do [insert morally dubious thing here]” associated with D&D.

Long story short: D&D is not a competitive game where if your character dies, you are “out” of the game. If your character dies, you simply create a new character and keep participating in the story. It’s that simple. Some games allow resurrection spells to be used in game to revive dead characters, some don’t. A player might feel a little sad, especially if they’ve been using that character for a while, but they get over it and make a new character.

For fuck’s sake Jack Chick died last year can these “you die in real life” rumors finally be put to rest alongside his corpse.

For more explanation of why so many people have these weird ideas about D&D, go under the read-more cut: 

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It’s been five long years with these boys and I’m so grateful to be apart of this fandom we being through alot of shit together twitter wars crying over the fact that are favorite has cheated on us laughing making jokes working hard to make sure our boy’s are #1 going through the nasty Rumors losing zayn but all that has made us stronger and we will always be the baddest bitches here’s to five more years!!!!

BTOB: an MC saying something inappropriate about their s/o on air

Eunkwang: would not hesitate to fire back with something insulting. He’d be calm and cool while doing it, but on the inside he’s raging. He can’t believe someone dared to mention his s/o on air without warning, and saying something so inappropriate. He was the leader, and he was not gonna let this slide. Might end the interview early even if he’ll get in big trouble.

Minhyuk: would be shocked at first when they even mention your name at all. They’d be asking about a nasty rumor they heard about you, and Minhyuk had enough. He’d ask over and over again why they would be so rude and disrespect you like that. He wouldn’t stop until someone tries to calm him down or pull him to the side and talk him out of doing something stupid.

Changsub: also would be the type to fire something back that’s equally insulting. If it had been about a rumor, he’d be snarky and say he heard a nasty rumor about the mc. Though, everyone would be able to tell that he looks angry even though he’s laughing- he’s practically shaking with anger and might say something he’ll regret if someone doesn’t stop him.

Hyunsik: when he heard your name come out of that disgusting perv, he might lose it and jump out of his seat, ready to attack. He’d just said something about the way looked in a revealing outfit, and Hyunsik was ready to throw some hands. Someone would definitely have to pull him back bc he’d be the type to be blinded by rage. He’d only calm down if the interviewer apologized or says it was a joke.

Peniel: whoever said something about you better watch out bc he’ll get violent out of nowhere. Like Minhyuk, he’d ask why the Mc even mentioned your name. Then if he says something inappropriate again, he might also get out of his chair and confront the Mc. Or he might just end up walking out of the interview, not really wanting to start something and get in trouble.

Ilhoon: he’ll pretend as if he didn’t hear them. “Sorry? What was that? I know I didn’t just hear you say that, right?” He’d shake his head and laugh, unable to believe someone could be so rude to you without you even being there. He’ll throw some insults at him, slyly, not wanting to start an argument on live air. But he’ll definitely say something like, “well, I’m luckiest man alive.” “I guess you just feel bad that you don’t have anyone, sucks to be you” to piss them off.

Sungjae: would probably look at his hyungs like ‘is he supposed to say their name? What’s going on?’ First he’d be confused bc Eunkwang didn’t tell him that you were gonna be a part of the interview. But when he saw his hyung shake his head in confusion, Sungjae would remain calm but he’s furious on the inside. He’d be professional for the sake of the group, but he’d make sure to tell him off, “let’s not say something that we’ll regret, alright?”

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Some rumored Suicide Squad deleted scenes (Harley/Joker):

  1. “Joker and Harley then get into a fight, which ends with Harley pointing a gun at Joker’s head. Joker sweet-talks Harley into lowering the gun, charming her, then backhands her across the face. Afterwards he sweet-talks her again and they kiss.”
  2. “Joker and Harley get into an argument after he rescues her in the hijacked helicopter. In early cuts he reportedly pushes her out to kill her, then the helicopter gets shot down. This was apparently reworked into the helicopter getting shot down first and Joker pushing her out to save her.”
  3. “Joker returns during the final battle in the subway station, face half-burnt from the helicopter crash, which apparently leads to a brief altercation with the Squad. He calls for Harley to escape with him but she refuses for once in order to help her friends, and the Joker escapes after throwing a live grenade at the group to cover his own escape.”
  4. “Removed several scenes with the Joker to repaint his relationship with Harley as more loving rather than abusive.”

Their relationship is so abusive and it is damaging that they tried to make it seem loving by taking out the straight up physical abuse and leaving in the psychological abuse, which isn’t as blatant and would have some not thinking anything of it. If you’re going to have Harley/Joker together then you show how it really is abusive physically and mentally, or don’t have them together at all (which is what I wanted cause fuck the Joker). I think another important scene that should have been kept is #3 where Harley acts out against the Joker and chooses to help her friends because it would show her overcoming his abuse and control and making her own decisions.

But overall, it’s horrible that they removed scenes in order to make their relationship seeming loving when it’s not. He’s an abusive asshole and he treats her like an object or a possession.

[scenes source]

there’s some nasty ass rumors going on about Michael, which I wont say because the subject itself is a sensitive topic to me, but believe me when I tell you I will fight until my last breath for this boy, he’s not okay, just like some of us in the fam, he went to therapy for god sakes, and now this awful thing?!?!

this boy has been nothing but fucking incredible to us sure he’s not a saint but he is not a fucking demon he is not a monster, he’s the most sweetest person walking on this earth he is literal light he is the best thing I personally could ask for in my life

this boy loves us so fucking much and as the fam we are we need to fucking square up and show him we love him more than we could ever fathom explaining 

Michael is the literal epitome of bad things happening to good people

look at him he’s the most beautiful thing ever and the fact anyone would say something so disgusting about him makes me cry because he’s my happiness and when he’s not happy, or okay, neither am I

he’s an actual human being with feelings he’s not heartless guys, show him endless love, just like we would with any other one of the boys I made a post defending calum and I’ll do it again defending michael because these boys are harmless and too good for this cruel world human beans 

fucking tell me he doesn’t care about the fans, fucking tell me he doesn’t care or is a bad guy and I will shove the receipts up your ass it’ll come back out from your mouth 

for those who dont know michael recently said, “People shouldnt have to starve themselves to fit someone else’s idea of beautiful. Everyone’s fucking beautiful!” so how are you gonna tell me this boy is the bad guy and a monster when he’s teaching us to self love ourselves, when he sticks by our side through thick and thin 

like I said I will defend this boy with all my heart so dont you come to me since im such a fucking michael stan and make up bull shit about him and out him down for having mental problems

he is beautiful inside and out, if he’s hurting than I’m hurting, so if you fuck with him, you fuck with me and i’ll protect him

so yup michael’s defense squad 2k15, 2k16, 2k17, and many more years to come

end of motherfucking rant.

TF2 X Overwatch Headcannons

Tracer’s old Next door Neighbor

Soldier #75

Mei’s homosexual brother (The family doesn’t talk about him much)

Was classmates with Torbjörn Lindholm while studying abroad for his 10th PhD

Zarya’s favorite uncle.

A twice removed relative of Junkrat, and also his drinking buddy before the Australia incident.

Mercy was his apprentice while studying modern nano-medicine.  Her staff pays homage to his accomplishments and teachings.

Widowmaker’s first fling before being married to Gérard Lacroix. He taught her the basics of hunting with a rifle, but in the end the breakup was nasty.

No known relationships; rumor has it he regularly infiltrates Talon to keeps eyes on the rest of the world.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling this way.


I’ve felt this way for a LOOOOONG time.

Did I want the “nasty rumors” to be true? OF COURSE NOT!

Did I want to dislike TF as much as I do? OF COURSE NOT!

But they were true, and it’s not looking good for him either, so… all I can say is


I know this is cliche, but this band saved mine and a lot of people’s lives. So, this change, back when it started in July, gutted me.

And then to be ridiculed and labeled as a conspiracy theorist fucking pissed me off because the evidence was overwhelming and people were willfully ignorant.

But… whatever. My special boy is happy doing what he wants to do and that’s all I can ask for.

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He also admitted to pretty much being put over your knee before... and he's been bad, sir, so do it again. We all want you to

Omega looks over his shoulder at the dark hallway not moving from where he stood, speaking to the voice. “Watch your tone, or I’ll have you both over my knee into next week.” a smirked played about his lips at the thought though. Had his dearest Papa really missed him like so? He had heard things being spread, such nasty rumors. Omega knew he was the only one who could save Papa. He would make sure Papa would not forget this time. The ghoul continues down the hallway to @askpapaemeritusiii ‘s door, knocking heavily upon it. 

You know it’s funny how some Barisi shippers like to point out that Rob Cohen ships them therefore it will happen. But Rob has likes a number of tweets favoring both Barson and Rollisi in a romantic sense. The guy is playing shippers and is fueling shipping fights. He isn’t anyone’s ally here.

Also let me remind all the folks so convinced Barisi will happen. Raul ships Barson. He plays Barba has someone who has feelings for Benson! This has been confirmed multiple times. That doesn’t mean you can’t ship your ship but stop kidding yourself that it will be canon.

Barisi shippers, some of you are mean little trolls. You single out someone who doesn’t like your ship and then spread nasty ugly rumors about them. You need to get over yourselves. Stay in your corner and do your thing. Learn to turn the other damn cheek. There are things worth raging over and someone bashing your ship isn’t one.

The Elusive Bachelor

Steve Rogers is tired of how the world depicts his lover of 3 years as an eligible yet elusive bachelor. He is tired of hearing the nasty rumors and accusations about him. He is tired of just acting as a teammate and friend, to uphold his so-called image as the embodiment of the nation. He is tired of not being able to do regular couple stuff in public with his lover. But most of all, he is tired of pretending that he does not feel possessive and jealous at all, as he watch the attempts of countless women and men, alike, as they shamelessly flirt and seduce his lover, thinking that they have a chance to tame the so-called elusive bachelor.

And so, this is how Steve Rogers aka Captain America announced to the entire world that genius, ex-playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and Iron Man, himself, Tony Stark is his lover.


Best friend appreciation post

I met ash cash about two months into our freshman year of high school. I was extremely anti social but we ultimately started talking because of our hatred for math and constantly failing every test😂 Anyway we didn’t actually become super close until the summer before Sophomore yr. We hung out a whole lot and by the time school started I was closer with her than anyone else in my school. Fast forward to 2017. I never would of thought we’d end up as besties looking back. Especially with all those nasty rumors i was hearing about her freshman year. But our hatred for one specific person brought us closer that summer 💀 and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. Even through our rough patches, we can still rely on each other and I hope we never lose contact I. The years to come.✨💖 @ashleytaughtme I love you budday💫

Pay The Price 01 (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

Pay The Price 02

Here it comes! My first Victor Zsasz x Reader Fan Fiction. Smut will occur in soon. xP Nevertheless… Please enjoy the story! 

Summary: That bitch had to disappear. Your whole life she made your life a living hell. It was enough. She had to pay! And who would be a better man for this kind of job than Zsasz? 

Warnings: None (yet…)

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I just need to keep looking at Malec gifs and reading fanfic till my broken Robron heart doesn’t hurt anymore!

Yep, these helped me get those nasty images and spoiler rumors out of my head! Thank you, Malec!!!

Here fandom…have some beautiful Malec to help with your broken hearts!

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