nasty nine


i’ll still be hyping this up when i’m 80 years old and scrolling through tumblr in my wheelchair

okay, here’s the deal – ur local opossum is officially sick. swollen throat, nasty cough, the whole nine yards. idk what cursed me but I’m both mad & resigned to my fate. HOWEVER, I’m feeling heaps better mentally than whatever attack I had earlier so after some dinner and medicine, I’ll probably be here for a little while before I crash again. 

Nasty Nasty "Knock" MV Story Line Guide.

for those of you who still don’t get what’s happening in the video. Here is what I see happening in the mv. enjoy reading this long post. ^^

Kyungri found videos of her boyfriend Kevin with another girl -> Sojin.

Kevin walks in and see that she found the tapes. she ignores him.

Kevin walks out and is mad that he got caught by Kyungri.

decides to go hang out with Sojin instead… maybe that’ll distract him abt Kyungri finding out his cheating ways.

fed up Kyungri, finally had enough of watching the two cheaters and start raging her anger out.

Kevin & Sojin finally got to where they were driving to.

meanwhile Kyungri falls miserably on the floor, after the rage.

while at the party Kevin & Sojin seems to be enjoying each other and fool around.

Kyungri don’t know what to do at this point.

getting ready to hook up with Sojin.. Kev had second thoughts.

but still loves having sojin's company.

Kyungri at home imagining what Kev & Sojin is doing at the moment.

She couldn’t take it anymore and decides to drown her pain away.

meanwhile Kevin trying to get freaky..

but the guilt about him cheating on Kyungri has finally hit.

All he kept seeing was Kyungri every where, when he’s with Sojin.

them being white clothes. is a flash back of their “happy” time together as a couple, being in love.


Hope ya enjoyed. lol