nasty men

Remember, if you’re a man who happens to have a vagina you’re still a man. Nothing can change that. Those signs are wrong. And people trying to assign you the label of ‘women’ for having a vagina are wrong.

You are male and you look super cute today.

im literally in awe of how straight up disrespectful & nasty men are when they talk abt women, even when they’re trying to be affectionate? it’s so sad honestly and im beyond the point where i should be surprised/disappointed by it but i still am anyway

Swedish period vocabulary

Inspired by @speutschlish‘s Spanish menstrual vocabulary 

(ett) blod (uncountable) - blood

(en) flytning, -ar - menstrual discharge

(en) humörsvängning, -ar - mood swing

(en) livmoder, livmödrar - uterus

(en) mens (uncountable) - period

(en) menscykel, menscyklar - menstrual cycle

(en) menskopp, -ar - menstrual cup 

(en) menstruation, -er - menstruation

(en) mensvärk, -ar - period cramps

(en) sanitetsbinda/dambinda/binda, -or* - menstrual pad

(ett) trosskydd, trosskydd - panty liner

(ett) snöre, -n - string

(en) tampong, -er - tampon

(en) tampong med applikator, tamponger med applikatorer - tampon with applicator

(ett) toxiskt chocksyndrom/toxic shock syndrome/ (en) tampongsjuka - Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

(en) vetekudde, -ar - wheat sack

(ett) ägg, ägg - (reproductive) egg

(en) ägglossning, -ar/ovulation, -er - ovulation

att absorbera - to absorb 

att blöda - to bleed

att blöda igenom - to bleed through (your underwear) 

att byta tampong/binda - to change tampon/pad

att ha mens - to be on ones period

att ha mensvärk - to have period cramps

att ha ont - to be in pain

att läcka - to leak

att sätta in en tampong - to put in a tampong

att ta ut en tampong - to take out a tampon

*They all mean the same thing but binda is the most common, you would practically never say the others

Diary of a Black Male: Entry #42

After you spend so much time around another person you start to expect certain things from them and at some point it becomes routine and your body just starts to react to it without you noticing it. My ex had been in an abusive relationship before we started dating. For the first couple months she would always flinch. She would flinch whenever I reached for something or flinched whenever I made any sudden movements. She even flinched a few times I was trying to hug her. For awhile I had to tell her what the hell I was going to do before I did anything so she wouldn’t be so afraid. She said I loved on her too aggressively. After a while that shit really started to annoy me because I couldn’t shake her from that habit.

A few months past and she eventually worked her way out of it. Our relationship grew stronger and eventually we moved in together– cohabitating or whatever. everything was all good. We spent so much time together. We had Red Box movie night. wings night, seafood night, and we even had our occasional night of Thai food ever so often. We really didn’t have a lot of friends so we would just chill at the crib and pop a bottle of wine– just the two of us. Those night got kind of crazy. One time we mix wine and alcohol. We were on a whole-nother level. Sex was A1 that night. She got stupid nasty that night. 

After that it really got to see how crazy she was though– in a good way. She was a real freak. Sometimes it really got out of hand. I was fingering her and I had to have all but my thumb in there digging her out and she grabs my hand and forces it up in there screaming harder. I’m just like gotdamn– my whole as hand though. Oh and one time I was in there with my ring and middle finger– tell me why she tried to break my shit. She tried to shove my hand up in there. My nigga, I’ve got a pinky and index finger too. I’m just like damn hold up! But this was nothing though. Like she freaky as hell. 

One day we were in Pet Smart and shit. It was over the summer. It was hot as fuck outside. I remember because she had on a sundress with nothing on underneath and I was watching that ass giggle when she walked. I was wearing a tank top and hooping shorts. On this particular day I wasn’t wearing compression shorts underneath– I had on those thin ass cotton boxers that kinda fit like shorts. So anyway, we walking around looking at shit for her aquarium. She bent over to look at a log for the tank or whatever. She’s looking at different shit then she calls me over there and asked me if I like the lil thing or whatever. So I’m looking and shit then she pulls me closer. Meanwhile she squatting and shit at this point. I guess she could see my dick through my shorts or whatever but she puts her mouth on the tip of my dick and started sucking my dick through my shorts. I shout out this sarcastic ass “chill” and she kept playing, then this old white lady walked past and she got up and started laughing. I swear the look on that white lady face though. 

I remember another time we where in line at the store or whatever. We were getting a few things to eat for the night. I was going to cook for her of course but anyway. We in line and I just so happen to be wearing the same type of underwear from that time at Pet Smart. She was standing in front of me in line rubbing her ass on my dick. I kept telling her to quit and once she felt my dick she gasped and was like “ohh, you nasty” and walked away– at this point my shit semi-hard and you definitely make out an entire penis. At first I was trying to hide it but the I was like fuck it, act cool, maybe no one would notice. The lady at the register saw my shit and she tried so hard not to make eye contact with me.I was just like fuck it, she saw it now.

So we get in the car and shit and she places her hand on my thigh then she moved it closer and closer until she felt my dick then act surprise when she felt a penis and gone tell me I’m nasty. I told her what the fuck she did in the store and how the cashier was looking. She start laughing and shit and was like maybe she thought you stole a hot pocket. My nigga, what! Did you just compare my dick to a damn hot pocket! 

But anyway, she be doing all this freaky shit in public. She was always reaching for my dick. Now every time women get close to me I either lean forward or slap their hand away because I think they bought to grab my dick. I’m so serious. This shit happens all the time. I don’t even have to think about it to do it. Let me be in the car with a chick and she reaches for something. My first instinct now is to slap her hand. They’ll be looking at me crazy like nigga what the hell is wrong with you, then I got to be like, “damn my bad, brought back flashback” Now I think every woman trying to touch my dick. I swear we could be in the grocery store and I could have on shorts– she would start stroking my shit through my pants. 

Everybody say they want a freaky girl but nobody ever tells you want happens after y’all don’t work out. Once she make your ass nasty, you nasty for life.