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I’m just gonna sit in my corner and enjoy Bendy and the Ink Machine for what it is and completely ignore the porn.

Just.  Don’t even bring it in my direction.  Let me have this one thing

@ larries you tonight, reach yet a new low. Walking around and announcing that hating a baby is ok because ‘well everyone should be criticized’ (which what an absolute bullshit thing to say). These same Larries have gotten pissed off because they were told that they and their hate/shipping cult care not at all for Louis and what he wants or makes him happy (or Harry but this post is about Louis.)

Does Louis seem like the guy that would be OK with hating on a child? You say you care about Louis but does the louis you care about look like this:

or this:

or this:

Or this:

or this:



If the Louis you claim to care about is the one you see in the photos then you must also acknowledge that the same Louis in those photos are in these:

(hugging Niall)

(Kissing the top of his girlfriends head)

(carrying his newborn son out of a doctors office)

And last but not least:

Cradling his newborn son close to his chest and gazing down lovingly at him.

You can not hate on this baby boy: Freddie Reign Tomlinson

His SON, if you gave a shit about what Louis wanted or what made him happy. He loves Freddie, he has asked that you at least be respectful of Freddie yet you have announced that you have every right to hate his son. 

So Larries. You can not hate Freddie and love Louis. You can not call Freddie names and turn around and call yourself a fan of his father Louis Tomlinson. You either hate this child and Louis  or you love Louis and at the very least RESPECT his child. There isn’t any room in between.

Make up your mind because someone who would hate on a child isn’t a fan Louis would ever want.


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Treasure Planet!AU in which Keith and Shiro are brothers, orphaned at a young age and basically being into shady business until they get their hands on a map that leads to Treasure Planet, a planet filled to the brim with real good quintessence! (and gold lol) All aboard the RLS VOLTRON please!

Keith is basically Jim Hawkins, not knowing where he truly belongs
Shiro just wants to see his lil bro happy
Lance is the first-mate in training, clearly interested in the cabin boy with many talents ;-)))
Pidge is the witty engineer
Hunk is the cook AND mechanic!! amazing!
Allura is the bamfest captain there is

…and Coran is the astronomer who pays for all this shit!

Of course, there are also some nasty Galra guys hidden as crew members on board, wanting the quintessence all for themselves ┗(`皿´)┛!

Imagine: Being the Jokers Daughter and going with him to buy the Purple Lamborghini

You and your father sat in the back of the SUV, when you saw the peer you knew you it was almost time. You couldn’t wait to see the new car. Your father told you every inch was custom made for him. You pictured joy rides and heists and batman chasing it, you were practically bouncing up and down in your seat. After days of trying to convinced your father to let you come with him he finally gave in. He put his hand on your shoulder and turned you away from the window to face him.

“Sweetheart remember what I told you. These deals are filled with nasty guys. Stay close to Frost and I…. but especially me.”

You rolled your eyes at your father, being over protective as usual and smirked at him “but you’re in this deal, are you saying you’re a nasty guy?”

“Besides me always besides me. And wipe that smirk off your pretty little face.” He pinched your cheek before leaning forward and whispering something to Frost.

You saw two men standing by your fathers boat waiting for his arrival. The men were menacing looking and their stares made you uncomfortable at first. They quickly turned their gazes away from you when your father put his arm around you. Being the jokers daughter had its perks and down sides, the immediate respect you got was a perk.

Your father and you boarded the boat with the men as Frost took the steering wheel and headed towards the other side of Gotham. You watched as the three men stood on the front of the boat discussing business you didn’t care about. You just wanted to experience the actual deal go down and get the cool car.

When the boat docked and everyone stepped out, you were led behind what looked like an abandon club. You tugged on your fathers jacket.

“The cars behind this thing?” you asked suspiciously. Your father chuckled at you inquiring.

“Yes sweetheart it’s all apart of the cover, ya see?” He pointed to the shiny vehicle as you turned the corner.

There it was. The purple lamborghini. It was decked out in pink lights for the trim, gold jesters on the wheels, white interior. You pictured your parents laughing away in it. You pictured you sneaking it out for a night on your own. Your eyes glistened when you looked at its perfection.

“Don’t get any smart ideas kid.” Frost nudged your shoulder and the two of you smirked at each other.

“I’ll just blame it all on you Uncle Johnny.” You nudged him back and he laughed a bit of a nervous laughter knowing you actually would and even if you didn’t the Joker would never blame his daughter.

“Well Mr. J? Is it everything checking out?” One of the men asked.

Your father waltzed around the car tapping the top of his cane with his finger. The men looked nervous not knowing if they were about to die or be thanked.

“Well well well, it’s purple and has four wheels….. but why oh why is the interior white?” He tapped his cane on the ground and stepped towards the men who were now shaking at the knees. “Ya know I prefer black interior” The Joker stepped closer to the men with that certain look in his eye you knew all too well. You tried to play it cool but you couldn’t contain your excitement. 

“Oh daddy it’s perfect! Just thank the guys so you can take me for a ride! I prefer the white and so will mommy!” You wrapped your hands around your fathers waist and hugged him.

“Ya hear that fella’s?” He returned the favor and hugged you, sliding his glove along your hair. “My princess just saved your main artery… why don’t you thank her huh?”

The men looked at each other and took deep breaths. “Thank you Miss” they said at the same time. “If you would like Mr. J, we have a party planned inside. A thank you for doing business with us. If you and your daughter are interested?”

The clown prince snarled in their direction. “Oh that won’t be necessar-”

“Lets go!” You interrupted your father and grabbed his wrist leading him inside. The men stood speechless for a moment at the way you were able to control him.

Inside the club was decorated in a rundown aesthetic. With caution tape and broken windows. But people were dressed up, all over the place, drinking, and dancing. You couldn’t believe it. Not only did you get to go see a deal with your father but to an after party. He pulled you right into his hip and whispered in your ear.

“Especially stay close to me in here.” You pushed him away slightly wanting to enjoy yourself. Your father walked up to random people he seemed to know and mingled… as the joker did.

You followed behind him browsing the sights. He sat down in a booth with another man and started talking more business. He kept his eye on you out of the corner of his eye. Eventually the man pulled out a suitcase exposing gold bars and cash, he took his attention off of you and called Frost over to him. Now was your chance to slip away.

You snuck through the dance crowd grabbed champagne off of the waitresses tray. You wondered through the club sipping the drink until you reached the door you came in. Another lil peak wont hurt you thought. You slipped out the door and saw the lambo. You couldn’t get over how perfect it was for your clown family. You walked over and ran your fingertips along the paint finish.

“Don’t touch what you can’t afford!” A voice called out to you. It was the man from the boat who invited you and your father to the party. He dangled the keys in his hand. “I was waiting for a moment you weren’t with the clown.”

“A moment?” You took your hand off the car and placed both around the handle of the glass.

“I saw the way you were looking at the car” he stepped closer to you “the way your eyes lit up when you went inside the club. Mr. J don’t let you out very much does he? How about that ride you wanted?”

You were embarrassed at your obvious lack of experience when it came to these things. Your parents kept you under their thumb. Not letting you indulge in the same pleasures they did. “Well it is exciting to get out ya know, but the Joker would kill ya if you drove his car before him.”

“Oh I know.” The man stepped even closer until your bodies were almost touching. “But a pretty thing like you shouldn’t be locked up. You’re like a flower that needs to boom.” He reached his hand up to your chin and lifted your head. You smacked it away and took a step back.

“I’ll bloom on my own time.” You started to walk away from him. He grabbed your arm and pulled you back suddenly making you drop your glass.

“Oh I don’t think so.” He put his fingers to your lips and you froze in fear “Getting the Jokers daughter? The ultimate forbidden fruit is too much to pass up.” You tried to push him off and gave him the right hook. He stumbled back for a moment before grabbing you with both hands. “Oh an such hard candy too” he leaned in for a kiss.

Gun shots rang through the air one after the other like rapid fire. You heard the bullets hit the new car and saw the man drop to the ground. You were finally free of his grasp and put your hand on your chest to steady your breathing.

Your father kept shooting as he walked over to the man who had taken hits to to the knees but was still trying to crawl away. Your father shot his feet several times stopping him before turning to you. He opened up his arms and you leaped into them.

“Princess this isn’t what I call staying close to me.” He whispered in your ear trying to lighten the mood after seeing you so terrified.

“I’m so sorry daddy I thought I was alone out here I just wanted to-”

“Shhh shhh sweetheart” the Joker cut you off and rubbed your back to keep you calm. “The only one that needs to apologize is him. That’s no way to treat a lady.” He looked down at the man bleeding out on the ground. And certainty not!“ He kicked the man in the ribs “My!” Another kick followed my a crack. “Daughter!” He gave his rib cage a final blow before turning back to you.

“You’re not mad at me? But the car…” you pleaded with him.

“I cannot physically be mad at you.” He growled showing his metal teeth. “And the only thing I own that I care is in perfect condition is you.” He kissed your forehead.

“Did you just compare me to a car?” You scolded him.

“Now princess excuse me, daddy is working” the joker stepped over to the man barely alive and put his foot on his throat. He pulled out his razor and flipped it open. “Now… what did I say about that main artery?” He roared with laughter as the man screamed.

Once it was over your father pulled the car keys out of the blood and opened the passenger side door for you to get in. As he stepped on the gas he grabbed your hand in his.

“You know I keep you under watch to protect you? You get that now?” He looked over at you and squeezed your hand, you knew he meant what he was saying.

“Yes daddy, and all it took was just one little homicide to prove it. Aren’t ya proud of me?” The two of you laughed the laugh father had passed down to daughter.

If anybody knows how to navigate the mall in zone 2 of the ONE demo it’d be really great for me to know because dang this is way harder than I thought and I’ve been wandering for a long time.