nasty body

Jack was a late shifter bloomer.

Sure, he got his animalistic features about the same time that the bulk of people normally got them, but he seemed absolutely incapable of shifting. He had teased Jack about good naturedly, knowing that it was a touchy subject with him, and tried to not rub it in Jack’s face that he was a rather proficient shifter that had mastered the ability when he was young.

After the SEP program they had both hoped that the weird chemicals they had been shot full of would jostle something right and give Jack his ability to shift. But even after the chemicals had settled and made them super soldiers, Jack seemed unable to shift.

“You’ll be able to one day, Jackie,” He said, toying with Jack’s tail.

“I’m giving up,” Jack had groaned, “Whatever. I have you to live vicariously through.”

Shortly after the formation of Overwatch however, something happened.

Jack actually showed up late, so he volunteered to see what had happened to the normally punctual boy-scout. When he opened Jack’s door, he was surprised to see Jack on the floor, clawing at his skin.

“Hey, hey, you okay Jackie?” He asked, slamming the door shut and hunching down by his side.

Jack groaned and the first of many wet breaks. He watched as Jack’s body distort and his skin start breaking apart and he realized that Jack was actually going through a shift… really, really slowly and by the looks of it, really, really painfully. So he did whatever budding boyfriend could do and tried to help him. He took off Jack’s clothes and pulled away at the skin falling off. When the skin clumped but refused to come off, he took out his talons and clawed away at the skin trapping Jack.

Growly as Jack continued to writhe and make small, heartbreaking pained sounds, he kept trying to help Jack along with his drawn out shift. Clawing helped, as well as talking and reassuring him that he was doing well, combing over skin that was done shifting helped keep him calm and focused.

“I’m here, Jackie, I’m here,” He said calmly.

Jack’s transformed front came out first, followed slowly by his back end. Even after all the human skin had been shed, there were still lingering wet sounds coming from within his body. He helped sooth Jack along and kept him calm through the lingering bits of the shifts, but was happy when the sounds settled and a fully shifted Jack was left there.

“Hey handsome boy,” He chuckled as he combed his fingers through Jack’s mused mane, “I guess this really makes you the golden boy now, huh?”

A handsome blonde lion, but completely exhausted and still whimpering in pain lion, rested it gloriously mane ringed head in his lap. He stroked Jack’s hair softly, telling him how proud he was of him and how good he looked and how they would get Angela to help them figure out what the hell went down to make it happen now and like that.

Despite it being his first shift, which atypically was the longest shift in most shifters lives, only last about fifteen minutes but the shift back went a hell of a lot smoother then the shift too. Then he was left with a panting, sweaty and naked Jack.

“Gabe?” Jack moaned weakly.

“Yeah, Jackie?”

“After that, I really don’t care if I shift or not, I’ll keep the cute ears and tail and be happy with them alone,” Jack groaned.

He gently pet Jack’s back until he felt strong enough and then he was a good boyfriend and helped him to the shower and get dressed again, reporting to Angela that they would be gone for the rest of the day.