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Finn ‘The Demon King’ Balor aka Balor - NSFW Alphabet

OOOOOOOOOO! So I have some Finn for my lovely followers. Now this alphabet is for the Demon King, Balor.

I tried my hardest to make it as dark as I could seeing as I dont do dark smut often. I hope you all like it.

Warnings: Mention of anal sex and some other things.

A/N: This is something new for me. I havent done any dark smut before so I hope this is good for you all.

Please let me know of any spelling or puncuation errors.

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A - Aftercare (what they are like after sex)

While Finn might be sweet, gentle and somewhat shy Balor is somewhat the same but with a lot more edge and aggressiveness.

Balor is distant after sex but that’s only because he feels as though he hurt you with his rough and aggressive ways in bed. Obviously he knows that he did not hurt you due to finn holding him in check somewhat.

You love both Finn and Balor. You like the mix you get with them. With Finn you get sweet and gentle lovemaking that makes your breath come out in low moans and your toes curl.

Balor gives you rough, bruising and hard sex. The kind that makes you arch your back to get more and scream for him to stop (Even though you know that’s the last thing you want).

After you assure him that you are completely fine and wanted it as well is when he will calm down and come back to bed. With you only can Balor smile and be sweet. He will rub all the spots he knows he put a lot of pressure and tension into. Kisses and licks will accompany the rubs. He will then tell you how much of a ‘good girl’ you were and that he was scarred he hurt his love.

B - Body Part (favorite body part of theirs and their partner’s)

Balor loves his eyes, teeth and tongue.

His eyes allow him to see every curve and dimple of your body. He likes to see all of you and know that you belong to him in that moment. He also loves when you look into his eyes and he can see the love you hold for him even though he isn’t all the way human like finn. He loves that you accept him and all his tendencies.

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His teeth allow him to bite you. The pinch of pain he inflicts on you isn’t for his benefit but for yours. With him you let go and experience everything he has to offer. The pain and pleasure. When he bites into your neck or shoulder you scream and clutch him harder. You don’t pull away when he bites and nibbles on your nipples either. If anything you pull him closer. But when he bites your clit is when you become a goddess. Your body weeps for your king and you give freely what belongs to him.

After he bites you he will lick it to sooth it and make the sting somewhat less noticeable. He will alternate from biting to licking your clit when he’s devouring you. Not because he wants to but because he knows that the mix of the sting and soothing will drive you crazy and he wants his queen to come undone for him. When you pull on his hair and push yourself unto his tongue willingly is what makes him feel powerful. He knows that with only him you will act this way. With him you will abandon all rational thought and just feel.

C - Cum (anything about cum)

Oh Balor most definitely cums inside of you.


But it’s not just in your pussy. Your mouth and ass are also blessed with his seed.

Balor isn’t the type of demon to let his seed go to waste. Period. Its an insult to him when his seed isn’t released into you because without him being inside of you he wouldn’t be able to cum and give you something he knows you enjoy more than he does.

You love balors taste. He taste like spiced peaches and rum to you. Warm and smooth he slides down your throat like a shot of alcohol. You don’t like wasting his seed either. But you’d rather him cum in your mouth where you can taste him.

D - Dirty Secret

Balor loves for you to hurt him. Biting, scratching, he loves the pain. It spurs him on for more but to also make sure that when he’s fucking you and making you scream he’s also making you scratch or bite him hard enough to draw blood.

In rare occasion he will bite you hard enough to draw blood. And when he does he will lick it up and it will make him somewhat uncontrollable. He goes into a frenzy. He wount stop fuckin you until youre out cold. Limp and exhausted. You love this because you know that Balor will get to let loose completely and youll get the fuvking of a lifetime by the demon you love.

E - Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

Oh Balor is experienced. He’s the Demon King. He’s had many women. But once he bonded with Finn you became his one and only. Every experience with you is something new. He gets to learn what his queen likes and loves, you get to experience the Demon King in his glory and see what makes him absolutely dangerous.

F - Favorite Position

The demon likes your hands bound above or behind your back with your legs wrapped around his hips, while he has you picked up and at his mercy. He likes the view of your ample breasts bouncing with every thrust and to see you looking at him with unfocused eyes and your mouth open on a silent moan or scream.

G - Goofy (are they serious in the moment or more of a sense of humor?)

Balor is all business. When you two are in bed all thoughts of gentleness and care are out the window. He wants you in a primal way. No games or jokes until after he’s had his way with you, his queen.

H - Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes?)

Since Finn and Balor share a body when they switch there are subtle differences. For Balor when he switches his skin becomes a bit more tan with a small tinge of red. His eyes take on a edginess and his body movements are predatory and calculated.

He is shaved and smooth like Finn. He likes the feeling of it being smooth.It allows him to feel you better when he is fucking you from the back and your ass is slapping against his pelvis. Or when he has you on your back and your legs are wrapped around him and he can feel your wetness against him.

I - Intimacy (how are they during the moment, romantic aspect)

Oh Balor is determined to have his queen scream his name. While he might be rough and dominate in bed he is also attentive. If he notices you seem uncomfortable or just not into it he will immediately stop and care for you. Or in some cases he will switch and let finn take over. When he cares for you more than any other he is not very good with his emotions.

J - Jack Off (Masturbation Headcanon)

Balor feels that Masturbation is for children. He is all male. And a damn king. When he wants you he will have you because he knows that you love to please your king and lover.

K - Kink (one or more of their kinks)

Obviously pain is his biggest kink. Baylor strives off and for it. But he also loves when he love him. After sex or even during when you cup the side of his face and look him in his eyes and smile and tell you you love him. Those are precious moments for him because he never thought anyone would love him the way you do.

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L - Location (favorite place to have sex)

He is a king. Anywhere he deems worthy to lay you and fuck you is his favorite. Period. He will never fuck you in front of an audience or in public. You are his. He will never share his queen.

M - Motivation (what turns him on)

Your body and how open you are to him. When you are with him you don’t hold anything back. You let him have everything you are and then some. He loves that you trust him enough to just let go and not try to be quiet or proper. Wild and unbridled passion is what you give him and he gives you the same in return.

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

N - No (what they won’t do)

Nothing. There is not a damn thing the demon won’t do. He will do any and everything to make his queen come undone.

O - Oral (preference in giving or receiving. skilled?)

Balor is the giver. Finn is the receiver. Balor’s tongue is rougher than finns because of his demon traits. So when he licks you he makes you cum immediately. You can’t help but feel the sensation of his tongue in your soul. Hes that damn good at giving you oral.

You want to give him the same attention that he gives you but you can’t due to his cock being very wide and long. His head is larger than human males and if you take it down your throat you’ll choke on him. He doesn’t want you to die while trying to please him so he forgoes getting oral.

P - Pace (rough and fast? slow and sensual?)

Rough, hard and fast are his speed. Finn wants you to feel every thrust, slap and sensation he evokes in your body and along your skin

Q - Quickies (their opinion on them)

Once again this to him is child play. Only preadolescent boys have sex quickly and sloppy. He wants you fully and for as long as he sees fit. He wants to get his full and complete fill of you.

R - Risk (are they game to experiment?)

Oh remember when I say that Balor will do any and everything to make sure you come undone? Well I wasn’t joking.

Anal is something that he knows makes you come undone. The taboo of it is enough for you but he loves to make it something you crave. With his cock being larger and wider the feeling of him in your ass makes her scream with pleasure. Every Time he is back there you think he will rip you apart but he surprisingly goes in easy and once he is in he fits like a missing puzzle piece.

Originally posted by pinkriver69

Balor has a collection of toys he likes to use on you for his pleasure and yours. Vibrators and ball gags are some of his favorites. The vibrator for your clit while he fucks your pussy or ass so that you have double the sensations and two different speeds making you come undone. When he is in a foul mode the ball gag is to quiet your moans and screams. He just wants to hear your skin and his skin slapping together and to heat your juices making noise as he thrusts inside you.

As I mentioned he likes to have you tied up. Well rope is another thing he plays with. Depending on his mood he will use it to his discretion.

Originally posted by aboutgrey

S - Stamina (how many rounds can they go? how long can they last?)

He can lasts for hours. Period. His stamina is ridiculous due to his demon heritage. Because of this Fin can also last longer than normal males.

T - Toys (own them? use them on partner/themselves?)

Balor loves to use whatever he can on you.

Finn is a bit more reserved in this area but if he knows that it will make you cum harder and drip faster he will use toys ;).

U - Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)

Oh he can tease. Balor knows that when he talks dirty to you with that accent your panties are gonna get wet.

He knows that if he touches you while describing how he’s going to fuck you you’ll moan for him.

He knows that if he’s fucking you and tells you how much of a good girl you are you’ll cream for him and scream his name as you come.

Originally posted by gothicninibalor

V - Volume (how loud are they?)

Quiet. He wants you to be the only person to hear him come undone for him. He wants you to be the only one that hears him moan and chant your name over and over.

W - WildCard (Random Headcanon)

Balor is very selfish. He doesn’t share you with anyone. But he will make an exception. He will share you if that’s what you really want. Even though you haven’t acted on it, the longer the idea is on the table the more it appeals to him.

The thought of you filled to the brim with multiple cocks and seeing you pleasure him and many makes his cock rock hard. He knows that if put in this situation that you will call him daddy to make him stand out as your protector and lover. He knows that you will ask his permission before you touch or fuck anyone else but him and that makes him feel powerful and proud. That his good girl is so obedient and loyal to him.

X - X-Ray (what’s going on under those pants?)

As stated before he is larger than human males. Longer, wider and his cock head is larger than most.

Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)

Some say that Balor is a Incubus.

Z - ZZZ (how fast do they fall asleep after)

Sleep what is that? Balor is always awake. Not only to protect you but to watch you sleep and be peaceful, which is only something he feels with you.

me, dissociating, obnoxious me1 club music playing on loop in the background: the elcor have been rubbing their bare, freaky feet-hands on every gross floor they’ve ever walked on and that makes me uncomfortable

a few PSAs
  1. ruined was a good episode
  2. tord w yellow eyes is valid
  3. albino matt is valid
  4. The Boys w sharp teeth are valid
  5. blue hoodie paul and yellow hoodie pat are valid
thank you
Bound I

A/N: “Can you do one where you find out you can talk to someone through your head and it turns out to be Harry?“ THIS WAS SUPER FUN! let me know if you guys want me to continue. Enjoy!

 It’s not typical for Y/n to bring guys home after a night out…that’s not her style. She’s old-fashioned and prefers to exchange numbers with a lad, maybe go on an actual date before she gives him a taste. But that’s most nights.

   Tonight, she’s internally vowing to never drink again as she lets the hands of this stranger explore her figure, his lips leaving kisses on any area of exposed skin. Her hands leave his soft, blonde locks to reach down and find her keys. As fun as this is, she could definitely do without the feeling of her back being pressed up against her cold door. Her hearts racing at the excitement of it all but in the back of her mind lies a bit of guilt. He’s not even her type; she hopes he isn’t getting the wrong impression.

   Once inside, he pushes the door shut for her. They kick off their shoes and stumble their way into the cozy living room of her loft. They finally come up for air after what seemed like the world’s longest make out session. She uses this time to pull her tight dress down, kicking it out of the way. The fellow, whose name she can’t remember, finishes unbuttoning his shirt before he drops it behind him. 

Hey sits down on the couch and not too long after, Y/n straddles him, grinding down on his bulge. She can feel herself getting wetter with every rotation of her hips.

Meanwhile, a few miles away…

“Another shot!” Harry hears. He sighs but can’t hide the smirk that creeps on his face as he picks up his second shot of the night. He takes it fast “God, that never get easier” he coughs. His friends pat him on the back, being proper dicks about one measly shot.

“Atta boy, Styles!” 

  What they don’t know is, he slyly told the bartender to fill his glasses with club soda. Yes, he was lying to his friends but he didn’t feel like hearing their whines about him being “No fun!”. He’s having a good time, he really is but he’d just rather be at home right now. He doesn’t really like going out so often, he always seems to find himself mentally exhausted and annoyed with the atmosphere. 

“I’m gonna head out” He tells his friends, they try to convince him to stay and have just one more shot and as much as he would like to keep tricking them into thinking he was actually getting hammered, he just wants to get home. “Guys really I’m just-”

His thoughts are interrupted.

He hears what sounds to be a woman moaning which normally wouldn’t surprise him in this setting. People tend to do nasty shit in clubs like this but it sounded so close; almost like he had headphones on. He brushes it off until it happens again. He knows he probably looks insane, touching his ears and looking around like a crazy person.

“Ahh…I’m so wet” The voice whimpers. He can feel himself getting harder by the second. It’s times like these he wishes he wasn’t so easy to excite. He could literally just overhear someone talk about breasts and before he knows it, he’s stiff down there.

His eyebrows furrow and he quickly covers his erection, obviously not wanting anyone to see. He bids his friends goodbye before rushing out of the club and to his car which isn’t too far from the building. He’s thanking his lucky stars for the parking spot he chose. Harry gets in and rests his head on the steering wheel, trying to will this boner away. He’s still utterly confused but his main mission at the moment is to relax enough to drive home. He can deal with it there. 

Then, as clear as day, he hears the moans again. He whips his head around to the backseat of his car because it sounded that close. There’s nobody there. It doesn’t stop, and it certainly isn’t helping his raging hard-on, which he can now feel leaking in his trousers. “mmm” it continues “Fuck”

At Y/n’s

“Fuck” she moans, her nameless friend ruts his covered member up as she grinds down harder on him. She soaking now and just wants to feel him inside her already. She unbuckles his belt and slides off of him so that she’s lying her back upon the couch.

Back to Harry

He sits there, scared but also frustrated. He convinces himself that he’s hearing voices because he’s so horny…or maybe the bartender slipped him some actual alcohol. He fumbles with his belt, looking around the dark lot to make sure there aren’t any bystanders that could potentially witness him at his absolute worst. 

He finally frees his cock, it springs up and smudges a little pre-cum on his black button down. It’s real now…the fact that he actually just got hard for no reason. “Why the fuck is this happening” he groans. 


“Why the fuck is this happening?” She hears. She pushes her hands against the man’s chest so she can look him in the eyes. “What do you mean?” She giggles. 

“What are you talking about?” He replies before lining his head up with her slit. “You just asked why this was happening”. The look on his face tells her that he has no idea what she’s talking about. She laughs it off, saying that she probably heard her neighbors or something. 

He pushes in, filling her up with one stroke. Her eyes close at the sensation and she forgets all about what she was just concerned about. Her nails rake his back and she arches into him, shifting the angle slightly.

“Yes! Right there”

In Harry’s Car

“Yes right there” 

Harry is going mad at this point, labored breathing and flushed skin. His eyes are shut tight, jaw locked, he’s as red as a tomato and he doesn’t know how much more of this he can take. He’s successfully fighting the urge to just scream out until he hears another purr.

“Deeper” She sighs. Its the last straw for him. Harry bangs his balled up fist against the wheel 

“STOP! SHUT UP!” He roars. Only then, does the silence win. He listens for it…nothing. Its gone. He clears his throat and finally looks up and out of his car window. Standing there is a group of friends who seem to be walking into the club. They’re staring at him like he has three heads and he may as well. To Harry, that would be more manageable than hearing voices in his fucking head.


“STOP! SHUT UP!” She jumps and accidentally knocks her forehead into the one right above hers. “Ow fuck!” He sits up and rubs the afflicted area. 

“Well, that’s what you get! Why would you yell at me like that?!” She asks as she stands up and wraps herself in the small blanket that was folded over the arm of the couch. “What the fuck are you-…you’re crazy” He muttered. He pulls his clothes back on, not caring to button up his shirt. Y/n doesn’t respond, she just stands there and waits for him to collect his things. She knows she isn’t losing her mind, it couldn’t have been the neighbors. It was so close, she can literally still feel her ears ringing. Maybe its best if he does leave.

“All I wanted was a fuck and I got stuck with a fucking psycho” He chuckled. He slams the door behind himself.


He’s almost to his flat now; the car ride is silent, he doesn’t feel like hearing anything right now. Anything. He’s just glad that whatever that was, stopped and that his hard on is at a mild throb now. He can just tug one out in the shower tonight.

Then the unthinkable happens. He hears her again. This time, it sounds like she is…talking instead of moaning. He pulls into the nearest gas station to get a better listen. He might as well ease drop if its going to keep happening. 

Y/n’s Loft

Y/n decided to call her best friend, Elena and tell her about what the fuck just happened. She wants to get a second opinion and make sure she isn’t actually crazy.

“So…I swear, at first I heard him ask why it was happening and he acted like he didn’t say anything”

“Wow what the fuck? Did it sound like him?” her friend pressed. “I mean.. not really but it just sounded like it was right there.” Y/n started. “I’m not gonna lie, it sounded a little rougher than his voice. I think that’s part of the reason I freaked out, it kind of turned me off” She joked, Elena laughed along with her


Harry’s eyes had widened. He’s pretty sure that whoever he’s hearing is talking about him. So they could hear him too? He still doesn’t understand any of this but he feels slightly relieved knowing he isn’t completely alone.

“I think that’s part of the reason I freaked out, it kind of turned me off”

“Hey!” he whines before quickly covering his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say anything, it just came out. What she said kind of offended him, seeing as girls often tell him his voice is sexy and sensual.


“Hey!” She heard. It was the voice again. She looked around her living room, her first thought being that someone had to be in her house. And of course she’s still standing in only a blanket, so if there is some robber in her home, he’ll probably try to take advantage of her. She told Elena she would have to call her back, she was too distracted to really hear what she was saying anyway. Maybe it was stupid to get off of the phone at a time like this but she just needed to think clearly and listen for the voice again.

“Hello?” she whispered

“….uhm…hello?” she heard. She screamed and ran for the door, still in only a blanket. She stopped when she heard the voice scream as well, sounding just as scared.

“Jesus! Fuck stop screaming you scared the shit out of me!” she heard. Only now does she realize that the voice is coming from within; she just ran across the loft and its still right in her ear.


“I scared you?! Who ar- what is this?!” She spits out. Harry runs a hand through his hair, putting his cell phone up to his ear to hide the fact that he’s talking to himself just in case anyone decides to look at him.

“I don’t know. I really don’t but I’m just glad I’m not the only one” he sighed. “Or maybe I am and this is just a delusion” He chuckles, everything is so fucked up but he’s always been the type to find the humor in serious situations.

“Ok” Y/n starts. “Let’s just…let’s figure this out together”

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us about the reasons why you ship Aisha x Tecna? :)

It’s a very minor ship or more like a ship that I consider on the level of a small hookup. Anyway, I don’t have any major reasons to ship them besides their small interactions in the spin off.

The top two moments that made me ship them were when:

  • Aisha was bouncing the basketball around Tecna clearly mocking/teasing her. (ˢʰᵉ ᶜᶫᵉᵃʳᶫʸ ʷᵃˢ ᶜʰᵉᶜᵏᶦᶰ’ ʰᵉʳ ᵇᵒᵒᵗʸ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵇʸ ᵍᵒᶦᶰᵍ ᵇᵉʰᶦᶰᵈ ʰᵉʳ)
  • When Aisha saved Tecna from drowning after fighting the Pirates. Her face expresses it all.
Cules be mocking Neymar's skin tone and calling him a "black nigger monkey" on twitter after he officially moved. Are y'all crazy

Ihope y'all grow the fuck up cause racism is not fun and should never be used. As a black person im disgusted but seeing it being towards neymar just because he changed clubs? Y'all nasty and should be fucking re-evaluating yalls life

Being this angry towards a person for simply changing clubs is not normal


I got him literally right after I was bitching about how I keep on getting unwanted items LOL

BTW… why is Kennyo holding his staff like somone about to draw a sword? Is that thing actually a sword-staff? O___o

(I mean, it would be nasty if he usuall clubs people to death with it, and a sword-staff is nicer, but still)