Chapter 5: Priscilla vs. Stasi


Before leaving the house after beating up Judi, Priscilla  wants to try Stasi.


Stasi walks down the stairs and says “I’m right here Patricia, what you gonna do?”

Priscilla then gets in Stasi’s face and says, “It’s Priscilla not Patricia you dumb bitch!”

After hearing the word bitch Stasi snaps and pushes Priscilla on the floor. Priscilla gets up angry, “BITCH, IMMA KILL YOU!” She then punches Stasi in the face and Stasi clocks her twice in the head knocking her to the ground.

Priscilla then grabs Stasi’s hair twice brings Stasi on the floor with her. Priscilla hits Stasi once in the forehead. She tries to strike again but Stasi swats the punch in counters with a heavy blow to the mouth. Priscilla quickly gets up in kicks Stasi in the stomach and in the face while she is down. Security breaks them up but Stasi (Who just found out her lip is busted from the kick) breaks free and bum-rushes Priscilla knocking her down once again. While down, Priscilla punches Stasi in the leg leaving a small bruise. Stasi then returns the kick and kicks Priscilla in the back of the head. Security breaks it up again this time putting Stasi in the head lcok to keep her from going at Priscilla again.

Who won?!

Chapter 12: Stasi & T vs. the Twins


The twins come home to their stuff destroyed and their beds in the pool. They go charging through the house asking their roomates who destroyed their stuff. As they approached one specific castmate that told them Stasi & Tiara did it, the twins went running outside. Seeing that Stasi & Tiara were laying out by the pool relaxing, Tiara was on the lounge chair while Stasi was in the pool sleeping on the tube. As they reached the pool, Dani punched Tiara right in the face. Dani immediately grabs Tiara’s hair then Gabi comes in and starts pulling and punching her also. As Stasi sees the twins jumping Tiara, she hurries and swims to the ladder.
Gabi comes to meet up with Stasi before she comes out. As Stasi is climbing up, Gabi starts pulling Stasi’s hair and punching her yelling, “Yeah, you stupid bitch!”
Stasi then slams five hard punches around her face. Tiara takes down Dani and slams her to the lounge chair and starts punching her in the face. Dani starts punching tiara in the head and kicking her stomach. The security come and grab Dani. Tiara starts to charge after her, time after time, but she can’t because of the guards blocking her. At this point Stasi & Gabi are going at it. Stasi’s punches are missing and shes getting tired. But Gabi is not giving up. She’s kicking and punching Stasi in the face. Stasi yells, “GET THIS BITCH OFF ME!”
The guards come and grab Gabi but Gabi has Stasi’s hair and Stasi is punching but really tired.  Gabi finally let’s go. Gabi has scratches & a gash, Dani’s lip is bleeding, Tiara has nothing wrong with her & Stasi has a long scratch going all the way from her eye down to her neck and her eye is bloody red.
Who won?!