15 Artists Alongside Their Cat Best Friends

Ailurophile, cat lovers, are known for being less traditional, aloof, eccentric and more creative than most people. It is no surprise that many legendary artists such as Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, and Andy Warhol among others shared their life with a feline companion. 

Alison Nastasi has compiled a list of intimate portraits of over 50 famous artists in her book Artists and Their Cats. In the introduction of her book Nastasi writes:

“Many artists buck notions of a stereotypical temperament, but researchers have long speculated that creative individuals share common attributes—which mirror those of cats.”

Overall Artists and Their Cats captures many artists tender relationship with their fury friends, accompanied with engaging text. 

1. Salvador Dalí

World Telegram & Sun photo by Roger Higgins, image courtesy of Library of Congress

2. Andy Warhol

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

3.Jean-Michel Basquiat

James van der Zee / 1982

4. Henri Matisse

Photo by Robert Capa, International Center of Photography, Magnum Photos

5. Pablo Picasso 

Photograph by Carlos Nadal, 1960; © Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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The Dragon’s Roar - Book Cover by Elilian

So this is the cover I did for my brother’s book that is finally out! I’m quite happy of having done this book cover because after reading the book and sharing ideas with my brother we came up with this cover!
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what unites Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and John Lennon ?

Picture purrfect: From Andy Warhol to Salvador Dali and Henri Matisse, new book presents intimate portraits of artists and their beloved pet cats/

Philadelphia-based artist and journalist Alison Nastasi has collated a collection of intimate portraits featuring well-known artists with their furry friends. In this image, Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali poses with his cat Babou, a Colombian wild cat

Children’s book illustrator, Wanda Hazel Gág, lovingly looks at her cat in one of the intimate portraits

Photographer Florence Henri  and French artist Claude Cahun (pictured in 1927) pose with their cats in black and white shots

American modernist artist, Georgia O'Keefe poses with her squinting cat, which appears to be of a Siamese breed

World-renowned artist Henri Matisse in 1950 - famous for his impressionist artwork - is pictured laid in bed with a black cat as well as a tiny kitten, swamped in the covers

American composer and artist John Cage is seen having a tender moment with his black cat in a rarely-seen image

Edward Gorey, who was famous for his illustrated books, is pictured sitting with his cat on a sofa

One image shows french film director and professor Agnes Varda sitting in an outdoor area with her cat on the table next to her

Book illustrator, Arthur Rackham , and painter Philip Burne-Jones are also featured in the series of intimate photos
More than 50 pairs of great artists and their furry felines are highlighted in Nastasi’s compilation book.
Perched on sofa arms, stretching on tables and lovingly nuzzling their owners, the cats strangely seem to share characteristics with their owners.  
Each image is accompanied by a small excerpt about the relationship between cat and artist.

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Kingcrow detail new effort Eidos

Kingcrow detail new effort Eidos

Official press release:

As Laser’s Edge division, Sensory Records, prepares to release Kingcrow’s sixth full-length studio recording, Eidos, the album’s cover artwork, track listing and additional details have been revealed.

Following the success of their In Crescendo album released through Sensory in February 2014, Rome, Italy-based progressive metal sextet, Kingcrow, returns with Eidos, a…

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50 artistas y sus gatos

50 artistas y sus gatos

Artists and Their Cats”, así se llama el nuevo libro de imágenes que reúne una serie de fotografías de algunos de los artistas más importantes de la historia, y no precisamente con sus musas, sino que con sus mascotas. Específicamente, con sus gatos.

En estas fotos, elegidas por la periodista Alison Nastasi, podemos ver pintores como Picasso y Basquiat, junto a otros artistas como Andy Warhol y…

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This is a song from my novella, The Dragon’s Roar. © All Rights Reserved. You can find it on DeviantART.

If you’re interested, you can find the book on amazon.


This is the tale of Easarc and Burtus,  

an ambitious dictator and a treacherous son.

He conquered countless lands, but while he was away

behind black curtains others plotted to take his place.  

One day, led by his protégé

bloodthirsty men ambushed him! But in a twist of fate the tables had turned.  

The daggers were about to reach his throat,  

but he transformed into a dragon and roared.  

The conspirators tried to escape,

but the furious beast bathed them in flames.  

That is how this story ends,

may it remind future generations that longing for power is a bad trend.

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The Dragon's Roar - Bard Song

From the rubble and the ashes,

amidst the chaos and the cries,

to overcome the odds a warrior will rise.

The fury of the dragon’s roar will shake the whole world

and reverberate across the sky.

In the night, surrounded by flames,

he will fight to retake his rightful place.

He will roar and roar until it’s dawn.

His enemies will bow before the dragon’s roar.

This is a song from my novella, The Dragon’s Roar. © All Rights Reserved.

If you’re interested, you can find the book on amazon.