Opposing Mirrors - A Murtagh/Nasuada Fic

Largely for @capheusing who nudged me into this. (not that I needed much nudging to be fair) 

Title: Opposing Mirrors 

Length: 4.5k

Summary: Set during Eragon plugging a slight gap in canon and dealing with Nasuada and Murtagh’s first meeting when she visits him in his cell shortly after his detainment.

TeaserHis wrists and ankles are unbound. He’s warm, comfortable and provided with three enormous, delicious meals per day. The room around the bed he’s lying, rather listlessly on, brooding up at the elaborately carved ceiling, endeavouring to follow a new pattern today, is grand and luxurious, a world away from the damp grey walls and shrieking iron bars he had been dreading and outfitted in such a way that he could almost forget he was a prisoner. 


Read: under the cut or on A03

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