Houston Press: Meet @Nas’ Biggest Fan, Luisa Diaz. Houston’s Luisa Diaz is NYC rapper @Nas’ biggest fan, with the tattoos to prove it. 

Think about your favorite musician for a minute. Do you remember the first time you heard his or her voice? Can you relate each album or song to a different stage or major occurrence in your life? How many times have you seen him or her (or them) in concert, let alone met and engaged any of them in conversation? Can you recite their lyrics off the top of your head and explain their meaning as if your life depended on it? Are you a true fan? Luisa Diaz is a die-hard admirer of a certain Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, the New York City rapper known simply as Nas. She can not only answer “yes” to all of those questions, but also permanently carries that admiration on her skin. 

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Contest announced! @Nas Wants to Know, Why Your Life Is Good? 

With stories of love, fatherhood, success, and more, Nas shared with listeners just why Life Is Good on his 2012 Grammy Nominated Album. Now, Nas wants to know from his fans, Why Your Life is GoodNas announced a contest today giving 30 lucky fans a chance to win an autographed t-shirt for sharing just why their Life Is Good! To enter, simply logon to and create a profile or login through Facebook and let Nas know, Why Your Life Is Good through the Street Disciples Blog. Enter Now!

  • The contest will be begin April 22nd through May 5th
  • Deadline for entries is May 5th
  • Winners will be announced on May 8th
  • 30 Winners will receive an autographed t-shirt from Nas
  • No purchase necessary
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@Nas’ ”Verbal Intercourse” Featured on Complex’s The 100 Best Opening Lines in Rap History, Part 1: 100 - 51!

Last week Complex Magazine broke down The 100 Best Opening Lines in Rap History! Yesterday we featured the classic “Memory Lane” from The Don’s debut album, Illmatic. Today we bring you another spot from the list, Nas delivers sharp lyrics on 1995’s Verbal Intercourse!

At first it’s just the sound of this opening that takes your breath away, the way the words roll out of Esco oh so effortlessly, into the mic, onto the track, into your ears: interlocking consonants, unfolding like verbal origami.

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@Nas and Hennessy took over Houston this weekend, celebrating AllStar Weekend!

This weekend The Don joined Basketball’s AllStars to take over the city of Houston along side Hennessy and a hosts of celebrity party goers. MTV News caught up with Nas to bring fans the inside on the hottest parties of the weekend!

MTV News: Nas, Common, Kevin Hart And Adrienne Bailon Continue NBA All-Star Takeover!

The NBA’s biggest weekend wouldn’t be complete without the celebrities that come out in droves for prime basketball action. On Saturday (February 16), Nas, Common, Kevin Hart, Nelly, Victor Cruz, Adrienne Bailon and more partied at several “Hennessy V.S All Star Takeover” events in Houston.

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@Nas’ Classic 90’s Hit, Street Dreams Comes in at #2 on Complex’s The 50 Greatest Sneaker References in Rap History!

Last week, published their article, The 50 Greatest Sneaker References in Rap HistoryNas is frequently featured throughout the article with references that span a career of nearly 20 years. Coming in at #2, The Don makes his final appearance on the list with the second single form his sophomore album, It Was Written, Nas with the hip hop classic "Street Dreams.

Complex: The 50 Greatest Sneaker References in Rap History!

Lyrics: ”I thought Jordans and a gold chain was living it up“

Artist: Nas

Track Title: "Street Dreams”

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