nashvilleneedsmoremetaphors replied to your post: y’all is still not a word in itself. its a contraction for two words. and that contraction would be ya’ll. if you say y’all you are using it as the plural for you. and the plural for you is you. it has no plural.

This person is wrong. Y’all is a contraction for “you all.” You can also say Y’alls as the plural. Grammatically dicey, but very common in speech. Anyway, if “Ya’ll” was the proper contraction, what does the ‘ya’ stand for? Sit down gif is correct.

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  • In fifteen years in Memphis I never once set foot in Silky O'Sullivan’s, home of the moderately famous goats, nor sampled their famous giant girly drink, the Diver. I imagine that the goats have had plenty of Divers, though, thanks to drunk bar patrons thinking a goat drinking from the bucket the diver comes in would be HILARIOUS.
  • I refuse to acknowledge the existence of an Athens location of The Varsity, in spite of the fact that there are Varsities in every backwoods, toothless hick town in North Georgia these days (Kennesaw, Alpharetta, probably Basingerton). Yesterday’s brush with danger took place at the Kennesaw location (even though I was respectably close to the original), since it was on the way back to Nashville, and actual tables are a damn sight more comfortable than school desks for lunching.
  • That’s (the short loop of) Fiery Gizzard Trail (the link goes to the map), a hole in the ground atop Mounteagle. I’ll have to go back when I have an actual day to kill with a hike instead of an hour and a half, because it shows a lot of promise, in spite of the CONSTANT WALKING THROUGH SPIDERWEBS.