I Just Can’t Live a Lie- Carrie Underwood

Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne

SPOILER su Grey’s Anatomy, Bates Motel, Gotham, Nashville, Mom, Outlander, Forever e GOT

SPOILER su #GreysAnatomy, #BatesMotel, #Gotham, #Nashville, #Mom, #Outlander, #Forever e #GameOfThrones

Cristina Yang o Cristina Yang no di ritorno in Grey’s Anatomy? Cosa accadrà nel finale di Gotham? Deacon ha bisogno di un fegato nuovo, ma sarà così fortunato da ottenerlo in Nashville? Quale personaggio dei romanzi di Diana Gabaldon – per adesso – non apparirà in Outlander? Questo e molto altro vi aspetta qui di seguito…

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Ecco un chiarimento un po’ più tecnico circa l’uscita diP…

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Yet another tag game...

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This one is a variant of the one I did last week so I’ll just link most of the answers and answer the new ones, ‘cause I’m both lazy and boring.

name: Kitty
average hours of sleep: here
the last thing you googled: ‘Nashville TV Series’
nicknames: here
birthday: here
sexual orientation: Bi (also poly and a switch)
height: 5′7″
favorite color: purple
one place that makes you happy: my garden
how many blankets do you sleep with: here
favorite film: here
what i’m wearing right now: An ancient Emperor tee (it is soooooo soft and thin now it is almost see-through - not very metal) and leopard print sleep pants.
last book i read: Equal Rites - Terry Pratchett
most used phrase: ‘oh my gosh’ or ‘I am a sad kitty’ or ‘I am the happiest kitty in the world!’
last thing you said to a family member: 'Mmph ‘ove you too… mmmble mph’ - to my husband when he left for work. In my defence I was still half asleep and would have liked to be all asleep.
favorite beverage: V energy drink
favorite food: here
last film i watched in theatres: here
dream vacation: here
dream pet: I love my cat but I REALLY want a puppy or a pet pig. I like the idea of something you can teach tricks and take for walks with you. But we don’t have a big yard and it wouldn’t be fair though. If I ever felt like we would be somewhere long enough (i.e. for the rest of our lives) then I would like a pair of birds, African Grey Parrots or something because they’re super smart and adorable but they live a long time and are a huge commitment because they’re so smart and need a lot of care and attention.
dream job: here

tagging: wheretimeisneverplanned (because I know you love these things) and mrs-pants47 and bird-bro.

Christina Aguilera releases second 'Nashville' song (13:17)

Christina Aguilera releases second ‘Nashville’ song (13:17)

Los Angeles, April 22 : Singer Christina Aguilera has released the the studio version of “Shotgun” for the TV series “Nashville”, following last week’s “The Real Thing”.

The song was released on Tuesday, and unlike the upbeat “The Real Thing”, the new song is a slow-tempo ballad on which she’s accompanied only by simple acoustic guitar licks, reports

Aguilera makes a guest…

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New Single by Christina Aguilera "Shotgun" for Nashville

New Single by Christina Aguilera “Shotgun” for Nashville

Christina Aguilera is making an appearance on the ABC’s Nashville TV series. To celebrate this, she has recorded two new tracks for the Nashville soundtrack. The first track, titled “The Real Thing“, was released last week. it had more of a pop appeal. However, the newly released “Shotgun” is an acoustic ballad, suited for the theme of the drama series.

Christina Aguilera will make a guest…

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Rating di Mercoledì 29 Aprile

Rating di Mercoledì 29 Aprile #Arrow #Supernatural #ModernFamily #ChicagoPD ….

Il penultimo episodio della decima stagione di Criminal Minds ieri sera è stato seguito da 8,6 milioni di telespettatori complessivi e una demo 1.7, rispettivamente in calo del 15 per cento e tre decimi; tocca così i minimi della serie.

Sempre su CBS, anche Survivor (9,2 milioni/2.1) e CSI: Cyber (7,2 milioni/1.2) perdono tre decimi e toccano dei minimi storici. Nelle altre reti:

NBC| In onda…

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Several weeks ago, my guys & I were on the set of the show #Nashville to back-up this little know singer by the name of #ChristinaAguilera. That show will be airing tonight. So, if you see my silhouette playing #percussion, that’s me.. It was a beautiful experience & EVERYONE on the set including the director, actors, & writers were extremely kind..👌