at one point, at league headquarters, subban’s phone buzzed with an incoming text message. “sidney,” he said, shaking his head. “probably telling me to take it easy on him.” he added, “i told him i’m taking him out to dinner when he comes to montreal—before i slap him!”

junker5 replied to your photoset “I’ve adopted a new meme/slogan, which is whenever we see something…”

Oh I hope you can get down by the Cumberland before you leave…its so pretty. There’s a spot where the General Jackson riverboat boards…wonder if there’s a path that is run worthy? Oh…the truck reminds me….if you see any Jack Daniels BBQ sauce mini bottles/samplers. …you might like it!

That’s actually where I was this morning! I ran past the General Jackson’s dock, but the gates are pretty tightly sealed and it doesn’t look like there’s a trail. I can imagine why, it’s a huge liability issue especially if the Opryland parent company owns the land. And Nashville strikes me as a driving city at any rate, though I could be getting a skewed view of it because I’m not downtown. It doesn’t seem like a place that would have a lot of running trails. (Chicago doesn’t either, but because it’s a more pedestrian-oriented city it has more foot-traffic accessible areas.)

Sad not to get to run over the river though. In Chicago I’ve expanded my “Unabridged” run to where I now cross the river six times in three miles, and it would have been nice to run Tennessee Unabridged as well. Possibly if I run north tomorrow morning….

I did see Jack Daniels BBQ sauce; I’m planning to pick some up, and some hot sauce for R, who loves that shit. I just have to be sure I buy small samplers, because I’m trying not to check baggage on the way back.


July 28th 1971 - Charley Pride records “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” at Nashville’s RCA Studios

Happy 72nd #BobbieGentry @craighlavaty

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at soundcheck they were talking about invisible since they wrote it in Nashville and Ashton said that it relates to his childhood I wanted to sob and Michael started talking about broken home and said that it saved his parent’s marriage I wanted to sob even more