nashville predators

this is the last thing i’m gonna say about the award show from hell but it’s really telling (and shitty) how the nhl totally snubbed the preds tonight. like yeah i may be a preds fan, but this team literally went from being the 16th seed and a first round out prediction to sweeping a club that won the cup 3 times in 6 years, dominated all the way through the western conference finals, and STILL battled their hearts out even though they were missing one of the most important people in their locker room. the only representation the preds had tonight was poile, and that doesn’t even begin to cover all the incredible guys who stepped up throughout this historic season. the preds could literally win the cup and be snubbed for a “bigger” team like pittsburgh or chicago and it’s SO frustrating to watch an incredible, hardworking team go unnoticed 

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71st Tony Awards Recap

-Miss Saigon was robbed
-Great Comet was Robbed
-Anastasia was robbed
-You can win a Tony for being/having a production with Bette Middler
-I’m very angry
-Good luck buying tickets to Dear Evan Hansen
-Penguins won the Stanley Cup