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Add a damn hockey emoji already 2k16.

Don't Tag Hate

Hi all you hockey fans!

So, this is a reminder, that no matter how much you dislike the team you’re playing against, or how much you love the team you’re supporting


If you have something negative to say about your opponent,

If you’ve got something positive to say about your team and how the will defeat the other,

We go to our team’s tags to see other fans of the team post their thoughts. We don’t go there to see how much they should loose.

If your post shows up there without a tag, that is beyond your control and don’t worry about it, but don’t purposely make it show up because you tagged it

Please be kind to each other this post season, and I hope it’s a good one!


The Blackhawks and Predators all shake hands after the series, because tradition. No further explanation needed.

Be classy Hawks fans ...

Nashville was a great competitor who played hard but pretty fairly. Their goalie is incredible and they are going to be tough to overcome in the next few seasons. They were a great opponent and deserve our respect. You may not like them or are excited the Hawks won but don’t be assholes to their fans and supporters.

Thank you for a great series, Preds ….

Goalie Love

Crawford started game 1, was pulled after letting in 3 goals on 12 shots. Darling came in, Hawks won the game 4-3 in double overtime.
Darling started game 6, was pulled after letting in 3 goals on 12 shots. Crawford came in, Hawks won the game 4-3 at the end of regulation and clinched the series.

They both had ups and downs but they supported each other and their team. Bravo.

Two goalies, one unbelievable series.