nashville is dead

🖤🖤 This is quite possibly the nicest human being on this earth. I met Jeffrey Dean Morgan the first night of Walker Stalker Nashville and he was so happy to see this Lucille my friends made. And when I met him again the next day, a whole day later, he pulled me into the biggest hug and told me I was “rocking it today.” He was so happy to see me again and even pulled me into another hug before I had to run off. Perfect example on actors not being anything like their characters! 🖤🖤


Norman with fans at WSC Nashville

joefredaaalien  || Went outside for a smoke and low and behold NORMAN REEDUS AND JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN came out for a smoke too at the same fucking time and Norman was so great and came over and said hi to all of us! I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to even see them because photo ops and autographs were sold out. @bigbaldhead THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are seriously amazing 😉


Some of my personal photos from Walker Stalker Nashville. 

I told Jeffrey I wanted to stare at each other like two staring contest champions facing off in an international staring contest and he flipped his glasses back and squared off. When I turned to leave the op, he told he me was ready to keep going because he wanted to win the thing. 

Cooper Andrews is the best hugger and Steven Ogg is awesome. I was stoked to finally meet Sarah too, and she was super sweet. 

Also Jeffrey loved Tiny Daryl dressed as Negan and showed him to Norman before I could. :) Norman took a pic of them together so I’m hoping it makes it up because I really wanna see it. lol