nashville film festival



Off to screen our film First Time Phone Sex at the Nashville Film Festival.

As I have mentioned before, we are in direct competition with the likes of Shia Labeouf and have a very dubious 1 in 75 shot at Oscar consideration. 

I’m also bringing about 10 rolls of film so hopefully I will have some new work to post on what’s left upon my return.

I queued a few Nashville related posts for the week but regular posting will resume next week.

[Poster for Nashville (Robert Altman, 1975) designed by Richard Amsel.]


Ok guys at The Dust Storm Saturday I thought it would be a good idea to record the Q&A with both directors. They talk a bit about the release and soundtrack. And a few other things…

The Dust Storm NFF16

Ok guys I’m not gonna get spoilery at all. I will however tell you that this is an amazing movie. The music was beautiful. Especially a song called Hindenburg which Nora sings. The plots is basically a guy and girl who are exs and still in love, meet after a seven year break up. Lots of drinking lots of partying. When I say lots of drinking, I think watching the movie hurt my liver. Colin and Kristen acted their asses off. If you’re expecting CS chemistry, sorry but it’s not there. That however is good because it was written to be awkward at first. I can’t say enough good stuff about this film. I really can’t wait for everyone else to see it. If I could I’d fly everyone in to Nashville to flail with me. If you want to know more or detailed stuff don’t hesitate to send me an ask or message! Thanks guys!!!!

Decisions Decisions Decisions

So my pilot didn’t make it to the final round at the Nashville Film Fest.  I’m a little sad but I’ve never placed in a screenwriting competition so it’s still amazing to me.  I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out if this script was ready or not.  I really do feel that it is, which is the best thing I could ask for out of all of this.

I get a badge to the festival with being a semi finalist.  My boss is fine with me going.  I’m just not sure if I should.  Any advice? 


Caught this film this weekend at the Nashville Festival. Awesome, awesome, awesome. See it if you get the chance.


Musica Campesina will have its U.S. premier at the Nashville Film Festival on Sunday, April 17th.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting a trailer for this, cuz I know a couple of people in this movie, and one of them seems to have a pretty significant part.  But now all I’m left wondering is if the phrase “musica campesina” is Spanish for “shirtless Cathcart”.