nashville diy

Hey friends, 

We’re going to be heading to the South this winter for tour, and we’re looking for suggestions for where/with whom to play. If you have any ideas of where we should play, send us a message! 

  • Dec 28 - El Paso, TX
  • Dec 29 - San Antonio, TX
  • Dec 30 - Houston, TX
  • Dec 31 - New Orleans, LA
  • Jan 01 - Mobile, AL
  • Jan 02 - Tallahassee, FL
  • Jan 03 - Gainesville, FL 
  • Jan 04 - Atlanta, GA
  • Jan 05 - Birmingham, AL
  • Jan 06 - Nashville, TN
  • Jan 07 - Memphis, TN
  • Jan 08 - Little Rock, AR
  • Jan 09 - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Jan 10 - Amarillo, TX

Another day, another “keeping myself busy” project!

I bought an ABR-1 bridge for my bullion gold SG.  I like the look of an ABR-1 better than the modern “Nashville”.  However, the posts that the Nashville sits on are thicker than those of the ABR-1, and of course the posts that come with the ABR-1 are too narrow to sit in the Nashville bushings!  But, I’m not too worried - on the four or five modern Gibsons I have converted to ABR-1s, only one of them would not fit.  The others either fit well right out of the package, or else were a bit tight, but were OK after I enlarged the holes with a small round file.

Also:  I bought a used Lollar neck pickup for the Esquire build I am doing.  Hmmm.  I guess that means it ain’t gonna be an esquire after all!  ;)

PS: your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is indeed a giant shopping bag beside the road in photo #7!