nashville black business


Black Owned Business:
The Café
4009 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN

It’s been amazing to see something my dad and family friend created, blossom into something truly amazing. We serve Jamaican and American food, and offer vegan & veggie options :)


Hello everyone, I am Jewels Lindsey! I am 21 and holding a project in Nashville, TN for Black owned Businesses! We talk so much about coming together but when it’s time there is no action. I decided to take the step and do it myself! The Peace Project is about Black people coming together and networking among each other! I know it’s going to be big! Blacks are the number 1 consumer of buying everyone else’s product except ours! Malcolm X once said we need to start investing in our people if we want to see growth! I did less talking and more doing! I want this project to be unforgettable! Please share and help me touch people! Thank you! #PeaceProject #BlackExcellence #BlackOwnedBusiness #BOB #Black #Education #Goals #Love #Melanin #BlackTumblr @darkskinwomen @darkskinnedblackbeauty @darkskyn @darkskinrocks @darkchocolate-creature @darkskinnedmen #share #share #share