Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.323: 

“The picture is a portion of the volume 31 omake. There will be two one-shots. I hope you enjoy reading Magi this week. 

We are continuing with the events in the Sacred Palace. The art is a bit messy, but please, join us for a little longer. Next week is a break, let’s meet again when the next backstage is posted in the week after the next!" 

Omake Preview 

Omake (1): "The life of Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu in the Kina Kingdom in the Dark Continent" 

Yamato: Hakuryuu, Morgiana is cute! 

Nashime: Nanaumi is master’s little sister. 

Omake (2): "The Adventure of Alibaba and Sinbad" 

Alibaba: Not bad, but someone like me who was raised in the slums is stronger. Sinbad: don’t underestimate the son of a fisherman. 

‘Alibaba line is concealed, but he’s mentioning something about a dungeon.

Sinbad: let’s take a look, there must be a mountain’s worth of treasure inside.