NaLu Week Day 2: Gratitude

Summary: Natsu and Lucy were thankful for many things in their life. Their friends, their happiness, their love for each other, and much more. However, what they were most thankful for was their little bundle of joy, Nashi Dragneel.

A/N: I think this story shows how I usually write, so I’m really proud of this one. :3 (I FINALLY FOUND OUT HOW TO BLOCK QUOTE)

Dedicated to: My wittle buttercup <3

( natsu-lucy-love8 )


  Soft pitter patters of footsteps trembled, as the little toddler wobbled her way across the carpeted floor. She threw her small cherubic arms into the air, reaching towards her father hoping it would pull her closer to him, giving a light giggle in happiness.

  “Come on, Nashi. It’s almost time for cake.” Natsu cooed, holding his arms out towards hers.

  “Okay, daddy.” She called out in return, as she finally grabbed onto his hands. Once she reached him, the pinkette picked her up in his arms in one swift moment, causing an adorable smile to take place upon her little face.

  Her held onto the five year old, as he carried her over to the big party table. It was July 7th, the pink haired girl’s fifth birthday, and Natsu and Lucy had decided to throw her a big party like they did every year for their sweet daughter. So that meant that the place was full of many kids running around the facility playing games with their cups of golden tokens.

  The party was initially being thrown at a kid friendly pizza establishment that had many games and machines that could entertain the young ones. All of Nashi’s friends were sure having a delightful time playing together, even though they weren’t all the same age.

  As for the parents, for the most part they were all situated at the party table while the kids were playing. They were all talking and joking around, having a good time as they always would. The mothers would talk about their children, and the fathers….well they talked about certain things since their kids couldn’t overhear anything they said.

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tomlinsons-styles asked:


:* yet again, the lawyer au

The place Stiles picked for their lunch is not far off, but fancy enough for Derek to guess who is Stiles planning on making into paying for their food.

“I’m not paying for you,” he says flatly as they settle down at the table in the far corner of the restaurant and flip through the menus.

“Oh come on, the appetizers here are half my salary,” Stiles whines and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively. “I will buy you a burger later. With curly fries.”

“How’s that fair? I earn as much as you do,” Derek says, raising his own eyebrows.

“Uh huh. Really. Do you see me wearing…” Derek absolutely does not yelp when Stiles grabs him by the collar of his jacket to reveal a tag there, “…a Fioravanti suit. Who the hell is Fioravanti anyway? I buy my suits at Macy’s, dude.”

“I can see that,” Derek replies, trying to recover as fast as possible.

“Wow, harsh.” Stiles clutches at his heart, but then drops his hand just as quickly. “Don’t be a tight ass about it, okay?”

There it is again. Ass talk. Derek’s mind wanders south.

Leonardo Watch: *exists*

Me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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I'm really sad/upset atm :/ Would you be willing to write me a short, happy Nalu fanfic? Thanks


Setting: Family, AU 

Pairings: NaLu

Summary: Lucy guessed the smell of food burning in the morning wasn’t so bad after all. 

Lucy groaned, feeling the heat of the sun rays poke through the window. She looked over to her right, seeing the her husbands side of the bed empty. Lucy, sighed. He must’ve went to the guild with Nashi earlier than she expected. She glanced over to the left, seeing at it was currently 10 A.M. Her eyes widened, she has never slept in this late before. But, she didn’t want to get up.

So, instead of getting up and ready for the day Lucy just laid in bed and relaxed. Her body sunk in further to the mattress, everything was quiet and peaceful.

Just the way she liked it. 

It was just a typical morning whenever she was alone. Just laying in bed relaxing, smelling something burning in the house… Lucy’s eyes snapped open.

Something was burning!

She jumped out of bed and rushed to the smell it had led her to the kitchen. She heard distant voice, coming closer she could hear them clear as day. 

“Nashi your mother is going to kill us.” She heard her husband say. Damn right she was going to kill him, Nashi? Not so much. 

“I’m mommy’s sweet angel she’d never hurt me!” The cute and innocent voice of her five year old chirped up, Nashi was right, if she was going to hurt anyone it would be her idiotic husband. Deciding to make her presence known, Lucy pushed off the wall into the kitchen fanning away the smoke that hit her face. 

“What in the Celestial Heavens is going on here?”


“Mommy!” Nashi ran over to her mother who welcomed her with open arms. She picked the tyke up in her arms, smiling softly at her. 

“What happened here sweetie?” 

“Daddy told me that you’ve been sad lately so we tried to surprise you with breakfast in bed! And daddy can’t cook and I’m only five.” Lucy laughed at her daughter’s answer, sweetly pecking her cheek. 

“Is that so.” She mumbled looking over to her husband of seven years. His face was red from embarrassment, eyes looking anywhere but at his wife. 

“Yeah… I knew the anniversary of your moms death was coming up. So, I tried to be romantic for once.” Natsu’s frown turned into a teasing grin, pointing to the ashes in the frying pan. “This is why I show my love through hugs and kisses Lucy.” 

Lucy couldn’t help at her husbands silly antics, walking over to him and using the arm that wasn’t holding up her daughter to wrap around his torso. He immediately wrapped his arms around his two favorite people. 

“At least you tried, right?” Lucy got on her tip toes, going for her husbands lips for a good morning kiss. The kiss was broken up by their five year old daughter pushing her father away from her mother. 

“Thats nasty! Go kiss someone else!” The two parents laughed. 

“Oh? Like kiss you instead?” Natsu teased. “Okay!” 

The two parents leaned, both kissing their daughters cheeks. Their daughter didn’t show her protest, to busy laughing at what her parents just did. 

“Tell you what Nashi.” Lucy started to say, earning her daughters attention. “We’ll go out for breakfast to make up for the kiss okay?” Nashi beamed. 

“Okay!” She struggled from her mothers grip, running to her room to get changed. Lucy felt a hand wrap around her waist, pulling her flush with the toned body of her husband. He began to skim his lips across her jawline. 

“So, where are we going?” Natsu asked, lips on the shell of her ear. Lucy gave a hearty chuckle as she turned and put her hands on both of his cheeks pulling his in to kiss him sweetly on the mouth. 

“Wherever we do you, you’re buying.” She laughed at his crestfallen expression, breaking free of his grip to go change. 

“But it was your idea.” Natsu mumbled following after his wife. He guess he couldn’t have been to angry about it… Lucy was going to make him pay for it anyways. 

even if its not a drawing i wanted to post my RPC . Original: Natsu and Asuka here is Natsu and my oc, Nashi QQ  Nashi: Daddy, bring me food Natsu: haven’t you ate already? Nashi: but I am hungry again Lucy: oi Natsu, isn’t she just like you?


A/N:  This is condensed fluffy fluff.  Almost so short it isn’t even a drabble, but it was what I conjured.

Rating:  K

“I said this was just a temporary solution.  I am NOT keeping Nashi on a leash because I find it amusing!"  Lucy could feel the incipient stirrings of a headache.  "I don’t know what Happy told you - no wait.  I’m going to go ahead and let you in on a secret.  He lied.  It was a big fat lie."  The frazzled blonde kept her arms crossed as she addressed her husband, "I don’t have your nose, I can’t find her as quickly as you.  There’s just too many food vendors.   Nashi keeps wandering away.  She has your appetite and attention span." 

Natsu grinned and shrugged.  "Maybe she got your curiosity,” he reached for and took possession of the diaper bag slung over his wife’s shoulder.  “She’s just wondering about all the new things she’s seeing.

"W-a-n-d-e-r…not w-o-n-d-e-r!"  The blonde gritted her teeth.  "I’m not exactly light on my feet right now.”

“Da-da!  Da-da!  Up!"  Nashi ran over to Natsu and raised her arms as she stood on tip-toe.  "Up!"  She did not appear discomfited by the harness she wore, nor the leash that trailed after.  Nashi squealed her joy as her father scooped her up.  She burbled nonsense words into his ear as she gripped fistfuls of his pink hair.

Lucy couldn’t help but smile.  Seeing the obvious adoration between father and daughter gave her spirits a lift.  She looked around at the festival with renewed eyes and resolved to enjoy herself.  Feeling a tug she remembered the leash in her hand.  Lucy let go as Natsu began to stride away, talking animatedly to Nashi about fire chicken.

Lucy rubbed her stomach and laughed as she followed her family.  "Baby Dragneel, I think you’re going to be a fire eater too.  Fire chicken sounds delicious”

Are you ready? (Nash/Matt Threesome)

Anon requested: Can you do a Nash and matt smut any scenario

Jesus Lord I’m excited for this one. I haven’t seen anyone do this yet but yikes here we go, hope y'all like it and your panties get super wet

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was sitting in the living room of my apartment waiting for my boyfriend, Nash, to come home. He’s been filming for his new movie with Cam and Matt; I’m so proud of them, they’ve really come so far.

I was watching TV when I got a text from Nash, it read:

Nashy: get in our room, strip and lay on the bed face down, ass up. I’ll be home soon baby.

Good God I can’t believe he even said that. We haven’t had sex in about 3 months because of him filming his new movie.

I run up the stairs to our shared room and quickly tidied up before I do anything else. I strip as fast as possible and throw the remains of my clothes in a pile in the corner of the room. I jump to the bed and lay with my face in the soft comfort of the pillows and my ass on display for anyone who walks in right in the center of our king sized bed.

I’ve waited 10 minutes not daring to switch position because of how antsy I am. And all of the sudden I hear the open and shut of the front door. The keys clattering in the bowl next to the door and footsteps walking to the steps. But, it wasn’t just one pair of feet, I thought I heard more.

Frightened that it might be either one of our parents I switch my position to be facing the door to see who was walking in.

The door creaked open slowly, Nash’s head peering around it. His eyes immediately disappointed that I didn’t follow through with the directions I was given.

I let out a deep sigh only for me to take another sharp breath in when I saw Nash was accompanied by Matt, I quickly try to cover myself the best I can.

Wait what the hell!!?? Matt what are you doing here??” I screeched.

Nash comes over to my side and takes my hands in his as he faces me, and says: “Now, now baby girl, you didn’t follow the directions now did you?” He asked me expectantly. His piercing eyes, penetrating mine as he awaits my answer.

Taken aback by his reactions, I stutter out my response: “N-no I didn’t I…uh I’m sorry Nash.”

“Matt why don’t you come and sit next to my babygirl right here.” He said presenting the spot next to me for Matt to sit down. Quietly, Matt obliges and sits uncomfortably close to me, both of our thighs touching.

Well because you’ve been such a bad girl you should really be punished.” Nash started “But I won’t be punishing you, Matt will.” He says as he gets up to sit in the chair across the room. As he sits he says, “Go on Matt how many spanks do you think she deserves? 10?” Folding his hands upon his lap as he takes in the sight before him.

I swallow so hard I swear it was audible. Matt looks down at me and pats his lap seemingly calm but secretly just as nervous as I am. I oblige and wait for my punishment like I should so I don’t make either of them disappointed.

Count.” Matt says a little harsh.

My breathing hitched as I slowly but surely made my way to lay across his lap. Humiliated that I am exposing myself to Matt like this, I feel oddly insecure. But as soon as the first smack of his hand came down on me, I felt enough pain and pleasure to be satisfied with my punishment.

I counted out each smack on my behind and felt the heat of it radiating off of me afterward. Matt helped me to sit back up after just as Nash was coming over to us.

As Nash sat down he said, “Good job babygirl, you took your punishment well, do you want your reward now?”

I nodded my head weakly as he helped me to move myself further on the bed and kneel with my head facing down and my ass up just as he had wanted in the first place. He pushed my head into the pillow and kneaded my ass, I winced in pain and let out a feeble whimper as his hands went to work on me.

All the pain went away as he moved his hand lower toward my dripping heat. I felt the bed dip to the right of me as Matt appeared next to me, he was fidgeting with the bulge in his pants, aggravated, he swiftly takes off his pants and boxers in one quick movement and started jerking himself off at the sight of me and Nash.

I felt Nash behind me stop touching me, suddenly his entire length filled me in an instant, I screeched out his name in both pain and pleasure.

Yeah you like that baby huh” Nash grunted as he pounded me from behind. A quick slap to my ass made me yelp out in pain.

Matt took me by my shoulders and lifted me up a little so he could maneuver his way on the bed in front of me. His length at a perfect angle for me to blow him. Matt was so much more different than Nash, being that Matt was so thick and my mouth was practically salivating at the thought of it.

Matt took a handful of my hair and pulled me up to his face a little as he forcefully kissed me with a passion that was indescribable. Dominating the upper half of my body as he used his free hand to grope my breast, tweaking and rolling my nipple between his fingers as I moan in his mouth.

My body was overwhelming with pleasure from both of the boys and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

Matt pushed my head down on his boner and I immediately felt it hit the back of my throat. I inevitably started gagging which only made him even more turned on. My eyes started to water but he tasted so good.

Yeah baby oh fuck-” Matt moaned out. I looked up at him cockily and took him as far as I could to please him even more. I loved the fact that I could be pleased by my Nash and please Matt at the same time.

Suddenly I felt Nash’s hand hastily make it’s way toward my throbbing clit. I moaned deeply around Matt’s cock and I felt enough pleasure to last a lifetime.

C'mon baby tell me when you’re g-gonna cum oh yeah babe…” Nash moaned and groaned from behind. He rubbed rough and messy circles and figures on my clit and it’s like I had never felt him before.

I was moaning uncontrollably around Matt and I couldn’t help but close my eyes in pleasure. I took him out of my mouth as I licked the tip and told Nash, “Make me cum Nash please”

Those few words were enough to keep him going. His thrusts went deeper hitting the spot inside me that felt better than ever before. His hand moving in ways they never have before. I looked up at Matt as he laid his head back groaning my name. “C'mon Matty cum for me baby”

I took him as deep as I could moaning like crazy around his base, cradling his balls with my other hand. His legs tensed as his cock twitched inside of my mouth and my cheeks filled with his cum, dripping down his length. He looked at me and pulled my face up to his as Nash thrusted deep inside me and in one more thrust, we both came.

I collapsed on top of Matt, my legs shaking and weak. I feebily reached up to move my hair out of my face only for Nash to push my hand away and do it for me.

Did you like that baby?” Nash asked me as he kissed my lips and then my forehead. I weakly nodded my head and said, “We need to do this again soon.” They both chuckled and kissed my forehead. And just like that the three of us napped until we took round 2 to the shower that night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AHHH OKAY so I hoped you guys liked that. Requests are always hella open and I am always here for ya guys :) 

Request ya heart out

-Stay Nashty ;)

Weekly NaLu Fan-Fic Recommendations

I am now posting my favorite Nalu stories! It will happen once a week, seven stories for seven days. (You don’t have read one each day tho.) 

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東京ヒートアイランド現象 / Tokyo's Heat Island Phenomenon
  • 東京ヒートアイランド現象 / Tokyo's Heat Island Phenomenon
  • Yono ft. Ayo

■Song: 東京ヒートアイランド現象 / Tokyo’s Heat Island Phenomenon (original)
■Music/Lyrics: Yono
■Vocals: あよ / Ayo
■Illustration: pen


“Kimi ga, shingaku?”
Tokyo no hito ni naru.
Kasotta jimoto
neko, nyaa to nakimashita.

“You’re going to college?”
I’m becoming a Tokyoite
In my depopulated hometown,
a cat, let out a “meow.”

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