"you are making it very difficult..."

You open your eyes carefully, the morning light shining into your tired face. Silence. Wait no. A soft snore comes out of nothing, the  exhaling tickling your stomach where Shawn’s sweater has slipped up and exposed a tiny bit of your skin. Smiling to yourself, you turn your head to your boyfriend who sleeps peacefully beside you while holding your waist. Shawn is your first boyfriend, caring and everything a girl would want but only you have, something you really appreciate.
You turn your full attention to him, start to caress his cheek and draw some circles on his cheekbones until he moves. But instead of waking up, he turns on the other side and continues to sleep. You look at him a little bit longer till the cold hits you where Shawn had his arms before, so you take the opportunity and try to get out of bed without waking him up to make your way downstairs in the kitchen. As a student you enjoyed every vacation you had, especially the ones where your parents were out of town for some trips and you could invite your boyfriend over to  just hang out and he wouldn’t have to go home in the evening, your parents rule number one. But what they don’t see doesn't  bother them right? You stood in the kitchen a couple of minutes, nipping on your glass of water while waking up step by step. Looking around, the idea of making breakfast pops into your head but thinking about it   the thought of lying in bed with Shawn again is a better choice, so you move your feet upstairs in your bedroom and under the warm comfy blanket next to your love. It seems like your favourite thing to do since you know him is looking at his figure, taking in the forms and shapes of every detail while admiring his beautiful face, wondering how all of this could be yours. You come up with a plan to wake Shawn up, so you move your lips closer to his, leaving just a little space between the two of you before you start pressing your lips softly on his, waiting for a movement. Not long after you feel him smile and stretching. You pull away and smirk knowing how much he would like to deepen this moment. “I like the view.” “which view?” “The view of my beautiful girlfriend.” You cringe at his try to be romantic and have to stifle a laugh which is making its way outside. “You know, Shawn, I love everything about you, but you saying romantic things is something you should keep to yourself ”, you laugh. All of the sudden he starts tickling you and you have a slight feeling that he is not going to stop soon, especially when you hear him sing “Can’t keep my hands to myself ah ah”. Laughing your ass off and begging him under your breath to stop and that you would do anything for it, he lays his hands beside you and hovers over you. “Anything?” “I… umm.. not necessarily anything but - ” “A kiss?”, he cuts you off. “What for a kiss?”,you ask, knowing that Shawn isn’t the guy for a little peck on the lips. “Oh you know, just one of those short kisses, nothing big”, he smirked down at you. “Well then.” You cup his head in both of your hands connecting his lips with yours, the wonderful feeling in your stomach coming again just like every time he touches you. The little kiss develops quickly in a passionate one which doesn’t bother you at all. Even though you liked every bit of the current situation, the you remind yourself of the one thing you promised yourself. Your lips move to Shawn’s ear, whispering “You are making it very difficult not to lose my virginity here and now.”

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Nash Metropolitan?

little man more on the submissive side, he looks loyal and honest

he uses his big ol eyes and soft colors to get people to like him

and it works and is not a trick because he is a wonderful, cute friend 10/10


1957 Nash Metropolitan by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
HISTORIC DOWNTOWN HASTINGS CRUISE-IN & CLASSIC CAR SHOW Hastings, Minnesota August 2016 Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.

Comercial de la película Gekijouban Kuroko no Basuke Last Game.

La película se estrenará el 18 de marzo del 2017.

La web oficial de la próxima película de Anime adaptación del Manga secuela Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game por Tadatoshi Fujimaki, ahora titulada Gekijouban Kuroko no Basuke Last Game (Kuroko no Basuke The Movie: Last Game), se ha actualizado el lunes con su primer comercial. La película estrenará el 18 de marzo del 2017 en cines de Japón.

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What song/songs do you think describe or relate to Effy the most?

I’ve always liked “Automation” by Desiree Duvringe and “I am Not a Robot” by Marina and the Diamonds. Also “Mariella” by Kate Nash for generation 1 Effy. And someone a while back mentioned “Femme Fatale” by the Velvet Underground, that’s also a good one.


1957 Nash Rambler Super by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
South Haven Days Car Show July 2015 South Haven, Minnesota Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.