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A new antis’ strategy & counter attack : (long post):

Apparently, some Antis (or else) have decided to change their strategy : claiming that Tay will never come out, no matter what, for different reasons (business, fear, money, shame, the ex beards..etc..) and that “anyone with good sources knows it’ if we explain otherwise.

It’s a new one: so they try to discredit us, claiming our intel is bogus bc they have better one (right, Jane), and that we shouldn’t give other Kaylors false hopes bc of it, bc it’d be cruel….(they care so much about other Kaylors, they’re so nice these Antis, really….)

So let me be VERY clear: Once for all: 

- If Tay indeed wanted to stay in the closet for the rest of her career: 

1) She wouldn’t give all these little gay clues now & esp in the AT&T commercial: (which is one of the biggest American brands there is BTW, it’s not just a tiny brand no one’s heard of): (in Europe we also know what AT&T is): 

*  the closet scene alone : bc of course, other famous closeted celebrities who also want to stay deep in the closet, would do the same thing as she did..Like we’d see Cooper or Cruise, or Cristiano Ronaldo (even if he’s already half out) doing this in a commercial ? just to be funny ? 

Can you seriously imagine Tom Cruise or Bradley Cooper doing THIS in a big brand tv commercial ? really ? with a voice over commenting on it ??

* the rainbow flag in the gold disc ? a coincidence of course…but i don’t know any bands or artists whose logo/album cover is the rainbow flag, you know, to put on a gold disc, on a wall, right behind her, to be seen several times….. 

* recreating Kaylor moments from the BBF Vogue video ? another coincidence & nothing related to Kar and her, of course not…it’s just a fun scene she wanted to redo with Andy, bc she had loved this BFF moment with Karlie back then…

* the rainbow sneakers she was wearing in the commercial ? of course, just a fashion expression, bc she likes colours on these shoes, and bc she doesn’t have many other white sneakers to wear, so she had no choice but to wear these limited edition ones in particular, that day….

2) She would keep her new heterosexual “romance” way more believable, to shut rumors down once for all, & she’d have managed to have been “seen” kissing him already….bc of course the Joe thing screams “heterosexual love”, visible from our neighbor galaxy (which is Andromeda by the way (she’s my account’s big profile picture)…

She’s still so commited to bearding that it warms my heart, really, to see she’s still trying so hard to sell the “romance” to everyone….

Bc other famous celebrities who have indeed NO intention whatsoever to come out in the next 2 years, do NOT do what she does now: they don’t give these gay clues (obviously), they don’t try to confuse the majority of their fanbase with strange articles either..

They just take on the next beard & make it as believable as possible: they kiss, they hold hands, they hug, they cuddle, they put a hand on their “better half”’s butt (hello Irina & Coop ! nice staged pics 3 days ago, Sweeties ;), they do their best to have the most heterosexual & lovey dovey behavior with their beards, as possible….

And they certainly do NOT tempt the Devil with a closet scene & gay clues like she did, in a big brand tv commercial….

- Regarding intel: well, it’s strange bc we’ve had other anons & secret blogs DM us trying to feed us with counter/straight intel for a month now, but when we try to dig & ask them for more specifics/details (so that we can double check this up with our own sources in the industries) then we don’t hear from them anymore…

How Rude !!!!!!   

Bc yes, we ask for details, bc yes, we double check our intel, bc yes, we only rely on trustworthy people…Not strangers we never heard of…

Bc contrairy to what these Antis and Cie claim, we are not the only ones talking about the girls going public in the near future: Yep, more people are talking about it now, who work in these various industries & some are wondering WHEN it’ll happen (not IF it’ll happen: it’s different)…and i bet when Reputation is released, it’s gonna increase…

Bc these people can feel the big rainbow tornado is coming from Nash & St Louis, but bc they don’t try to connect all the dots: they don’t analyse lyrics & music videos & what tabloids publish about the girls & everything like we do here, with details, then they can’t say when & how it’ll happen, just that it WILL happen soon….

And if you Antis (trolls or whoever you are), also knew connected people, they’d tell you the same thing…Like they’d tell you they’ve known/strongly heard about Gaylor Swift and Gayie Karlie for years now…Even before these two love birds got together….

So my message to these non friendly people : Don’t bother annoying nor provoking us with this nonsense, anymore (just bc you’re starting to be scared AF & bc trolling us reassures you, and is the only thing you can do right now, instead of starting to accept and process things…)

Bc you’re wasting your time….You will NOT destabilize us, you will NOT discredit us, and eventually, you will not prevent this rainbow tornado from happening…and it won’t be in 10 years…

‘on top of the world’ playlist [ L I S T E N ]

on top of the world - imagine dragons | pumpin blood (the jane doze remix) - nonono | chocolate - the 1975 | high society - betty who | you and me - parachute | sweet disposition - the temper trap | diane young - vampire weekend | she looks so perfect - 5 seconds of summer | little bird - ed sheeran | anything - hedley | ain’t it fun - paramore | all star - smashmouth | happily - one direction | anna sun - walk the moon | something good can work - two door cinema club | xo - beyonce | free fallin’ - tom petty & the heartbreakers | the way we were - the summer set | birds - kate nash | elevate - st. lucia | i’m gonna getcha good - shania twain | chasing the sun - sara bareilles | fader - the temper trap | little secrets - passion pit | what dreams are made of - hilary duff | honeymoon avenue - ariana grande | still into you - paramore | these streets- bastille | unpredictable - 5 seconds of summer | nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco | addicted - morgan page | jessie’s girl - rick springfield | kiss me slowly - parachute | miracles - norwegian recycling | girls - the 1975 | love is an open door - kristen bell | young blood - the naked & famous | shake it - metrostation | daylight - matt & kim | i’ll be there for you - the rembrandts | dancing shoes - arctic monkeys | to love and back - this century | white walls - macklemore | always where i need to be - the kooks | teenage dream - katy perry | i want crazy - hunter hayes | you make my dreams come true - hall & oates | last one you love - goldhouse | young volcanoes - fall out boy | come on eileen - dexy’s midnight runners | cold coffee - ed sheeran | thunder - boys like girls | love on top - beyonce | jennifer - little comets | smile - avril lavigne | living louder - the cab | heartbeats - the knife | keep together - hunter hunted

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Gale Howthorne (The Hunger Games)
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Archer Cross (Hex Hall)
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i hope you die; i hope we both die [listen

i’m going to get you off in ways no brother ever should (a dennis x dee fanmix)

i. no children - the mountain goats ii. and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison - los campesinos! iii. porno - arcade fire iv. the mother we share - chvrches v. p.s. i hate you - reel big fish vi. angel of small death & the codeine scene - hozier vii. sister - kate nash viii. psychopath - st. vincent ix. be nice to me - the front bottoms x. total control - the motels xi. do you want it all - two door cinema club xii. severed crossed fingers - st. vincent