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[in the end, i managed to write that ftnewgen fic. what started out as a move juvia was supposed to use ended up as her daughter’s. i dunno, the idea’s been on my mind all day. i gotta say, having your head to yourself without music and less internet works its magic. anyways, not my ocs again, they belong to @kkumri . i am just a fan of her ocs. i am sad tho at what i had written, and i don’t blame being extremely exhausted from paperwork all day, i blame my pathetic brain for the outcome]

“On the third day of the Grand Magic Games, we have a one-on-one match between Gillian Anchovy from Quatro Cerberus, and Sylvia Fullbuster from Fairy Tail!”

“Knock ‘em dead, kiddo!” hollered Natsu.

“Good luck, Sylvia!” Lucy cheered alongside her husband.

Not long later, the whole guild was cheering for her.

Gray and Juvia happily watched from where they stood, as their youngest walked down the arena. Gray was a bit anxious, it was his daughter’s first fight alone. She had always-always fought alongside her twin, Rin. The twins were dynamic, and they synchronized really well. So seeing them apart seemed unlikely, but he knew that both were equally strong on their own. He just had to see it to believe it.

Elsewhere, a certain twin was sulking, watching as his twin walked down the arena. He so badly wanted to fight, but apparently, the odds were not on his favour – Nova’s words.

Gillian Anchovy was a hulking large man, even larger than her uncle Elfman. And he looked every bit of a pirate, if only he’d don the peg leg.

“Heh, didn’t expect t’be fightin’ a purty lass.”

Unperturbed by the way he was looking at her, she merely lifted the corner of her lips, her eyes locked on him.

At the sound of the gongs, the battle commenced.

She barely batted her lashes before he made a move, lashing out on her. She was quick to use her water body to avoid his physical attacks, unfazed by him. She barely moved from her spot, even when he went all out.

“There isn’t much water,” she complained, needing a certain amount of water.

An idea came to mind, and her expression lightened up. Turning her legs into a stream of water, she hoisted herself up, and spread her arms, closing her eyes in concentration.

There was a chorus of gasps and ‘aws’ from the crowd when the water, from different directions, went to her.

“She’s commanding the water!” said the commentator in amazement, watching the water from his bottle flying out to her.

She threw the water straight for him, but he cut through with his cutlass. His magic was confusing, she didn’t even get what it was.

Navigational Magic?


And he kept blabbering at her, in pirate terms!

As he jumped up to her level, he slashed his cutlass through her. Only to realize that it was a clone and the real Sylvia was back where she previously stood.

Landing on her feet, she lifted her arms, sending a wall of water to separate them. The pirate stopped, used his magic to let the her magic subside. When the water fell, he was met with her frown.

Her frown looked more of a pout, with her arms folded against her chest, giving him the impression that much was expected from him. It made him angry.

The corner of her lips curled again as her posture relaxed, the pirate held his weapons out warily. Curling her index finger to her thumb, with her fingers flexing, she lifted them up to her lips while a playful giggle escaped her mouth.

The blunette took in a deep breath, and then gently blew against her curled fingers. An out came a bubble.

The crowd fell silent at that, incredulous that her attack was a harmless bubble. The guild, not so much.

Her opponent cackled at the harmless bubble flying towards him. He practically threw his head back in laughter.

“What’sa matter lass, scared?”

Sylvia just smiled, tilting her head, hands folded behind her back.

“Think of it as my little gift to you.”

Stopping before him, he stared at the bubble amusingly. “Ha, this little thing?” he stared back at her, she was still smiling. He sighed, deciding to humor her. After all, he was sure that the fight was his.

Lifting his cutlass up, he popped the bubble with the tip of his blade.

And when he did, he didn’t expect an explosion of water gushing out, throwing his off. The power of the water threw him off, giving him no time to react. Its power was almost akin to a tsunami, what  great power!


Bubble bomb.” Sylvia told him with a smile, her tone – however, was malicious and mischief.

Cheers were heard from the crowd when Gillian was washed off from where he stood, mad streams of water still gushing out.

Above the stands, the guild cheered happily. Juvia, most especially, was proud watching her daughter. She had taught her that move, but clearly, Sylvia, for her part, improvised. She was truly a remarkable young lady.

Gillian Anchovy was washed off against the wall, leaving proof of what great power that washed on him with the number of cracks.

“A-Amazing! Sylvia Fullbuster defeated Gillian Anchovy without as much as a scratch! She wins the match, earning two points for Fairy Tail!”

On the lacrima vision was a smiling Sylvia, making a peace gesture while the crowd chanted her name and her guild’s name.

“Yeah, she won!” Luna says happily, throwing her fists. “But was that even a question?”

“I wish she put on more of a fight though.” Nova commented, resting her face against her palm.

“Yeah.” Gale agreed with her.

“Sylvia’s just full of surprises sometimes, isn’t she?” said Rosemary to her older brother, smiling.

Reiki grunted, putting his hand over her head. “She can be all sorts of conniving sometimes.” Then he smiled knowingly. “But that’s what makes her our Sylvia.”

“Ah, looks can be deceiving after all!” shrieked Nash.

And so many comments on Sylvia’s win went on, most about how unexpected her simple attack was, or how – like Nova – they wished she put on more of a fight.

The Fullbuster brothers were quiet, exchanging glances, and then smiled at their words.

“Nah, there’s a reason she went easy on him.” Storm says coolly. Rin nods, smiling at his twin’s victory.

Through their actions, one can see how proud they were of their little sister. But no one was ever prouder than their parents. Sylvia was growing up, they thought happily.

After her name was announced as the winner, Sylvia smiled to the crowd one last time before turning on her heel. Today, she relinquished in the fact that she was victorious.

Unbeknownst to the triumphant blunette, who began to walk back to the stands with her family, watching from the Sabertooth stands was the brunette she met four years ago. His eyes were practically sparkling at the sight of her.

“Ah, it’s that pretty girl!”

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Ally-San! it's me again (you probably wont remember me, but i love you ;w;) anyway, i am here for two things. First, fat mira HOLY SHIT YOU ARE FUCKING FABULOUS, and second, im kinda confused with your FT childs, i mean, luna and storm like each other, but what about the rest? any posibilites that we can get a relationship chart? keep up the good work, we love you and remember, if you think you are having a bad time, come to Argentina and experience the real hell xD

Ahaha I remember you dearie! (Esp bc of your very impressionable icon, HAHA) Here is a chart I drew up! Nash doesn’t have anyone for the moment, OR DOES HE? C: 

An anon that told me how they shipped Nash with Reiki made me think a lot about it. <3


Wow at some of the many responses and questions of the new gen FT kiddos!! :O I can finally reply you all now because the planning and headcanons took much longer than I expected.. (I’m halfway through some sketches too!)

  • Gajevy’s son Gale:

It’s spelt as their ship name and means cheerful/happy, which Levy and Gajeel both wish for their son to always be. He was just like Levy when he was young, very innocent, loved reading and happy. But he got pushed around in his teenage adolescent years and got into bad company to end up just like Gajeel was in pre-Phantom Lord days. Papa gives him tough love and brings him back, explaining how he didn’t want his son to fall back into his dark footsteps and taught him alot of his life lessons. :’D

  • Jerza’s son Reiki:
Is a Japanese Spiritual Healing Process and so symbolizes Jellal and Erza’s healing from their traumatic childhood and past. Plus it sounds like “keiki” (cake) which Erza simply adores. :p He is competitive (like his mother) but polite like both parents, being the usual one to step out of brawls victorious and unharmed he makes his mother so proud.. He helps Jellal with cooking because frankly, both of them are terrified of Erza’s..
  • Jerza’s daughter Rosemary:

Just a little baby infant named in the honour of Erza’s village! Reiki and everyone else in the guild completely dotes on her but she seems to emit quite an amount of magical potential just as a baby. Hmmm..

  • Nalu’s daughter Luna:

Meaning “moon”, because Lucy represents the stars and Natsu the sun so it would be very fitting! Plus it’s also a rearrangement of their ship name! (Storm and Gale like to call her LUNAtic because of her erratic bipolarity. Like parents like daughter..) Huge ass tsundere like her father but is secretly a bookworm, from reading her mother’s stories as she grows up.

  • Nalu’s son Nash:
Meaning “By the ash tree” I just thought of how great that imagery sounded.. Plus, Luna’s name (moon) is related to celestial magic but she is a fire mage. So Nash whose name is related to fire magic ends up being the celestial mage! He’s just a little toddler but he loves the visits from Lucy’s spirits and enjoys Natsu carrying him the most, because of his body heat.
  • Gruvia’s son Storm:

A more powerful version of the combination of Gray and Juvia’s name meaning “grey rain”! He is cool headed and very often seen smiling. He is good in cooking, sewing and other domestic skills like his mother and has a crush on his childhood partner, Luna. When he goes into battle, his personality shifts into that of Gray’s: sarcastic, a little snobby and very cool and graceful. (Luna fawns over this mode)

That’s all I have planned for now if you have any suggestions do leave it in my ask box! :D (I have a hunch that Gruvia’s going to have much more than ONE son.. :B)

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I'm on mobile and don't have very good signal, um, is the reason why Reiki x Nova & Reiki x Nash are both "canon" in your FAQ? If not may I ask who Reiki was with first and why they split and why he got together with second person?

reiki is bisexual, so he dated nova first but felt sad that she seems to have to put up a nicer front when she was with him and couldn’t be her true raw self like she was with gale so they ended things. 

nash and him start going out on more missions together for him to get over it, and both boys start realizing their reciprocal feelings for each other without knowing. :) the same happens on nova’s side with gale!

ladyshadowhuntress  asked:

Hi Ally! First of all I really like your FT New Gen characters and I think your art is amazing! I was wondering if you could tell us a little more about Gale and Nova? I just get the feeling that we know so much more about all the others than we do these two. I really like them (though in Nova's case I may be biased because of my love for Miraxus) and I would love to know more about them.

That’s true because I’m taking my time to develop these characters one by one/pair by pair and it hasn’t reached Nova and Gale yet but here’re some facts about their characters!

Nova Dreyar

Sassy and powerful, she is known as the lady boss of the new gens next to teen!Asuka. She can be as intimidating as both Mira and Laxus and takes pride of maintaining the powerful reputation of the guild. She’s closest with Asuka, Reiki and Gale and keeps an eye out on Rin and Nash, the more destructive members.

She falls for Reiki eventually and it becomes glaringly obvious when her behaviour changes drastically around him. She turns from prideful to gently bashful and it freaks everyone out LOL. Like Reiki, she understands how stressful it is to follow the expectations the public set for her because of how popularly powerful her parents are.

She trains herself intensively to the point of exhaustion often but stopped recently when Laxus and Mira intervened to convince her that she didn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations at all.

Gale Redfox

He used to be a lot weaker and timid and constantly got bullied before he got into bad company and turned into a rebel who uses his powers for pranking people and destroying public property. 

He started working out and honing his powers to prove people wrong but the more trouble he got into, the more Gajeel got worried and stepped in to pull him back to fight out each other’s frustrations. Gajeel told him about his Phantom Lord days and how he didn’t want his son falling into his footsteps.

He returns to the guild to make amendments after that and learns tattoo art in his free time. (He has a secret hobby for painting and feels like Levy’s script magic is the prettiest art there is. Also, he’s really good at singing (unlike Gajeel PAHA) and secretly has lessons with Mira backstage.)

GaVa relationship

Nova used to make fun of him a lot and pressures him to become more powerful to prove her wrong. Their feisty relationship soon makes him unknowingly fall for her and her mental strength which boosts him on to become more powerful to win her heart, even when he knew that she fell for Reiki. 

After Reiki breaks the news that Nash and him have been secretly dating, Nova breaks down and reveals her frailty when it came to matters of the heart. Gale comforts her and confesses his feelings, saying that he loved her the sassy, prideful, vulgar and hot headed way she was which she represses in Reiki’s presence, along with her good kinder heart with she shows in more milder ways.

These are what I have for now and I haven’t came up with what abilities they’ll have and I might change some things along the way but I hope you like it!! ^o^

axlorg89  asked:

Just wondering but Fairy Tail wizards have interesting quirks, no? Wondering what the 2nd gens are!

Yes they do and good question!!!! :D Hmmm lemme think..

Luna and Gale is their weird taste in food because of their mix of “dragon” and human race. An example is like Luna’s love for strawberries dripped in tuna paste. And Gale’s, sheep’s meat eaten with mint ice cream or something HAHAHAHA.

Storm is his tendency to drift off into his daydreams like his mama does. (Oh and his switcheroo into cool battle mode when he feels competitive or protective)

Rin and Sylvia idolize Asuka a lot.

Nash blushes like crazy and cannot think straight when he gets complimented so people mess around with him a lot with that quirk. (IMAGINE HIS BATTLES HAHAHA)

Reiki is very much like Erza, with how instantaneously prepared he can be for anything.

These are all I have for now but feel free to drop messages of your headcanons for my newgen OC babies! :D I’d love to hear them!

ladyshadowhuntress  asked:

Hi Ally! Can you give us a ranking of how strong the new gen kids are from strongest to weakest? We have a semi good idea on the ranking for the current generation (certain rankings are pretty iffy) so I just wanted to know what it was for the new gen kids. :3

Hello!!!! Ok, I shall give a rough gauge but it’s difficult because they have different abilities, afterall! (eg. how water beats fire)

1. Basically Rosemary Fernandez was born with immense magic potential since birth, which could be felt by every wizard which led to lots of failed kidnapping cases with evil mages.
2. Reiki Fernandez and Nova Dreyar. (Both senpais have great control too) Rin Fullbuster’s power ranges from 50% to 120% because of how he can’t really control it yet and it requires his high pain tolerance.
3. Storm Fullbuster, Luna Dragneel and Gale Redfox.
4. Nash Dragneel is very destructive, and doesn’t have good control because of how his emotions are so easily wavered.
5. Sylvia Fullbuster is the weakest physically (from birth difficulties) and in terms of ability. (only so far though hehe) Her water-based powers are not really offensive but used more for healing. (more to learn from Juvia and Wendy!)