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users & urls

gente eu tava aqui parada pensando no que fazer pro tumblr e como eu já postei muitas bios eu decidi fazer users e urls para tumblr e twitter!!1 vou deixar todos liberados mas por favor me avisem aqui ou no @selnagsmez se usar se não eu denuncio vcs em +15 contas ate meu dedo cair :-)

guys, I was here wondering what to do for tumblr and as I’ve posted many bios I decided to make users and urls for tumblr and twitter!!!1 i’ll let all released but please let me know here or @selnagsmez if u use, if u not say for me i’ll denounce you in +15 accounts until my finger fall :-)

urls for tumblr of icons/packs

  1. twikittynopsd
  2. twrgrunge
  3. twhypsds
  4. trwitter
  5. trwitternopsd
  6. stuffsnopsds
  7. twilayoutzs
  8. twrpackzs
  9. twmodernpsd
  10. twicanpsd
  11. twitforya
  12. scripticons
  13. weirdsicons
  14. lokcscreen (((bonus!1!

urls for tumblr of photoshop

  1. tmblresources
  2. grungersources
  3. photshops
  4. editzshop
  5. rwesources
  6. coffesources
  7. blacksresources

urls for personal tumblr

  1. handswritteen
  2. coffeewithoutcaffeine
  3. rewtriten
  4. moo-nlighxt
  5. tumbrls
  6. psychogirls
  7. suspensdead
  8. nruance
  9. cluelezs
  10. cmouflage
  11. mosnarchy
  12. kisngdom
  13. ecrletic
  14. kingzdom

users for twitter ((random

  1. pinkgirlbae
  2. hyspnotic
  3. cigasrette
  4. isntindies
  5. hispsterz
  6. babegisrl
  7. darknwess
  8. desprwessive
  9. clrueless
  10. meangarls
  11. tosxisc
  12. aesthwetics
  13. crosmic

justin bieber users

  1. jrustinbiwber
  2. prurposwe
  3. kridsrauhI
  4. cromspany
  5. hreatbreakers

one direction users

  1. onsdirwection
  2. strockholm
  3. lrouistowlinson
  4. kittyonedbae
  5. isntdirection

demi lovato users

  1. consfidwent
  2. kisngdomcome ou kisngdom 
  3. dsmetriaIovato (o L é um i maiusculo) 
  4. demibstidol
  5. darklovatogirl

5h users

  1. laurwnjrauegui
  2. crynormanibae
  3. wsorthit
  4. resflewction
  5. fifhtarmony

5sos users

  1. lrukehemmings
  2. unsplugged
  3. kittymclifford
  4. darkashiton
  5. calumhwhy

little mix users

  1. jadwethilrwall
  2. twiedwards
  3. gretwseird
  4. isntleighanne
  5. jewsynelsn

old magcon users

  1. shwnmsndes
  2. isntmagcon
  3. nahsgriewr
  4. caIisbraska (o L é um i maiusculo)
  5. tayslorcraniff

users selena gomez here

users ariana grande here


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This is absolutely disgusting, how these boys get so much praise even when they’re being racist and sexist. How fans still support them when you can clearly see how they are being so fucking horrible. These boys are role models to so many people yet they still think that’s it’s ok to post this sort of stuff. Have they ever though that some of their fans might be black girls and Muslims? And don’t they know that’s it’s wrong to take advantage of people- especially fans?! Yh probably but I doubt they give a fuck. Now I don’t hate them personally or whatever but they need to check what comes out of their mouth and get a serious attitude makeover before people and fans start turning on them (apart from Carter he’s already fucked up tbh**)

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