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This is absolutely disgusting, how these boys get so much praise even when they’re being racist and sexist. How fans still support them when you can clearly see how they are being so fucking horrible. These boys are role models to so many people yet they still think that’s it’s ok to post this sort of stuff. Have they ever though that some of their fans might be black girls and Muslims? And don’t they know that’s it’s wrong to take advantage of people- especially fans?! Yh probably but I doubt they give a fuck. Now I don’t hate them personally or whatever but they need to check what comes out of their mouth and get a serious attitude makeover before people and fans start turning on them (apart from Carter he’s already fucked up tbh**)

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Kat Blaque’s Dear Arielle Scarcella: Please Stop

Let me explain something really quickly, I have no interest in watching any more of Arielle Scarcella’s videos because I was personally v offended by another pair of her videos What Lesbians Think of Bisexuals and the accompanying Bisexuals Respond to “What lesbians think of Bisexuals.”  The fact was it was triggering for me on two levels, one because it was just like all the other microaggressions I’ve been subjected to in my life about being bisexual and two because the bisexuals featured in the second vid had prioritized the feelings of lesbians over their own feelings (hi hello that’s fucking gross to watch bi phobia internalized like that, I’m still trying to rid myself of lots of that crap). Fast forward to a few nights ago when my friend messaged me about Arielle Scarcella’s vid (on girlfriends tv), “Would you sleep with a lesbian with a penis?

The reason I don’t recommend watching Arielle Scarcella’s video is because she is a v popular youtuber with over 300k subscribers on her personal channel alone, plus 100k subscribers on Girlfriends tv.  Its basically a numbers game and you are giving her money to be transphobic.  Whereas watching Kat Blaque’s video will give you the perspective from a trans woman on how offensive Arielle’s video was and how it could have been easily fixed.

Finally, I wish I had the guts to make youtube videos, (I’m just too shy, I’ve tried making them before and it was a disaster) because I was so offended by Arielle’s videos. I feel like Kat Blaque has the guts I always lacked in both speaking out against a popular youtuber and just being so open about her personal life. But the moral of the story is that cis white monosexuals like Arielle never consider how much privilege they have and how intimidating it can be to confront or disagree with someone as popular as them. Arielle has a habit of attracting people who agree with her and only featuring them and always prioritizing her feelings (her privileged feelings I might add) over those of other marginalized groups. That isn’t how intersectional feminism works.  I really want you all to understand how much bigotry is rewarded on Youtube (Tyler Oakley is racist, Nash Grier is homophobic, Laci Green is transphobic), especially if you’re a white cis monosexual. So just to recap, don’t bother watching Arielle unless you really want to support her, when you could support Kat instead. 

Reminder this is their subscriber counts:

People over use the term "racist" not only is that offensive to the person who is wrongfully accused of being racist but it also demeans actual cases of racism.

 So Dan’s apparently racist because he used an Indian (which it didn’t even sound like) to answer his phone. But this accusation of racism is unfounded.

Racism is a problem. Disguising your voice to avoid crazy fans and telemarketers is not. 

If you want to accuse an Internet celebrity of being racist, use Nash Grier- who is also Islamaphobic (can’t spell sorry), homophobic, sexist, and misogynistic. But using accents isn’t really racist

nash fucking grier.

where do I even start. 

External image
I’ll start here. 

FIRST OF ALL, look at how uncomfortable this guy looks. I’m not saying that he is uncomfortable, because maybe he’s really happy. But to me he looks uncomfortable. 

SECONDLY, wow nash. You go buddy. Such bravery. You kissed another guy. wow. This uncomfortable looking kiss with a stranger clearly makes up for every single homophobic slur and phrase that he throws around. This picture does not mean that he is truly sorry for what he said. 

go you for kissing someone. nash grier, God of the gays.

I do not, and I never will, understand how kissing someone makes up for what he said.

THIRD POINT, most of his fans are adolescent girls. He does not act like a role model. So he’s kind of attractive and he is occasionally funny, but other than that, what is there? Millions of girls worship him and hang on to every single word he mutters. Whenever he tweets something racist, these people start acting on that tweet. Whenever he uses any type of slur, these people start using those slurs and phrases. He needs to understand what type of impact he has on people. I understand that he apologizes for these things, but he keeps doing them.

When he made that video ’what guys look for in girls,’ so many girls started to believe that those things were exactly what made them lovable. If a guy tells you who you need to be, what you need to act like, do NOT date them. You need to be you to be happy. Do NOT let a guy define who you are. You need to find someone who will like and accept you for who you are. Just because five teenage boys tell you what they want does not mean that every single guy is like that. 


nash is not as good as most people make him seem. 

he is rude, racist, homophobic, and more.

he has absolutely no right to tell girls who they can and cannot be, no one has that right. 

that is all. thank you.

anonymous asked:

could you explain me why so many people hate nash grier? i mean, i barely know about him and whenever i see hate i dont see any explanation and i was hoping you could clear out my curiosity

Okay! -But tbh I don’t know the exact order everything happened in… so yeah lol-

First !! The dude made a video about what ‘Guys look for in Girls’ ~which is already stupid because not all guys think like that

It was like a 9 minute long video about what him and his two other friends thought about girls. In this video, Nash made a couple of… *ahem* statements about body hair… when I mean statements, I mean he RANTED about how he couldn’t stand it. The rest of the video was pretty bad as well. Saying ‘i hate lipstick’ and shit like ‘entertain me’. As if girls have to do anything for you! Second !! Some of his tweets (majority of them) are racists and homophobic:

External image

External image

~there was another one about him saying that he ‘gets paranoid when Muslims are around’~ but I couldn’t find it lolol

And Third !!! He recently made a vine about how HIV is a *excuse me* “Fag” thing

(whatever the fuck that means)


Nash Grier is a homophobic, racist, and misogynist pile of cottage cheese

Hopefully this helped lol