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Can I have Nash smut?

Nash Imagine #1

This imagine contains sexual content, so if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t read it.

„What can I get you?” the waiter asked. You were currently in a little restaurant in Chicago with Nash, Cam and Bryant to grab some lunch. “Uh, I guess I’ll get the spaghetti.” you said, closing the menu and smiling up at the waiter. He returned the smile and took your menu, walking away. “I don’t like him.” Nash mumbled, placing his hand on your thigh. “Really Nash? He was just polite and did his job.”you whispered back, looking him in the eyes. He raised his eyebrows and then turned to Cam, continuing their previous conversation, still not taking his hand off your thigh. Not thinking much of it, you started to talk with Bryant who sat across from you. The waiter came again to bring your drinks and you could feel Nash’s hand gliding up your thigh. You gave him a scolding look, but he just ignored it and continued talking. Resting it on your upper thigh under your skirt, he didn’t move it. Until the waiter came again with the food. In one swift movement he pushed your panties to the side and plunged a finger into you. You choked on your drink and started to cough uncontrollably. Cam looked up, a worried look on his face. “Everything okay, Y/N?” “Uh..Y-Yeah, I just.. just choked on my drink.” you stuttered out, Nash’s finger still inside of you. Cameron nodded and started to eat. Looking at Nash, he acted like nothing happened. “Cut it, Hamilton.” you hissed. “Cut what?” he asked innocently, the mischievous grin evident on his face. “This.” you hissed again, looking down in your lap. Nash followed your gaze, looked up again and just continued eating. You tried slapping his hand away twice, but it was no use. You even squeezed your thighs together, but Nash had his ways. He just rested his hand there, not moving. You continued to eat, as he plunged his finger in again. This time you moaned, quickly covering it up with a cough and grabbed your drink. Cam and Bryant looked at you weirdly. “Are you okay, Y/N?” Bryant asked. “Yeah, you seem a bit pale.” Cam added, looking worried. “Uh, just a bit dizzy, it’s okay.” you pressed out, smiling weakly. “Oh babe, you don’t look good. Let’s take you back to the hotel.” Nash cooed, hiding his smile. You just nodded and he took his hand away, quickly wiping it on a napkin. “I’ll take her back to the hotel, we’ll se you guys later.” he said, grabbing your hand. “Get well soon.” Cam smiled sympathetically. Nash dragged you out, trying to get to the hotel as fast as possible.

Having a makeout session in the elevator and getting caught by an old couple, you finally reached your floor, Nash nearly running to your guys room. He fumbled with the key and unlocked the door, kicking it close behind the two of you. He picked you up and sat you on the table in the room, his hands roaming everywhere on your body. Connecting your lips together, your tongues fought for dominance and you moaned into Nash’s mouth, making him smirk in the kiss. Your hands wandered down his body, palming him through his pants. He let out a grunt as his hand slipped between your thighs, ripping of you panties in one swift motion. You gasped, but he ignored it as he stroked your clit, your eyes fluttering close and your head falling back. “So wet.” Nash whispered. Wanting to take revenge, you suddenly took control, grabbing him by his shirt and pushing him back on the bed. Placing kisses on his jaw, you sucked at his sweet spot, making him moan out loud. Lifting up his shirt, he took it off. You kissed a trail down his chest and stomach, reaching the waistband of his boxers, letting it slap against his skin. Unbuttoning his pants agonizingly slow, he let out a shaky breath. “Stop teasing me.” he hissed, looking down at you pulling off his pants. “But I really wanted to eat. And spend some time with Cam and Bryant. So you’re going to have to stand this.” you whispered, brushing over his prominent bulge with your fingertips. He hissed, throwing his head back. Slipping your hand in his boxers, you grabbed his length and slowly spread the pre-cum on his tip, Nash letting out a grunt. You pulled off his boxers completely and stroked him at a slow pace. Leaning down, you placed a chaste kiss on his tip, then licked up a stripe from the base. Nash grabbed the sheets, his knuckles turning white. You decided to give him some release and put him into your mouth completely, his hands automatically finding your hair, guiding you. You bobbed your head a few times as he grabbed your head and held you still, thrusting into your mouth. His moans and grunts filled the room. You relaxed your jaw and felt him twitch, quickly pulling off with a popping sound. “You don’t get to cum yet.” you teased and smirked up at him as he threw his head back and whined. His facial expression changed quickly as he looked down at you and growled “Fuck it.” Quickly pushing you down onto the bed, he ripped off your remaining clothes, not caring if he ruined them or not. Right now all he wanted was you. “You’re going to get it Y/N.” he growled, plunging three fingers at once into you, making you scream out in pleasure and pain. Nash pumped them at a quick pace and you squirmed underneath him. Your walls clenched around him and dots started to cloud your vision, but before you could cum he pulled out. “What the fuck Nash?” you whined and looked at him frustrated, a smirk on his face. He just smashed his lips onto yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. Without warning he pushed himself into you, making you moan in each others mouths. “We got to be quick, the boys will be back soon.” he whispered and started off at a quick pace, kissing your neck and leaving marks. “H…H-Harder Nash.” you whimpered as he picked up his pace and went deeper with every thrust. You screamed out as he brushed your spot. “I.. I’m going to cum.” you pressed out, your eyes closing in pleasure. “You don’t cum until I say so, Y/N.” Nash growled out, letting his hand fall to your heat and rubbing figure eights. Dots started to cloud your vision again, “I..I-I can’t..” you whispered and Nash leaned down. “Cum for me, be a good girl.” he whispered in your ear and you let go, screaming as waves of pleasure rushed through your body. Clenching your walls was everything Nash needed and he twitched inside of you before releasing too. Riding out both your orgasms, you went limp underneath him and he let himself fall next to you. You caught your breath again as you curled up in his side and he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

Nash and you dressed again and you opened the door of the hotelroom to find a smirking Cam and Bryant leaning on the wall. “So, Y/N, do you feel better?” Cam asked, trying hard not to laugh. Your face went red like a tomato as he came to hug you. As you hid your face, he laughed and said “Next time, remember the thin walls.”

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