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Taylor Au: Dating Taylor would involve him being the biggest dork in the world, but also the hottest fuck boy in the world. He can go 0-100 real quick.

I’m back with the Au’s c:


How he knows you're in the mood: ( Magcon boys + Omaha preference )

NASH: you’re very touchy. Normally your not into PDA but if you’re in the mood your hands are always on his or you kiss him more often.

CAMERON: you get very quiet. You don’t speak much and when you do you drag your words out more than normal.

MATTHEW: you stare at him a lot. Sometimes he’ll find it creepy because he’ll look at you at least three times and you’ll still be staring directly at him.

TAYLOR: You are much more dirtier with your words. You become very perverted.

SHAWN: Shawn can never tell when you’re in the mood because he’s that cute little innocent boy so you always have to be straight forward with him.

CARTER: You normally text him wink faces until he gets the hint. It never takes him long.

AARON: You become nervous. You’ll act nervous around him.

HAYES: you’re more giggly. Everything is way more funny.

JACK G: You become a major tease. Either you’d pull your shirt down some, giving more of a view to your breast, or you’d give Jack a perfect view of your ass.

JACK J: You play with his hair. You always had a thing for his hair when you were in the mood, you never knew why but when you were in the mood your hands always found their way to his hands.

SAMMY: you’d just simple call him Daddy. Unless he was in front of a lot of people you’d just bite your lip constantly.

NATE: he’d never get the chance to know because you’d be in a hurry to get some action, you’d always find a way whether it was fragging him to the airport bathroom or making Jim stop what ever he was doing and find the most abandoned area at the moment.

I love this😂😂

Jack Gilinsky - Get Closer

This is fucking filthy. Smut with gifs. Not sure if I like it. Sorry it’s so long (: I’m going to hell. I really like comments/feedback

Jack Gilinsky - Get Closer 

It was 9:00 at night. Our little neighborhood was nice and quiet. Jack and I had bought a nice townhouse for ourselves after deciding we were ready to move in together. He was in his office- slash studio, with headphones on rocking back and forth in his chair listening to music. I leaned against the door frame and watched him for a few seconds. He was handsome, even from behind. Actually, he was handsome no matter what. I walked up behind him and took his headphones out. I leaned down and put my arms on either side of his neck and crossed my arms against his chest. I gave him a kiss on his neck.

“You look busy. Are you busy?” I asked. 

“Sorta. But, never too busy for you Y/N” he said and grinned at me as he rubbed his hands on my arms. He swiveled around in his chair and hooked his index fingers into my belt loops and pulled me onto his lap. I placed each leg on his sides and pressed myself into him. I gave him a small kiss and wrapped my arms around him. He ran his rough hands up my back. He always sent shivers through me. I leaned my head back, letting my hair fall down, and sighed. Jack placed a soft kiss on my collar bones and kissed across my shoulder to the base of my neck and slowly dragged his tongue up the side of my neck. I bit my lip and let out a small moan. 

“I want you” I said looking straight into his eyes. 

“I want you” he replied firmly. He put his lips to my ear. “I want you in every way possible. I want you physically and emotionally. I want your heart. I want to be close to you. Even being inside of you with my hands all over your body isn’t close enough for me. You have no fucking idea what you do to me Y/N” he whispered. He pressed his lips against mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth. He nibbled at my lip.
I got off of him and stood up between his legs. 

“If you want me you should come get me…” I said looking over my shoulder, walking away, and swinging my hips. Jack was left there with a smirk on his face. He always goes after what he wants. I hear him get out of his chair and follow me into our bedroom. He stands in front of me unbuckling his belt while staring at me. Cocky. He pulls his shirt off effortlessly. All he’s left in are his briefs. I take a deep breath. Looking at him and his perfect body is like sensory overload right now. Little did I know what was coming for me. 

He sits on the edge of our king bed and pulls me in between his long legs. He puts his hands on my waist and runs them slowly down my sides. I reach for the hem of my tank top and peel it off my warm skin. I reach behind my back and unhook my bra and let it fall to the hardwood floor. Jack looks up at me and unbuttons my shorts. He easily pulls them down and they hit the floor around my ankles. His big hands were resting on the curve of my ass as he squeezed it. The corners of his mouth curved upwards. He sat back further on the bed and I crawled on to him and straddled him in the middle of our bed. He embraced me in his arms, kissing me as passionately as he could in that moment. I stopped kissing him and rested my forehead against his. 

“Get as close to me as you can, Jack. As close to me as you need to be.”

“I will baby.“ 

Jack suddenly grabbed my waist and turned us over. I put my hands on either side of his face and kissed him as he put his arms above my head while he was between my legs. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him closer to me. I was letting out soft moans every second he was with me. He kissed down my neck and between the valley of my breasts. He stopped, looked at me, and slid his tongue from the center of my torso to the top my panties. "I can’t wait to taste you, and make you feel good baby” Jack said seductively. I was almost shaking. He kissed over my panties, the only thing in his way. He placed his mouth over my panties and kept eye contact the whole time with me. He was being such a tease. My hips jolted towards him. He was enjoying this. His teeth snagged the elastic of my panties. 

“Fucking take them off” I demanded. 

“As you wish” he said sweetly.  

He pulled at them and slid them off my legs. He was eyeing my pussy and licking his lips. I didn’t want to blink and miss a thing. He took his middle and index finger and opened me. He flicked his tongue over my clit, over, and over, and over. He did it just the right way. I bucked my hips forward and let out a moan. He held me down with one arm. My eyes rolled back and all I felt was complete pleasure throughout every cell of my body. He put two fingers inside of me and slowly moved them in sync with his tongue. He was pushing me over the edge. I arched my back off the sheets that I was gripping onto and tangled my hands in his thick dark hair. 

“Please don’t stop baby. Don’t stop, it feels so good. Keep going” I begged with pleading eyes. I tightened and let my orgasm take over my whole body. It was bliss. Jack put his fingers into his mouth and sucked them one by one. I took a deep inhale and muttered “fuck”. Jack crawled his way back up to me. Kissing every part of skin he could. I was still breathing heavily. He hovered above me and asked “did you like that baby?" I nodded and smiled at him. I moved underneath of him to on top of his perfect body. I kissed his neck, because I knew he was weak for that. I began to grind my pussy against his hard shaft through his briefs and he was already falling apart underneath of me. I stopped and moved my way down him. I grabbed onto the elastic of his briefs and pulled them down, agonizingly slow. I could hear him let out a frustrated sigh. The sight of his growing erection sent electric tingles across my skin. We both salivated with desire. I wrapped one hand around his shaft, my fingers barely meeting. I timidly placed my lips around the head. He moaned. 
I took more of his thick shaft into my mouth and I felt the muscles in his legs shudder in delight. I loved making Jack feel good. I bobbed my head up and down and slid my wet lips along the length of his hard cock. I loved the way he felt, the way he tasted. I looked up to see his head thrown back in ecstasy. He put his hands on my face and motioned for me to come back up to him. I did. He turned us over again and began kissing all across my chest. He circled his wet tongue over my nipple and slid his tongue over to my other one and did the same. I ran my fingers through his hair, grabbing it. He grazed my nipple with his teeth. 

I was dripping wet and ready for him. "I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good Y/N” he said with a husky voice. “Then do it baby” I said. Jack separated my legs and looked down between us. He had his cock in his hand and was stroking it against my opening. It was pure torture right now. Jack had made my pussy so wet that his dick slid in effortlessly. 
He went softly and easily at first. Sliding the length of his thick cock slowly in and out of me. Oh god, it felt so nice. In and out, over and over again. Our sweating bodies pressed tightly together. My fingers grasped the flesh of his back as he rythmically pumped his shaft in and out of my pussy, slick with wetness. I wanted more.

He continued to thrust into me repeatedly. All of kinds of paces, and deepness. It was never the same with Jack. He looked up to see me watching him eagerly with a teasing, but passionate smile. He shuddered, and felt himself quickly sliding toward the brink. Just then, he pulled out. He grabbed my hips and turned me onto my stomach. He put his hand under me and lifted me up, put himself back inside me and pushed me down onto the bed. It was a different feeling, and it was fucking amazing. He was hitting places I never thought he could. I was moaning and grabbing the sheets trying to control my pleasure. He was grunting behind me with his hands on my hips. I lifted my self onto my elbows. Jack reached his hand around and grabbed my jaw to kiss me. I was beginning to feel my second climax take over and within seconds I came with Jack still inside me. "I’m gonna come baby. I’m so, so close” he grunted. He quickened his pace and finally released himself inside of me, still thrusting. We both filled our quiet neighborhood with sounds of pleasure. He pulled himself out of me slowly. I felt his wet cum dripping from the both of us. I was still so sensitive and he was throbbing. He laid onto his back with me. He put his hand on my chest and traced his finger down my torso. i inhaled sharply. He pushed my legs apart and began rubbing circles on my clit. I smiled at him and gave him a weak smile. 

“I’m glad you weren’t busy.”

“Yeah, so am I” he looked at me and laughed.


Day 19 of 24 Days of One Shots 🎄

#41 Cameron Dallas – Lost In IKEA

You just got home to your hyperactive boyfriend, Cameron. He’s singing christmas songs in the kitchen and doesn’t stop even when you enter the room. You laugh at your cute boyfriend who comes over to you and wraps his arms around you from behind. “Wanna go to IKEA?” He asks before kissing your neck.

“Always.” You giggle as he kisses your neck again. You’re about to turn around and give him a kiss on the lips, but then he’s already gone, running off to the bedroom to get his phone and wallet. You shake your head at him and let your bag down, only taking money and your phone with you.

“You let me drive right?” He asks yelling as he’s already going out of your shared apartment.

“No!” You exclaim and run after him. He quickens his pace and gets to the car first. In all honestly though, you didn’t want to drive anyway. “Come on!” He smiles. Cameron lets out a triumphant cheer when you get in the car. You roll your eyes and buckle up before he drives off.

Minutes later you arrive at IKEA, park your car and get a shopping cart. “What’s on the list?” Cam asks you as he pushes the cart in front of you.

“Christmas decoration, I guess.” You smile and walk a bit faster to be on the same speed as he is. Cameron is usually walking the same pace as you, but since he’s hyper today, he walks quicker.

Together you walk beside each other, both of you pushing the cart, his hand over yours in the middle. Cameron literally points at everything, suggesting to get it even though you don’t need it. To some things you even say yes even though it will only be a dust collector in your house.

Hours later you have to get the bigger furniture that you have picked out and that was actually on the list. Cameron gets a second shopping cart and then it’s time to get the boxes.

“Are we lost?” You ask after you walk through the same aisle the third time.

“Of course we’re not.” Cameron chuckles but scratches the back of his neck. “We’re… we’re just in an aisle that you haven’t been to yet.”

“You’ve been here three times already, babe.” You laugh and then walk over to him.

“You sure?” He asks and you nod.

“We’re definitely lost.” You laugh and kiss his cheek.

“At least I’m lost you with.” He smirks and kisses you. You kiss him back and wrap your arms around his neck as the kiss gets more passionate. All of the sudden, you hear someone clear their throat and pull apart. You look at the father with his little daughter walking pass you and blush instantly when the father glares at both of you.

“Maybe we should go in that direction.” Cam suggest and points at the direction where the father and the girl just came from.

“Maybe we should get some help then.” You laugh and follow Cameron out of the aisle. When you get back to where people are, you ask someone for help and eventually get what you need.

“We should do that more often.” Cameron says once you’re back in the car.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“Go to IKEA, get lost and maybe next time do more than just kissing and of course, don’t get caught.” He laughs and kisses your cheek.

“You’re crazy.” You roll your eyes at him.

“Crazy for you.” He smirks and drives you home.

Dry Sex With Cameron!

“Dude stop!” Cameron yelled as Nash killed him once again in their war of Black Ops. You were currently staying the night at your boyfriends place, Cameron Dallas and he lived with his best friend Nash which you didn’t have a problem with, but he’s been ignoring you most of the time because he’s been to stuck on the game. You, just sat there watching, slowly eating your pizza. Somehow though, you were getting turned on watching cameron. Cameron had ways to turn you on with out even purposely doing it, which one way just so happened to be getting angry. You’d watch his chest, as it heaved up and down at a fast pace, or how he’d move his long fingers along the remote quicker as he tried to shoot nash from on top of a building, or even how his veins would pop out of both his neck and his arm. Even worse, how his muscles would flex as he pressed harder onto the buttons, trying not to get killed. But what killed you the most, was his voice. He’d groan out with anger, making his voice deepen each time Nash would kill him, or the forceful yell he’d shout at Nash here and there. Even his jaw would clench when he’d hold it in, trying not to start a fight over a game. “I’m so fucking done” Cam said before tossing the remote down on the couch before walking towards his room, while nash sat there laughing at Cameron’s defeat. You on the other hand were squeezing your thighs together, trying to gain some friction to your heated core. Just as you stood up to go to Cameron’s room, cameron stormed back out, walking to the kitchen. You took this as an opportunity to tell him how you were feeling. “Hey baby” you said softly into his ear, massing the upper part of his back. “Hey babe, sorry you had to witness that” he said pouring him a glass of water. “Oh I enjoyed it” you said sliding your hand around his waist before grabbing ahold of his package. Cameron jumped slightly, clearing his throat. “Very, very much” you whispered seductively in his ear, before nibbling slightly on his ear lobe. “Come to my room” was all he said. You walked quickly behind Cameron watching as he looked over his should to make sure you were close by, ( just like in the picture^^^) You shut the door behind you both before pushing Cameron down on the bed. “You look so fucking hot out there” you mumbled while straddling Cameron’s waist, kissing his neck. Cameron quickly pulled away from you, grabbing your face in his large hands before kissing you roughly. “Wait wait.. We can’t babe” Cameron said sighing heavily. “What? Why?” You asked, feeling disappointed. “Because I promised Nash we wouldn’t do it if he’s here because he finds that disrespectful in a way. And not to mention even if we tried to sneak it, like make it a quickly, I wouldn’t be able to get dressed in enough time because the game starts in fifteen minutes” you sighed heavily before looking at your Lap that was currently on top of Cameron’s before coming up with an idea. “We don’t have to do it that way” you suggested with a smirk. “What do you mean?” He asked looking up at you. Instead of answering, you just smirked before pushing him to where he was flat against the bed. You leaned down, kissing him before grinding your hips into his. He moaned loudly against your lips as you slowly and teasingly grinded against him. “Get it?” You asked pulling away from him. “Most definitely” he said before scooting himself up on the bed before grabbing your hips, telling you to continue. You sat up, placing your hand on his chest before rocking your hips at a quicker pace against him, feeling his boner very efficiently through his sweat pants. “God yes” Cameron moaned out as he watched your every move. You started to buck your hips at a faster pace, baring down onto him hard for more friction. You could feel Cameron’s grip on your ass getting harder as he got closer to his climax. “Fuck y/n” Cameron groaned as you continued to dry hump him, throwing your head back with pleasure. “You’re so fucking hot Cam” you moaned out as you watched him get closer, his eyebrows furrowed together and his lips in a thin straight line. “Fuck baby keep going, just like that” you continued to moan out with each thrust, your hips moving at a quick pace as you got closer and closer to your climax. “I’m close Cameron,” you whined as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Same ” he said before laying his head in the crook of your neck, enjoying the last couple of seconds of your ‘intercourde’. “ oh Jesus fucking Christ!” You moaned out as you felt yourself hitting your climax, but instead of moving, cameron forced your hips to move even faster along his before he shot his load. “Fuck” he groaned before slowing the pace down until he let go of your hips. “I prefer you inside of me, but I’m not going to lie. That was hot” you said as you stood up. “Definitely. Buy we’ve both got to change. He said pointing down to the mess you left on his sweatpants from your thin shorts mixed with his own load. "Find but I’m wearing your sweatpants you said before walking to his closet.

#124 Hayes Grier - Library

Today, after school, your boyfriend Hayes picked you up and now you’re on your way to the library. You have to look for a book and want to study there. First you didn’t want him to come with you because he’d be only a distraction, but Hayes insisted to not let you alone. So after school, you and Hayes went to McDonalds for lunch and then hide a bag of French Fries in your bag. You get to the library and go to the uppest floor. There are tables for studying on every floor, but you always go to the very back in the uppset floor, because no one else is there. Also the tables at the very back are the oldest and the lights are not as bright as anywhere else, perfect for secret eating.

You hold Hayes hands and lead him to your favourite table. It’s surrounded by old bookshelves and no one ever comes back here. You sit down and point over to the chair across from you. He sits down and takes your bag that you put on the table. You’ve already taken out your books and open a book on the page that you need, when Hayes takes the McDonald bag out.

“Don’t make it so obvious.” You tell him but he just shrugs and starts to eat. You’re not even 10 minutes into studying when Hayes clears his throat loudly.

“Do you really have to study?” He asks and takes your planner. While he goes through it, he takes few fries into his hand and eats them.

“Hayes, you make my planner greasy.” You roll your eyes at him and want to get it back but he reacts quick and holds it up into the air.

“Aha! Knew it! You’re test is two day, which means you can chill for now.” He says and puts it back down.

“No, I can’t.” You say and take it back from him.

“Yes, you can.” Hayes says and gets up. He comes over to you and takes you hand.

“Hayes, please.” You roll your eyes at him. He just pulls you up and wraps his arms around your waist.

“Entertain me.” He smirks and you can’t help it but giggle. You cup his cheeks and kiss him. He kisses you back and doesn’t notice that you take his arms off you. You take a step back and then walk away from him. Hayes instantly follows you between two shelves. “(Y/N).” He whispers but you just keep on walking. Hayes goes away and then just as you take a book out, you see him looking at you through the bookshelves.

“Are you seriously behind the bookshelves now?” You quietly laugh.

“How else am I supposed to see your beautiful face?” He smirks and then disappears. Seconds later, someone grads your wrist and spins you around. It’s Hayes and you slam against his chest.

“What do you want?” You ask him laughing and slightly annoyed already.

“I want you.” He smirks and rests his forehead on yours. Hayes kisses you passionately and you kiss him back.

“I knew that you’d distract me.” You say and take a deep breath.

“I love you.” Hayes whispers and a woman walks pass you. You both hold your laughs in and then she leaves again.

“I love you too.” You say when the woman is gone. Hayes kisses you again and then you know that you won’t study any time soon.


**Can you make me a nash imagine where it’s our first argument and it gets bad then we make up?**

“YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUPID!” you screamed at the top of your lungs. “I’m stupid!? You’re the one over reacting!! Maybe if you’d calm the fuck down you’d know what happened!” Nash yelled back, his shadow towering over you. “No! I know what happened! Pictures showed everything!”” You argued, not letting him win. “You know what? I’m done. Call me when you calm the fuck down” he snapped before running out the door before you could even say anything. You were going to ignore him until you heard his motorcycle start up. That was one of your biggest fear. Just the thought of Nash on a motorcycle made you cringe because they were dangerous. And knowing hr was driving away on one angry pissed you off to no end. You ran outside quickly but by the time you got down the road he was already at the end of the road. “Dammit!” You screamed before stomping back inside the house. You and nash had gotten in your first fight today over something completely stupid. Fans were going crazy because when nash had a meet and greet at a mall and like normal he did the whole stage kiss thing but today was different. There was a beautiful brunette who had asked nash for a kiss on the cheek, so he claims but when he went to kiss her cheek she turned her head purposely and kissed his lips. You never really paid attention to his story though, you only paid attention the the pictures. You had blown up on him for it because he had promised to never actually kiss fans on the lips as a way of respecting your relationship so it really hurt you when that happened. But nash wasn’t seeing that. He thought it wasn’t a big deal because it wasn’t his fault but you weren’t seeing it has it wasn’t his fault. You saw it as he thought she was pretty so he didn’t stop. Moral of the story you let jealousy get the best of you. For the next hour you sat anxiously waiting for nash to get home mentally freaking out. You were about to dose off when you heard nash pull In to the driveway. You ran out the door right as Nash pulled the helmet over his head, his long hair falling easily. “Nash! Are you kidding me!?” He just looked at you with his lip in between his teeth as he set his helmet on the back of the bike. “You know how I feel about you driving the motorcycle yet you still-” you watched in shock as nash drove around to the back, not even bothering to let you finish. You stood for a second with your jaw wide before you stomped around to the back to see nash parked in the garage, turning the engine off. “I can’t believe you!” You said standing next to nash as he continued to sit on the bike. “I was in the middle of talking to you and you just rudely-” you felt nash wrap his arm around your waist before pulling you roughly to him, his lips instantly landing on yours. Your hands placed themselves on his chest, trying to push him away with you still being mad but he just pulled you in even tighter. Eventually you let in until he lifted you onto the bike and now hr was the one standing. You removed your lips from his ad you wabbled on the bike, trying to get down but he wasn’t letting you. “I’m going to show you how nice this bike is” he whispered into your ear while sliding your jacket over your shoulders. Your eyes widened. “Nash! I’m not going to ride this bike. We literally just-” “No baby the only thing you’ll be riding-” he said before nibbling on your bottom lip. “Is me” You instantly felt in between your legs become wet as you imagined what he was going going to do to you. “You have a funny way of cutting me-” “Of what baby girl?"he asked with a smirk. You were about to say something else when he pecked your lips, pulling away with a wide grin showing his teeth. "So if we’re not riding the bike, what are we going to do with it?” You said as you slowly unbuttoned your sweater. “ fuck on it” he said with a wide smirk. You grinned before leaning forward pressing your lips to his. You watched as he took his hoodie off, showing he didn’t have a shirt under it. In a matter of seconds you both were nude, you straddling his lap on the bike. You felt his fingers rub your clit as you pumped him roughly, his mouth open as he watched you intensely. “Ride me baby girl” he mumbled as his member started releasing pre cum. You lifted yourself before sliding down on his hard member. “Oh god ” you mumbled as you felt him stretch you. “I promise you I want you and only you. There is no other girl out there more beautiful than you” he mumbled in between kisses along your chest as you slowly rode him. After a while nash pushed at your shoulders, your back laying on the front of the bike. You watched as nash reached up, holding onto the handle bars as he started to thrust into you, making the bike rock back and forth. At first it was regular speed but as you both got closer to your highs his thrusts got faster and rougher. “I’m close” you breathed out as you lifted your legs, giving nash a better advantage. Nash immediately pulled out the second you said that. You groaned giving him a dirty look. “Flip over baby” he said, somewhat out of breath. You quickly obliged, struggling with your wobbly legs. You grinded your hips against Nash’s as you felt his hair member poking you, needing the release you were so close to having. “Relax baby girl, this is going to feel weird st first but you’ll like it” you looked behind you at nash confunsingly until you felt the bike turn on, the engine running. “Fuck!” You moaned as the vibrations shook at your clit. You moaned loudly as nash pushed all the way into you thrusting hard . “Oh my fucking… Nash!” You moaned as all the pleasure took over you. Nash pushed down on your hips, making the pleasure unbearable. You looked in the side mirrors, watching nash. Sweat was dripping down the side of his face and his hair stuck to his forehead. Just him himself was enough to set you off. “Fuck!” You yelled as you came undone, nash still thrusting roughly into you. Nash quickly lifted you, one arm around your waist as the other one was around your throat. You moaned loudly as he roughly thrusts into you a couple more times until he came, his breathing uneven. You leaned forward, laying against the front of the bike, nash on leaning on your back as you both tried to catch your breath. “So, do you you still not like the bike?” He asked smirking down st you. You giggled slightly before shaking your head no. “We should use it more often now ” you said with a smirk.

One of my worst fears is meeting one of the boys and looking like complete shit