Reality Check - Jack Gilinsky Imagine series

So here is Part 3 for this imagine series. 

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Jack’s P.O.V

“So Jack, I’m sorry if I’m fucking overreacting over this stupid little dinner, but I just needed to release all the pain and torment that I kept within me from all these years.”

I kept repeating her very last words before I had left her. Y/N had confessed her love for me, and what did I do? I left her alone to drown in her misery and heartache. Don’t get me wrong; I love Y/N with every bit of my heart, but just not in that way, or at least I think not. She was a type of person that you wont have difficulty in loving as soon as your eyes lock in contact; she stood out from the crowd, as if she was the only blooming rose in a field of daisies. She was intelligent, genuine, distinguished, and virtuous. All of her qualities just shone incredibly bright, allowing me to believe that she was just too good for me; it’s the truth. 

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Jared is too much😂😂😂😂

The pure rawness and emotion in his voice makes me fall in love with him

(Video is not mine. Credit to the owner)