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Down The Drain ||Nash Grier||

   "Nash will you wash the dishes?“ I asked Nash who was sitting on the couch doing nothing. "Babe, you know I have a meeting. I need to start getting ready nothing.” Nash flipping through the channels on the TV.

     "Really Nash? You fucking suck dude.“ I said walking to away from him and into the kitchen to was the dishes.

     I put on some music and turned on the water and grabbed some soap and and a plate, and started scrubbing it.

     I was almost finished, on the last glass when I heard something drop into the sink. I looked down into the sink and saw my brand new engagement ring totter into the drain. 

     I shut off the water and looked into the drain, I didnt see anything. "Oh fuck.” I said to myself, I knew Nash would be pissed if he found out. “You have got to be fucking kidding me.” I sighed “Whats wrong babe?” Nash asked, scaring the shit out of me.

     I jumped when I saw him “I guess uh… my um ring is uhh.. its stuck in the drain.” I said looking at my “naked” finger avoiding all eye contact with Nash. 

     "Wait. So let me get this straight. Your ring that I bought you, your engagement ring. Is now down the drain?“ Nash asked looking for clarification. "Yeah, Nash im so sorry it an accident. You know I loved that ring, im so so sorry.” I apologized. “Wait you think Im mad?” Nash asked, I hid my face in my hands. “Baby im not mad.” Nash said chucking.

     Nash grabbed me and pulled me into his chest and kissed the top of my head. “Babe why would you think I would be mad?” Nash asked “I know how much money you payed for that ring, and I like ruined it.” I said sobbing into his chest. “You know we can get someone out here to get the ring back right?” Nash said chuckling “I dont understand why your so upset.” Nash said, I pushed away from him. “I dont know I just dont want to make you upset and all that.” I said. “How about we go out on a date, and ill have someone come over and by the end of the night well have your ring back?” He suggested “That sounds amazing!”


Enjoy the Nostalgia Critic’s Pluto Nash review? Re-visit my very first review ever!

(And try not to judge too harshly, it is quite rough in spots, even though I did improve the audio recently.)

EDIT: Holy crap, today is actually 7 years to the day it posted on Blip!

a-lack-0f-understanding  asked:

Liam would you recommend starting a YouTube channel while still in school or wait till you have more experience and finished general education? Thankyou:) xxx

It’s hard to say, as everyone I know has started at different ages/stages of life experience. A lot of people I know have held off until they had full Film degrees, but I started in my first year at university, and Charlie started when he was in the middle of his A Levels, and Kayley started when she was, like, 14/15?

there’s no qualifying age for YouTube, however it really depends on what you want to do with it. If you wanna just, like, vlog for your friends, then yeah, go for it, you do you! But if you intend to, like, ~MAKE CONTENT~ and grow an audience, then as a teen/younger person there is of course a different level of pressure/responsibility for how you handle yourself online - if only for the fact that:

  1. you might say things in a video that you’ll regret enormously five years down the line (e.g. Nash Grier)
  2. you’ll likely cater to a young audience who relate to you, but put everything you say on a pedestal, no matter how trivial/problematic/idiotic because you’re an internet personality (e.g. Nash Grier)
  3. If your channel grows, you might have to learn how to deal with an occasionally overbearing number of people your age looking to you for guidance, when you’re still just trying to figure yourself out as a person (see where I’m going here?)

Not to say that adult YouTubers don’t have their own pressures and responsibilities (because fuck do we have responsibility, despite what the actions of some of my former peers may suggest). But ultimately it’s all down to whether or not you a) Want to do it for the right reasons, b) Have something to say/make, and c) Honestly, personally feel ready to put yourself out there.

Whoops, I didn’t mean to word vomit! And I hope I haven’t put you off. Just some food for thought for anybody at school age who has been considering starting their own channel. :)