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Thoughts on KNB: Extra Game 8 (Final)

I’ve actually seen the English translation update a few days ago, but I was outside then so I completely forgot when I got back home. o(-(

Anyway, since it’s the last chapter of Extra Game, I cannot not put in my two cents (read: random fangirling), so here goes.

First of all…


As much as this guy pisses me off, it makes me wonder what kind of back story he has. Must be interesting to read. ;w;



Shall I say the AoKagaKuro threesome is canon now?

By the way, does Nash even understand what they’re saying? Aomine’s English is as horrible as his grade.

I have only two things to say in here:

  1. My husband is still alive
  2. NijiAka is still alive

Rejoice people.

Well, what should I say? This series is finally over, but I’m still looking forward to the movies, particularly Extra Game cuz all these Zones and whatnot must be ridiculously fabulous when animated. 8D

I feel like this chapter would be better off separated into 2 different chapters because there are actually some things that could be explained in more detailed. For example, Nash’ potential  backstory and the complete Emperor Eye.  Plus,  the pace of the story also feels too fast since it’s supposed to be a “dramatic” ending. But maybe they simply don’t have enough pages for it. Oh, well… ;w;

P.S. Aomine with longer hair is hella hot. And I still want to know what shampoo brand Murasakibara’s using.

fujoshirin  asked:

+.。ヽ(*>∀<*)ノ。.+。 Nash is simply adorable! Does this mean that Luna might be next? When did you decide to give him heterochromatic eyes? I'm loving adorable nash more and more~!

Anonymous said: OMmmgggfgg NASH’S EYES OMG HES GORGEOUS . I LOVE HIM. I love you
shdaria said: (Hey, it’s been a long time :3) I just want to say that I’m in love with Nash, let me hug him please ;///A///;

thankyou you guys!!! ;v; i decided to give him heterochromia to make his design more interesting and it’s cool hehe.

So this brings us to Dec 2016.  Steve Nash does a success story contest every year.  The five finalists did a video and photo shoot in November and the announcement ceremony was Dec 2, 2016.  It was an awesome experience, came in 2nd which was fine with me got some extra training and year’s membership as well as a bunch of swag.  Took the poster above from the venue and had it hanging up at home for awhile.  The dog did not like it at first, she just growled at it for about 5 minutes after I first put it up.

No More Friendzone- Nash Grier

Here you go, it’s kind of shit but oh well..

Nash Grier-

           “Why does she have to be so perfect?” I said to Cameron as I watched Y/N sit on the counter in our kitchen, laughing as her best friend stood between her legs, they both held shots in their hands and curled their arms around each other’s, knocking the alcohol back down their throats. “Even when she’s getting drunk, she’s perfect.”

           “You are so whipped,” Cameron said next to me.

           “I am not,” I defended. “Nash Grier doesn’t get whipped, I just find her perfect.”

           Cameron smirked, “Just talk to her, she is your best friend.”

           “Exactly,” I said. “She’s my best friend who just broke up with her boyfriend.”

           “Man quit kidding yourself,” Johnson said. “You and Y/N have something there, and you act on it every time you’re around each other, why not now?”

           “I don’t want to force her into anything,” I said.

           “Just go talk to her, you dipshit,” Gilinsky said and I sighed before knocking back the shit in my cup and made my way over to Y/N, smirking when a smile appeared on her lips.

           “Well, if it isn’t Hamilton Grier, thank you for gracing us with your presence,” She said sarcastically and grinned when her best friend laughed while handing her a cup.

           “Don’t call me that,” I told her with a smirk and stepped closer to them.

           “Hamilton Grier,” Y/N’s grin turned into a smirk, her eyes lighting up in a way that made my heart swell in my chest and my stomach churn.

           “Watch it,” I smirked back at her, noticing how her friend slowly moved away from us, allowing me to step between her legs, my hands touching her thighs.

           “Hamilton,” Y/N said slowly and wrapped her hands around in my Ramones shirt, “Nash,” She pulled me close and I swear my heart stopped. “Grier,” Y/N whispered over the loud commotion in mine and Cam’s apartment. I watched as Y/N’s lips neared my own, I’ve wanted to kiss her since I met her a couple years ago, right before she started dating this dipshit and pushed me into the friendzone.

           I stared into her pretty eyes and they softened, her smirk slowly slipped from her face and she looked down at my lips. I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth and bite into it, her mouth dropped slightly and her tongue slipped out and ran over her bottom lip.

“Nash?” She asked. “Can you kiss me?”

“I don’t collect the way other people do. Some people collect rare guitars, like, ‘I have a '54 Strat worth $50,000.’ And I don’t collect the way Nash does. Nash has Duane Allman’s guitar and Johnny Cash’s guitar. I bought guitars because they sounded good. I played them, they sounded unbelievably good, and I couldn’t resist.”

David Crosby