nasekom pachnid

An Alien in the Grand Line (closed One Piece AU RP w/ Kanashii-chan)

==> A young alien (species name: Troll; home planet: Alternia) stands with a strange door, in the middle of a forest, to his back. He had arrived in this strange new world from his homeworld via the aforementioned door, which is connected to hallways that span time and space.

==> Oddly enough, this young troll doesn’t have a name yet. He is 6 ½ Sweeps (13 Earth years, which is shocking, considering his height of over 6 feet tall!) old, and he doesn’t have a name!

==> What is this Troll’s name?

==> Enter name: Stinky Pisspants.


==> Try again, smartass.

==> Enter name: Naskom Paknid.

==> Hmm… Sounds pretty good, but the Troll decides to tweak it a bit…

==> Add an “e” in the middle of the first name to give it a lil’ bounce, and change the “k” in the last name to a “ch” to make it a lil’ more sophisticated…

==> Note that this Troll’s logic is at least a little bit odd. He’ll have you know, however, that he mainly just wants to be “different”. Never mind that he already is…

==> Enter name: Nasekom Pachnid.

==> Perfect! You are Nasekom Pachnid, and as you walk out of the forest and leave the door behind, you come upon the end of the forest. Beyond a pasture, you can see a village near…what seems to be the sea.

==> Also, it is daytime. The time when your kind normally sleeps. Oddly, you don’t feel tired, but you decide to pull the hood of your sweatshirt over your head so the sun doesn’t hurt you so much, and then you head across the grass toward the town…

(OOC: Clara, whether you want Kanashii to be in the town ahead or in the pasture that Nasekom’s going through.)