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Which dads like partners with piercings?

Damien, Mat and Robert are the dads that like piercings on their partners.

Damien has always been open to all kinds of piercings, from nasal rings to snake bites. He thinks that the variety of different ear piercings are neat considering all the styles of jewelry out there. The anti-tragus and helix seem to be his favorite spots. Damien’s a bit more innocent when it comes to his opinions on piercings.
Mat thinks that lip rings look really nice and would find it really attractive if his partner had some sort of lip ring. His favorite type of lip piercing would be a single ring on the center of the bottom lip. He also thinks that guages size 00g and smaller can look really good on the right person.
Robert is a big enthusiast for piercings. While he doesn’t have any of his own, he thinks that septum rings, nasal rings and all sorts of other piercings are absolutely fine. The few piercings that turn him off are any surface piercings, cheek piercings and genital piercings.