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headcanons about The Martian universe:

-something goes wrong at NASA, or anywhere where Mark Watney frequents, blame it on mars. it started as him mumbling about it, and it spread. coffee maker breaks? “goddamnit mars.” somebody’s computer fucks up? “fuckin’ mars!” another rocket explodes upon being launched? "I BLAME MARS”

-the people in Watney’s household, his students, and the people at NASA when he’s around like to play disco music at increasing volumes. they see how loud they can get it till he notices.

-Mark Watney starts listening to disco music on his own sometimes. nobody’s really sure if its ironically or not.

-everytime someone fucks up at NASA, they are met with a (mostly) joking remark along the lines of, “Mark Watney, space pirate, colonized MARS, and you can’t even transfer files correctly!!!!”

-the above but with the next manned mission to mars. someone’s like “ugh i spilled the dirt sample i just took so now i have to recollect it” and their crewmate is overdramatically like , “ mA RK WATNEY, SPACE PIRATE, COLONIZED THIS GODFORSAKEN PLANET, AND U CANT EVEN COLLECT DIRT ?  U CALL URSELF A GOOD ASTRONAUT”

-”remember this, class, you might need it if NASA leaves you behind on a desolate planet someday”

-the crew with kids, at some point, all go to their kids school during “job day” or whatever where they talk about their jobs. the crews like “i was an astronaut! we accidentally left our friend on mars, but let’s not talk about that.” except Mark Watney and hes like “U WANT A JOB WITH A LOT OF EXCITEMENT? GO BE AN ASTRONAUT. THEY MIGHT LEAVE U ON MARS TOO, THEN PAY U A LOT BECAUSE THEY FELT BAD.”

-right after they found out that Watney was alive on mars, commander Lewis turns to Beck and is like, “uh huh. he’s dead, SUUURE” and cocks her eyebrow and beck is like “o H SHIT” bc hes the one that first plain out said that watney was dead and they had to go fast off the planet

-every year on his birthday NASA/the ares III crew/friends/family/fans send Mark Watney at least 80 different space/mars related things, including a card every year that says “sorry we left you on mars” with another sheet of custom made stickers that say “I SURVIVED MARS” with a lil thumbs-up astronaut

the signs are relatable hamilton moments

Aries: *looks at empty pizza box* I will never be satisfied

Taurus: writes (essays at the last minute) like they’re running out of time

Gemini: Fuuuuuuuuu

Cancer: o shit

Leo: why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room (me @ my classmates)

Virgo: the fact that you’re alive is a miracle

Libra: whaaaaaaaaa

Scorpio: I made every mistake

Sagittarius: eliza’s scream at the end of stay alive reprise

Capricorn: talk less,,,,,

Aquarius: and peggy

Pieces: dAMN

ID #23404

Name: Mereana
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hey! My name is Mereana and I thought I might as well try this out.
I spend a lot of my spare time listening to music, reading (mostly non-fiction) and watching Youtube. My current favourite artists/bands are: Blossoms, Declan McKenna, The 1975 and Kasabian, but last month that list looked a lot different as my taste is constantly changing. I love talking about deep life stuff, space, music and have a tendency to go off on rambly tangents.
I’m currently in my last year of high school but plan on studying math and possibly physics next year at uni, working for nasa one day is the end goal. I’d love to travel the world and move abroad one day. I’m a little overly-ambitious so talking to someone with a similar outlook on life would be cool but isn’t a necessity.

Preferences: age preferably 16-19
email pen pals is cool but snail mail seems way more interesting

Like millions of others, I am obsessed with the question: WHAT IS OUT THERE? An ocean of unimagined possibilities await.

 What do you think humanity’s future holds? Will be make it off this planet? Will we colonize the greater cosmos or will AI and spacecrafts do our exploring? Or more grimly, do we destroy ourselves before we get a chance?

Quote credit: Carl Sagan “Pale Blue Dot”
Animation credit: ESA, NASA, L. Calçada
Music Credit: 36- “Sine Dust”