nasa livestream
Nasa discover new solar system with ‘best chance yet of alien life’ yet - LIVE
Life may have evolved on at least three planets in a newly discovered solar system just 39 light years from Earth, NASA has announced.


Nasa is currently livestreaming a conference about the discovery of a new solar system !

“Astronomers have detected no less than seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a cool dwarf star known as TRAPPIST-1.The six inner planets lie in a temperate zone where surface temperatures range from zero to 100C.

Of these, at least three are thought to be capable of having oceans, increasing the likelihood of life.

No other star system known contains such a large number of Earth-sized and probably rocky planets.”


Humans Are Weird: Eclipse Edition

While watching the NASA livestream today, I learned that Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that is able to have eclipses. What if aliens don’t have eclipses? Imagine how terrifying it would be for them.

“Human-Jane, your planets’ star is disappearing! ”

“It’s okay, Tyrridian-Sedderkt. It’ll come back. Stop looking at it, you’ll hurt your eyes.”

And what about the ones whose planets do have eclipses?

“Human-Steve, you’re going to burn your ocular sensors! ”

“Thanks for the concern, Fejnil-Gybnu, but relax. See these glasses here? They’re made so that people can watch eclipses. ”

“Wait… you mean your species regularly stares at the corona of your star?!?!”

“Well, we don’t get eclipses that often, only have one moon, but yeah. ”

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The NDRV3 guys with an S/O who's normally very quiet but when she gets extremely tired she's suddenly much more talkative and tends to giggle a lot?

Awh that sounds cute! :D

NDRV3 Boys with an S/O who’s normally very quiet but when she gets extremely tired she’s suddenly much more talkative and tends to giggle a lot

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He noticed that you were quiet most of the time but he honestly didn’t mind seeing as he was kind of the same

- You told him you had a lot of work to do so he kind of left you to it

- But when he found you snoozing on the desk he just had to help you a bit

- He gently shook your shoulders “ S/O - san, I think you need a break”

- You just quietly giggle before rubbing your eyes

- “Hey hey Saihara - kun, do you want to know what I was writing?”

- “I think you should get some rest first”

- He helps you up and then leads you to the bedroom, that still doesn’t stop you from telling him all about your essay and giggling

- He tries to leave you so you can fall asleep but you cling onto him as you continue talking and giggling

- About 10 minutes later you finally begin to murmur until you just cuddle up to his chest and fall asleep

- He’s blushing, you’re awfully cute like that… But really you shouldn’t be that tired so he’ll make sure to keep an eye on that

Kaito Momota:

- He was just watching a NASA Livestream on YouTube

- You suddnely walked in and kinda collapsed on him

- “Oooooh~ Pretty stars!” You giggle as you point to some of them

- “They’re sparkly hehe”

- “Uh, you okay S/O?”

- “I’m tired…”

- Oh that explains it

- You start muttering whilst leaning against his shoulder

- He just pats your head and wraps his jacket around you

- It doesn’t take long for you to doze off and once you do he gently shifts you so that you’re sleeping on his lap

- WhyAreYouSoCute


- It seems like humans need recharging too

- But why are you wasting more battery life by speaking and giggling

- You were just holding onto him as you were muttering on about something, he wasn’t quite sure what you were saying

- “S/O - san, would you like a recharge?”

- “A recharge?… But I’m not a phone! Hehe… Kiibo - kun is so funny!”

- He moves a bit and catches you as you just fall forward

- “Ow… Kiibo - kun has a hard chest…”

- You lazily rub your cheek as he just kind of half drags you to the closest bed, as in the sofa

- He carefully places you on it and quickly runs to get a blanket

- By the time he’s back, you’re already asleep

- He quickly wraps the blanket around you and just smile, maybe you should need recharging more often :’)

Rantaro Amami:

- He knew you were a quiet person but he honestly didn’t mind

- You were spending the afternoon just as you usually would, reading together

- Out of the corner of his eye though he could see that you were going in and out of sleep

- “You tired S/O - san?”

- “Huh… No..Hehe… No”

- The two of you continue reading before he hears you talking again

- It takes him a second to realise that you’re not talking to him, you’re just reading your book out loud and… Giggle when there’s a long word

- He finds it somewhat cute but he can tell you’re exhausted

- “Alright, up we go”

- He walks over to you and then picks you up so that you’re clinging to him like a koala

- “Wheeee~”

- “Nap time”

- You puff your cheeks at him

- “I don’t wanna nap time!”

- He literally has to lie down with you to make you fall asleep

Kokichi Ouma:

- The two of you were watching a movie, you normally just sit and watch whilst he has several jokes or comments he always wants to make

- This time however, you were giggling quite a lot

- That’s kinda weird… No one is saying anything right now

- He gives you a confused look which causes you to giggle a bit more

- “Ouma - kun has a funny face haha… Stop that haha”

- “Nishishi… Seems like S/O - chan is slightly different today”

- He can’t help himself, your giggles are too adorable

- He leans in and starts tickling you

- You erupt into a fit of giggles 

- “Stop it hahah… Ouma - kun haha…”

- “You’re too cute S/O - chan”

- You pout at him and then pull him into a hug

- He’s just lying on top of you as you cling onto him, he’s blushing slightly

- “Okie I’m going to have a nap now.”

- You make sure you’re hugging him tight enough so that he can’t escape and drift off to sleep

- He’s majorly blushing now

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He wanted to go on a walk with you, you seemed kinda tired and he heard that walks always wake someone up!

- He noticed that you were talking but… Not to him

- He looked around but found that there wasn’t anyone around

- “S/O - san, who are you talking to?”

- You just giggle

- Gonta has no idea why you’re laughing but.. Gonta loves hearing your laugh!

- The pair of you walk on a bit more until you just stop and lower yourself onto the ground

- “Sorry Gonta - kun… I’m just gonna…”

- You don’t even finish your sentence

- Gonta scratches his head for a second before simply picking you up and carrying you over his shoulder

- You occasionally wake up and mumble something about flying

- Okay so it turns out walks don’t wake everyone up

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He found an interesting documentary that he wanted to watch with you

- You had quite a lot of work to do but you wanted to spend some time with him so you accepted his offer

- You sat close to him and tried your best to pay attention…

- … For the first 10 minutes

- You just kinda started repeating what the person was saying to try and understand it

- He raises an eyebrow at you, you usually don’t say a word

- “Hey… Shinguji - kun… What does mask mean?”

- “Are you seriously asking this?”

- He points to his own mask

- “Haha… Oh yeah… Don’t you think it’s weird though. Like… Maaaa sk”

- He squints slightly at you, you’re either tired, drunk or both

- You then let out a big yawn and lean against the sofa

- You continue your realisation but it doesn’t take long for you to start snoozing

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He had a match to attend

- You came along to support him even though he knew you’d just quietly sit at the front and clap

- He was wrong


- What.

- He’s so shocked he actually forget to hit the ball back

- “Huh… Hoshi - kun you have to hit the….” You burst into giggles “You have to hit the balls ahahahah”

- He just stands there still confused

- And then he remembers

- You pulled an all nighter

- So that what happens when you don’t get sleep

- He just kinda facepalms

- When the match is over he comes over to you

- You’re just giggling and… He likes it but… You really need some sleep now


Live stream from the International Space Station on YouTube.


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Yes the time of the eclipse is upon us! But before you run around all excitedly let me take this opportunity to give you and the rest of my followers some very important safety information:


Unless you have eclipse viewing glasses don’t stare directly at the eclipse. You can cause permanent damage to your eyesight.

Regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes. Neither will binoculars, your phone, or a telescope.

If you bought your eclipse viewing glasses online beware! some have been recalled for being fakes. This article will help you spot a fake.

Wondering how to view the eclipse safely? Click here!

If you don’t have your eclipse viewing glasses, that’s ok! You can make your own

Wondering what time the eclipse will pass where you live? This article has a timetable and some extra information.

If you can’t watch the eclipse live don’t worry, NASA will be doing livestreams of the event

Have fun and stay safe! 😎


Downside: Almost everything about 2016.

Upside: This exists.

I’m going to have this streaming in my classroom, just for the fun of it.

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Actually welders goggles can protect you from the eclipse, but only if they're at strength 14 or higher. NASA put it up on their page for eclipse viewing safety. Also, NASA is livestreaming the eclipse starting at 12 (noon) EST, in case you can't go outside with proper gear or can't see it where you live! :) Just a reminder for everyone, don't look up (or throughout a lense) without proper eye protection, and keep pets inside so they don't look up either!

The ones we sell are at strength 10. I feel bad for all the people who bought it.

I think I will watch the nasa live stream though!

I’m so glad that

tomorrow, I will be able to add solar eclipse to the list of cool astronomy stuff I’ve seen! I remember seeing the Hale Bopp comet when I was 10–back in 1997. During my sophomore year of high school, there was a lunar eclipse. That was 2003, I believe.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the path of totality, but I’m where we’ll see 90% coverage of the sun.

I’m going to watch the livestream on NASA’s website. I’m pumped! I’ve always enjoyed astronomy.

solar eclipse psa

it’s not safe for your eyes and you will permanently damage your eyes. your eyes are not supposed to see something as bright as the sun at night! the contrast is too much and you can go blind from it.

if you want to watch the eclipse, watch nasa’s livestream or get those special glasses. IF YOU DO, MAKE SURE THEYRE A GOOD PAIR. double check that they’re not broken or fake. even if you do wear them, do not look into a telescope or anything like them to see the eclipse.

protect your eyes.

I can’t believe there’s going to be a total eclipse of the sun tomorrow and I’m going to have to settle for watching it via livestream because (of course) it’s not happening anywhere near me. This would happen just when I thought I’d cured myself of my addiction to NASA livestreams too.